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The New Receptionist

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My company had been looking for a new receptionist for quite some time. In a hot job market, finding someone willing to answer phones and do odd jobs is hard to find. As President of the company, I don?t get involved in tasks such as hiring a receptionist; that what HR is for. So I smiled at the new receptionist as I walked through the lobby knowing HR finally found someone, and someone very attractive.

The new receptionist I later learned was barely 18. She graduated high school the previous June and decided college was not for her. I later learned that she had pretty much partied the summer away. She still lived at home. Now, her parents had now demanded she immediately find work and start paying rent. She was tall, rather slender. She had dark, almost black hair. She dressed quite conservatively. Obviously her mother had told her to ?look professional?.

After a month or so, she was at best doing barely an adequate job as receptionist. One thing a receptionist must be at my company is reliable. And she wasn?t. She was usually late and was out of the office at 4pm sharp! Her computer skills were barely acceptable and the concept of ?spell check? often escaped her. All in all, I wondered why we kept her as an employee.

After she failed to show up for work one Monday, I told HR that we had to end this fiasco. On Tuesday, the HR manager called her in and gave her the bad news. The sound of her crying leaked past the HR Managers door. It was quite a surprise when the HR Manager stuck her head in my office and asked if she could chat for a moment. It seems the young receptionist wished to appeal her termination directly to me. I told the HR Manager to send her in and I?d dispose of them matter promptly.

When she stepped into my office her eyes were red and swollen from crying. As I stared at her, I noticed that even with puffy eyes, she was actually more beautiful that I even recalled. He breasts seemed some how more ample than before. Her legs seemed longer as she sat in her short skirt in front of my desk. It took all my focus to return to the business mode and sternly ask her what she had to say about her performance.

She held back tears and begged for a second chance. I reminded her that we wouldn?t be here if she hadn?t been warned several times before. She promised that she would take this serious if I would only give her one more chance. She told me how her folks would make her life miserable if she came home and reported that she?d been fired.

Then, she said the words I?ll never forget, ?I?d do anything to get one more chance?. OK guys, you always dream of someone saying that, and here it was happening in real life. I weighed the options, constantly reminding myself that this sexy young thing isn?t worth ruining my company and career.

I folded my hands and tried my best to look pensive as I pondered the next move. She fidgeted in the chair, each move causing her skirt to slide further and further up her creamy thighs. I finally spoke, telling her that her poor performance requires some disciplinary action. I asked her what punishment she felt was appropriate, if it wasn?t to be termination?

For the first time she stopped sniffling. She thought for a moment and then stood up and walked to my side of the desk. She said if she?s been a bad girl then maybe she needs to be spanked. Almost before I knew it, she was laying across my lap with her luscious teenage ass positioned for me to paddle. I?m not sure if she could feel it, but my cock sure knew what it wanted to do as it was growing beneath her!

My mind was racing and what to do became even more confusing. I know I should tell her to get up, compose herself and leave the company. But my male urges were telling me to lift her skirt and check out her cute ass. Well, guess which urge won? I felt my left hand moving with a mind of its own as I pulled her skirt up past her beautiful thighs. A tiny thong came into view, tucked neatly between those luscious sweet cheeks. My right hand wanted in on this too! Instantly it was rubbing and massaging her soft cheeks.

Then, my lustful instincts took over. I slapped her ass a couple of times. Hard enough to leave a hand print but not so hard to cause great pain. I traced the outline of her thong before cutting it away with my letter opener. Her moans were making me worry about those outside my office wondering what was going on. I began to massage her breasts with my left hand as my right hand plunged one finger, and then a second finger into her tight pussy. In just minutes of sliding those fingers vigorously in and out, I could feel her pussy tighten and convulse around my fingers. How she kept from screaming as she came is beyond me!

I told her to stand up and sit on my desk. She did precisely as she was told. I told her to remove her shirt and to take her bra off immediately. Again, she did precisely as she was told. Her nipples were stiff little erasers and I couldn?t wait to suck on them. She leaned into me as I licked and sucked on each wonderful breast.

For a man may age, I can?t recall being that stiff where it counted in decades! I sucked on her nipples, then gently pushed her back to a sitting position on my desk. I slide her close to the edge and began to tease and lick her slippery slit. When I stuck my tongue as deep in her as I could, she began shaking and moaning. When I began to flick her clit, she came again; this time longer and harder.

This was about all I could handle. I stood up, dropped my slacks, and placed my rock hard cock at the entrance to her tight little pussy. Getting into her was a challenge. I don?t think I?ve ever fucked a pussy that tight! It took numerous thrusts before I could make much penetration. But soon I was inside as deep as I could go. I?d like to tell you about how long I lasted. But that would be a lie. I was so turned on and so ready to fire, that about 10 or 20 good plunges and I dumped my seed deep inside her.

I think she was still ready for more action, but at 56 years of age, I was finished. I held myself above her, enjoying the view of her perky tits and her beautiful face. I could still slide in and out, thanks to a generous coating of cum. But my weapon was quickly deflating. Soon, I withdrew and sat back down on my chair. She lay on my desk for what seemed like an eternity as we both caught our breath. I stared at her pussy, my cum seeping out forming a puddle on my desk. I simply enjoyed the view. Oh how I wished I had the stamina of an 18 year old and could get hard again right now. Oh how I wish I could again penetrate her and we could sail off into bliss again. But all I could do is watch as she sat up, naked except for a skirt wrinkled around her waist. My, she was even better looking now than I ever recalled.

We reassembled ourselves in silence. I?m not sure who would talk first. Finally, she asked if I would reconsider terminating her and giving her another chance. At that point, who was I not to be benevolent and give the young girl another chance!

For the first time, she had a big smile. As I escorted her to my office door, she thanked me for allowing her to keep her job. She thanked me for the fun time. I assured her the thanks were all mine! Then, as she prepared to leave, she commented that she always hoped that her first fuck would be a memorable one?.and now she can say it truly was!

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