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The Virgin Niece

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This is a true story from a few years back. My wife (Denise) and me live in the Southern state of Georgia. It is very conservative and basically in the bible belt. It should suprise no one then that Denise's sister Jane and her husband Jack would want that type of area for their 17 and soon to be 18 yr old daughter to reside for 1 year. I was suprised that Denise would agree due to the privacy we now enjoy after the recent marriage of our oldest. Being married for 24 years does have it's reward after the battles of raising kids. Jane told her that Jack had been called overseas to work in the middle east for the company he was employed with. Jane wanted to let Brenda finish school in the states. Brenda was attending a private school for girls in the mid west and there was an affilated school in our area. After much debating, we agreed to let her stay.

This created a problem because of my work life. I worked out of the home 1 day a week and the rest on the road. My office was the den but I had file cabinets in the vacated bedroom. Denise suggested feminizing the room and painting the cabinets and adding a mural. They would hardly be noticed. We had just finished the re-decorating when Brenda arrived. She had gotten very attractive over the years since we had last seen her. She stood about 5'5, and weighed 140 lbs. Her breast size could be guessed at 36c, accompanied by long brown hair. We showed Jane and Brenda around the homestead and they were both excited to see what the bedroom looked like. They remarked it was like home.

Life in the house had changed drastically. There was everything from T.V. to bathroom arrangements, but it all seemed to work out fine. About 4 months later I walked in the kitchen for breafast on a Wed morning. Brenda got red-faced and stopped talking before leaving the room. Curious to know, I asked what the hell that was about. Denise said female talk. I pressed the issue and Denise said Brenda was talking about sex education classes, and had some things to ask. Pressing again, she told me that sex education day was Wednesdys and Brenda had never dated so she wondered what a man looked like and the other issue was self induced satisfaction. Apparently, this was discussed in class. She told me that she explained both in detail and then I walked in. It kinda explained the innocent eye contact Brenda made with my waistline as she exited the kitchen. In laughter, I told Denise to get a playgirl book and show her. She responded, Darlin, it aint the same. I dropped the subject and went about my home day work. The following week was Brenda's birthday. Nothing unusual happened until a month after. It was on Wed and I had to go into Brenda's room for files. I noticed a pair of panties lying on the floor. No one was home but me, and being a curious man, I walked over and picked them up. They were soaking wet. It was then I remembered it was sex education day. Brenda must have been fantazing and masturbating that morning before school. I went futher and put them to my nostrils. The sweet innocent odor filled my scences. My cock became extremely erect and uncomfortable. I went back to the den to take out my cock and jacked off with them under my nose. My cum shot all the way to the keyboard. I took them back to where they were found and finished the day. That night, my wife asked me if I would do her a favor. Apprehensive, I asked what she wanted. She wanted Brenda to catch me naked. I was sceptical about it, for fear of the parents being family and Brenda being 18. Denise said she would worry about that part, that she just wanted Brenda to actually see a man's cock in person. Needless to say, after the morning activity, my cock was already getting hard. We went to bed and I fucked Denise long and hard. She asked what got into me and I told her about the morning. She smiled and stated that she had been fantasizing Brenda catching me naked all week. We decided to go with the accidental viewing route. The next Wed before school, I showered in the girls bathroom. I was just stepping out, when Brenda entered. She stood shocked for a moment, stared at my cock, and left. Again, later that morning, the wet panites were there but with good reason. Brenda told Denise that evening what had happened in the bathroom. Denise listened as Brenda descibed my cock and asked certain questions and stated she would like to see one again, but also watch how it gets hard. In sharing this with me, Denise asked if I would allow Brenda some experimentation time. After a week of thought, i agreed. The next tues evening, Denise told Brenda about the idea. Brenda said it would be between us and no one would ever know, that she had to find out someday and felt comfortable with me. Later that evening, I was in my den working when they both walked in. Brenda had on a pink nightie and robe. Denise had on just a robe. Brenda's robe was slightly apart so I could see the top and the panties. I refused to look much longer so that my cock would be soft to begin the experiment. I had just showered and had on my robe and boxers. Denise asked me to stand up and told Brenda to untie my robe. She walked over to me and untied the robe to fall open. Brenda took it fromt there and pulled my boxer waistband out and looked down inside. She saw my soft cock, and just stared at it. I told her to pull the boxers down. She slipped them off, and while doing so, brushed my cock with her hand. It began to slowly swell. Brenda watched it and I told her to touch it if she wanted. She reached out and put her index finger and thumb around the shaft and watched it get hard. She remarked about it's size and asked about the drop of fluid at the tip. I told her it was pre=-cum that leaks due to excitement. She asked if it had taste to it. I told her to put some on her finger and lick it. She did and said it was salty. I also explained oral sex and told her to try it. She put her mouth on the end of my cock and licked the head. I began to leak more and she sucked it out of my cock. At this time, I stopped her. I told her to stand as I sat down. Denise removed her robe, and I looked into the crotch of her panties and saw the huge wet spot formed in them. I slowly slid them down passed her bushy brown haired pussy and could smell the scented heat. I leaned my head forward and put my tongue between her pussy lips. She gasped and told me not to stop. There was a sofa in the den, so I walked her over to it, and layed her down to raise her legs so that i had better access to eating her pussy. Denise was watching intently and masturbating with her hand inside her panites. This aroused me even more. All of a sudden Brenda began tensing up. I could feel her beginning to cum. She let loose and the flow of her cum entered my mouth with a thick sweet taste. I thought she was going to pass out. With a flushed look, she asked if I would put my cock against her to see what it felt like. I moved over her, and just touched the lips with the head. She felt it slide around and moved her hips upward to get more feeling. As she did, it entered just inside the pussy about 2 inches deep. She pressed upward more until it reached to stopping point. I felt her hymen pushed against me. I asked if she wanted it deeper and she cried out to push it all the way in. I slowly eased deeper till I felt the breakthrough and let my cock go deep as it could. She gasped again and began to buck wildly wanting more. The fucking action began and the odor began to fill the room. Meanwhile, Denise had reached her climax and was weak at the knees. She came over to us and looked at my cock going in and out of Brenda while commenting how beautiful it was. I started pumping faster and felt my cum creeping to the top. Brenda was panting, moaning, and grinding against me. I continued till I felt the load about to explode. I asked her if she wanted it there or in her mouth. She said just cum in her. So, I picked up my pace and felt her tight pussy grip my shaft. I then exploded a hot load of cum deep inside her. As I pulled out, Denise, licked my cock and then looked Brenda in the eyes. She asked Brenda if she could lick my cum from inside her. Brenda said she didn't care what we did, that she wanted more. This went on for 5 months till the year was over. Brenda still comes for a 3 day visit every 3rd month... What a year to remember.

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