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Wrestler's Rhapsody - Part two

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Part Two

By the time we got back home I was tingling all over. I'd imagined Killer's reaction to the outfits a thousand times. Now I was actually going to see it. He'd be so gentle and by the time the sixth colour had been removed he should be horny, too! I'd never seen a horny wrestler.

How threatening could one be?

Once inside the foyer he helped me remove my jacket and pulled me into his arms. Then, the first passionate kiss we'd ever shared. God, it felt good! I hadn't expected to get excited. I wasn't supposed to be the one getting teased, he was. But he kept his promise. No touching.

(Well, not much touching.) After that kiss I told him to stay there and wait. Then I went to my room to get the bowl with the little papers in it. I held it out when I got back.

"Pick one." He did. "What did you get?"

"Green." Big smiling devil was really in for it now. That was MY favourite colour!

"You go change, and meet me in my room." I'd done up a lot of the laces in advance, so when I actually put on the green outfit it only took ten minutes to get the rest of the laces done up. Just to intensify his punishment I made sure the laces that secured the bottoms over my hips to the top of my thighs had about four loose knots before I tied the bow. That ought to keep him busy for awhile.

I was ready when I heard him at the door. Peeking out from behind the Chinese patterned screen I pointed to the big armchair. He stood there in jeans and one of those muscle shirts. Those shirts are really spectacular on someone with big muscles. I dreamed of putting little kisses all over the tatoos on his right arm. One at the top, one on the forearm. I hadn't said anything about me not touching him, now had I?

Well, this was it. I stepped out from behind the screen putting my hands up to pull out the pins in my hair. As it fell around my shoulders, I approached him. The outfit was kind of sexy. It was emerald green satin. It had a large baggy housecoat that reached mid thigh. About ten laces. Under that was a form fitting camisole top laced down the front. It was held up by skinny shoulder straps that laced together over the shoulders. The top reached just below my belly button.

The pants were like drawers. The kind you find described in those old Victorian novels. Eight laces down each of the sides. (The top three of each had the knots and bows. Twenty-four knots in total.) They ended with a frill just above the knees.

His eyes lit up and a leering smile crossed his face. He patted his knee and motioned me over. The idea of sitting on his knee and being slowly disrobed still made me blush, but I went to him and perched on one knee.

"Are you impressed." I asked.

"Very." He slipped his arm around my waist and held me firmly. A large left hand surrounded my hip, then it started to squeeze and release, squeeze and release.

"That's touching, cheater." I tried to sound indignant.

"No it isn't. That's caressing. Just remember who the virgin is, Katie. I do have some experience in these matters, you know." A low chuckle drifted around the room as he pulled me closer in his arms. "I guess I should get busy doing my job, now shouldn't I?" His right hand moved to the first lace on the housecoat. The lace stretched outward until the small bow caught. He stared into my eyes smiling broadly as he gave it the necessary tug. The neckline fell open. Slowly his lips moved to the newly exposed skin. I felt hot breath and moist lips travelling across by chest until the kiss was dropped in place. My eyes closed as I nestled into his shoulder.

He touched the kissed spot with one finger, trailing it from that place to the next lace.

"Now that's touching." I whispered against his cheek starting to wiggle on his knee.

"No it isn't. I'm just getting the old lace out of the way. You didn't say anything about supervising this job. I'm in charge of these laces, young lady and I'd appreciate it if you kept your bossy comments to yourself. I'm busy and you're distracting me." I felt a firm squeeze on my hip.

"I am not bossy!" and I started to move, but was suddenly restrained.

Both of his arms were around my waist. Then using one hand he cupped my chin and turned my face so he could stare into my eyes. We were nose to nose.

"You better start behaving yourself, little girl, or you're going to make the lace operator very upset." Evil grin. "And if the operator is upset he can't perform properly. If I get a bad performance review, you're going to find yourself over my knee." I blushed and stopped moving. So much for having the upper hand.

"Alright, you made your point." I pouted. Talk about bossy!

His hand continued it's work. Lace, kiss, finger trail, lace... Slow and methodical. When the job was done he pushed the housecoat off my shoulders and down each arm. The camisole was all that was left covering my breasts. The nipples pushed against the material, straining to escape. Hardly a virginal reaction! One thumb slid over each nipple in turn making things much worse.

He was gloating, the pig, thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. If he kept this up my drawers were going to be wet. I could already feel it.

Somehow, every torturous touch on my nipples, seemed to radiate right to my pussy. Killer started the same procedure on the camisole top. Lace, kiss, finger trail, lace... I was squirming by the time both breasts came into view.

"What's this?" he said pressing thumb and index finger together over one nipple. "Poor things must be starved for attention." With that he put a lip lock on my left nipple. Holding the pressure for a moment the lips slowly released and the tip of his tongue brushed the startled nipple. Then he blew on it! God it was incredible! My pussy was melting into his knee. I started to pull away. Yes it felt great, but I was going to just die of shame if I left a big wet mark on his jeans.

That was my plan for him! "Something wrong?" he winked and grinned.

"No." I hesitated. "Are you going to let me have champagne?" Change the subject, Katie. You need to get up before he notices the wetness.

He did let me get up, but quickly grabbed my wrists holding me in place in front of him. My eyes wandered back to the denim covered knee. A wet spot was clearly visible.

"I think I should unlace those bottoms for you first. It can't be break time already." He pulled on my wrists, pressed his knees together and guided me face down over them.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I tried to roll off. "Let go!" There was a warm tingling left in my behind. The smacks weren't hard, but I felt them.

"I told you to behave yourself, Katie. If you insist on making my job difficult I'll have to keep this up."

"Alright, alright. I'll behave." Guess I was outnumbered. So I stopped wiggling and tried to relax. "Why do you have to take the bottoms off this way? Can't I sit up like before?"

"I'll decide how to do my job. I like this position just fine. Those nipples are quite distracting, you know. Now, be quite while I finish work." Then he slowly squeezed each tingling cheek in turn.

Pulling up one of my ankles he leaned over and touched his lips to it letting his tongue trail up my calf. His hand then went to the first lace around my right knee. He pulled on it until it gave and the bow slipped apart. Then the left knee, same procedure. I hadn't given the knots any more thought until he found the first one. "What's this?" He said sternly, pulling on the lace pointing at the four knots. Grabbing the chair arm for support I raised myself up to look over my shoulder.

Only the front half of me could move as his arm lay heavily across the top of my behind. He leaned right over so he could stare at my face.

More blushing.

"I guess I got carried away," I smiled up at him.

"Liar. This is sabotage! You deliberately tried to make my job more difficult. Didn't you?"

"No. No, honest Killer. I was just teasing, that's all."

"Well now, teasing, eh. And you just lied. Carried away, my ass, deliberate work slow down is more like it." "I've got a cure for that, young lady! You're going to get one smack for each knot I find. Now let's just see how many there are." He started to count them out loud.

My bottom was warm and tingling by now. I swear my pussy was throbbing, too. Surely he could hear it. This was not part of my plan. Somehow, without me realizing it, his punishment was turning into MY punishment!

We hadn't even made it past one colour, yet. I squirmed. For every knot he undid a tingling followed. By the time all twenty-four knots had been accounted for my bottom was glowing hot and I was WET!

The drawers fell away from my bottom exposing me totally. His hand slid between my legs. He knew I was wet, now. Gentle fingers parted the soaking pussy lips and he ran two fingers across my clit. I came right in his hand. Arching up and trapping the hand where it was. That low chuckling, again. Then wet lips trailing across my bottom. More blowing. God, I was dying. I felt one finger slid up inside of me, probing. Then a thumb sliding past my bum hole, then back, then circling it, then slowly pushing in. I came again.

"Please, Killer." I moaned, gasping for more air.

"Please, what, Katie? More?" I shook my head no as I melted into his lap, spent. I was still a virgin. A very tired virgin, at that. He lifted me up into his arms and cradled me.

"Little girls who tease big wrestlers tend to get flattened, you know." He whispered into my ear. Yeah right, I thought. I hadn't known what to expect, but I couldn't have even fantasized this. There was no choice but to rest for awhile. I became aware of the hardness swelling beneath my poor bottom. At least he wasn't totally unaffected.

I had hardly the time to notice his state of arousal. I'd been too busy focusing on my own. He dropped a kiss on my forehead and reached toward the bowl on the table. He seized a piece of paper. Pulling it open, Black, was written on it. I hadn't begun to forget green yet! "You don't look very energetic, Katie. Maybe I should go fetch the champagne and try and revive you." Another chuckle, another grin. Laugh it up, buddy, I thought. When I'm able to move again, you'll be sorry.

He picked me up and laid me gently on the couch beside his chair. I wasn't feeling very peppy at the moment. Killer disappeared. Minutes later he returned with the champagne bottle and two empty glasses.

Pop! Then he poured it out handing me one.

"Happy Birthday, Katie." Clink! The bubbles tickled my nose, but I drank it anyway. The apple cider taste was nice. "You're only getting that one drink, so don't guzzle it." I am not a drinker. I was still laying on the couch with him sitting beside me. "Well, are you ready to show me Black?" Sure thing, but half the damn knots are getting undone. I didn't think my poor bottom could take another twenty- four smacks. I got up, rubbed my sore bum and walked slowly back to stand behind the screen. I'm sure he got a terrific view of my rosy bottom, too!

I finished putting on the black outfit (I left the knots. What the hell!). In about ten minutes I stepped out to show him. He was still on the couch. God, what a smile! Part of me wanted to stop the show, part of me wanted to throw myself at him.

The Black outfit had a tunic instead of a housecoat. It was silk. Five laces down each side. It was low cut in the front. Not much was hidden under it. The bottoms of it went right to the ankles. At least a half dozen laces on each side, before he'd find the knots. Maybe some of the heat in my bottom would subside before that. Under the bottoms was a pair of silk thong panties. One lace on each side. A perfect frame for a rosy bottom.

Killer got up this time and crossed the room to meet me. "God, you're beautiful, Katie," he said as he wrapped his arms around me. I was lifted into those strong arms and he started for the door.

"Hey, where are we going?" I started to squirm. "You haven't even started yet."

"Break time," he grinned down at me.

"What do mean break time. You're not worn out already are you?" By now he was carrying me up the stairs to his room. I was still squirming around, but he didn't seem to notice. Or care. He dropped me in the centre of his bed, bouncing my sore bottom on the mattress. "Oww. That hurt." I cried indignantly. He stripped off his shirt. Leaning down he picked up a towel I'd put under the bed that afternoon. "What's this?"

He said and threw himself on the bed beside me grabbing me. He rolled me up on to his chest. His hands ran down my back stopping on my behind, squeezing with both hands. What a tease!

"I thought if I succeeded in getting you into bed I wasn't leaving you any excuse to get back up."

I buried my face in his hair moaning. I slowly ran my tongue up the side of his neck to his earlobe. I nibbled at it. Now I could feel how hard he was getting. I rolled partly off him and slid my hand down his chest to the snap on his jeans. "Oh, no you don't." he said as he pulled me up into a sitting position. Again I was lifted across his knee. "I haven't finished with you yet." His hands immediately went for the tunic which he pulled up and over my back. "This time I'm going to start at the bottom and work my way up." He was chuckling again.

Squirming resulted in another on my bottom.

My plan was definitely off track by now. He wasn't sorry one bit. He wasn't suffering at all. I was! When his hand slid over my silky bottom it continued to the inside of my thighs. Sliding slowly all the way down till he caught up one ankle. The first lace went down in flames, quickly. I tried to get one of my hands between his legs.

"Stop that." "You're distracting me." Distracting Him! He had no idea what he was doing to me. The more laces he undid, the wetter I got. Then he found the first knot.

"You just don't learn, do you, little girl." Knot.

Knot. On and on until tears fell down my cheeks. My hand went back to try and stop that damn paw of his, but it was easily captured. By the time the outer pants fell away my bottom was shining like a lighthouse.

The heat was incredible. It radiated from my bottom to between my legs. I was squirming like crazy trying to find some relief. There wasn't any until the thong was unlaced. It didn't drop away. It was glued into my wet pussy. It's a wonder I wasn't making squishing noises by now.

Once the thong was pulled away he started running his hand up and down between my legs. I started moaning. My legs spread apart, but he didn't press his hand into my pussy like he had before. He was teasing me, the pig! That big hand finally came up the outside of my thigh and rested on my hip. "Well now, do you think you've learned your lesson.

No more teasing poor old wrestlers." He let me up for a moment.

Grabbed a pillow and pushed me face down over it on the bed.

My red bottom was sticking up in the air. Before I could react he was behind me. His thumbs were locked in place one on the inside of each thigh. He pushed them apart as he fell to his knees, burying his face right in my soaking wet pussy. I had never felt anything like it.

Partly ashamed, feeling so exposed. Partly not caring, pushing back against his tongue.

"Ohhhhh, my God." I was consumed. The waves crashed over me again and again.

My entire body shuddered as I came and melted into the soft mattress.

Killer was naked when he laid beside me on the bed pulling me into his arms. The pillow was pushed away. I ran my hand down his stomach meeting the throbbing cock that was being offered. I touched it. So soft. Wet.

"I want you so much, Katie," he whispered into my hair. "Just relax and let me love you." I did. Both of my arms went up around his neck as he rolled me up on to his chest again. Slowly he spread my legs and eased the head of his cock into me. It felt like it wasn't going to fit, but the wetness and the continual throbbing of my bottom cheeks detracted from the invasion. The sharp sting inside me quickly flooded away as he pushed deep inside me. Both his hands massaged the burn in my behind as he stroked in and out. Fiery liquid filled me as his grip tightened. I felt the tremors go through him as a deep moan was buried in my hair.

We clung together, sweat on sweat. After about five minutes he spoke.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked softly.

"Ohhh. Yaaa." I giggled. "But, you forgot the tunic."

"No, I didn't. I was saving it for after break." Very evil grin.

"Would you be disappointed if we went from break, right to a loooong lunch?"

"Am I forgiven for lying?"

"Very forgiven." Four and a half colours to go. He hadn't even found the other two towels yet.

Yes, this was definitely going to take until Monday!

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