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The Rest Room

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It was a sweltering day in Sarasota as you entered the hotel and as you spied the lounge you thought, boy a cold drink sounds really good. As you entered you noticed a couple that appeared to be in their 40's, her anyway, he could possibly be older as he had an almost white beard. Sitting down at a table across from them you couldn't help but notice that they both were gazing at you and smiling. As your eyes met theirs you too offered a slight smile in return being courteous. You tried not to stare as you glanced at them but the lady had such a warm smile and her eyes were on you as they talked. It was obvious that she was not thinking of the conversation they were having as her eyes appraised you. Her glance fell to first your breasts and then obviously beneath your table to your legs. Her crossed thighs began to pump slowly and her skirt began to raise exposing much of her thigh to your glance as you wondered if she was thinking of you sexually. Your own skirt was quite short and you realized that her gaze was dwelling upon your own creamy thighs. You were beginning to feel uncomfortable and kept shifting in your seat as she openly admired you. A part of you was intrigued and your eyes began to idly wander over her body as you gazed up from the menu as the waitress appeared. After ordering, you removed some work papers from your bag and as you perused them you couldn't help but notice the way each time her gaze fell beneath your table she would unconciously run her tongue across her lips, wetting them. Realizing that she was obviously thinking sexual thoughts you felt that familiar throbbing sensation begin in your loins and your own crossed thighs began to pump in unison with hers. Your body suddenly felt warm as you quickly downed your drink and motioned for another.

The table they were sitting at was hidden from the bar by a small outcropping of a room divider and you were the only person that had a clear view of them. This toying with each other went on for a while as you consumed a cpl more drinks. You normally don't drink much and soon it was obvious the effect they were having on you. Emboldened by the alcohol, you stared directly into her eyes and the passion you saw there, the desire, caused you to squeeze your thighs tightly, pressuring the yearning throb that was increasing each second your gazes were locked. When she did finally break the eye contact her gaze again lowered to your thighs and her tongue began making small licking motions on her lips and her thighs spread slightly, opening to your gaze. When your gaze fell to her thighs you could see her chest rising and falling quickly and you knew that your gaze excited her. Her thighs wavered as she talked to the man, her eyes glancing in your direction almost continuously. In your own mind you were thinking of how it would feel to place your hand on her thighs, to kiss the soft skin between them. You could feel yourself becoming wet and your own breathing was becoming faster causing you to wet your lips often. When she saw your tongue gliding over your lips as you gazed beneath her table she finally gained the courage to do what you had been wishing to happen and her thighs parted widely revealing her nudeness beneath her skirt. This obvious gesture of presenting herself to you had your mind spinning and you were becoming frustrated and excited by her actions. A part of you wished you had the courage to walk over there and kneel and taste her body right there in front of everyone, but of course you couldn't do that. It was plain to see that this unspoken exchange had her in a very excited state also and soon her hand was in the gentlemans lap rubbing at his cock. You pretended to be studying the papers before you as you watched her actions, watched as she unzipped his fly and pulled him from his trousers and immediately lowered her mouth to engulf him. Both of them watched you as her head bobbed. His eyes became almost demonic as he placed his hand on her head while gazing straight into your own eyes. It was as if the two of you were carrying on an unspoken conversation. You knew that he was thinking of you mouthing his cock as she sucked and licked and he knew as well that you wanted to be between her thighs sucking and licking her as she worked him to a fever pitch. Soon his hips lifted and his hand held her to his cock as he cum in her tightly sucking mouth. This exhibition had left you so aroused, their including you in their sex act even if by proxy had your clit throbbing and your mind and entire being was screaming for release. Putting him back into his clothing and straightening him she smiled enticingly at you as her hand slid between her thighs and she rolled her clit while nodding her head towards the lady's room. It was an open invitation that you couldn't mistake. Your mind was hesitant, but your body cried out for you to join her as she rose and headed towards the restroom without even a glance your way. The throbbing and the alcohol soon had you rising and walking on weak legs towards what you knew would be an exciting encounter. As you entered the restroom you didn't see anyone so you walk towards the first stall and push the door open and she is standing there nude, her clothes hanging on a hook on the back of the door. She says not a word but instead places her lips on yours and kisses you. Her kiss is feverish and imparts all the heat of her need to you. Like a blowtorch you feel the flames ignite within your loins as your body melts against hers. Your tongues enmesh and twirl as you taste each other for long seconds. Breaking the kiss her hands begin removing your clothes as you start to protest. Your mind is filled with fear at being caught but her soft skin beneath your hands soon has your inhibitions thrown away and you remove your clothing and the two of you are naked, your hands roaming over each others bodies as your lips find the others most intimate places. Soon both of your minds and bodies are so inflamed that caution is thrown to the winds and the cramped space of the stall is left for the counter in front of the mirror. She places her ass on the edge of the counter and spreads her thighs as you step between them, your lips finding the skin of her shoulders, your tongue laving each pore as you traverse her breasts, her stomach. The softness of her skin is like an aphrodasiac to you and the aroma of her arousement as your face nears her mound inflames your mind and makes you want to taste her. Again you gaze up into her eyes as your tongue finds her clit and gently laves it. Her soft moans as you lick and suck at her mound drive you to please her. Your tongue gathers her moisture and smears it over her labia, the slickness coating her clit as you roll it swiftly around with your tongue tip. The feel of her hands on your head tells you of her need for you, her desire for you to fulfill her. Her thighs spread widely now as her hips hunch quickly into your face, her hands cupping your head as she pushes her hole into your tongue, hunching hard as you lick around her walls, fucking her with your tongue before again sucking hard on her clit as the first tensing of her muscles begin. The realization that you're making her cum infuriates your tonguing of her, and your finger probes gently within her asshole as her thighs tighten hard against your head and her groans of pleasure echo off the walls as she sporadically hunches and releases, her body unabashedly trembling as each spasm roils her being until finally she opens her thighs and places her hands on your head and holds you as sheplaces her lips on yours and kisses you warmly. She then slides off the counter and places her hands on your hips and motions for you to take her place as she kneels and spreads your thighs. Her mouth gently bites along your thighs, her teeth leaving slight red marks on your skin as she slowly works towards your pounding pussy. She reaches out and inserts one finger into your wet hole, holding it motionless as she licks all around your mound. Her tongue grazes your labia as it gently travels around your groin, over your covering skin where she sucks softly pulling itup and then letting it fall back to touch your clit before sucking hard at the skin above it, her tongue laving your skin as she sucks. She sucks hard all around your pussy but never touches it as your mind cries out for some small measure of release. You need to cum so badly!! Your hips move as if they have a mind of their own, rolling in small circles as you try desperately to capture a touch, a small pressure upon your throbbing clit. Finally your hand moves to touch yourself but she commands "NO!" and grabs your wrists and holds them as her tongue tip slides between your lips and laves each of them softly, gently moving up them towards your clit but stopping just short of it. Her warm breath seems cool to your inflamed body and as it laves over your swollen exposed clit it provokes a loud moaning sound from your lungs as you fill with a yearning, throbbing need to be filled, touched. You hunch into her finger but she holds it still within you, pressing into your wall at the bottom of your opening, teasing you by it's presence but not moving, creating a need within your mind and body for something to spread you, push deeply into your flowing wetness and make you cum. You place your hands on her head and the knowledge that it is a woman between your thighs making you want her, multiplies the effect she is having on your senses. You hear your voice begging her as if it's anothers voice, "Please make me cum!, touch me, god touch me harder!" As if she had been waiting for you to beg her, her tongue finds your clit and gently touches it, causing your whole body to jerk away at the extreme pleasure before pressing quickly back into her touch, lifting your ass upwards to increase her pressure. Her tongue rolls swiftly in small circles around your pulsing clit, teasing it while provoking such pleasurable cravings within you that you have to bite your hand to keep from screaming your delight loudly. Watching this woman that you don't even know her name lick at your clit and feel her fingers inside you rubbing your walls while you stare terrified at the restroom door wondering who will catch you two, soon has your mind numb with the sensuousness of your actions and your hips lift with the first tremors of orgasm. Her tongue seems to elicit, by its teasing strokes, your body to rise into it as your hips turn outwards and your thighs straighten and tense until with a fury like none you've ever felt before it seems your entire essence is flowing to your pussy, taken from you by the wonderful sensations that seem to draw each cell of your body to explode in ecstasy. Each individual cell seems to tighten and flow from your body through the tantalizing instrument of your pleasure. Her fingers press deep within you, rubbing your G-spot as your lungs lock, muscles so tightly clasped that you think you might die from the intensity of your heavenly orgasm but you don't care, you're unwilling to part with each new spasm until it is replaced by a newer more powerful one as you buck and moan, gasping for breath, body shaking furiously, your ass slips from the counter till your feet touch the floor but still she sucks hard on your clit as your knees bend and you hunch into her sucking and the probing of her fingers until you collapse beside her. She is smiling hugely as she again kisses you warmly, intimately before hurriedly rising and enters the stall. She emerges a few seconds later straightening her clothes and smiling at you as you still lean against the wall wondering if this was a dream, albeit a wonderful one, but still a dream that you'll awaken from soon, she says, "we're in room 213 if you'd care to come by later tonight, I'm sure Jack would love to fuck you while I kiss and lick a few wonderful places". With that she left and you arose and dressed thanking the lord that you hadn't been caught. When you emerged they were at the bar paying their bill and as you sat down at your table they walked by and never glanced your way. You wern't sure if you should be insulted at there ignoring you or thankful for their discretion so you chose the latter. What did she say, 213? You tell yourself that you won't go but deep inside you know you will be knocking on that door later tonight after you've called your husband and told him of your boring day and how you wish he were here and how badly you miss him and assure him that you will be turning in so he won't call until tomorrow...............

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