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Watching my innocient wife get fucked by another guy

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My wife was always rather reserved but I could talk her into tring the wild side occationally if it was not too wild. One time I talked her into visiting a xxx place with me. She had never seen porn or been in such a place but agreed to go with me. She was embarressed as we walked in. I quickly put money into the door to the peeps area for the both of us and we went into a booth and shut the door.

She continued to tell me we shouldn't be there but as we watched the porn, I selected a movie with a guy with a huge dick, dog fucking his girl. Although she would not admit it I could see she was getting turned on by it. I started to kiss on her neck and play with her tits until she was hot enough to let me pull down her pants and play with her pussy. I had selected a booth that had a glory hole. Haveing been there many times I knew which one to choose.

A guy came in the booth next to ours and started watching a movie. This was a little districting to my wife but I convinced her that no one knew who we were so it would not matter. We continued to play together as I rubbed her now wet pussy and she stroked my hard dick. The guy in the next booth stuck his hard dick through the hole and I told my wife to look. She was embarresed and didn't want to touch it like I asked.

After a while I convinced her to let me dog fuck her as we watched a guy do it on the screen in the peep booth. She relecutantly agreed and I bent her over to fuck her wet pussy. Problem was, the booth was so narrow that she said that she couldn't bend over.

I told her that I would go into the next booth, stick my dick through the hole if she would back her pussy up to the hole. That way we would have room. It took a lot of talking but she finally agreed to let me do it.

I went out of the booth and had to pee really bad. I quickly went to the bathroom but you know how hard it is to take a leake when you have a hard on. It took a little while but finally I finished and eagerly walked down the hall to the booth next to my wifes.

When I arrived at the booth next to my wifes I pulled o the door and it was locked. I looked up and sure enought the red light saying occupied was on. I kind of panicked and didn't know what to do so I quickly went to the booth on the other side of my wifes booth. There was a small peek hole in the wall, as always in these places, and I looked through and saw my wife standing there wigh her pants off touching her pussy. I could also see through the glory hole that there was a guy in the boothe next to her playing with himself.

I had real mixed emotions. kinda sick feeling in my stomach and yet at the same time a thril of watching this unexpected circumstance. Suddenly, I saw a hard dick sliding through the hole into my wifes booth, she as I had asked her to do backed up to the hole, bent over and as I saw her had go behind her to the hole I knew she thought it was me and was sliding a strangers dick into her hot pussy.

Again, i felt a little sick and a little thrilled watching my innocient wife taking the dick of a stranger up her hot pussy while I watched. Her had move back to her front and she stayed bent over with her hands now on her knees. As her body slightly jerked I knew my wife was getting fucked by another guy and the thought my my dick hard as a rock.

after watching a few minutes my wife pulled away from the hole and I could see that the guy had finished and pulled his dick back through the hole.

I immediately opened the door to my booth and went into the hall. I stood just outside of the door of the booth this guy was still in. I heard the door unlock and slowly it opened. A young guy about 20 years old looked at me as he walked out and I still remember the big smile on his face. It was such a turn on to see the guy that just got my wifes innocient pussy. She had never fucked anyone but me until that day.

He walked down the hall to the bathroom. My wife opened the door to her booth and sheepisly looked out. I enter her booth and she said "how was that". I said great. How did you like it. She said it felt different. I said how. She said it felt bigger and harder and the unusual thing was that it didnt rug much as it went in and out. The skin felt like it didnt move but the head just popped in and out rubbing her g spot. I realized then that she had just fuck her first uncut dick and she liked it.

Then my wife, feeling really hot and horney, asked me to do her a favor. I said like what. She said she wanted to finish and asked me to lick her pussy. I told her that her pussy was alfully wet and as I felt it I could tell the stranger had fill her up with his cum. But My wife said you have licked me before after you came in me whats the difference now? I knew I was trapped and just said "Nothings is different".

My wife set in the chair facing away from the glory hole. I started licking her pussy trying to focus on her clit but she kept pushing me head down in her pussy. I finally admited total defeat and started licking her pussy in earnest. The strangers cum was everywhere and it seemed that the more I licked her the more of his cum would leak out onto my tounge. IT tasted salty and a little bitter but it was a turn on to think about eating my wifes cream pie with another guys cream.

As I licked her I saw someone looking through the hole at us. It was the same guy who just fucked her. My wife was getting close and was saying things like I cant believe you talked me in to letting you fuck me that way. finally she came as she whimpered trying not to be too loud.

When she finished she said she was going to clean up and would meet me in the car. She walked down the hall to the restroom and went in.

AS I stood there thinking of what had happened my dick was as hard as a brick. I was the only one who had not gotten any pussy yet. Suddenly, the guy in the next booth came into my booth and said "Hey buddy, was that your wife I just fucked?" I quietly said "yea". He said how did you like cleaning up after me. I told him that the whole situation was a mistake that I just got caught up in. He smiled and said "I need you to clean your wifes pussy juice off of my dick for me like to cleaned my cum off of her pussy.

I was talken aback and said no way. I don't suck. He responded. Do you want her to find out that you just gave her pussy away to a strange dick in a peep booth? I said no way man you wouldn't do that to me would you?

He said, not if you clean your wifes pussy juice off of my dick. With that he dropped his pants and I saw what my wife had up her pussy. No wonder it felt different. He had a really thick uncut dick with lots of foreskin about 8 inches long.

Knowing I was trapped, I dropped to my knees grabbing his dick with my hand. It was still wet and smelled like my wifes pussy. I closed my mouth and slowly guided his dick into my mouth.

I could not believe the events of the day and the fact I was sucking my first dick. And it was the same dick that my wife had just fucked. What an event.

As his big dick fucked my mouth I felt what my wife was talking about. the skin was long enouth that it seemed to stay stationary while the head jotted in and out like a machine. While I sucked him off he kept talking to me about how good my wifes pussy was and how she was really pushing back on his dick to take every inch of it. I hated to admit it but it was really hot.

Before long he came but there wasn't much cum. He had droppend most of it already in my wifes pussy.

He put his dick in his pants smiled at me and said it was nice running into you and your wife today. Maybe we can do it again. I told him I didn't think so.

With that I went to the bath room and wash out my mouth. I could not believe what this day had brought.

As I walked out of the store to the parking lot I was shocked to see the guy who had just fucked my wife and blackmailed me into sucking his dick, standing at my car talking to my wife. I didn't know what was happening or what to do. What is he telling her I worred.

As I walked up my wife said honey, this young man needs a ride down town. Can we help him?

He looked me right in the eye and smiled as to say, "I'm not through with you or your wife yet".

I was again trapped by this guy. I said "sure". He got in the backseat and we drove toward town. All the way he was making smalltalk to my wife and she kept telling him that she didn't go to xxx place but this was her first visit and she was embarresed.

He responded "a lot of things go on in those places". Sometimes there a lot of fun. It almost seemed like my wife and him were flirting as I remained silent.

AFter what seem like an etetenery we finally got down town and I stopped to drop our visitor off. before he got out of the care he leaned up between up in the front seat and with a knowing look said. I was certainly a pleasure meeting both of you today!

In my mind I was thinking "what a smart ass" fucking my wife, forcing me to suck him off, and now fucking with my mind.

With that he got out of the car on my side. He reached down to his croch grabed his dick tightly and said to me, thanks for everything man!

I drove away as my wife said what did he mean by that? I said I don't know honey. Lets just ignor it.

Loosing your wifes pussy and your mouth cherry to the same guy on the same day was quite an experience.

I never did that again!

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