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my sexual life chapt one

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my sexual life chapt one She then looked once more into my eyes and said, "Thank you, it's been the most wonderful Saturday afternoon I've ever had." She then turned her back to me and walked out the door. I just stood there and watched as the door closed behind her. The girl was just another fuck for me, but was also one of the over a hundred girls I had sex with in jr high, & high school.

My sex life started when I was only 11. We were playing in the loft of our hay barn on our ranch with the other kids who came to the adult party of my parents. I met sally who was 12, & she wanted to play a kissing game for all of us. the girls said yes & the boys okd it too, so the boys were eached picked, I being last, was picked by sally. odd boy had a flashlight anyone shown with the light had to kiss. Well this went on till they found us, we had been kissing all along with the girl showing me how to kiss & touch her breasts while kissing. after just a minute, the flashlite boy left us alone.

Sally was breathing hard, stood up, & pulled her panties off, they were wet?? standing over me, & showed me her pussy!! asking do you like that?? I said yes, she said kiss it. as she lowered her pussy in a croutch over my face, i reached up & kissed it several times, now lick it, & I did that for several mins; she quickly, laid on top of me, facing my pants zipper, & told me to lick more, pushing her pussy onto my lips. & I learned then how to eat a girl till she squirted. little did I realize all the girls were now watching us. she then unzipped my pants & robbed my 11 yr old cock alot. She started to squirm on top of me, & pressed into my mouth faster, told me to open my mouth wide, & swallow what she was going to give me; it didnt take long as she erupted her cum down into my mouth, as I swallowed it.

She layed still for a few mins, sat up, & told the girls to let their boy do that for them & that they could not get pg that way. We walked around the hay loft to make sure all the boys were doing this to their girls. We heard one girl squeel, went over to see, as she was shaking all over sitting on her boys face, Sally said she was now a girl, no longer a little girl, After each girl came by being ate, Sally would praise them, we then sat around & talked it over. The girls were still as hot as ever. Sally asked if the girls wanted to do the same? The girls said yes, so Sally reached up & took down my pants, & underwear, & sat back to look at my member, the girls did the same. We all looked at each others pricks, & Sally commented mine was huge for my age. bigger than her brothers at 14.

I looked at the other boys, & said yep I guess so. (I would guess him to be 4inches long then flacid.) sally took my cock in her hands, & started to push him up & down, making him get hard. The other girls did the same, some trying hard with nothing happening to their boys, they gave up, & just watched Sally, she then put my cock in her mouth & started to lick me up & down, as she sucked him hard, she then showed my hard on to the girls, brought them close & had them push him up & down. They all giggled, then sally said for them to suck on me, they all took turns till one said she got something from it. Sally pumped him a few times, then saw my pre cum, & explained what it was. & licked it off my cock, telling them its called my cream.

Sally then said she was going to suck me till I squirted, & she was going to show them my cream in her mouth. She laid me down, & worked my cock till I exploded in her mouth, she swallowed 4 times, but kept some in her mouth. she showed them the cream in it, the girls then laid down their boys, and sucked on them, no boy was ready yet, & wanted to stop. so the girls just croded around Sally & me for more instruction. Sally told them all about sex, & how to please their boys in their teens, but these boys were not old enuff to have sex yet. To do this alot to the older boys, & they would be wanted for dates all over. the girls listened intently till the party was over, & the parents were calling their kid to the car. Sally told us all to keep quiet about all this, & at the next ranch party new kids would be there to suck on for the girls, & girls for the boys to lick,

We all agreed & all of them left but Sally, her parents were invited to stay over. We went into the main house, & surprised both our moms, & dads by seeing the others moms sucking our dads dick!! We backed up, & hid to watch them, & I saw my mom swallowing her dads cream, because he told her too, we then saw my dad bend her mom over the chair, & tell her its going in her ass, she begged him to make it hurt, we watched as he shoved it in her moms butt, & she screamed aloud!! IM CUMMING!!! over & over again, by this time my mom & her dad were on the floor, he had her legs over head, & was pushing his cock into her shaved pussy. Sally dropped to her knees, pulled her panties down, ^ started to rub her pussy real fast, till she squirted all over our hiding place. She was shaking all over as her body went thru her best orgasm ever.

We snuck out a few mins later, & she told me she learned all she knew by watching her parents have sex at home, even when she watched! One time her mom offered her some of dads cream, by kissing mom, so Sally went over & kissed her mom, & mom deposited it in her mouth telling her not to swallow fow a minute, to swish it around inside & enjoy her dads cream; she loved his warmth, & thickness & while she switched it around her mom told her dad she was now ready. at that time Sally didnt understand her mom, but would be taught all she now knows by her mom, dad, & two older brothers.

A few days later, while doing her homework, her mom asked her if she wanted to taste her dads cream, or either of her brothers cream, sally said what ever you want mom, so mom went & got Carl her 14 yr old brother. she took them into their bedroom, told them to strip, & for me to lay down on their bed; they did as they were told, & mom told him to sporead his sisters legs & to start licking Sallys pussy. Sally said her brother was good at this because he & mom did it alot. Sally continued telling me she had alot of what is called Orgasms while he ate her pussy, & she kept telling him not to stop!

end chapt one

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