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Unexpected Reciprocity

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Unexpected Reciprocity In Brown Then Black

Breasts swaying in and out, big, powerful breaths that could drive a steam train and hips rocking, lifting, driving on top of me were all I could or wanted to see as Susan squeezed and willed herself to the second orgasm of the night in her forty seven year old body. It was the same body I?d married at 21 and, with the exception of a few pounds, one I still loved to smell, taste, sweat with, enter and admire. Her eyes were half-closed as I grabbed her swaying breasts and pulled them to the center of her chest and rotated them in time with her thrusts. ?Susan, pretend it?s not me, Bennet. Just think to yourself that it?s Denzel Washington or Robert Downey.?

Her bottom sealed against the hair around my cock as she rocked and pushed down very hard with her eyes now closed and reached to her own breasts to cover my hands, throw her head back and let out a yeowl, ?Denzel, you bastard, you?re making me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?

The curves of her stomach spasmed and gates flooded her juices over the head of my cock, now as far inside her as the foreskin and the shaft would allow and which matched the thick white juice I managed to add to her insides. I grunted out my own imaginary love, ?Michelle!? and squeezed my buns upward to get the spray of my own liquids as deep inside her as nature allowed.

She felt me lift her, knew what was coming and pushed down as she made her muscles squeeze my cock, dripped her juices over it and savored the feeling of the big mushroom head against her cervix and the back of her mons. We stayed this way for moments, not speaking at all, until her breathing slowed, her pulse got back to normal and she fell beside me, rolling me next to her so we could stay connected while we cuddled our way back to earth for the ten thousandth time in our lives.

When she did speak, it was with both of her soft hands on my face. ?Honey, that was fantastic. How on earth did you know to suggest Denzel to me just then??

He snorted a quick laugh as his hands moved over the rounded sections of her ass, traced her ass and then ran up her side. ?We?ve got to liven it up sometimes, don?t you think Susan? You know, keep it fresh and exciting??

?Yummy man, Yummy man, you always say the nicest things.?

She stopped for a second then whispered directly in his ear as though anyone else in the world could hear them here in their own bedroom. ?God, what if it really were Denzel??

Jokingly and without much thought, he slid back an answer to her question. ?So long as it didn?t involve commitment and I got my turn with Michelle, sounds fair to me,? he answered.

For his answer, he got cuffed on the shoulder and she said, ?Well, that?s just fantasy. Denzel and Michelle would never make love to two such ordinary people as us.?

He sensed she was in her most open kind of mood, one where she was usually willing to talk about anything. Like most men, he?d wondered for some time how they could really put variety into this part of their life so he forged ahead. ?What if it weren?t them but somebody we knew and trusted??

She pulled her body back, stared at him in the light of the bedroom lamp and whistled, ?Bennet, if you think I?d have sex with some other man, you don?t really know me.?

?I?m not accusing you of anything, dear,? he said. ?I just wonder after all these years if that wouldn?t be sort of like taking a boat ride or hiking, adding some variety to the routine. Don?t get all pissed about it. I just wanted to see what you?d say.?

Her snort blew in his ear with some irritation. ?I?m not that good looking and I don?t want to blow our marriage. Besides, even if I did want to I don?t think I?d have the courage to go through with it so let?s just forget it.?

He didn?t say anything but he did wrap his arms around her and bring her to his chest.

She lay there quietly, obviously still thinking which worried him. She could be getting really irritated and if she was, that was something he'd have to pay for later, open mood or not.

A companionable silence developed which was only broken when Susan muffled into her pillow. ?If I did agree to try, I suppose you would want to be able to do the same thing with some other women, then, right??

?Honey, it was a bad idea. Forget it. I?m sorry I mentioned it.?

?No, I want to know. If somehow I did, would you feel like you had the right to as well with some other wife??

?Are you serious??

?Just answer the question, Bennet.?

He thought about what to say where he would still be honest yet not get himself in trouble. ?Well, it?s hard to imagine you overcoming all the barriers you just mentioned for you but if you did, perhaps I could overcome some of those same barriers for me. Fair is fair and the same variety of experience would seem fair to me if it is for you. If I did, I know one thing, it would never change how I feel for you. I love you.?

She reached up next to the bed and snapped on the light to look him directly in the face and spoke. "I feel the same about you.? Then she asked him a question that gave him a clue that he wasn?t going to be in trouble for his comment. ?Do you remember me telling you I?d only had two men other than you before we were married and none since, Bennet??

He barely remembered since it hadn?t been important to him then. ?Yes, something like that but it was your business.?

?Well, looking back, neither of them was worth a damn. The first one barely took my virginity in a car and it hurt like hell. The second one had a cock that was tiny compared to yours and had been circumcised. It was like playing with little Lego toys.?

?You mean not satisfying??

?Exactly, and then we got married and I?ve loved sex with you, loved every minute of it but I?ve got to admit, it does take more to get me excited than it used to. We?ve done it every way you can and over and over. Even a stud like you can only do so much after a thousand times with the same woman!?

He laughed at her. ?At least you?re honest and you aren?t hurting my feelings.?

?So, what do you want to do about it, Bennet? Sit on it and let it carry us with fantasy for a while or try it out??

?You could live with me having another woman??

?If you could live with me having another man and then the two of us sharing the experience with each other. Hell, Bennet, let?s go whole hog and do it about every six months. That ought to keep us going in between!?

He got into the spirit of it, thinking she was just talking and would never, ever go through with it. ?There?s a thought. Maybe meet a couple from India and learn the Kama Sutra positions one spring; try an African-American couple to add a slightly darker shade of sable to the mix; find me a woman who has a truly big clit and you a man with a very, very big cock.?

?And for me, the Indian guy better not be circumcised and the black guy better have buns of steel and a black toy for me to suck on. While you?re playing with the woman?s big clit, maybe I could be in the other guy?s bedroom having his six inch tongue send me over the waterfall time after time while his fourteen inch cock opens my bottom.?

They were holding hands and just then she squeezed his with resolve. ?Let?s do it, Bennet. Let?s try.?

He was truly surprised but accepted it with a question, ?How??

?I?ll leave that up to you except they?ve got to be clean and safe and when you find a couple I get to vote on them before anything gets set up, right??

?Done deal. I?ll work on it.?

It wasn?t many minutes later that they were both asleep, grinning and squirming until they nodded off, neither one believing the other was serious enough to act.


She said nothing about last night?s agreement the next morning until he went out the door to head for work. At the last instant, she put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a reminder. ?You?ve got a job to do now, Bennet. Better get started.?

He hadn?t been sleeping every minute the night before but had spent some time thinking about Swinger magazines, advertisements and friends they knew. ?You know, if you think of a couple, let?s talk about that too. In fact, I was wondering about Ramy and Amelei from the yacht club. They are about our age, Indians from somewhere near Calcutta, settled, attractive and you?re good friends with Amelei. Give that some thought and I?ll get started in another direction.?

He worked all day and stopped at an adult book store on the way home where he bought four Regional Swinger magazines. At home, he didn?t look at them until he was at his computer later in the evening checking his emails. When he did, he found all had index lists of their ads online and he browsed by age, sex, preference, distance and any other way he could until he had a list of about twenty couples that met one or the other of the criteria they had discussed. He printed them and left them on the night stand by the bed for Susan to see.

She came to bed, picked them up and observed as she leafed slowly through them, scanning the text and looking at the photos. ?Not bad, Ace. You?re a fast mover. Did you find these online??

?I stopped at Adults XXX, that dirty bookstore on Larch Avenue on the way home and bought four Swinger magazines. They had internet sites and that?s where the printouts came from. They?re all regional and not far from us. Look at them over the next week. If you find ones you like, we can answer their ads on the computer and see what develops.

She smirked, whacked him with the rolled up pile of papers and shot back, ?You?re not the only fast worker. I?ve got lunch with Amelei tomorrow!?

?You really going to go through with this, Susan??

?I?m damned nervous about it and I might chicken out when it gets close but the whole idea is pretty exciting to me right now assuming you aren?t going to divorce me if I have recreational sex with some compatible guy while you do his partner. Besides, we might not find an Indian, an African and a white couple that we like and it could all be a waste of time.?

?No, you?re safe on all counts there. I agree with you, it is exciting. I just don?t know what some other woman would think about kissing me or taking my pants off and holding my cock. It was before we were married and I can?t remember how that felt so I?m probably as nervous as you are. I?m not as young as I used to be either. God, what if I can?t get it up worrying about you or if somehow the people we know found out and trashed us for it??

?See, we?re both nervous. Let?s see how far it goes. Maybe it won?t go any further than doing the investigation and we can live off that fantasy for a year or two, eh??

He hadn?t been silent or still while their dialogue played out. In fact, he?d pulled her legs apart while she lay towards him on her side and slid his cock into her holiest of holies and slowly stroked it in and out as they talked.

Lunch and Answering The Right Ads?

When he got home that night, nothing much was said as they ate and watched the news until the plates had been taken away and she returned to the table, this time with the pile of ads and photos which she sat down and divided into one big pile and one smaller pile.

?The big pile is those I don?t think fit me or us the best though they would work. It?s just a first blush and my opinion.?

?Okay. And the small pile??

?There?s three couples in that one. She pulled from the top of the stack and pushed a set towards him. This one is the Indian couple you picked. She?s darling and has the cutest tits and if he?s telling the truth, he?s got a cock about as big or maybe a little bigger than yours. They are exotic and live about an hour from here. Just look at the dark color of that dick and it?s nice size! Makes me nervous just looking! I could live with him.?

He smiled, looked briefly at the woman?s photo then at the guy?s, which had a shot of his cock, nodded his agreement about the cute wife he was looking at in the picture. ?Okay, next.?

She pushed over a photo of an African American couple and just tapped on it. ?I think the woman sucking on his cock probably isn?t his wife in the picture which might mean they are experienced. He ain?t Denzel and she ain?t Michelle but they?re in shape, our age and you could die between her buns.? She pointed her finger at the photo of the man?s cock while the light-skinned woman sucked it. ?Look at what causes the bulge in his shorts and women wanting to suck that big, black thing, Bennet. I could imagine that.?

?She is nice. Bet she?s got a shapely butt to go with that great smile and little waist. No wonder she?s smiling. Classy looking and decent couple. Looks like they live within driving range too.?

?Yep, now, here?s the last one. A white couple that lives on the other side of town. He?s thin and wiry but claims to have a twelve inch cock and balls that are bigger than anyone else?s. Her profile just says that once you see her pussy and her clit when they get excited, you will die happy ever after. Something about the size of her clit matching the size of his cock.?

?Jesus, Susan. Look at the length of that thing.? She was and could barely keep her lips together as a result.

?What do you think about her clit, Bennet??

?Not the biggest I?ve imagined but it doesn?t look like she was excited when the picture was taken either but she?ll do.?

He put the pages aside and asked his wife the question he?d been waiting to get out. ?Okay, what happened at lunch with Amelei??

?I know her pretty well and we talked over wine until I broached the subject of sex outside marriage. She blushed, if you can imagine that with her dark skin, said they would entertain the idea under the right circumstances but nor for a year or so until their kids are off at college. She actually told me she?s had fantasies about you and that she and her husband talk about us while they are fucking to get off.?

?Was she serious about the year off though??

?Unfortunately, yes, but she did make me promise to bring it up again September first and said she?d tell him about it as our little foursome secret.?

?Well, you did great, Susan. Now it?s time to decide. Do you think we ought to answer these ads one at a time or all at once and see what comes in.?

?I?d say all at once. Who knows which ones will click and which ones won?t. Maybe none of them will be interested in us. In the meantime, I?ll keep these others and the magazines just in case. Send the ads on the computer tonight. I?d say you ought to use the digital pictures of me with my black sheath on and then in slip and panties and then with my top off and just the black panties.?

?Okay,? was his answer and he got up, patted her on the backside and then headed for the study where he used the wires to get the ads in place in the index files for the magazine websites. He finished by nine thirty in enough time to shower and give Susan a taste of fantasy medicine in their own bed.

Since this was Friday evening, they slept in a little the next morning before having coffee and breakfast. After he?d finished the paper, he called to Susan, ?Honey, why don?t you get online and see if we?ve gotten any emails from any of those three??

?It?s too soon, Bennet. Surely they wouldn?t answer overnight even if they were interested, would they??

?I don?t know but there is one way to find out?go turn the computer on and let?s see.?

?Okay, give me a minute and then I will.?

He picked up a magazine and read until he noticed that twenty minutes had gone by since he had heard any sounds from her. He put the magazine back in the rack and rose to find out where she?d gone to. His search started and stopped in the office where the computer was. She was sitting there reading and printing not one but three emails. His footsteps preceded him and her excited voice called out, ?Bennet, they all want to meet. The African Americans in a week, the white couple in two weeks and the Indian couple this evening if it?s convenient. What should I say to answer them??

He patted her shoulders and felt her tits while he read the printouts and looked at the photos she?d posted on the screen. There was a lot of biographical information that told him they?d made good choices; clean, safe, discreet people. ?Let me read first. Hang on a second then let?s discuss it.?

He finished and spoke, ?The Indian couple has to do it today or it will be three months based on what she says and I think their reason sounds legit. Are you up for it??

?Well, I hadn?t thought it would be this soon, I?m not sure. And if we did this tonight, the other two want to do it the next two weekends. I thought we were going to do this every six months??

?We agreed to send to all three and had no idea what their schedule would be or if they would even want to meet us, remember? This is just the way it worked out.?

She waffled. ?I guess. I want to do what you want to do. You decide, Bennet.?

?No, Susan. That?s the easy way out. What do you want to do? I?m up for if but only if you are.?

Her body shook under his hand and she said nothing for a long ten seconds then, ?You sure you won?t mind? They?d have to come here tonight it says.?

?Honey, I might even watch you for a minute, be sure you?re okay.?

?All right then, let?s do it. It says here to answer by email but they have a phone too. Why don?t I invite them for drinks at 7:30 on the computer while you call them and see if it will work??

She printed the number and gave it to him before turning back to the computer and composing answers to all three emails, accepting each and setting up the same arrangement, meet at their house on Saturday night at 7:30 for drinks wearing casual clothing?.no commitments until everybody agreed they got along.?

He went to the kitchen and picked up the telephone and punched in the number.

It rang three times before a very pleasant woman?s voice clicked in and said, ?Hello, this is Urvashi. Who is calling please??

?Urvashi, good morning. This is Bennet, Bennet and Susan from the computer couples group. I believe you and your husband Raman answered our email and gave me this number to call.?

?Ah, yes.? Her smooth voice answered. ?We were hoping you might call and we?re sorry that we can only be available today. We?ll be out of the country after that for a while, you see. I hope it?s not inconvenient or prevents us from meeting. We were so taken by your ad and your response.?

?Urvashi, if you can forgive my nervousness, it?s not a problem at all. We would love to have you over at 7:30 this evening for drinks if the two of you can have a glass of wine or two. Maybe in the process we can get to know one another if that works for you two.?

He could feel the cheer in her voice as she responded, ?We are different Indians, but thank you for thinking to ask. We do drink wine, just don?t tell on us. Let me check Raman for a second, hang on.? While he held, he could hear her say in the background, ?Raman, they want to meet tonight like I offered at 7:30. Is that still okay with you??

She came back to the phone and answered that it was fine then asked, ?We?ll need an address and directions along with your phone in case we get lost.?

He started to give them to her, stuttered and then stopped. ?I?m nervous, Urvashi. This is, ah, this is the first time for both of us and you?ll have to forgive me.?

She laughed, ?Bennet, if we?re compatible after drinks, you?ll find out I?m the best person on earth to learn with and Raman is the only one better. It will be all right. Relax and start getting excited about the possibility of a little adventure. I promise we are nice people and that it won?t hurt a bit.?

His laughter preceded the address and phone number he recited to her and which she repeated. She told him she knew the way to the neighborhood and said they would be there on time with a bottle of wine and some snacks told him they could look for a silver Mercedes 420 which would be theirs. While she spoke, he heard in the background, ?Honey, we?ve got an email from Susan and Bennet. They want us there tonight!?

?Bennet, he?s excited and so am I. Relax and have a pleasant day. We?ll see you two around 7:30 or a few minutes before. We hate to be late.?

?Wonderful, Urvashi. You sound really nice and I?ll be anxious to meet you. My wife, Susan, is quite nervous and you and I might have to sort of watch and reassure her and Raman at first just to reassure her if they do decide they are compatible. Do you think that?d be all right??

?Sure, just as long as we don?t waste too much of our own time! I liked the photos I saw of you and she?s the one who sent the answer so I know she is eager and thinking about it starts me going!?

?Sounds fair. We?ll see you tonight. Thanks for being so understanding.?

e put the phone back in place and walked to the office and Susan who now had another photo from Raman of Urvashi. It was new to them and explained that it had been taken about ten years before which he?d included in his return email agreeing they would be there at 7:30. ?Look at this!? He read the section of the email which referred to the photo and said, ?This is Urvashi about ten years ago when we had a camera and a place we could get film developed discreetly. We wish we had a digital camera but we don?t yet. If you do, feel free to use it and maybe we could get you to take updated photos of both of us. Urvashi still looks very young today and I think you will find she is in great shape and is very desirable. We?re looking forward to seeing you both this evening. Is Merlot wine all right??..? The email continued on for another paragraph. Bennet whistled as he finished.

?It is, it is. Great tits! Whoopee for both of us. I better get going on mowing the lawn and getting ready. I?ll get a couple bottles of wine when I?m out and be sure there?s enough. We do have the digital camera that goes right to floppy diskettes. I?ll get the battery charged up.? He looked at his seated wife who was still as a mouse, saying nothing. ?You okay??

She had put one of her hands over his as it rubbed her left breast and dropped it between her knees, lightly nudging the fabric of her long t shirt over her panties in small circles. ?God, Bennet, I think I?ll die of embarrassment but it makes me hot just thinking about it. I like the idea of the camera. We can look at it later for fun.?

All he could do was laugh and tell her not to waste it all now touching herself there. It could, after all, be a long night.

Urvashi and Raman Arrive?.

The clock hands went around and around rather rapidly until dinner was over at an early six o?clock and the two of them had made sure the house was organized, music was in the CD player and they had their showers behind them. He was wearing a pair of soft slacks and a pullover short-sleeved shirt that complemented the slack?s color as he splashed a touch of a light cologne on his neck and started to leave the bathroom. Before he did, he walked into the big closet where Susan was and put his arms around her.

?I love you, Susan, and that?s never going to change. Besides, you look absolutely fantastic and will knock Raman?s socks off.?

?Thanks, honey. I?m nervous as hell. You think he?ll like me, eh?? When she said it she stepped away from him and held out a simple dress that was soft and would flow over her body. He saw a woman of the years she was who had a wonderfully white and frilly pair of panties topped by a lacy bra, beautiful eyes and perfect hair and skin.

He reached out for her hips and caressed her body as he answered. ?Get your dress on. You are nothing short of gorgeous and if you and Raman do get along, wink at me and maybe Urvashi and I can follow you to where you go in the house and get some photos as you start and make you feel like it?s safe, okay??

She nodded and slipped the white dress over her head before belting it, sliding flats on and declaring herself ready.

She cleaned up the closet, straightened the cover on the king sized bed and stayed behind while Bennet drifted into the living room. He looked at the clock and saw that it was a nervous 7:25 p.m. and peeked through the windows beside the front door to see if they were arriving. He was glad he did as he saw a silver Mercedes in his drive and stood there as the doors opened and Raman got out with a bottle of wine and Urvashi stepped from the other side wearing a pair of black slacks, flats and a white shirt tucked into the slacks. Her breasts were large, pointed and pushed the blouse out in a way that was nothing short of sensational. She hadn?t lost anything but years from the email photo. He glanced at Raman as he walked towards the house and noticed that the front of his slacks seemed pretty full as well.

?They?re coming up the walk, Susan. I?ll open the door for them.?

?Jesus, Bennet, we?re going to do it!?

?You got it. Relax, get yourself a glass of wine and get ready Mrs. Hostess. Your time is here.?

The door knob felt cold in his hands which had unexplainably begun to sweat as he turned and pulled. He stepped forward and smiled a warm greeting just as the couple reached the top of the stairs. Raman put his hand forward to shake and when done, motioned Urvashi inside and followed her. When the three were inside, he gave Bennet the wine and she stepped towards him and gave him a friendly embrace saying, ?You are much, much better looking than that email photo.?

Just then, Susan made her entrance into the foyer. ?Susan, this is Urvashi and Raman.?

?Excellent. Welcome to our home and pardon us if we?re a little nervous but it?s not you. Come in to the kitchen and let?s open the wine. I think I need a small glass.?

Raman smiled, waited until Urvashi moved then followed all but Bennet into the kitchen. He was six feet tall, dark, well groomed and trim with interesting eyes and rather large hands for an Indian, Bennet thought.

Susan asked Raman to open the bottle and she and Urvashi gave the glasses to the men to pour. When the glasses were full and distributed, Urvashi shyly raised hers and made a small toast. ?To a long evening, a fine friendship and new experiences for all four of us.?

?Here, Here,? toasted Susan, Bennet and Raman. When the toast was over Susan led the group on a quick house tour from the hall and into the great room where the four talked about their lives and interests for a long time, getting to know one another and feeling comfortable.

There was a pause in the conversation, every basic subject covered and the four growing very used to one another. It was just before nine o?clock and Urvashi had to use the bathroom. When she rose and left, it signaled a change in the evening?s current activities. When she returned, she walked near Susan but didn?t resume the seat she?d had next to Raman, instead choosing to sit on the couch next to Bennet. Susan smiled at both Urvashi and her husband across from her and said with a very positive note in her voice, ?You two make a good looking couple.?

Raman then excused himself to go to the bathroom and when he returned, he turned the music up a little and spoke to Susan as he stood next to her holding his hand out as an offering. ?Would you like to dance, Susan??

She knew her hands were clammy and her inner-hips had felt like liquid for thirty minutes or an hour already but she was able to nod ?yes? stand up and take his hand as they walked to the hardwood floor area and began slowly fitting together in a dance.

Urvashi moved closer to Bennet with her hip against his and her hand on his soft slacks as they watched the dancers move together. The couple swayed and moved until Susan?s front was fully against Raman?s with his fluid feet setting the tone of their dance in wondrous time to the music. Neither of them spoke but both moved their arms lower and tighter to touch each other as much as they could, more intimate with each step but now nearly thirty feet away at the other end of the long room, the couple nearly alone.

Bennet looked and whispered to Urvashi, ?I can?t believe that?s my wife. They make a great couple. Sexiest thing I?ve ever seen. I just hope they?re compatible.?

?You want your wife and Raman to make love, Bennet??

He put his hand on hers and turned to look deep into her eyes before responding. ?I want to make love with you, Urvashi, with your dark eyes, your handsome breasts and I?d bet the dark black hair that covers your treasure. But, yes, I do want her to make love with Raman too. She needs some variety and you and your husband are perfect if this is what you want to do.?

Urvashi said nothing, simply slid her hand up to his fly, opened it, slipped inside and pulled his rock hard cock out so she could lower her head over it and inhale it between her perfectly shaped lips. They framed his cock and once the head and shaft were inside, her tongue curled around his length, smoothly wrapping it as no other had ever done. After she sucked it thoroughly this way for a few seconds, she pulled back a bit and wetly said to him, ?Bennet, he will take care of her and I love this, I love your cock. I want your cock in my pussy and in my ass.?

His hand found the silk of her top and opened it. This time her face turned up to his and they kissed deeply, tongues instantly inside each other?s mouths as though there was only one mouth. Her hand slowly stroked his cock and fondled his balls as the kiss deepened until neither cared any longer about what Susan and Raman were doing at the other end of the room where their dance must have continued.

When their second kiss broke with heavy breaths they looked back to see that Raman and Susan were no longer dancing, probably had stopped when they kissed. Instead, Susan was standing with her legs spread, standing outside both of Raman?s legs with her dress around her waist, pushing her hips hard against Raman. Raman was holding the cheeks of her butt beneath her panties as she stood on her tiptoes, obviously feeling the cock which was outside the fly of his pants rubbing against the outer folds of her opening. She had lost all her inhibitions but just then looked back at Urvashi and Bennet and winked the wink that was the signal that she was going to be okay. He winked back and spoke to the room.

?Urvashi and I are going to use the blue bedroom for a while if anybody needs us. I?ll get the camera and do photos later.?

Raman stepped back from Susan, pushed his head forward and back as he stared at Susan?s tits and watched her continue to move as though her pussy lips were still against his cock. ?Yes, do that. We?ll be right here in the great room for a while.? He turned away as his petite wife and Bennet walked out of the room, clothes open and hungry for one another. When they were gone, he pulled Susan to the ottoman and took an enormous amount of time to kneel before her spread legs, then touching her with his tongue and pulling her panties completely off. She almost fell when his breath blew on her clit, now swollen and obvious. It made her tear her shirt off and slip the lacy bra down for him to unhook and toss aside. When it was off and he could hold them, he sucked her clit in small circles while she looked at the head of his cock and all the skin still there, still covering the end of it.

His face looked up and she leaned down to kiss his dark lips, hold the sides of his head and then step away from her clothing. When she did, he laid her on the ottoman, head away from him and traced the inside of her thigh with his fingertips and lips until he was tracing the wavy line of her pussy lips and parting them over and over, occasionally putting his tongue between them and lifting it to trace over her clit. The idea and the sensations were more than Susan could stand and her body clenched into a spasm of orgasm that pulled his face hard against her bottom then flooded it with her juices.

As she slowed, he stood up, walked around to her head, dropped his slacks and peeled his shirt off to reveal a dark and long cock whose head was still mostly inside the skin that had never been removed. She reached up to touch his balls and he motioned for her to wait, deny herself until her eyes had climaxed and her ears had climaxed and her body was fully open to his cock. Instead, he touched her tits, then her eyes, traced the tiny hair line down the center of her stomach and over onto her bottom, doing it over and over. He blew on her pussy and in her ears, kissed beneath her arms and behind each knee until her pussy was openly flowing and swollen with want. When she was ready, he let her hold his balls, suck his cock, make animal noises of want until he stepped around between her legs and kneeled, putting the head of his uncircumcised cock just against her lips. ?Susan, dear, now. Now you can pull the skin back so that I can put it inside your pussy, inside you.?

She just grunted animal sounds and hungrily grabbed it, pulling it towards the open spread of her wavy, long lips even though her eyes were shut. He let her touch the skin, peel it back, see and feel the dark mushroom head of his elegantly long cock until it touched those two wavering lips of her pussy. She shuddered with orgasm once again. His fingers found the juice of her release and slowly moved to her breasts were he painted each before drifting them beneath her nose and then his. By now her hips were going up and down, begging for the dark cock to enter her opening as her feet extended on tiptoe then relaxed over and over again. "Raman, now, put your cock in me know,? she breathlessly demanded.

?You are ready Susan and your Yoni is ready so it shall be.? Her groan was so loud Urvashi and Bennet must have heard her. He kneeled forward, found her hand on his cock and guided both to the center of her opening as she scooted over it, inhaling his cock until it was in all the way down to the root. Once in, she slid off the huge ottoman and faced him, cock touching her deeply like the best times she and Bennet had ever had and began moving up and down though not like the former Susan, long-married, faithful wife but as Susan the woman who was fucking with the passion of change and from a place inside her. It was a place inside here way down deep that seemed to know Raman?s heritage as an Indian was closer to the part of the world where man originated than anyone else she had ever known. Her movements were elemental and pounded against Raman who held her, let her wash against him with her passion as he looked, kissed and teased her turgid nipples with his mouth. While he helped her spend her primitive self he held her butt and her back with his arms and watched each and every move she made.

Neither looked behind them nor noticed Urvashi and Bennet who had moved into the room and the straight chair where he was now sitting with Urvashi tightly over him, apparently having stepped over his legs and mounted his cock. They were controlled, silent, having orgasmed already in the bedroom, just moved against one another, heated by watching their spouses fucking one another. Bennet had the digital camera and every few seconds he took a close-up of Urvashi?s face, the dry juices on her belly from their earlier orgasms and playing and her tits or sometimes down where they were joined. He alternated it with photos of Raman and Susan as both couples fucked not far from one another. Urvashi whispered into Bennet?s ear, ?Raman will hold his fluid, wait until she has come so many times her muscles will be sore for a week then he will slowly spurt inside her, one spurt at a time with total control. Watch.?

Bennet took the last snapshot on the diskette and put it aside when she said that. His hands felt the points of her breasts and their heft, reached around and traced her spine, admired the dusky sable skin all over this beautiful woman and remembered her pink, delicate tissue he had licked inside her opening?s black , wavy, wet lips. Their silence was broken by sloppy sounds of squishy movements and the soft sound of his arm moving behind her, splitting her hips as his wet middle finger gently and insistently pressed the ring of her ass until it slid not only in but past the tension of her muscle. She screamed with joy and let it all go, let all the fluids her body had left flood out of her opening where it sealed Bennet?s cock and run down both their legs. She and Susan right then were not housewives or women but animals with needs and needs that they were being completely satisfied.

The scream woke Susan who realized it must be Urvashi and looked just as she came all over Bennet?s cock. Susan?s eyes rolled and her body shuddered with the biggest shudder she had ever had. Her shout matched Urvashi. ?God Damn it, Raman, cum in me. Splash me and do it noooowwwwwwwwwwww!?

He did just as Urvashi said, one slow and heavy spurt at a time until Susan was an absolute wet mess of relaxed muscles and fell forward against Raman. They tumbled into a heap on the floor, laughing and blowing hard with cum flooding his cock and her thighs. Bennet stood, pulling Urvashi up and letting her climb his body as her orgasm wet his groin once, twice then again before she closed her eyes and fainted.

When she did, he fell sideways on the couch, softening her fall with his own body. The two couples lay in their respective heaps, fifteen feet from one another, blowing, cooling and slowing the rhythms of their bodies. The tall grandfather clock in the hall chose that time to strike. When it tolled each bell it was surprising with the number it struck: twelve times, midnight.

Raman heard and counted the chimes. Urvashi heard and counted the chimes. Susan heard and counted the chimes. Bennet heard and counted the chimes.

Midnight. It was amazingly time for the coach to turn back into pumpkins and the couples to kiss their fondness and crawl back to their own spouses where they lay within sight of one another cuddling, touching, sharing and still loving one another. Bennet put another diskette into the digital camera and took a dozen close ups of Raman with his still three quarter hard cock, Urvashi with her cum filled pussy splayed for her husbands inspection and her wondrous tits pointing outward as Raman teased and moved them between kisses. Bennet put a new diskette in, tossed the camera to Urvashi and indicated she ought to take several of he and Susan sitting there. Susan had been holding his balls, her feet spread and her lips leaking cum onto the hardwood as she murmured and muttered, ?Better than fantasy, better than Denzel. Honey, thank you, thank you.?

Urvashi clicked the shutter several times including shots of Susan holding his own now hard cock, slick with cum and as big as it had ever been as Susan slid the head into the skin and out over and over until he knew he was going to fuck her himself, right then. His hands directed her and she lay on top of him, guided him inside and put her ass in the air towards Urvashi and the camera and began to stroke down on him as his ass tightened and lifted to push inside her then relax and do it again. The shutter clicked and clicked until it was quiet.

He glanced over and saw Urvashi on her knees with Raman behind her, his cock at the entrance to her pussy one second then slowly, slowly entering her, inch by controlled inch as she chanted a very non-Indian phrase, ?Fuck me, Raman. Fuck me, Raman. Fuck me, Raman, just like Bennet did,? over and over until her orgasms were as continuous as Susan?s.

Both women lost consciousness at nearly the same time, having passionately and literally been fucked until they were both silly and senseless.

He chuckled and looked over Susan?s sleeping body at Raman who winked and acknowledged the whispered words Bennet gave him. ?Thanks, Raman, in all ways. When are you guys coming back into the country after your trip??

?Soon, Bennet, sixty days, ninety at most. We?ll email. Your Susan is as good as Urvashi who is nearly the best. Can wel do this at our house next time, please.?

?You?re on, Raman. I?ll make copies of the pictures and email them to you tomorrow.?

?Fine, now let me rest here until Urvashi comes back from her sleep then we must use your bathroom, clean up enough to go home.?

?Us too, Raman, us too.?

That?s how their first adventure ended. At the door as they were leaving, Urvashi gave both Bennet and a surprised Susan a very deep kiss punctuated with her tongue at the door. Susan held Bennet?s hand but she caressed Raman?s cock and kissed him a deeply wet kiss before she whispered in his ear, ?Raman, come back soon. We have more to learn.?

When the door was closed and she wobbled against Bennet she asked him, ?Why did Urvashi kiss me like that??

?Honey, I think we?re going to learn lots of things we hadn?t thought about but right now, I?m exhausted. Let?s get to bed and get some sleep, talk about this. How did you like it? I thought you looked totally wanton and totally wonderful!?

?I?m not washing Raman?s cum off until tomorrow,? declared a newly independent, sexy and slightly debauched Susan.

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