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her first affair

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I'm not Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, or Harrison Ford. More like Brian Denehey or Wilford Brimley. I'm mid 50's, overweight, and don't drive a Porsche. What attracted this woman to me I don't know. I didn't make half the money she did, dress in the manner she did, or in any way walk in her circles. But for a few short weeks we carried on a tumultuous affair. Her first, and who knows, probably her last.

Her husband was a district manager of a major retail outlet. Her parents were bother retired doctors whose estate had upon it land where the revolutionary war battles had been fought. She herself probably was worth more than her husband. Maybe it's because of this he treated her so badly. She told me he would come home from work, lock himself in his den, and watch pron till bedtime. His idea of sex was to just take what he wanted, no foreplay, no intimacy. In fact he didn't even have her perform oral on him claiming it was dirty.

They lived in a two story colonial in one of the areas affluent populace. He did allow her to work outside the house now that their two sons were old enough to take care of themselves when they returned fro school. Even then he'd become upset if she wasn't home shortly after they got home. She managed a kiosk (those circular showcase retail outlets in Mall isles) in the same mall where I too managed a kiosk.

We first became business acquaintances, helping each other with change, etc when we could. If one needed to use the facilities, we were close enough that the other could keep an eye on the others area until they returned. Marty was beautiful, 5'8", slender, permed light brown hair. Piercing eyes that seemed to look right through you. Well, our friendship slowly progressed to having lunch together when our mutual relief arrived. We'd share a sandwich and a pitcher of beer talking of the day and things in general. For as wonderful a woman as Marty was, I could see and feel something was bothering her. Only after much prodding did she finally begin to tell me of her home life. Even worse I found out her husband had carried on a 7 year affair with a woman in another state and only ended it when Marty said he request a transfer out of state or a divorce would be imminent. They moved here.

I kept trying to tell her that a good a looking woman as she was she didn't need to tolerate his abusive behavior. I told her even I myself would feel honored to have her as a lover. I told her a woman as good looking as her should be pampered by her mate, not made to feel so insecure. Well, after a few months of liquid lunches, talking, confiding, telling dirty jokes, etc. I told her I'd love to make slow passionate love to her. I told her I'd lie her on the bad, fondle her, caress her, massage her, orally seduce her till she could take it no more and then make love to her. It was then she told me that at 38, she'd never had oral sex performed on her. Day after day I would insist that we find a chance to meet, and allow me to show her what she'd been missing all these years.

Then it happened. One morning she came to work all disheveled, not her. I asked what was wrong. She told me she had some one else coming in, she couldn't stay, but asked if I'd been teasing her all this time, or was I serious. I assured her that all kidding aside I absolutely love to make love to her. That's when she told me she'd scheduled her day off the following week the same as mine. She left the rest in my hands.

The morning arrived. Just before leaving the house she called and asked if I could bring a T-shirt she could wear. I told her it wasn't necessary, but I would none the less. This husband of hers had told her because she was slender and small built, no man would ever desire her. WRONG! I'd reserved a motel room not far from where we worked, we were to meet there. I arrived about an hour early, put some beer on ice and took yet another shower (having showered at home). Only moments after getting dressed again Marty arrived. Once the door was closed and locked, she threw her arms around me and kissed me. I don't think I'd ever been kissed like that before or since. It was a kiss of a Love and sex starved woman.

After a couple beers she asked to use the shower and asked me for the shirt I'd brought. I decided that at that moment I wouldn't push the issue of the shirt, handed it to her, and as she showered, I disrobed and climbed into bed. About 10 minutes later I heard the shower cut off, hear her towel off, then step into the bedroom area. Long tapered legs, her hair down, fresh scented woman stood before me.

'Can I be on top?' she asked. Who was I to say no. With this depiction of Venus in front of me, I wasn't about to say no. I laid back on the bed as she slowly straddled my thighs. Bending down she barely touched her lips to mine. Electricity coursed through our bodies. Even through the shirt I could feel the hardness of her nipples. I ran my hands up her thighs and understood she was completely naked except for that shirt. Marty began to draw the blanket from my lap, baring my rock hard cock. Pointing straight up, nuts full of cum, prelube at the tip, I was ready and wanting. But I wasn't about to take her. I wanted her to take me. Marty reached down and very lightly encircled my cock with her hand. Electricity again! I know she could feel it pulsate in her hand. I reached down and slowly drew the fingers of my right hand between her legs and up over her swollen pussy lips. Her gasp told me shew was as hot as I was.

She moistened her hand, drew it between her vulva, lubricating it for me. But I knew as excited as we both were, lubrication was not going to be a problem. Once moistened, she positioned herself atop the head of my cock and ever so slowly slid down wards. I'd thought I was going to die. And her husband didn't know the passion she had? What a shame. As she settled down at the base of my shaft she sat there for a moment relishing in the moment. I reached up underneath the T-shirt and began to fondle her breasts. At first she started to draw back, but once she found I was excited and admired them she arched her back, driving me deeper inside. squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles and shuddered. I damn near exploded right then. It took everything I had not to cum before Marty. But I had to make this last for her. This wasn't my fuck, but hers. Finally, after what seemed like forever she started a slow rhythmic movement. I could look down and see the swollen lips ov her passion enveloping my cock. She bent to kiss me and I tore the shirt from her body making her naked as I. She didn't care now. Her fluids seeped from around my shaft leaving an odor of heat and desire around us. With each downward thrust she'd cry out like she'd never been fucked. I could feel the bulbous head of my cock bang against her cervix with each thrust.

An eternity of passion escaped that afternoon from Marty. When her orgasm finally overcame her she shrieked and collapsed on my body. I rolled her over onto her side and allowed her to slowly withdraw. She looked at me knowing I hadn't cum yet and begged me to keep going. I rolled her to where her back was to me, pulled her buttocks to my groin, slid my hand down between her legs and could feel her pussy lips still trembling. Wet, swollen, quivering. My cock was still hot and wet from her secretions. Adjusting for best penetration, I slowly slid back into her. From the moment the head of my cock returned into her pussy, she started convulsing in orgasm again. Reaching around her body, cupping her breasts, I felt the two rock like nipples between my fingers. Once in position, I began entering and exiting her pussy. All in all Marty must have had ten or more orgasm before I finally drove home that one last stroke that signaled my first. Deep inside I could feel my seed erupting deep within her. My orgasm seemed to trigger even yet another by Marty, her strongest. The spasms her pussy had literally squeezed my cock from it's confines. Remaining sperm dribbled along the lips of her pussy, over her clit, coming to rest on her inner thigh. We rested there for what seemed like forever but must have been maybe half an hour.

WE rose and went into the shower together intending to clean up and leave. That didn't happen. As we washed ourselves and each other, we became entwined again. This time within the confines of the shower. Hanging on to the water nozzles, I slid into Marty from behind. Stroking into her so hard, my nuts would swing forward and slap her clit with each thrust. Our bodies were insatiable for each other. Starve and unable to get enough of one another. Even after coming to a huge climax in the shower it wasn't enough. As we were standing by the bed getting our clothes to dress and leave, we ended up naked, back on the bed fucking like wild maddened dogs in heat. neither of us seemed to be able to get enough of each other that day. When we finally did leave that motel room, Marty to return home to her lousy husband and teen aged boys, me to my humdrum life, we'd made passionate love for 6 hours, climaxed who knows how many times, and made sure our days off would be the same from then on.

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