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I wanted to share an experience that I never thought or even dreamed would happen in my life, but as out of the ordinary as it was for me, it was extremely enjoyable. A little bit about me and my husband, Matt. We are in our mid thirties with two kids. We are both professionals that live in a normal suburban town. We both grew up with conservative parents in upper middle class homes. We had recently moved out of town for my husband?s job and were enjoying the experience of living in a different area and making new friends. We still maintained a lot of good friend?s in the town where we grew up and this is where this story really begins.

We were in town visiting some close friends of ours, Alisson and Mark. We had gone to college together and known each other for years. I had actually lived with Alisson during college. Her husband Mark was a builder and they lived in this big beautiful home. Their kids were staying with their grandparents for the weekend so we had the whole house to ourselves. We were having a nice weekend, hanging out swimming, hot tubing and drinking. Their backyard was amazing and completely secluded from their neighbors.

We were having fun outside when things started to happen that I was not used. Mark was paying a lot of attention to me, he kept telling me how good I looked in my bathing suit. My husband kept telling him to stop hitting on me in a joking manner of course. He always responded about how he would love to get me naked. To which, Alisson would follow up by saying, ?You guys, go ahead and Matt and I could have some fun.? When I first met Alisson she could be best described as prude and her husband was a huge horn dog. He apparently had really gotten her to think differently. They both kept making similar comments during the day.

Now this is where I have to tell you that my husband and I had discussed swinging before. I saw a TV new special on it one night and I have to admit it fascinated me. Not that I wanted to cheat on my husband, but I thought it would be fun to do it together with another couple. I honestly thought nothing would ever come of it for multiple reasons. In the back of my mind I guess you could say it was a fantasy.

With all of the comments they were making I started to think they might be serious. I always had found Mark attractive and I knew Alisson was attracted to Matt from what she used to say about him when we lived together. So I started to play along with the comments. It was getting late in the evening and we all got into the hot tub. Alisson made a comment about how the chemicals in the hot tube ruined swimsuits. Her husband Mark was sitting next to me and said that is a new suite, you should take it off before it gets ruined. I jokingly said that he should help me take it off. At the same time Alisson said I am going to take mine off as well. She stood up and took of her top. I watched my husband look at her perky little boobs. Then I felt Mark untying my bottoms. I undid my top as he did this. I had never been naked in a hot tub so it felt a little strange at first.

What was a bit strange is what happened next. As I sat back down in the hot tub, Mark pulled me onto his lap. Alisson was sitting next to Matt and both of them smiled at us. It felt different to have someone other than my husband this close to me when I was naked but it was exciting. I had this big grin on my face that I could wipe off. Mark grabbed my hips and moved me a little as I sat on his lap. My nipples which were just above the warm water were swelling as we sat and talked. I could barely pay attention to the conversation as my mind was drifting about what I was doing. Somewhat unaware the conversation had turned to swinging. Matt was telling them how fascinated I was by the TV special that I had watched. Mark took advantage of what he was saying by running his hand up and down my thigh moving closer and closer to my privates. Then I felt him moving his hand between my legs. It was like I was in a trance as he told Alisson and Matt that he was touching my pussy. I looked at my husband as he smiled at me. I gasped a little as he started to rub me. They both laughed a little as they watched Mark play with me.

After a few minutes of this I snapped out of my trance and became more aware of what I was doing. I moved off of Mark?s lap and apologized. Alisson, said don?t worry it is fine. Just enjoy yourself. Mark and I had always wondered if you might want to try this. Come on she said, let?s go inside and have some fun. You guys, need to lose the suits. We all got out of the hot tub. As we toweled off, Alisson said that is cute. She was looking at my totally bald pussy which was red and swollen. Thanks I said, she had a tiny strip of hair on hers. Alisson?s nipples were swollen on her small breasts on her white thin body. Mark and Matt took off their suits and toweled off. Matt?s penis was swollen half erect. Alisson said that is a nice unit as she jokingly touched it.

We all went into the house the great room in their house. They had a big coffee table and several couches and loveseats. Matt and Alisson sat down close to each other. Mark put some blankets on the coffee table and sat me down on it. I sat very upright with my legs together as he kneeled in front of me. With Matt and Alisson watching he started to run his hands up and down the outside of my thighs, slowing moving the top of my thighs. I sat back on my hands as he did this. I looked at my husband as he watched Mark. He had a smile on his face, he looked up and nodded his approval to me. After he did this I took a deep breath, thought for a second about how crazy this was, closed my eyes and then slowly opened my legs. I felt Mark?s hand run up the inside of my thighs. My pussy was swollen and wet, Marks started to rub my clitoris with his thumb. I opened my legs further apart as he did this, I felt him spreading my lips open as he ran his finger up and down my wet slit. He continued to rub me for a few minutes as I started to breathe deep. I opened my eyes to see Alisson with her hand wrapped around Matt?s cock slowly stroking him. I smiled as Mark took a break.

?There she is,? Alisson said cheerfully, with a smile, ?how did that feel?? ?Great,? I said. Then she asked, ?is this OK?? gesturing towards Matt?s fully erect cock in her hand. I smiled and said, ?yes.? Then she said something that I wasn?t really expecting. She said, ?OK are you going to let Mark fuck your cute little pussy?? I was a little shocked, I looked at Mark?s erect cock between my legs and then looked at Matt. I said, ?Honey is that OK?? ?Yes,? he said, ?let him put his penis inside of you.? I smiled when he said this. Alisson then said is there anything that I am not allowed to do. No I said go right ahead as I scooted my bottom up to the edge of the coffee table.

Alisson and Matt took a break to watch as Mark put his cock up to my wet slit. He ran the head of his dong up and down my opening and then gently tapped my clitoris a few times. Then he started to push his head between my lips. I put my hand down and helped him slide into me. He worked it back and for the a little and then pushed himself all the way inside of me. Alisson said, ?How does it feel?? Different I said as I slid my pussy up and down his shaft. I really enjoyed the attention they were giving me as Alisson and Matt watched Mark slowly slide himself in and out of me.

Alisson and Matt went back to playing with each other as Mark continued fuck me. I could not believe what I was doing as I looked down over my erect nipples and my flat stomach and open legs with Mark thrusting himself deep into my pussy. Realizing what I was doing with this strange penis fucking me I quickly felt an orgasm building. Mark pushed his cock all the way inside me and I felt his pubic hair touching my clit and I immediately began cumming, loudly moaning which is unusual for me.

When I stopped moaning Mark smiled at me and said, ?Did you just cum?? I smiled back and said, ?ummmm I am not sure.? I wiggled around on top of him a little and then he asked if we could change positions. I got off of him and he did put me on all fours. He pushed me down until my face was on the floor and my bottom was in the air. He took his penis and tapped my clitoris a couple of times and used the head of his dong to rub it. I felt like such a little whore with my ass spread open for him. He pushed himself inside me again and began to fuck me. I quickly grew horny again as the feeling of a cock different from that of my husband?s was sliding in and out of me. I was so wet as he continued to pump away at my pussy. He sat still for a moment and I began fucking him rocking back and forth on his long shaft. I started to moan again a little as I did this I whispered to Mark, I think I am going to cum again. He slowed down and took long slow strokes. He said I am close too, can I cum inside of you. I nodded my approval and began to rub my clit as he pushed himself deep inside of me. I started to moan again and said out loud, Oh I am going to cum as I felt his penis begin to fill me I came.

Mark pulled himself out of me slowly and then we watched Matt and Alisson finish fucking each other.

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