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my sister amy

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Living in Midwestern states and in small towns, had an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage was that we didn?t have to worry about armed robberies, gang wars and people being shot in their homes. The disadvantage was that in small towns, everyone knew who you were and what you were doing and who with. It didn?t make it any easier that I was the quarterback for the local high school team. I was always in the public view. Although living in the country on a farm with parents that worked continuously kept me pretty much at home unless I was attending some type of sport camp to improve my skills.

The only burden I had was a sister that was 2 years younger. She wasn?t so much a burden as she was a pest at times. We were extremely close and I am thankful that we shared a lot of interests. She was the cheerleader captain and followed my sports career pretty closely. She always showed her pride in my confidence and always told people that I give her the confidence she has in achieving her goals. Amy would always torment me though. She called me Jimmy Bob all the time and she knew it pissed me off.

Going through puberty in this environment was difficult. I was 15 and starting to notice the girls blossoming. The closet I got to one was at a school dance smothered by teachers. I use to ravish the times girls would wear shorter skirts to class. They have a tendency to get up in an unlady like manner and I would get a glimpse of the panties they wore. I would use these thoughts at night when I finally had privacy to myself to get some relief. This brings to me to the events as they happened.

With the parents gone so much I was In charge of the babysitting duties. I would find time to study and watch tv from my room. Amy?s room was next to mine. One day I was trying to put a board with hooks on it in my closet. I accidentally punched a 3/4 inch hole in the back wall. It so happens that it also was the back wall of Amy?s closet. I was concerned Dad would be pissed but figured no one would see it by where it was located, so I just ignored it. To help keep Amy occupied , we got a young chocolate lab. His name was cocoa. He was just under a year old when the owner asked us to take care of him. It was welcomed relief. I could actually watch football without interruption. If amy bothered me, I was just call out ?cocoa, need to potty? He would grab his leach and run to Amy. I know, a bad brother at best.

One night I was doing homework and heard Amy giggling in the room next to me. Instead of going to the room door, I grabbed a chair and peeked in the hole in the closet. Her closet door was wide open and I could see them playing on the floor. Knowing all was ok, I started to go back to my homework. Just before I turned , I saw cocoa trying to sniff at Amy?s lower body She kept pushing his head away She had on her normal nightshirt and undies. I decided to watch for awhile and began wondering what cocoa found so interesting. Again, I didn?t know much about girls at all. The next time cocoa tried , Amy rolled him over on his back to rub his belly. I immediately noticed that cocoa?s peter was getting hard . Amy rubbed his belly but her hand kept going futher down and the outside of her hand bumped against his peter. She had to know what was happening. I had dropped my jogging shorts down and was starting to watch was was happening. I had my hardon in my hand and was slowing stroking my shaft. Amy then took two fingers and put them on his peter and pulled the skin back. You could see the pink flesh inside. At that point I totally lost my load. I left embarrassed for the thoughts and watching. However, I forgot that I had just shot a load of cum all over the wall.

The next morning was a day off school. I went to gather the laundry and when I got to Amy;s, I saw those panties at the top of the close basket. I carried them to the laundry and when I got there, I just had to know what cocoa was getting aroused about. I picked up her panties and smelled the crotch of them. My dick got hard quickly and all I could think was , lucky cocoa. The next several nights went about the same way. I did more jacking off than I ever had at that point. A week later, Amy and cocoa was playing and she had him on his back. This time she used two fingers and began moving the skin up and down. Cocoa was bucking his butt upward as she continued. She was in a position where cocoa could almost get his nose all the way to her crotch. I could see him licking her thighs with his big tongue. She moved in closer and then he had his tongue at the leg opening of her panties. Determined, he got the tongue under the leg opening and she gasped. She let cocoa continue to lick. I shot yet another load as she rubbed him to the point that he shot some sperm in the air. I never could understand how she knew about what to do, until one day when I went to get her laundry, I saw a chair underneath the hole I made. That girl had been watching me jack off in my room when on my bed. On the chair was a pair of pink panties that looked like they were dropped down and stepped out of.

About three days later I was in my room and the events had got me honry. I had the tv on and no lights. I laid on the bed and dropped my shorts for a slow jackoff session. The kind where you get a big bulld up. I was slowly playing and there was a knock on my door. I quickly grabbed the white sheet for covering as she opened the door. She turned on the light and when I looked down, I saw the massive amount of precum had leaked into the sheet. Damn , I thought. I was busted. She had a question on homework. I quickly gave her the answer and she gave a quick glimpse at my sheet and said ?thanks Jimmy Bob with a grin. As soon as she left, I threw the sheet off and continued, however, she did a quick turn and reopened the door. OMG. There I was with my fist around my cock and Amy at the door. We just paused and stared at each other. Her eyes wondered directly to my cock. She said. ?Jimmy, it is ok. I am sorry. She had dropped her book when she came back in and saw me. So she bent over to get them. As she did, her night came up to the butt, and I saw my young sisters pussy in plain view. She had no panties on. I cleared my throat and said ?guess we are both even now. She turned and realized what she had just done. No words were spoken. She walked to the bedside and just looked at my hard cock. She reached forward and started to jack it up and down slowly. She said, ?does this help?? I reached under her nighty and felt my first pussy. It was a little hariy and was wet as melted butter. I continued to rub her as she rubbed me. I put my finger to my nose to get a smell of it. This made me go almost to explosion. I couldn?t get my finger all the way in her due to the cherry. She moaned and groaned while bucking against my hand. I asked If I could put it against her and she nodded that it would be ok. I got up and turned her toward the bed and bent her over. I watched as I pressed my cock against her wet mound. Her lips parted and I could see the hot hole in front of me. I pressed in the head and she said she wanted it deeper. I had to get passed the hymen. I explained that and she said ?push it in, please. With one quick thrust , I broke the cherry. My cock went into my balls. I began pumping her and within about 2 minutes, I started to shoot my load into her.

When we finished , we just hugged. We knew what had just happened and that we would be the only ones to ever know it.

We continued this all the way through high school.

My next story will be when we were older. My wife and her husband had a weekend to remember.

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