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What A Party

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I left to join the Army right after High School Graduation. I went to Basic Training, Infantry School and Airborne School one after the other. I then got a 2 week leave to return home. When I left home I weighed 215lbs when I returned I was a lean mean 170lb fighting machine. I called my best friend and told him I was coming in to town and if he could pick me up at the airport. He told me that he was going to be away for a day but that his sister could pick me up.

His sister was three years younger than us and very pretty. I remembered admiring her at the pool with her bikini shimmering in the light wet and glistening. I told him okay,, that sounds good. I hadnt been with a girl for 6 months and was realling looking forward to getting back home and getting some hometown pussy.

When I arrived she was there to pick me up wearing a pretty pink dress that was almost sheer,, or at least I thought as I stared at her perfect little breasts. She smilled when she saw me and said Wow, you look different. I gave her a hug and almost got hard as I smelled her perfume. What was I thinking this is my best friends sister and she is only 16.

When we got into the car she asked what I was doing later and I told her that I didnt have any plans yet. She said some friends of hers were coming over and she would love to have me there. I smiled and said I would be there as long as she was wearing that sexy pink dress. She blushed and gave me little wink. I told her that she looked great and I had forgotten how pretty she was. She thanked me and said I never noticed her before. She dropped me off at my parents house (who were gone for the winter) and told me she would pick me up at 8.

When I went in and showered my cock grew at the excitement of her smell, perky tits and tight ass under that pink dress. I stroked my cock in the shower and shot a load all over the wall. I then got out dressed and got something to eat from the fridge. I could hardly wait till 8.

At about 5 till 8 I heard a honk outside and I quickly got up and went out the front door. I saw a car that I didnt recognize and couldnt tell who was driving it. I approached the car and saw a great looking latina girl inside. She told me her name was Maria and that Karen had asked her to come get me. I got in the front seat and couldnt help but notice her huge tits, I could see her dark nipples through her shirt. She was wearing a short white skirt that rode up far while she was driving and I imagined the sexy panties underneath. We made small talk and soon arrived at my friends house.

When I walked in I saw Karen and another girl. I asked who else was coming and they said this was it. Cool I said, lets party. We ate some pizza, and drank some margaritas. The girls were getting a little tipsy and I was occasionally getting glimpses of their panties as they were sitting. Karen said, lets get in the hot tub. I said I didnt bring a swimsuit, and she said just go in your underwear. We all headed outside to the deck and the girls dissappeared in the house while I stripped down to my boxers and climebed in the hottub.

I leaned back and closed my eyes. As I heard footsteps I looked up to see the three girls coming towards me in very skimpy bikini's. Wow,, my cock starting stirring. Karen, my friends sister, sat next to me with Maria and Tammy on the other side. I told the girls that they looked very sexy and they giggled. I leaned back and closed my eyes relaxing, trying to get my cock to surrender and go down. It was to late, Karen noticed and said is that thing loaded. The other girls giggled along with her. I blushed and told her I was sorry, it had just been along time for me and they looked so sexy. Karen then suprised me and asked if they could see it. I felt a new surge of blood flow to my already rock hard cock. Are you sure I said,, her eyes told me she wanted to see it. I stood up and took my boxers off, my cock slammed into my bellybutton. Wow, Karen looked startled, I have never seen one that big before. The other two girls moved closer to get a look as well. I looked over at Karen and told her to touch it. She smiled and grasped my cock with one hand and said ohh its so hard. She looked at the other girls and said feel it,, it is so hard and big. I sat up on the edge of the hottub and the other girls came over and felt my cock as well.

I told Maria that my cock was out so I would like to see her tits. She hesitated for a second then Karen told her come on, its only fair. She removed her top and wow,, her tits were great, it was hard to believe she was only 15. I asked the girls if they were virgins. Karen and Tammy said no, they had sex a couple of times and Maria was a virgin. Tammy was slowly pulling on my cock while Maria rubbed the tip and Karen looked on. I told the girls, lets go inside. We all got out and went into the living room. The girls sat on the couch and I walked in front of them with my cock at attention. I stopped in front of Karen and told her to put it in her mouth. She looked up at me and slowly put her mouth on the head of my cock. I told Tammy that I wanted to see her tits as well and she slipped out of her one piece bathing suit,,, rewarding me with the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy. Karen worked on the head of my cock while I rubbed Maria's very hard nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly. I told Karen to share my cock with Maria. Maria quickly opened her eyes and gazed at my wet cock head in front of her face. She opened her mouth and took it in almost choking.\

Karen stood up and took off her top and I was pleased to see her orange shaped tits with pretty pink nipples. Maria was getting into sucking my cock when I told her to share with Tammy, who I saw was rubbing her noticebly wet pussy. She leaned into my cock and licked it from my balls to the head tasting my precum at the tip. While Tammy sucked my cock I told Karen that I wanted to see her pussy. She smiled and pulled her bikini to the side revealing a lucious looking shaved little pussy that sparkled with wetness. She told me that she wanted my cock inside of her. Tammy removed her mouth from my cock and I told Karen to bend over the coffee table. With Maria and Tammy watching I slowly entered Karen's wet pussy. She moaned loadly and told me that my cock was wonderful and she loved it. I looked over and saw both Maria and Tammy rubbing thier pussy's. Tammys pussy was exposed to the world while Maria had her hand in her panties. As I picked up speed I pulled Maria to me and kissed her deeply. While I kissed her I let my hand slip down her panties and was amazed at how wet she was. She was so wet she was practicaly foaming. I pulled my cock out of Karen and told Tammy to bend over, all the while fingering Maria's virgin pussy. Tammy moaned as my cock head entered her pretty little pussy. I again started kissing Maria, when I looked up I saw Karen kissing Tammy as I fucked her. Wow,, what luck I thought.

I felt myself about to cum, I told Maria that I wanted to cum all over her big brown tits. She moaned, I pulled out of Tammy's dripping pussy and jerked my cock in the direction of Maria. The first blast hit her on the nose (my aim is never good), the second hit her cheek then the third and remainder hit the spot, on those lovely big tits. I took my cock and shoved it in Maria's mouth and told her enjoy my cum that Tammy had drawn from me. With my cock in Maria's mouth it stayed hard and was aching for more pussy.

I told Maria that I wanted to fuck her and she said no, that she couldnt. I told her that I wanted my cock in her ass or pussy,, her choice, She looked up with cum on her chin and said be gently,, its my first time. With Tammy and Karen kissing each other on the coach I layed Maria on her back on the floor. I started kissing her and relaxing her as my cock pressed against her opening. She moaned so loudly I though the neighbors might hear. Karen said fuck her, fuck her good. I worked my cock slowly into her and felt how incredibly tight she was. I looked at her and her eyes were rolled back and she moaned loudly. I began to pick up my rythm and soon she had 8 1/2" of cock burried in her tender young pussy. I pulled out and told her to roll over and get on her knees. She obeyed and only moaned. I looked down and saw her pussy swollen, puffy and still opened from my cock. I eased into her pussy then picked up pace to where I was fucking her hard and fast. Tammy and Karen were looking on kissing each other.

Karen kissed Maria and Tammy kissed me. I could feel and explosion nearing as my ball ached to unload into this virgin pussy. I told Maria that I was going to cum and I wanted her to feel my cum inside of her. She simply moaned loadly,, I thrust in and felt my balls empty into her young pussy, thrust after thrust firing cum deep inside of her. I pulled out and Tammy rubbed Maria's now reddened pussy which was leaking cum.

The four of us continued to play that night and in all I think I must have feed each of them a load in the mouth before the night was over. Two weeks later I retuned to the Army with wonderful memories of my adventures. I was at Fort Bragg, NC when I recieved a letter from Karen. Karen said that Maria was pregnant and she didnt know what to do. I took emergency leave and flew back home that weekend.

I picked up Maria at her house and we had dinner, talked and made love all night. Maria would be turning 16 in 2 months and she didnt know what to do. I told her if she wanted, I would take her to get an abortion. She cried a little and agreed. The next day I picked her up at 7am and drove her to a clinic where she had an abortion.

I still get letters from Maria, and have fucked her severeal times even though she is now married. Wow, the cards that are dealt are always the strangest.

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