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fantasy comes trues

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Wellto start off with my Husband Mike and I have been married for over 25 years when we met I was a virgin and he took care of that but before we got married i had several diffrent lovers. Our sex life was marvelous fot the first ten years of marriage we had 4 kods and had lots of sex always to gether. Well as the years went by the sex slowed down we went thru the story telling phase then the fantasy telling stage , until one night we were in bed talking and he stated he would love to watch me get fucked by a big dicked black stud. I said that it sounded like a lot of fun, taht was all of it for a couple of weeks. Keep ion mind that this guy took my virginity after we got married he made me learn to give him blow jobs i actually like giving him head, iam a swallower , he never let me know i had the option of not swallowing that is the way he made me do ithe held my head down until i learned to swallow and now i love it . The only time i smoke is when i give him a blowjob he likes me to do this to him i like the taste of his cum and the smoke he also thinks it is sexy. Well he brought up again about wanting me to do the black stud he kept on harping on it so one night I said okay he was stunned. That was all of it fr a month then one night he told me he had it set up i had blown it off thought he had forgotten it . He told me it was gonna go down this friday night at the super 8 motel near our home. I said you are joking arn"t you he said no better get ready. Well i said you are serious he said yes I said what must i do to get ready he said nothing i have done it all all you have to do is lay there and get totally fucked.he fucked me real good that night Wow i said.This was wednesday night Thursday went by uneventful ibegan to get nervous scared and anxious all at the same time friday morning came around he called in sick and made me call in sick then he came in the bed room and told me to shave my pussy ihave not done this in years i said I thought you took care of everything so he began to shave my pussy he did an excellent job I might add there I was on the bed with a shaved pussy and ready for action. I begged him to fuck me but he told mr i had to wait. Well we got to the motel about an hour before The stud arrived I latter fiund out his name was EarlI was clad in a pair of 4 inch spike heels red a thong black and a light lace top cover I looked hot. At 8 sharp a knock on the door My husband went to the door and let earl in he was about 6-5 very atheletic belt and a dark brown color almost black and shinny. My husband told Earl to strip he did and he had the biggest dick I have ever seen at least 12 inches lond and as big arround as a beer can. my husband told Earl her she is she is all yours for 4 hours go get her Earl walked to the bed and kissed me real sexy and thengave me a hug then he stripped off all my clothes except the shoeshe laid me on the bed and started eating my pussy i began to star getting very wet finally he asked me if i was ready I said yes he got between my legs and started slidding his dick up and down my slit finally he stopped and started to push it ini gasped and said do it he then went all the way to the bottom and stopped it took a little time for me to accept him i had to stretch out to accomidate the size of his dick. After a moment he started pumping real slow then he picked up the speed i must of had 4 orgasms ten he started pumping real fast then pushed all tge way in and shot his load deep is\nside of me then slowly pumped for snother 10 minutes are so he never got real softevery time he would pump in his cum and mine would squirt out around his dick we stoped for a moment and we both had a cigerette he told me he wanted one of my fine smoking blowjobs my husband had told him about so I startedsucking hin off while puffing on the cigerette.I could only get maybe half of it in my mouth and throat finally he grabbed my head and started fucking my face then he stiffened shoved it further down my throat and exploded he shot 4 hard squirts down my throat I gagged but kept it all down Then we rested then he got up and got some ky jelley i said to ate for that my pussy was already stretched out and he said it is for your butt I said no way in hell he said that my huband had promissed. Then my husband said just try it iwas totally aganist it butmy husband saud it was going to happen so I might just get ready and try and enjoy it. i started to say something and my husband grabed me by the hair of the head and stuck his dick in my mouth then told Earl go do it i objectedbut Mike my husband took his dick out and slapped me hard on the face and said do it bitch are else so with tears inmy eyes Earl lubed me up real good and mounted me doggie style then mike put his dick back in my mouth and ordered me to suck i was sucking Mike Earl was fucking me doggie style then he pulled out of my pussy and slammed into my ass with one hard delibert thurst he paused a minute then started pumping slow at first then faster until he dumped another load of cum up my butt then he pulled out got dressed and left. My husband told memhow excited he had been and asked me if i liked it I told him i did not like him slapping me . He said to get use to being abuse because we were gonna start a new sex life and he was in charge of who when and where i would get fucked, then we took a shower together and i had a duche and an enama then we made love the rest of the night the next morning I wa so sore i could hardly walk. Now every time Mike tells me to shave my pussy I know we are in for a play night about once are twice a year but one time we did it every weekend for 2 months i told mike it was tt much for me we are still married and I encourage anyonr married over 10 years to try it while you are young enough to enjoy it...

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