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The Snow Storm. My wife is Bi Yippee!!!

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Lisa and I had been married for almost 7 years, when an event took place that would change our lives forever. It happened one cold winter night in our hot tub. Snow had been falling for the last 2 or 3 days and we were snowed in. I mean really heavy snow. Trees were falling over power lines, cars were in ditches all around our area and the snow plows were not moving. Luckily our phone was still working and I had serviced our backup generator, stocked up on food and beverages just a few days before the storm hit. We had been sitting watching the weather on the TV (satellite TV) and the reports were not good. The storm was expected to last for several more days.

So what the heck. We were guaranteed not to have any unexpected visitors, all business were closed so we didn?t have to go to work for at least a week and whatever else came up we could take care of over the phone. And hopefully that would stop working too.

Just as we both said ?I hope the damn phone stops working? ring, ring, and ring. We thought about not answering, but decided it might be something important so, Lisa answered it. It turned out to be her friend Amy. She was all alone without power, heat, TV etc. She asked if she could come over hang out for awhile. How will you get here we asked. Can Dan come get me in his 4 wheel drive? Sure Lisa said he will be right there. Huh? It?s snowing so hard you can?t see the driveway, how will I get there? Take the snowmobile Einstein, you know, snow, snowmobile. So off I went. Amy lives about a mile from us so I was there in about 15 minutes and Amy was packed and ready to go. But, damn she had a suitcase full of stuff and there was no way to haul it on the snowmobile. After a short discussion she dug her toothbrush out of the suitcase grabbed 2 bottles of Absolute vodka and off we went. (My kind of gal).

When we got back to our place we found that the phone had finally gone dead, the snow was piling up on the satellite dish so fast we couldn?t keep it cleaned off and gave up. What to do? How about let?s just soak in the hot tub and watch it snow? But I didn?t bring a swim suit Amy said. No problem, says Lisa we don?t allow swim suits anyway because of the detergents used when you wash them. Well now, I had never heard of that, but it was fine with me.

I went out to the yard and filled a big bucket with fresh snow for ?silver bullet? cocktails. Pack the snow real tight in a glass and fill it with the Absolute of your choice. The girls had the citrus and I had regular.

When I got out to the deck the girls were already in the hot tub relaxing and enjoying the hot water and jets. The thing about ice cold ?silver bullets? and a hot tub is that you get a pretty good buzz right away. It wasn?t long before Lisa was really getting relaxed and she had that little smile on her face when the water jets hit just the right spot. I noticed that Amy was shifting around and she and Lisa were discussing just where to sit and which jets could be adjusted to pulse and rotate. Lisa stood up to show Amy how to adjust the jets on her side of the hot tub and Amy stood up to see better. Wow!!! They were almost identical twins in shape and size. Lisa is a 36c and trimmed while Amy was a 34c and completely shaved.

After they had settled back into the tub, Amy was having trouble getting into the perfect position for the jets so Lisa came around in front of her and spread her legs and reached down to adjust the jet nozzle for maximum effect. To my surprise and delight, Lisa sat between Amy?s legs and showed her how to move the jet nozzle just right for maximum effect. It wasn?t long before they had both found the sweet spot and were really getting into it. Amy reached out and pulled Lisa closer and they started kissing, long tongue probing hot kissing. Now, Lisa loves kissing and gets horny by any kind of water activity. Boats, hot tubs, skinny dipping you name it, and the silver bullets were having their effect as well. Without any hesitation Lisa responded and was kissing Amy back with the same passion. After a few minutes of hot kissing, I was to the point of having a real diamond cutter of a hard on just watching my wife and her friend and wondering where this would go. I didn?t have long to wait because Amy moved Lisa up against the side of the hot tub where she was on one of the benches and immediately started licking and sucking Lisa?s nipples while she spread her legs and moved her hand to her clit. Lisa had her eyes closed and was really into the kissing and clit rubbing, she moved up out of the water just enough so Amy could reach her pussy and clit with her tongue. And then it happened. The all time male fantasy was actually taking place right before my eyes. My wife was getting her pussy licked by another woman! And she was obviously enjoying it. Enjoying it so much that she came almost at the first touch of Amy?s tongue on her pussy. As Lisa slowly sank back into the water she continued kissing Amy, sucking her nipples and reached between her legs and rubbed Amy?s clit. I could tell that Amy was close to Cumming by her moans and how her hips were moving. Lisa was really enjoying what she was doing and the next thing I see is my wife moving Amy onto the bench so that she could get her mouth and tongue on Amy?s clit and pussy! Amy spread her legs wide and Lisa moved between them and pulled Amy?s pussy lips apart and started licking her clit and pussy! Damn, I thought if this is a dream please don?t wake me up! Amy had a tremendous orgasm pulling Lisa to her pussy and rocking her hips back and forth until she just melted back into the hot tub.

After the girls calmed down a little, they held each other kissing and smiling and whispering to one another enjoying the afterglow of some really intense orgasms. I could hardly believe what I had just witnessed. Lisa and I had talked about a 3 some with another woman for quite some time but she had always dismissed it with the comment ?only in your dreams buddy? She said that sex was something private, and not to be shared with anyone else. I finally snapped out of it and found my drink and chugged the rest of it, just to jolt myself back to reality. Sure enough, I was in our hot tub, Lisa and Amy were still right there in front of me, holding and caressing each other. It must have really happened.

It was a long storm. Amy spent 4 days with us.

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