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continued,,, The email that started it all,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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As I was getting out the shower I suggested my wife call the single male just to make sure nothing unexpected happened and we were still on schedule.She made the call and informed me that we were on and would meet infront of the lounge we had discussed at 8:00...............On our way there I was completely shocked how calm my wife seemed to be.We listened to the radio, and cruised down the turnpike headed for a situation neither of us had ever been in..........Once we arrived at our destination the single male was parked infront of the place as discussed and i pulled behind him , got out and made my way over to the drivers side to introduce myself..We quickly shooked hands and he instructed me to follow him to a parking lot he had seen around the corner when he first arrived.Once we parked, I re introduced myself with a simple hand shake, followed by him giving my wife a quick gentle hug and slight kiss on the cheek.For a second i thought to myself WOW! I can't really believe this is happening , but we had met with other couples before and nothing really developed.Once we were in the Bar/Lounge, we ordered a few drinks and began to make small talk and chat a little.Since my wife and the single male had spoken before , it made the situation much more comfortable then expected.Over a tad more than a hour, we discussed everything from sports, to cars, to careers when We were both caught a little off gaurd when the single male began injecting topics a bit more adult in nature.My wife seemed a little bashful but soon opened up to the conversation and actually seemed to enjoy it.We discussed how we got interested in the lifestyle as well as what made him want to get in contact with us.I must say, he definitely was very charming and flattered the hell out of my wife.At one point, the single male went on to ask what my wife thought of him.She paused momentarily then answered by saying she thought he was very nice and found him to be very intelligent.What shocked me next was when the single male went on to ask if she was attracted to him, with my penis unexpectedly coming to a rise hearing my wife answering " Yes, I find you very attractive".For a moment the two of them just gazed upon one another , when The single male went on to ask what we were interested in exploring.Ironically , we never really discussed possibilities since the Mrs had only said she was interested in meeting for drinks/dinner.The single male then excused himself from the lounge booth and said he would go use the restroom and get another drink, giving us enough time to discuss things amongst ourselves......................once he departed, I began to ask her what she thought, and as she had answered before, she once again said she thought he was very nice and good lookin.I have to admit though I never really thought too much about seeing my wife with another male, but this particular situation excited me like never before..Maybe it was because It was our first experience that seemed to look promising,, or maybe I was a bit shocked and interested by the thought of seeing my wife being intimate with a black male.Eventually my excitement and curiosity got the best of me and I went on to ask her what she thought, and would she be interested in exploring a little..She quickly looked at me and asked me what I thought and how I felt about the situation.I knew that I had to reassure her that I was 1,000% ok with the idea, so i simply told her I loved her and wanted her to fufill her fantasies and if this was one, I supported her 100%.After a second or two she smiled then paused for what seemed like 5 minutes though it was probably more like 2 minutes lol.......I stood stoic, sipping on what was left of my drink eagerly awaiting her answer.After some heavy meditation lol, she looked over to me and said she was interested in experimenting a little but she wanted to set up boundaries.I nodded with acceptance, though I was jumping for joy inside.I gazed into her eyes and asked her what did she have in mind.Once again she paused, then responded by saying she was definitely not interested in having sex.She went on to say that she was really interested in possibly her and I having sex while she performed oral on our new friend..I nodded in agreement, asked her was she sure and proceeded to wave to the single male who was sitting at the bar stool , more than likely as excited as i was to hear her response...........once he sat down, we discussed what we we were interested in experiencing and too my delight, he nodded ,smiled and then suggested we head for a hotel he had seen on the way to meet us. .................Once we arrived at the hotel, I was incredibly excited.This was the furthest we had ever gotten regarding the lifestyle and i guess I was still somewhat shocked that this was actually happening. The single male paid for the room and we then met him in the lobby and headed to the elevator on our way to what I hoped would be a night to remember.We arrived at our floor, headed to our room , slid the key card and entered...............Once in the room , I clicked on the tv and proceeded to scan through the channels knowing eventually i would find something interesting, which I did LOl.As the porn played on the television I proceeded to rub my wifes shoulders and began kissing her neck whispering how much I loved her and how incredibly sexy she was.As we discussed prior to arriving at the hotel,, I would began to perform with my wife to break the ice and so she was comfortable and when the moment was right , she would invite him to participate.I slowly undressed her and continued kissing her neck as I eased her onto the bed..Once on the bed I slowly kissed and licked her breast followed by her abdomin,finally lefting her legs into the air as i began licking the juice already oozing from her pussy......After a while of this ,I looked at my wife and asked her first if she was ok followed by " are you ready".She let out a quick sigh , nodded then I proceeded to look back at the male who had already been out of his pants and simply had a pair of boxers and a t shirt on.He proceeded to the head of the bed where my wife eagerly waited. He began to lower his boxers as she slowly turned towards it and began to stroke his shaft.A few moments had passed and she once again looked at me and asked me was I ok.I nodded yes, as i continued to lap at the incredible amount of fluid being secreted from her vagina.she looked to her left and to my delight,she lightly licked the precum off of the tip of his penis, and slowly looked at me again, asking once again if i was ok.Like before I replied yes, as my wife began to take the single males incredibly erect black cock in her mouth.I continued to perform on her while she enthusiastically sucked on his penis..I was filled with excitement and felt as if I could have an orgasm just by the sight of what she was doing.Eventually I was more focused on watching my wife, so I decided to take a step back and proceeded to take a seat in the chair previously occupied by the single black male and simply watch....After a while the male had been rubbing my wifes breast while she continued to perform oral on him.Suddenly I got out of my seat and reached for my wifes hand and proceeded to liven up the situation a bit.....For the next 10 minutes I excitedly screwed my wife doggie style while she continued to feast on her first experience sucking a black mans cock.The view was truly stunning.With each stroke I had to pull back to prevent myself from exploding all over the place.Eventually the thoughts and various ideas were hitting me like a blizzard.I slowly exited my wife and began licking her pussy and ass from behind, slowly inserting fingers into her rectum as she just seemd to love performing oral on our new freind.Eventually I suggested the male and I change positions.As I layed on my back , my wife had got on top of me with her back to my chest.I slowly lifted her legs into the air and began to slowly insert my penis into her ass.As we began screwing I told the male to lean over so his cock was in reach of my wifes mouth.As he balanced himself on the wall with his arms,, she once again began to suck on his cock,,grunting in between slowly letting it come out of her mouth as she inhaled some more oxygen and went back to sucking.I was in total amazement.Not only was I having an incredible time, i also fantasized about what possibilities awaited us in the life of swinging.As I continued thrusting inside her now wide open rectum,, I began to whisper in my wifes ear different things we had done up to that point and got up the courage to go a bit further.Though we had discussed our boundaries, I figured it wouldn't hurt to suggest a bit more,,,, with worse case scenario ,it could be brushed off as in the heat of the moment talk.As I continued to pump I took a breath then began to ask my wife how she felt and did she like sucking his cock.She gasped once again and began to answer " yes". I went on to ask yes what... with her responding ," I LOVE SUCKING HIS COCK" ..I never ever thought hearing something like that coming out of my wifes mouth would bring my level of excitement to uncharted heights.As we continued to stroke,,, I once again got up the courage to ask her something that would possibly take things even further.While licking her ear, I whispered to her, " would you like him to stick it in",,,, At first she didn't answer which had me somewhat nervous.Had i reached a bit too far and ruined the experience?..........I stood quiet and continued to pump as if i had never said anything when out of no where she lightly let out a sigh followed by a light gentle "OK".. I acted as if I didn't hear her because I wanted to make sure my ears weren't decieving me.After a few moment she once again said "Ok" but this time slightly louder.I instantly got a newer more potent burst of energy and looked to the side and asked the male to put on a condom which he gladly got up went in his pocket ,lowered the condom unto his penis and made his way back to the he drew closer, I stopped stroking for a second, lifted my wifes legs in the air even higher, as the male lowered his hard erect cock into my wifes dripping wet pussy.She let out an incredible sigh , as we both began double penetrating her.Though the position was a bit uncomfortable ( due to the added weight) I was in total euphoria.It seemed sureal.After about 10 minutes of hard fucking, I really couldn't take the weight anymore and suggested we get in a more comfortable position. We each shock off the stiffness and once again I came close to my wife, embraced her, told her how much i loved her and guided her back onto the matress for the ultimate climax.The Single male looked on with curiosity eagerly stroking his cock as he waited to see what else I had up my sleeve.Once on the matress I lightly put my hand on my wifes back , lowering her chest onto the mattress.After this I asked her to hold her cheeks apart and proceeded to get behind her slowly re inserting my cock into her ass.I stroked her for a few moments as the male looked on in total amzement.After a few more strokes I pulled out and nodded for him to give it a go.He was a bit taller than me but quickly got in a comfortable position and began stroking the hell out of my wifes ass as she moaned in total ecstasy.Eventually I wanted a little more, so I began screwing her as hard as i could causing the bed to shake uncontrollably.As I grew close to my climax i quickly asked my wife to hold her ass open , as I squirted the most intense/powerful orgasm I ever head into her asshole, which now resembled the wide open mouth of a bass.As i looked back , the single males eyes were filled with total astonishment.Once again I nodded for him to continue.Once back in the Mrs anus,, he stroked like I never seen anyone stroke before.As he crotched over my wife he began to rub her clitorious until she began to moan and let out what sounded like one of the most built up, intense orgasms I have ever heard her have.After a few more strokes, the male informed us, he was going to cum.My wife then proceeded to turn around and take off the males rubber and began sucking on his cock while he let out a loud grunt and shot such a powerful load that it passed my wifes face and actually splattered against the wall LOl.we all laughed a little as she slowly licked the remaining cum off of his cock which caused him to squirm due to sensitivity......After about 20 minutes, we showered ,got dressed and proceeded to exit the room, followed by the hotel,,, with not a soul knowing the incredible sex the three of us just experienced...The end LOL.. though it was long i hope all enjoy

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