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What would you do for gasoline

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What would you do for a tank of gas

I took a part time job working at a small local service station and convenience store in the evening to make some extra money for the holidays. The work was pretty easy, and since I knew the owner I got paid pretty well so he could get some time off. It closed at 10 pm on weekdays and stayed open until 1130 on Friday and Saturday. Well my story actually took place on a Saturday night the week before Christmas. It was about 11 pm when this very cute young lady came into the store. She kinda was just looking around nervously waiting for the few other people in the store to leave. I kept an eye on her, because I thought she was actually there to steal and besides that she was very cute. After the last patron left she came up to the counter flashing me a bright smile with sparkling blue eyes and a slight twist of her head flipping her blond hair a bit. Stating that she needed some gas. I pointed out the window and said well we are only self service here. She said yes I know.. But the problem is I don?t have any money, and I am still a couple hundred miles from home and out of gas. I said well we take credit cards but no checks. She said well I don?t have either of those.. I then offered for her to use my cell phone to call someone to send her money as we were a western union office too. She emphatically refused my offer explaining she was heading home cause she got kicked out of college a couple weeks ago and wanted to tell her parents face to face and if she called them they would wonder why she was short of money. She asked if I could just give her a tank of gas with a very perky little smile. Told her no sorry I couldn?t do that. She kinda pleaded with me..using that hurt little look cute little girls get when they are use to always getting their way. I again said no. she then dejectedly asked what am I gonna do. So I half heartedly said well maybe we can take it out in trade. She said what do you mean? I said, well you want me to give you a tank of gas, maybe you have something you can give me in exchange. She said I don?t have anything of value to give. I looked over the counter saying.. Oh but I think you do. She asked what would that be? I asked her if she has ever heard of the term giving some ass for gas? She looked very shocked, then said well yes she had heard of that. I said well here is the deal.. You can fill up your car.. If you let me have my way with you without any objections. She stood there a second thinking about it.. Then finally agreed. I told her to give me her drivers license and that she could go outside and get her gas then to come back in, by that time I would be closing.. And we could go into the back room for payment. She handed over her license and went out to pump her gas. I checked to make sure she was legal and sure enough.. 19 yo. After she got her gas and came back in, I quickly locked the door turned off the open sign grabbed a three pack of condoms from the shelf and escorted her to the back room. There was a small desk and couch over in one corner with most of the room being used for stock.

Once we got back there.. She looked at me and said, now what.. I replied well you can take off that heavy coat.. It is warm in here.. She smiled and unzipped the coat and laid it on the desk.. And that is when I realized how cute she actually was..she was about 5'7" tall with very small hips and waist and very well endowed chest for her body. She looked up at me and had a bit of a nervous look about her as the reality of what she agreed to hit home. She kinda stammered, I?ve never done anything like this before. I replied well there is a first for everything not realizing at the time what she ment. I walked over grasping one breast in my hand and the other hand going around behind her grabbing her tight little ass. I leaned over to kiss her, which she returned hesitantly, I figured she didn?t want to be kissed just provide the agreed services. So I stepped back and said why don?t you take off the rest of your clothes.. She sat on the couch and took off her boots then stood and pulled off her sweatshirt looking somewhat embarrassed, turning slightly in modesty to remove her jeans . Then she just stood there in her black panties and bra and looking at me.. And asking if I was going to take anything off or just watch her.. I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled my polo shirt over my head. And started to unbutton my jeans without taking my eyes off of her sexy body as I felt my manhood start to swell. She again kinda turned away undoing her bra sliding it off of her arms. And looked over her shoulder to see if I were sliding my pants down or not. I had already hooked my thumbs inside my pants and briefs sliding them down as she looked back around and pulled her panties down her long sexy legs. By the time she turned around again. I already had my pants on the floor. She tried to cover up in modesty and was purposefully looking around the room to avoid looking at me. I on the other hand was looking at her from top to bottom and after seeing her cute little bare ass with remnants of tan lines I knew I was in for a very big treat.. Her chest was about a 34 with at least D size natural breasts with the largest pink nipples I had ever seen. She was very neatly trimmed around her pussy and decided that she is a natural blond. I cleared my throat to get her attention. She looked at me in the face and said now what do you want to do.. By this time my cock was at full attention being 9 full inches and fairly thick. Since she was there to pay me back.. Told her to suck my cock.. She looked down and I heard a small gasp, as I placed my hands on her shoulders encouraging her to drop to her knees. Once on her knees she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I placed my hand on the back of her head and moved forward slightly so the tip of my cock touched her face. Her eyes went immediately back to my cock where she move it too her lips and very lightly sucked just the tip.. I pressed my hips forward guiding it into her mouth.. She gaged a bit pulled her head back just a hair and sat there.. I told her she would have to do better then that and slowly started pulling my cock out of her mouth then pressing it back in. After a few minutes she started doing a little better, but still wasn?t what I was hoping for. So I told her to get on the couch. She pulled her mouth off and sat on the couch. I got down between her legs and turned her so she was half laying down and I had full access to her. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently sucked on it and ran my tongue over it.. Feeling it respond immediately coming to a full erection feeling like a very large pencil eraser in my mouth.. I could feel her quiver a little bit, then I moved south and started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. She got wet almost instantly and started moaning slightly. Her pussy tasted so sweet and light.. I kept swirling my tongue around her clit and fuck hole with a frenzy I couldn?t help myself she started bucking her hips a little and her moans got very loud, the next thing I knew she had her hands on the back of my head riding my face pushing her hot juicy cunt into my mouth. I lapped at her little cunt like a dog lapping up water her pussy was totally soaked now.. As were her thighs and it was running down the crack of her ass.. Wanting to taste every drop I let my tongue go down the crack of her ass with the tip just touching her asshole she started to scream wildly so I licked all around her ass she was gasping for air still holding the back of my head.. I moved back up to her pussy and slid a finger up her ass.. By this time she was coming so hard she had no idea what was happening from a logical point of view.. Her asshole was so wet and slippery that it slid right in. I used my other hand to spread open her cunt lips as I continued to eat her out slowly fucking her ass with my finger, thinking to myself that before I am done there will be something else in that ass.. I could tell she couldn?t take it anymore cause her legs were clamping onto my head.. Her moans and gasps for breath had intermingled into a very loud panting. Reluctantly I pulled my face from her pussy and realized that I had unconsciously added a second finger to her ass.. Which I pulled out slowly. I looked into her face and saw the fuck lust that had built up as a result of my attention to her.. I told her now.. Maybe you can try to suck me again.. So I sat up on the couch and she eagerly got between my legs.. She was far less timid at this point.. She dove onto the head of my throbbing cock driving it deep in her mouth sucking on it as hard as she could.. Her hand grasped the base and started jacking me off at the same time.. Then she pulled her head off my cock and licked my balls dragging her tongue backwards all the way to my ass.. Where she returned the favor and licked my ass giving me one hell of a rim job.. Then surprising me by going one step further and pushing her tongue in my ass tongue fucking me.. She then retraced her steps with her tongue until she was sucking on my cock again.. This time one of her hands were very gently caressing my balls while the other was working it?s way south to my ass and she started to slide her fingers in my ass... she did it so that as my cock was coming out of her mouth her fingers were going in my ass.. And vice versa.. My cock started to ache as it was feeling so full and stretched. And I could feel my nuts pulling up inside of me. I need to take control again.. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her reluctantly to the couch she still had that cum crazed look on her face. I quickly opened up the box of condoms put one on and moved back to the floor grabbing her waist and pulling her down so her ass was just off the couch. Got between her legs holding my cock with one hand realizing this is the biggest I have ever felt it. It was so thick my fingers wouldn?t even come close to touching as I reached around it.. The condom was stretched so tight.. I placed the tip of my cock against her still wet cunt and drove my full length in with one thrust.. She gasped, screamed and tensed up all at once.. I immediately pulled back so just the tip of my cock was still inside her vagina. And drove back with even more force then the first time.. Her cunt was so fucking tight and seemed to be sucking my throbbing member in after about 20 or 30 deep pounding thrusts.. I felt her start to relax and her hips started to match my thrusting and she started moaning and groaning again. I then pulled out and rolled her over so I could fuck her doggy style.. The upper part of her body was laying on the couch and she was on her knees in front of me.. I spread her legs got back between then and placed my cock at the tip of her cunt again.. That is when I noticed the small trickle of blood and realized she wasn?t a virgin anymore.. The thought of me taking her as a virgin made me even harder then I was before if that is possible.. I re-entered her much more slowly this time.. Making my strokes very deep and slow.. Holding her waist... driving in and out of her now very well fucked pussy. I looked down and seen my cock gliding in and out of her swollen pussy and each time I pulled back her ass cheeks would part and I would see that beautiful little asshole pucker.. I knew I needed a piece of that as well.. So with one hand I reached down and put my fingers in her juices.. And started to massage them around her asshole... I then started to do to her like she did to me.. As I pulled my cock out of her ass.. I slid my thumb in her bum. After just a few strokes like this I knew I wouldn?t last much longer so I pulled my cock out of her cunt and it was very well lubed with her juices and the remains of her virginity I placed one hand in the small of her back and with the other guided my cock to her back door.. I gently started pushing and the head popped her anal cherry as she realized what I was doing.. She started to stiffen.. I held back and told her to relax.. After a few seconds.. I could feel her relaxing and I slowly started pushing in and pulling back each time pushing in a bit more then before.. After about 3 very long agonizing minutes.. I finally hit bottom and started slowly pulling out and driving in her ass.. She was so fucking tight.. Each time I pulled out she would pull the condom off my cock just a little bit more.. Finally I couldn?t take it anymore.. My nuts started boiling and I could tell I was going to cum at anytime.. The condom was almost off anyhow.. So I pulled out of her ass as I did the condom stayed behind hanging out of her butt. I rolled her over so she was now sitting on the floor with my cock in her face.. Without hesitation I pressed it too her lips and managed to get the tip of it past her teeth as the first load of cum shot out and hit the back of her throat. She gagged pulled back and the next two shots hit her in the face and chest. Her mouth still open was the final target of my last stream of jizz as it shot in across her tongue and trailed off over her lips.

She sat there for a good minute with my cum covering her.. With a very nice freshly fucked look on her face. I leaned forward to kiss her forehead, and apologized for being so rough at first because I didn?t know she was a virgin. She replied it only hurt for a minute, then she wrapped her arms around me neck and pulled herself up to me and drove her tongue into my mouth kissing me deep long and hard. As she leaned back again she reached down and stroked my cock and asked if she could get a gift card for a future fill up if she gave it too me again.

I chuckled and said hell you could have the whole fucking station if it were mine.. We cleaned up the best we could both got dressed.. And headed for the door when she said she was too whipped to drive anymore tonight.. Would it be ok if she slept in her car in our lot.. Told her she could come home with me.. Which she gladly accepted and well that is another story.

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