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Welcome Home

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Ann and Patty waited anxiously outside the arrival area. It would be the first time they had seen Billy in a year and a half, sense his National Guard unit was called up for duty in Afghanistan. He had just graduated from college was gone in two weeks.

Patty could hardly contain herself, as she clutched her mother’s arm and bounced up and down on her toes. Patty had just started her sophomore year at the state university when Billy was deployed. Now she was in her junior year and twenty years old. She was still petite at five two and 115 pounds. She had small but perky breasts that were firm enough not to bounce when she was jumping up and down while in her 32b cup bra. Her dark auburn hair was cut short around her head, which accented her round face and her big brown eyes giving her an impish look. She wanted to look good for Billy by wearing her short leather skirt that her mother still didn’t approve of, a tight designer T top that outlined the perfect shape of her breasts and sandals.

Mom, on the other hand, at 38 (She gave birth to Billy at age 17.) was a single mother and had not dated for several years and had let herself go some. She still had her same beautiful face with bright blue eyes; Patty got her eyes from her father; and shoulder length, wavy, dirty blonde hair. She had added a few pounds for her five foot three inch frame at 155, but somehow it didn’t look that bad on her, as she seemed to keep her curves in all the right places. Her breasts bloomed to a nice, full 38d, which Patty made giggle as she bounced on her mother’s arm. Ann was wearing a full, knee length skirt with a print blouse.

Patty let out a scream the instant she saw Billy come around the corner and down the corridor. She broke from her mom’s arm, ran and jumped up on Billy causing him to drop his carryon to keep from dropping Patty. She threw her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. This caused her skirt to slip up and receive several second looks from the male passersby, as the short skirt pashed up showing her bikini panties. She gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Mom just rolled her eyes at her daughter’s appearance and waited for them to reach her, now hand in hand, to give her son a big welcome home hug and kiss.

On the way home from the airport, mom drove and Billy sat it the front seat next to her with Patty in the back seat…mostly leaning over the front seat asking all kinds of questions. The two siblings had grown very close during Patty’s first year of college as they had shared a two bedroom apartment. She was a freshman and he was a senior, although only a year and a half separated them in age. Billy had skipped a grade in elementary school putting him another year ahead of Patty. That was, also, where the sexual tension, that neither would acknowledge…especially to themselves, had started between them. Being so close in the small apartment they had accidently gotten glimpses of one another in various states of undress, but had actually never seen each other naked. Anyway, that was a year and a half behind them and this was now.

After arriving home, Patty grabbed Billy’s carryon, while Billy totted his large duffle bag into the house and up stairs to his room. Billy looked especially handsome, as if he could look anymore handsome to the two women in his life, in his uniform with the sergeant’s strips, the new rank he had made in Afghanistan. He had is mom’s blondish hair and blue eyes. He stood five feet ten inches tall with broad shoulders and little boys innocent, always smiling face.

Ann went to the kitchen to see about getting something to eat as the two “kids” went up stairs. In his room, Billy dropped the duffle on the floor, took off his uniform coat and tie and unfastened his collar. He turned to look at Patty, held out his arms, which she ran into and said, “It is so good to be home and soooo good to see you.” He squeezed her tight in his arms and she snuggled against him in an attempt to get even closer. He looked down at her somewhat amazed at how much he actually missed her.

As he leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek she unintentionally turned her head at the same time so that his lips missed her cheek and landed on her lips. They both pulled away as if kissing hot coal and stared at each other for a moment. Then simultaneously their lips moved back together in a long closed mouth kiss. When they parted they just looked at each other in silence for what seemed an eternity. Then Patty reached up placing her hand behind Billy’s head and pulled him back down to her. This time Billy parted his lips just wide enough to let his tongue slip between them and touch his sister’s lips. The instant she felt it her own lips parted and she touched the tip of his tongue with the tip of hers. It was if the had become bonded together in a way they had never felt before.

As the kiss lingered their tongues became bolder and began probing each other’s mouth. Their bodies ignited in passion and his hand instinctively went to her breast and he fondled it, not roughly but tenderly, lovingly. Feeling the firmness of it, how it didn’t flatten against her body, but maintained its shape as he pushed against it. He felt the nipple harden in the palm of his hand. And at that moment he knew he had to see them.

He broke the kiss Patty just stared up at him, her mouth open, infatuation in her eyes and as if in a trance Billy reached down and began pulling up on the tight designer T until he pulled it up over her breasts, to her armpits, as she raised her arms allowing him to pull it on over her head and arms and drop it on the floor. He looked down at her breasts covered by a simple bra made of light material. She really didn’t need a bra with her firmness, but wore one because that is how her mother had taught her. Her hard nipples readily showed through the material, as he reached out with both hands to cup each breast.

Patty sucked in and held her breath as if this was the first time anyone had ever touched her. Of course it wasn’t, she had been to the local lover’s lane more than once, many more than once, and had been “felt up” by more than one boy. But, she never let them go farther than getting a hand under her skirt and touching her panties and that was only two boys that got that far…well one did get a finger in her, but she stopped that before it went any farther. But this was different, this wasn’t just anyone making out with her and copping a feel. This was something she wanted, something that seemed so natural, something that made her feel like a woman for the first time.

Billy couldn’t believe how perfect Patty’s breasts were, how firm, how exquisitely shaped, how hard her nipples felt. These, too, were not the first breasts he had felt, he had taken his share of girls to lover’s lane but had not gotten one to go “all the way” with him. As Billy cupped and massaged her breasts, Patty, not even knowing she did it, reached behind herself and unhooked the bra letting the straps slide from her soft shoulders and the cups gather loosely in Billy’s hands. Billy pulled his hands away slowly letting the bra drop to the floor and stared at what he thought were the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

Patty just stood there with her arms down by her sides displaying herself before her brother. Wondering what he was thinking, wondering if he thought she was pretty, wondering if he was feeling what she was feeling and not even knowing what she was feeling. He reached out and took her two arms in his hands and pulled Patty down to the edge of the bed and sat next to her. He put one arm around her back, leaned down and took one of those magnificent breasts into his mouth and sucked on it and the nipple. His other hand come up to the other breast and he fondled it, cupping it, fingering it, teasing the nipple, playfully pinching the nipple while still sucking on the other.

They fell back on the bed and his mouth went to the other breast, which tasted and felt as wonderful as the first. Then he moved back to her lips and they kissed a long, hot, wet, tongue filled kiss. Neither of them know when it happened but Billy’s hand found it’s way down to Patty’s thigh, her soft, thin thigh and his hand moved up slowly, softly massaging the thigh until he felt the crotch of her panties. That is when they both knew where his hand was. Billy stopped his hand motionless against her panties. Neither one moved for what seemed an eternity until Patty started moving ever so slightly against Billy’s hand. As she moved against his hand their kiss became even more passionate and with a little urgency, Billy reached up hooking the waistband in his fingers and pulled Patty’s panties down to her knees.

With easy maneuvering, Billy moved them both fully onto the bed. On his knees beside her he reached down and pulled her panties all the way off and held them in his hand. Then he did something he had never done or even thought of doing before, he put her panties to his nose and smelled them. The aroma was heavenly, almost intoxicating. Then he looked down at her, reached down and pushed up her skirt, which only need a few inches to be around her hips, fully exposing her woman hood. Patty had a full covering of curly, copper colored pubic hair surrounded by blemish free skin that was more beautiful than any he had seen in Hustler or any other girlie magazine.

Billy looked up into Patty’s eyes with a questioning expression. Her eyes radiated her answer, as at the same time she slowly spread her legs. His gaze went back to her pussy and he didn’t see the look of pride she had as she saw the lust appear on his face. Billy reached down, togged at his belt, undid the button and pulled down the zipper on his uniform pants. He pushed them along with his briefs down past his hips to mid thigh. He moved over between Patty’s legs and lay down on top of her. As with her, he too, was a virgin and his inexperience caused him to poke at her missing his cock’s intended target.

Patty whispered, “Wait.” The first words passed between them sense this all started. She reached down, found his cock, taking it in her hand she guided it to her opening. They both could now feel the head of his pressing through her pussy lips. Billy paused, raised his head and looked at Patty. Her face was a combination of emotions, fear of the unknown, urgency to discover, passion for this boy…her brother and submission. She reached up and pulled his head down, his lips to hers, they kissed as he started pushing his cock in his little sister.

When his cock head moved into her and he felt her wet pussy engulf it he thought there was never a feeling like this. Wanting to savor the moment and the feeling, he ever so slowly penetrated his sister. Her face showed a little pain as she had never had anything in her before and Billy was somewhere between seven and eight inches and more to the thick side of average. Then as he started to slide mover cock into her he hit a resistance on the tip of his cock. Surely, this isn’t as fare as I can go he half thought. He heard a slight wince escape Patty. He didn’t know what to do, was this as far and you start fucking from here, was it hurting Patty, which he didn’t want to do. But, in the end, his animal lust took over and he pushed harder and ripped through Patty’s hymen causing her to let out a muffled scream at the sudden ripping pain.

As Billy’s cock proceeded to sink fully into Patty, Billy asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, yes, it only hurt a moment I’m alright now…don’t stop.” Patty explained

Billy felt his cock was surrounded by heaven the feeling was so incredible. He started to slowly move his hips up and down on top of Patty and the more he did the more that strange thing inside of her felt like it belonged there. Slowly Billy started picking up the pace not so much as a plan, but more his animal instincts. They both started moaning as he increased the rhythm. He reached down and pulled her legs up so they were bent back toward her chest and spread wide. He was now fucking her at full tilt, pounding his cock into her. Patty was reaching around him digging her nails into his back. They were fucking and they were fucking good.

Then Billy began to feel his balls fill, the flush come over his body, the strain to keep his seed inside him and to prolong the fucking for as long as he can…forever. Then his mind struck a note of reality…’This is my sister, I should pull out before, I HAVE TO pull out before. But just one or two more thrusts into her, I don’t want to stop fucking her, yet.’ Then it was too late, he let loose barrage of missile firings into his little sister, filling her cunt with his hot, sticky, creamy cum.

Just as he was sporadically thrusting into his sister to release the last few drop of cum left in him. The half open door to his bedroom pushed open and they both heard the words, “Hey, what are you two doing up here…oh my God!”

With Billy’s cock buried deep in his sister they both looked up and said simultaneously, “MOM?”

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