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When Tina and I started including fantasy talk in our love making, I always thought it was just talk. But the more we opened up to each other about our fantasies, the more real they became to us. When she shared with me, that the thought of two powerful men, with two powerful cocks and tongues, ravishing her body, was her most ultimate fantasy, I was so turned on, that I decided that we would do it. Now I had to talk her into it.

Over the next few fantasy talk sessions, I kept suggesting that we do it, hoping she would say yes. Finally she said she would, if she could get just drunk enough to do it, but stay sober enough to enjoy it. I posted ads on the internet looking for a man willing to do this with us. I knew she was going to be picky, so I saved the photos from the e-mails in a folder, until I was ready for her to choose her a mate.

After careful screening, and a few e-mails back and forth, we chose a man to meet. The closer it got for us to meet, the e-mails got bolder and racier. The images that were being created in the e-mails, along with the mental images of the two of them working and sweating over each other, were becoming more than I could bear. It was so exciting imaging them fucking, but so scary realizing that she would be sharing something so intimate with a stranger, that I found myself obsessing over the moment.

Finally the weekend to meet Chris came. We went to Atlanta to stay the weekend in a motel, hopefully to meet Chris, and maybe work up the nerve to actually include him in our lovemaking. We all met for lunch at the restaurant in the motel lobby. We had a great time. Chris was really attractive and funny. He was really growing on us. The conversation slowly turned to what we were all feeling and thinking, and I could feel my cock growing in my pants, as I mentally envisioned them making love in front of me. I could tell at times that she was becoming excited from her posture, tone, and facial expressions.

As we drank beer, we discussed what Tina wanted to see and experience from a possible future meeting. She shared with Chris that she most definitely wanted to perform oral sex with both of us, and if she felt comfortable enough, that it could lead to future meetings to include intercourse. He was becoming excited and excused himself for a few minutes. I asked Tina how she felt, and wanted to know if she was still comfortable with the way things were progressing. She assured me that she was ok and that we would discuss it later in our room. When Chris came back, we excused ourselves from lunch and traded phone numbers with him, with a promise, that after we had time to absorb all of this and discuss it, we would call him.

All the way to our room I was excited in anticipation of the hot sex we were about to have. When we arrived at our room, I dropped all of my junk on the table, emptied my pockets, and we began kissing and feeling each other up. Her kisses were hotter than I remembered. All of this fantasy talk, and meeting Chris, must have really had some kind of an effect on her. She was kissing me madly and deeply, biting my lips and neck. This whole weekend was really going to be hot, even if we did not hook up with Chris.

I started talking fantasy sex to her. Asking her what would she be doing if Chris was here. She closed my lips and said, “not right now, I want to concentrate on you”. My cock was hard now, and I could feel her breaths changing to gasps. We had brought our little bag of toys and restraints, and she was now digging through them. She stood up with a pair of silk looking restraints, and told me they were to help her control my octopus hands. I thought, “this is going to be cool “. Maybe she was going to play with herself and me, and force me to lay there and not be able to touch back.

I helped Tina arrange a chair at the end of the bed and she tied me up very loosely to it. She closed the curtains and turned off the lights. I could almost stand up, but my hands remained on the arms of the chair. She began to kiss me again. Slowly at first and progressing to rougher, faster nibbles and bites. I thought I was going to explode. Finally she started removing my clothes. She pulled my pants and underwear off and began kissing and biting my legs and inner thighs on her way up to my waiting, throbbing cock. I thought I could take no more. This was totally intense.

Finally she began to remove her clothes. She left on a matching, black bra and panty set. She was looking really hot in the dim light. Sitting in front of me, she began playing with herself. Her light pink flesh was peaking out from behind her black panties. Slowly she began rubbing her cleanly shaven lips, finally revealing them to me. Tina stood up and let me lick her stomach. I slowly worked my way down to her cunt. It was sticky wet and smelled of excitement, another reward for meeting up with Chris at lunch. This fantasy stuff was really exciting her.

Then I heard a light knock at the door. Tina did not jump like I expected her to. She got up, I thought, to make sure I had locked the door. Then I heard it open. My back was to the door and all I could hear was muffled sounds and the door close. Before I could scold her for opening the door, Chris came into view on my left. Talk about a heart attack. Here was the man we had been fantasizing about all week, and I was nude and Tina was in her underwear. I thought, ”how did he know what room we were in”? Then it hit me, this was planned. But how?

Before I could sort out all the thoughts running through my mind, they began kissing, right in front of me. Not just light pecks. She was kissing him with the passion we had just shared in our kisses. Now my heart was racing and my head was swimming. I tried to stand up and realized I was helpless. Oh crap. Now what am I going to do? They were still kissing and their hands were all over each other. Rubbing and pinching to a sexual rhythm. It was like they were listening to the same music.

Tina began removing his shirt. She moved her lips slowly down his chest and stopped briefly at his nipples. Then off came the belt and pants. Her face was only inches from his covered manhood. This was crazy and exciting. My wife was about to expose another man’s cock right in front of me. What else was she going to do? When was she going to stop? Slowly she removed his boxers and there stood his almost erect cock. I was so close to stopping all of this. But, it was her fantasy, and I had agreed to do it. But really how far was she going to let this go?

Chris’ cock was dark, reddish purple and expanding to a pretty good girth. It was long and strong looking. What was she going to do with it? Unless she stopped it, all of our fantasy talk was about to become real. And I was helpless to stop it. Tina smacked her lips with a kissing sound and wrapped her hands and lips around Chris’ massive cock, making the head of it disappear into her warm hot mouth. That was the same mouth she was kissing me with just minutes ago. Now it was stuffed full of another man’s cock. As my dizziness increased, so did my arousal. This was going to be crazy.

Tina’s rhythm and slurping was becoming outpaced by Chris’ moans. She was bobbing her head up and down his cock, being controlled by his hands, with a steady rhythm of slurps and moans. I know how well she sucks cock and was beginning to feel jealous. I was not getting any of that wonderful head. What my wife was doing in front of me looked so erotic and tasty, I found my self desiring to take that muscular beast of a cock in my mouth. At that moment I wanted to taste what she was. Where on earth were these thoughts coming from?

Tina slowly pushed Chris down on the bed and began to climb backwards up his body. He was about to take her soft pink lips into his mouth and taste the sweetness that only I had been able to taste before. I could immediately see that he knew what he was doing. Her face showed signs of climax already. Tina grasped his cock in her hand and looked me in my eyes as she slowly let the swollen darkness of his manhood disappear into her mouth again. Now I was more than ready to explode. I could not touch my self or her. This was pure torture.

Tina’s breathing turned to gasps as I knew she was climaxing on his face. As soon as the climax was over, she positioned Chris on his back, right in front of me. His cock was only a foot from my face. She climbed up on top of him, facing me, and slowly sat on his cock. His swollen cock was literally stretching her excited cunt open to accept the beastly flesh that was invading it. From the blood-flushed color of their sex organs, I could not tell where the skin of his cock ended and the lips of her cunt began. As she began to ride up and down on Chris’ cock, I could tell he was in for a ride. She began bucking forward and backward as she rode up and down. A small faint piece of her skin was clinging onto his cock with every thrust, trying hard as it could to hold onto the magnificent piece of meat that was bringing her to another orgasm.

I looked into Tina’s face and eyes and could tell she was really enjoying herself. I had looked at her making a fuck face so many times before, but never as another brought her to climax. She mouthed,” I love you “over and over as she came. Her rhythm slowed as Chris controlled her hips, while he moaned his way to his climax. Slowly a trickle of almost clear cum sneaked its way around the tight fit of their organs, and carried some of the white cream they had made down the crack of her ass.

Tina quickly stood up and untied me. I did not know what to do. I kissed her, hoping she still felt the passion for me that she had displayed earlier. Chris slid up the bed and Tina turned her ass toward me and began sucking the shiny head of his cock. It was coated with the remains of their lovemaking. I moved in toward her ass. It looked like a can of cream had exploded in her ass crack, and as hard as I fought it, I was drawn to it. Slowly licking up the love mess that they had made, I probed my tongue into her slightly gapping hole. It had always been tight before, and I wondered how it would feel around my cock. I positioned myself at the entrance of her cunt and looked at the now violated hole that I was about to penetrate. No longer was it only mine. It had been controlled by another.

Tina’s cunt felt slippery as I entered it. Almost like it had been filled up with anal lube. Grasping both hips I began my dance inside her cunt. She began to rock backwards toward me and to the right, just like always before. At least that had not changed in our lovemaking. It soon felt just like always. I could hear Chris begin to moan again. My only thought was that I was going to let her go out with a bang. Controlling her hips with both hands, I brought her to another orgasm, as I let loose a steady stream of cum in her now smoking hot cunt and Chris erupted into her mouth. Tina and I fell exhausted onto the bed as Chris quietly dressed and left.

We fell asleep together as I felt a warm stream of Chris’ and my cum run out of her cunt and puddle on my leg.

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