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The Stopwatch

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“I don’t know that I should take that bet,” I said with a unbelieving grin as I watched her inquisitive eyes sparkle in the dim light of the booth we were sitting in.

“I don’t know why not,” she laughed out leaning against me playfully as she held the base of the half full beer glass on the table. “Besides, you have been staring at me all night and I am just drunk enough to do it,” she added in a quieter more serious voice, her eyes penetrating in her insistence.

“Five minutes,” I asked, not really believing her assertion.

“I live just across the street,” she smiled devilishly, leaning her head towards the front of the bar and reaching her hand out, “shake on it,” she added.

Sometimes surprises happen and you meet someone who just makes your head spin. I had met Jana only thirty minutes or so before she was pulling me by the hand out into the rainy air from the boisterous bar, between the parked cars and across the street diagonally to the walk-up apartment building she lived in. She laughed and smiled excitedly as she threaded her key into the lock and after several flights of stairs she welcomed me into her cozy apartment which was sparsely furnished with very well designed modern furniture. Both of us somewhat out of breath from the climb, she motioned for me to make myself comfy on the couch as she disappeared into the hallway and I presumed the bathroom.

As I lay my coat over the chair and fell back into the deep couch I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I had watched Jana in the bar from afar, admiring her sexy figure and the lilt she had in her body as she circulated among the after work crowd that she knew. Her hair was short and blondish and she had a confident smile. She wore a white blouse with stylish lines and grey trousers that showed off her slender waist and feminine shape. Her dress made you think she could simply change her body language and location and she could have a very serious business look, but in the surroundings of the bar, her demeanor and appearance conveyed a sense of pure sensuality.

When I saw her sit down with one of the paralegals from my office I worked up the courage to walk over and say hi. At that moment, the two of them were in an animated girlfriend discussion of guys who couldn’t satisfy them sexually. Their banter was direct and I wondered if they would continue it if I sat down. Surprisingly, they didn’t waiver after I was introduced, so I willingly joined their lively discussion. Jana readily, if not provocatively, brought me into the conversation with an initial question of whether I could last longer than five minutes. Her directness was startling but the look in her eyes was suggestively inviting and I felt compelled to be just as direct in return, confidently asserting that I didn’t think there was a woman sexy enough and skilled enough to make me cum that fast, but if there were, I would gladly be her slave. So effortless and capricious, the premise was thus established for my odd presence in her apartment. It was clear that I was attracted to her and I felt that she was to me……as I sat there on the couch, I could only wonder what would be her next move in this playful set of circumstances.

“So ok, that’s how it works,” I heard her say to herself as I saw the light click off down the hall and I heard her moving towards the living room.

Jana appeared from the hall holding what appeared to be a runners sports watch that she looked at curiously and then to me. She was completely naked except for black lace panties that formed a perfect foil to her sensuous curves.

“I can set it for five minutes and it will sound an alarm,” she said in a curious voice, almost completely oblivious to the fact my eyes must have been as big as silver dollars.

“So just like that,” I managed to cough out as she smiled at my reaction.

“Five minutes,” she said slowly watching my eyes take in her full breasts, perfectly shaped and punctuated with erect nipples which made you want to try and lick them off her skin, down over her slender waist and curving hips that meshed with her long slender legs poised in almost statuesque repose on the black high heals she had been wearing. “Do you like what you see,” she finally said, clearly knowing what my answer would be as she smiled with no self consciousness.

“I would say………,” and my voice trailed off in complete disbelief as she displayed herself so freely, standing only a few feet from me.

“You should show me what I have to work with,” she added quickly, completing the sentence if not my thoughts, smiling with curiosity as if she was wondering whether I would have the same nerve she possessed, twirling the watch playfully as she shifted her weight slightly and placed her hand on her hip in a model like pose to punctuate her request. “You’ve probably undressed me in your mind long before now, I’d say its time for you to let me see if my mind’s eye is as accurate as yours,” she added, tilting her head slightly as she let her eyes look down over my body.

“Fair enough,” I said kicking off my shoes one after another and then unbuttoning my shirt as I watched her eyes as I revealed my muscular torso. I had just turned thirty, but my athletic build was something I was always proud of. I also knew that she would probably not be displeased with what was now my suddenly hardening cock, the size of which typically turned past female partner’s eyes when they saw it for the first time.

“Not bad,” she said with a smile as I rose up to stand, releasing my belt and unbuttoning my trousers, her eyes wanting to gaze down, but their flutter revealing her anxiousness of the moment.

As I let my trousers fall to the floor my erection was readily apparent through the thin fabric of the boxer briefs. It felt raging as I poised my hands on the waist band briefly watching Jana’s eyes upon me as I pulled the stretched fabric down, releasing my bone to spring out of its confines, the head of my cock flaring, its length engorged to about three quarters fullness.

“Do you……like what YOU see,” I said slowly as I watched her eyebrows flex with surprising approval, her eyes not afraid to take in the sight of my now twitching manhood.

“I………, I think this will be……interesting,” she said slowly, her eyes fixated on my length as she let her hand trace over her tummy and along the top of her lace panties while her jaw flexed slightly, which I sensed was her imagining taking me into her mouth.

Sensing my first chance in a dominant position, I stepped out of the pool of my trousers and briefs towards her slightly and asked, “so, what is it, I get if I win the bet,” letting my manhood bounce freely.

Jana’s cool and controlling demeanor immediately returned as her eyes rose up to mine with a sparkle. “I’m guessing you have some sort of fantasy thing you would want to do with me. Maybe I might even like it, you never know, but anything……….I am yours. But mind you, I will win the bet.”

“So when does the clock start,” I asked inquisitively, my cock now standing out in almost grotesque display of arousal.

“When I first touch you,” she said laughing out a sexy burst as she again gazed upon my enraged member. “Why don’t you sit down and make your self comfy,” motioning me back down to the couch. “I’m going to have my way with you till you scream,” she added, her eyes again on mine as I sank into the cushions, her tongue playfully sliding along her lips as she twirled slightly to face me in profile and lowered her lace panties over her perfectly contoured ass, pausing slightly while dragging her hand over her thigh, before pushing them down her luscious legs, bending her torso down to give me a glimpse of her sexy entrance from behind as she stepped out the lace.

Jana let herself down to her knees, letting the watch lay on the rug beside her, still some distance from me, and she spread her legs slightly, her hand gliding over the small tuff of dark hairs above her labia as she touched her breast softly with the other hand, her teasing of herself deliberate and sensual.

“I might want to touch myself while I am doing you, you never know,” she let out in a breathless voice as her fingers curled down over her sex slowly and then back up her abdomen as she smiled a sexy grin, her eyes traveling along my body to meet mine.

“Now is this within the rules,” I said with a coy assertion as I watched her again diddle herself as she moved a few inches closer and I could feel that familiar ache began to well up from within.

“I haven’t touched you yet,” Jana smiled sensually. “Are you getting too excited,” she added with another sexy smile as she inched a little closer but leaned back slightly as she pushed her finger into herself, teasing herself briefly. “It makes me wet thinking about making you cum…..don’t you like watching me,” she added as she again guided a finger into her warm depth, pushing herself to a self assured point of pleasure that I could see in her face. “I like making guys cum,” she added after a few straining moments and she again inched closer. “I love to taste their juices, feel the sudden explosion in my mouth,” she went on with a sexy voice, inching closer again her eyes penetrating me ever deeper. “I love to stroke them, see all that cum spurt out, completely out of control, feeling the total release in their body,” her words becoming almost trance like as she move a little closer, her hands fondling her body as she went on. “I love to feel the warm cum splattering on my skin, over my breasts, licking up those salty juices,” she pushed her breast up playfully licking her skin as she watched my eyes.

Her words were making me crazy and she sensed it as I strained against my own weight, my erection twitching with each sexy word. I began to wonder if I could last and I realized this was probably her plan. “You are not playing fair,” I eased out as she moved a little closer, her eyes teasing me with each moment she drew out.

“Fair or not, I think you will enjoy yourself,” she said slowly, her sensual smile and expression capturing me completely as she leaned down with her hands on the rug almost cat like as she now was perched very much between my outstretched legs but being careful not to touch my skin.

“How do you want to cum,” she said, sensing my overload, her eyes traveling from mine down over my twitching cock that was now only a foot or so from her face. “Maybe you’d like to release yourself deep inside me, fucking me hard, all of your weight on me pushing that big cock of yours as far as you can push it…….mmmmmmm, I’d like that too,” she said slowly, teasing me with her eyes which traced over my body and legs almost caressing me with their sensual intensity. “Maybe you’d like me to straddle that hard cock with my wet pussy…….sliding along its length with my juices, rocking against you until you shoot puddles over yourself…….mmmmmm, that makes me so wet just thinking about it,” she grinned as she reached back slightly for the watch, feeling for it and not loosing eye contact with me. “I’m thinking you’re ready to loose our little bet, aren’t you,” she let out with soft sexy breathless tone.

Jana’s first touch was soft, and I gasped as her hand moved along the top of my thigh, her fingers flexing over my taunt muscles as she clicked her watch and set it beside me on the cushion of the couch where we could both see the black liquid crystal numbers immediately begin to spin. My head was spinning like the numbers, the urgency of the tension in my body was so extreme and I couldn’t speak, she had captured me so completely.

“You feel so warm,” Jana said as she pushed her hands over up over my abdomen on each side of my raging cock, pushing her breasts between my legs and over my balls. “Such a hard cock,” she said as she inspected it closely, kissing the skin beside her hand.

The moments seemed like hours and her lips and mouth seemed like the most sensual thing I had ever seen when she drew both hands over my length, sending an electric spasm through my entire body. I tried to relax but could only gasp as she gripped me firmly and stroked both hands down my length slowly, eventually swirling her thumbs on my aching balls as she held me erect, my flaring glands swelling just inches from her lips.

“I can feel how much you want me right now,” Jana said softly, her eyes on mine and then on the head of my cock as she held me such that I could feel her hot breath on my cock. “I can feel how much you want me to take your cock in my mouth,” she drew out the moment to excruciation, letting her mouth open as she again gazed over and around my manhood. “Maybe you’d like to cum all over my face, see your sperm on my tongue and on my cheeks, trying to swallow your big load,” she said softly as she began rhythmically stroking my length, each motion making my sensual temperature rise faster and faster. “Do you like me touching you, do you like it slow and dirty, getting you so hard,” she said as she twirled her fingers over the head of my cock, sending shivers through my entire being. “What is your fantasy love, what makes you really get all hot,” she said with a glaring stare of pure animalistic eroticism. “Would you like to fuck me in the ass, maybe, where it is really tight and naughty,” she added as she gripped me firmly, squeezing my erection for effect. “Shoot your sperm deep inside my ass, wouldn’t you,” she added, stroking me faster and sending wave after wave of pleasure through my frame. “I think you can picture cumming for me, a big orgasm you can’t control, can’t you,” she teased further.

“You are making me crazy,” burst out of my mouth, almost a release of tension that was involuntary, as I felt on the edge of shaking with desire.

Jana’s mouth curled up as if to smile, knowing she had probably already won our little wager. Her voice was assured and her posture in complete control of my very soul. Her breath was hot as she moved her mouth closer, her eyes fixed on the head of cock that throbbed for her oral attention. She knew she had taken me to the edge of climax with her words and her hands but I never sensed what her real gift was until the following moments. Jana lowered her mouth around the head of my cock and I could feel myself shake as her wet warmth enveloped my overly sensitive glands. She knew she had me when my body suddenly relaxed as she suckled my length a little further before fluttering her tongue up the underside of my length, gurgling a laugh as she could feel my body react.

“MMMmmmm…………such a nice cock,” she giggled out between cat like licks along the ridges of my glands, her one hand encircling my girth and moving up and down on me, flooding my body with urgent tension. “You like to be in my mouth, don’t you,” she said in a deep sexy drawl before taking me again into her mouth, bobbing up and down methodically, her mouth and hands acting in unison as she sucked me enthusiastically.

Her motions sent me reeling and I could sense the rising excitement within my body………that familiar feeling that I knew meant I was slowly loosing all control. My balls ached and strained and I knew I must already be releasing pre-cum onto Jana’s warm flowing tongue that swirled over my cock with each repeated motion.

“I can tell you like this love, I can taste you already,” she muffled out, increasing the pace of her attention a she looked up at my eyes, “you really need me to suck your big beautiful cock, don’t you,” she said with a coy smile, stroking my glistening member frantically before inserting it back into her mouth, giving me long strokes of both her mouth and hand while teasing my balls with the tips of her fingers. “I wonder what it would be like to have you deep inside me,” she paused briefly, stroking me with both hands as she looked up at my straining expression. “I think you wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer, wouldn’t be able to take it…….if I took you back into my throat, would you,” she groaned out before guiding me back into her mouth, taking me surprisingly deep before choking slightly. “Such a big cock, I want to take all of you,” she gurgled out, strings of her saliva stretched between my cock and her mouth. Jana sucked me frantically for a few moments before pausing slightly at the top of her motion and guiding her self slowly down, taking me deeper, slowly and deeper, and I couldn’t understand how, and then deeper until the silky skin of her throat completely encircled the head of my cock, fluttering trying not to choke as I felt her lips encircle the base of my cock.

“Oh my…..oh my,” I strained out as my body shuttered.

Jana rocked up and down as my length was completely captured, her silky throat quivering around the head of my cock sending bursts of tension that I could feel in the muscles of my legs. A sexy slurpy pop ensued as she withdrew herself, sliding her hands along the saliva drenched length of my rigid bone.

“You like that don’t you,” she said with a smile as she licked her lips as she began to stroke me quicker with both hands. “I know you want to cum, don’t you,” she said as her eyes sparkled with the knowledge that I was near the edge, “you can’t stop it, I know,” she added as her frantic motions made my breathing increase.

I couldn’t have stopped it if I’d wanted to. Each moment, seemed like an exponential increase in tension. I could feel the waves rippling through my body, I couldn’t see anything else in the room but Jana’s flush face as she again lowered her mouth on me again, down, deeper, taking my entire length to the depth of her throat, her choking flutter so extreme against my most sensitive skin and I could feel the crest of my orgasm approaching. Jana could feel it to as she slowly withdrew my length again, my glistening cock like a monster snake recoiling before striking, the tension in my body at the pinnacle of pleasure.

“Cum for me baby…….mmmmMMM, I want to taste it,” Jana said slowly as her hand drew up and down me, feeling the extreme strain in my body as the crest of my release was eminent.

Jana again lowered her warm mouth over the head of my cock, her hands gripping my girth and slowly squeezing me as I shook against the moment I couldn’t control. I felt my hands gripping the cushions of the couch, every muscle in my body taunt and then I saw Jana’s eyes, the spell she had woven was now complete. I felt the flutter of her tongue, her lips encircling their grip and then I couldn’t keep mind focused as the first spasm of my body pulsed and I could feel the arc of my first release to her mouth flooding around her tongue. Jana moaned and closed her eyes and another emission again flooded her welcoming mouth. I could feel her try to swallow when the third over took her capacity and she released my fluids around my shaft and down over her hand, rolling her tongue around me again, her moans urging me on. Her eyes were wild with sensuality as I let out another blast from my depth, which rolled down out of her mouth as its surprising force made her gurgle, her mouth still encircling the upper third of my twitching cock as her tongue danced on the underside of my cock. She withdrew my length from her mouth, tilting her head and sliding her lips down along the side of my length cupping around my girth wanting to see me squirt and from the depths of complete pleasure, a shuttering spasm engulfed my entire being and I released a thick jet of white cum that shot up heavy into the air, a sinuous glob of sex juice that stood almost frozen at the apogee of its travel and fell in a long bead over Jana’s cheek, her temple and into her hair. Sensing the end of my orgasm she released her hands, and my cock fluttered free and straining as the last jet of cum shot out over my stomach and I dripped the remnants of my emissions into a pool on my skin. I could finally breathe as Jana rest her head on her hand watching with a guilty pleasure the twitching of my cock subside, teasing my balls with her other hands as bubblets of my fluids oozed from the tip of my cock down onto my skin like a stalactite.

“So much,” Jana giggled out sensually as the tension in my body uncoiled, when we both heard the beeping sounds of the alarm she had set. “And I guess you are now my slave,” she said, laughing as she drew her hand over the white rope of my sperm that had fallen across her cheek, gliding it to her lips as her eyes met mine with complete approval. “I could just lick it all up,” she teased, moving her head forward and over my twitching member, her eyes locked on mine, her warm breath over my length. She paused for a moment, above the head of my cock, her eyes filled with erotic tension before she raked her tongue through a large puddle of sperm that sat in a depression of abdomen muscles, as string of my mess hanging below her chin as she moved, cat like pulling her body and dangling breasts over my stomach and chest before resting her weight down on me to kiss me with her salty lips, releasing a glob of my spunk to dance between our tongues. Her kiss was animalistic in its intensity and I could feel her sensual hunger growl from deep within her. The surging energy of her motions against my body and the wetness of her skin together seemed to illuminate the moment when she paused, looking down at me with glare of open desire and with a slight tilt of her head and she said, “you’re going to fuck me now.”

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