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The Reunion

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I met him in the fifth grade and both being outsiders we connected immediately. He was this tall, lanky, blonde blue eyes kid with a crooked grin. I knew right away that he was rotten to the core but I liked him any way. I liked him because he was sweet to me. He tried to hang with me when the other kids wouldn?t. I guess that?s why we stayed friends clear through high school.

We were never really a ?couple? per se. We went steady in elementary school and maybe played ?show and tell?. Nothing ever really came of it but a continued friendship. After high school we lost touch and I hadn?t thought of him in years until I got an email.

I had signed up on one of those classmate reunion sites and I got an email. It was from a guy with the same last name asking if I was the girl that used to live on Grove street. I was puzzled but I asked if this was Stevie even though the first name was different. I got back a response within hours that said ?hi kiddo its your Stevie?. My heart leapt because only he would call me kiddo. Almost 25 years after we graduated and I find him again.

After 6 months of emails we decided a reunion was in order. We planned a get together. He bought me a ticket to fly out and see him. He offered to pay for the hotel room and the meals during my stay. How could I refuse? We had exchanged the obligatory pictures during our emails but I was still nervous. Was I the girl he remembered or just a strange woman now? He said he would be at the airport waiting.

When the plane landed I walked down the aisle way more nervous with each step. I clutched the picture he sent me in my hand peeking to make sure I would notice him. As I rounded the corner I could see him in his uniform with a bouquet of purple roses just like he promised. I screamed ?Stevie? and he waved yelling ?hey kiddo?.

You have to know that we had teased and flirted non-stop during the proceeding months. Each betting the other how long it would take to be overtly sexual. Neither of us had much faith in the other. We both assured the other that we were both too shy in person to make the first move. I was beginning to wonder though if my tendency to be shy would give way to my ?thing? for men in uniform though.

We left the airport and he asked if I wanted to go to the hotel to drop things off or was I fine? I assured him that the plane trip was uneventful so I was fine. I was wondering what he had in mind. He drove us to a little restaurant on the edge of town. He promised that it had good food and a wonderful atmosphere. I noticed as we walked in that it was busy and dimly lit. It was populated with many intimate tables and several remote booths. He escorted me to a remote both in a quieter section of the place. I could not really see anyone around. Its not that the section was empty you just could not see to be bothered by it.

We chatted while the waitress took our orders. He ordered drinks for us as we continued with the small talk. My skin tingled as I felt his hand brush my thigh. He winked and asked me to move closer to him. I slid across the booth until I was sitting next to him. He put my hand in his lap so I could feel how hard he was under his trousers. He pushed up my skirt until he could reach my lips underneath my panties. I was already soaking wet just from his touch. He slid a finger inside my panties and between my swollen lips. He shoved the finger in my wet pussy and began to fuck me with it. I gasped as he pumped it harder. Just as I was ready to cum he pulled it out. He motioned for me to be quiet and he vanished under the table. He pushed my thighs apart and buried his face in my wet pussy. Three flicks of his tongue and I squirted all over his face. He reached up and squeezed my breast underneath my shirt. My face was beet red but I was so excited now.

He got up from the floor wiped his face with a napkin and winked. He looks me in the eye and says ?Okay kiddo, now its your turn.? Not being one to back away from a challenge, I hit the floor. I unzipped his trousers and freed his hard shaft. He was rock hard and stiff by now. I licked him from is balls to his tip. I took him in gently but deeply and listened as he inhaled with each stroke. Finally I took him as deep in my throat as it would go. I heard him inhale and thought he might pass out. I used my tongue to massage his shaft urging his cum out. I wanted him to cum deep in my throat. I knew from talking he had never been treated to this in his experiences. I pulled up and went all the way down one last time and that?s all it took. He shot his load all down the back of my throat.

We were so hot by now that nothing was going to substitute for the heat of full out animal sex. I winked as I told him I needed to go to the ladies room to freshen up. He stood up to allow me to pass and I gave him that ?come hither? stare. He almost ran to catch up with me. As we got to the ladies room I ushered him in and we locked the door. I almost threw him against the wall as I attempted to get his shirt off. I wanted his chest against my bare chest. He grabbed my face and planted a kiss on my swollen lips. We went at each other, articles of clothing flying every where. He lifted me to his waist level and thrust himself inside. I gasped as I felt his hard cock enter me. He backed me into the wall and pounded my pussy there against the wall. After he came he put me on the sink and fucked me again. It felt like we were there for hours but luckily it had only been 20 minutes. We got dressed and I stood lookout as he escaped from the ladies room. He went back to the table first then I followed. We got back just as our dinners were arriving. We ate our dinners, tipped the staff and left. So much for the idea of someone being shy, huh!

Oh and for the record, there was no hotel room I ended up staying with him. He did provide the meals though. We had most of them in his bed all weekend.

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