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our first experience

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My wife Christine, had been surfing the net for a while looking at the "Lifestyle" sites. Without my knowledge, she placed an ad on one of the sites and began to write back and forth to various couples. She even posted pictures of herself nude. Now let me tell you about Christine. She is 5'3" tall with a 34B set of breasts. They ride high and firm on her frame. When you add her 24 inch waist and 35" hips, it makes a package worth looking at. She has soft brown hair with blond highlights, and the deepest green eyes you have ever looked into.

One night she came to bed giggling a little. When I asked what was up she showed me a couple of pictures of a couple that had answered "Our ad" She then explained what she had been doing. Although I probably should have been angry or at least surprised, I wasn't. Being married to Christine is a full time adventure. I knew she loved being seen in revealing postures, and had flashed many a truck driver driving down I-94.

When I looked at the pictures, I saw a lovely young woman with a deep tan wearing a VERY small bikini. Standing next to her was a older man who obviously kept himself in great shape. The next series of photos were of the same couple nude. The man who I learned later was Jacob(Jake) seemed to have a slightly smaller cock than I did but, he made up for it in girth. The woman, Heather, was 5'0" and weighed 100 lbs. She was 20 years younger than Jake and they had been married for three years.

Christine told me that she had been writing to them and had learned that Heather wanted to have a child, but that Jake had had a vasectomy. Artificial insemination seemed rather cold to them and they were looking for a couple who they could share themselves with and possibly end up with a bonus-a child. A phone number was included with the photos.

Chris asked if I would like the chance to have sex with Heather. "Hell what man wouldn't?" was my reply.

"Good, let's call now!" and with that climbed over me to get to the phone. I walked into the living room to get the second cordless so we could both hear the conversation.

We four immediately hit it off. Our senses of humor meshed like gears. Our likes, dislikes, desires and fears all seemed to come together.

Jake is a successful businessman in South Bend near Notre Dame. Heather works in a fitness center as a personal trainer. We talked about whether we would be compatible in bed and found that Christine had pretty well told all of our bedroom secrets and fantasies to the couple.

We agreed to meet at a casual resturant for coffee and possibly more.

The instant Jake and Heather walked in we knew. We knew that if they were willing we would be sharing ourselves with them. Jake had a firm handshake and Heather a soft kiss on my cheek. Jake and Christine embraced briefly and we all sort of laughed at our nervousness. Over coffee we relaxed and discussed the "ground rules" Obviously "No Means No" was first and formost.

Anal was out of the question. Oral sex was agreed upon immediately to everyones laughter. I remarked to Jake that he was about to experience what I truly believe to be the most fantastic blowjob of his life. He laughed and told me that Heather "could suck a bowling ball through 10 feet of garden hose!" Chris is the one who brought us out of our comparisons. "Well the only way to find out is to experience it now isn't it?" We all got real quiet and Heather asked if we were really interested in having a sexual swap with them. My cock was already harder than understanding Chinese math, so I just grinned and nodded. Chris was more forward. She stood, took Jake by the hand and led him to the door. "Rob and Heather will ride together and Rob, don't forget to pay the check." With that the two of them were gone.

After I paid the bill Heather and I went to the parking lot. As I held the door for her, she turned and gave me a kiss that was much more interesting than the one earlier. As our tongues fought for position, my hands found her round and very firm ass. Her groan nearly put me over the edge but I held back. Once seated in the car she began to direct me to their home. We talked a bit and then she placed a hand in my lap. "I like this" she told me as she unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock. As I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh I could feel the heat of her through the thin material of her summer shorts. The crotch of her shorts were already damp.

Heather made it easier for me by sliding her shorts and panties off. Her odor was intoxicating and as I slid a finger into her, the heat and wetness was beyond anything I had experienced. We pulled into their driveway a few minutes later, and she didn't even bother putting her shorts on. She got out of the car and ran into the garage with me in close pursuit. Once inside the house, I saw Chris' purse but heard nothing. Walking into the family room, I saw that Chris was attempting to prove to Jake that she indeed was the best of the cocksuckers he had even had.

I picked tiny Heather up and as I did so she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled her top off. Her breasts were well tanned with eraser sized nipples.

"I am going to fuck you tonight Heather and cum in your pussy and mouth over and over again." I told her. She just laughed and said, "Promises promises."

We went to a bedroom and I placed her on the bed. Her hand went to her well trimmed pussy and started rubbing it . I undressed as fast as I could and joined her on the bed. She had my cock in her hand and then her mouth in a flash. "I will show you what you have been missing" was all she said. With that she swallowed my entire cock. Now I am not overly well endowed but 7" is still 7". Her mouth was as soft as a silk scarf and, as hot as a blast furnace. It wasn't long before she had received her first shot of my babymaking juice. I told her it was her turn and she lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide.

Eating that juicy pussy was unbelievable. She was so sweet and juicy. After a few minutes she was bucking and crying out that she was cumming. I learned at that point that Heather is a squirter. I loved it.

As she recovered from her orgasm I slid along side of her and pulled her on top of me. My cock easily slid inside of her wetness. Her eyes opened widely and her mouth formed the shape of an "O" She began to ride me with a vengence, slamming herself down on my pubic bone, and rubbing her clit on my hair. I saw the reddness spread across her chest and knew she was about to let go again and right on time, she did. She fell off to one side and whimpered.

It was about that time that Jake and Christine came into the room both wearing that well fucked look. I had not yet cum a second time and when Chris pointed it out to Heather, she got on her hands and knees and asked me to take her from behind. She then motioned Jake to come to her and let her suck his cock. The three of us turned her into a pivot point for a cock. In and out of her we drove our cocks until I could just take in no more. I grabbed her by the hips and drove my cock as deep into her waiting crevase as I could.. It felt like I came in huge amounts. Spurt after spurt until I felt weak in the knees. She started shivering again and that put Jake over the edge. With a bellow he filled her mouth full of cum to the point of it leaking from the corners of her mouth.

We fell into a tangle on the bed, except for Chris who stood there with one hand on a hip and motioned to us that it was her turn. After a cool drink and a interlude, we provided Chris with what she wanted.

Three months later and after several more get togethers Heather announced that she had missed her period. She now is the mother of a healthy baby boy. Oh yeah we are now trying for a girl.

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