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The Movie

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The Movie

Matthew watched in silence as the huge cock slipped slowly into his wife. Her eyes slowly opened as the erect organ slid deeper into her buttery vagina. A low guttural groan escaped her lips as the thick head nudged its way past her engorged labia and dragged its way along the inner walls of her drenched sex.

The man steadily pressed himself into her, taking his time in filling the woman splayed beneath him. His agonizingly slow penetration was having the desired effect on the body. Glands secreted their lubricating fluids in a sudden rush, easing the way for the huge organ. Lisa reached up and held the man's shoulders, her nails biting into his skin, as his balls made contact with her ass. He was finally buried completely inside her.

The couple held deathly still. Each savored the sensations of the other's sex. The brunette's inner muscles spasmed gently around the thick invader in an attempt to relax themselves. The huge cock pulsed and vibrated inside her in rhythm with his heartbeat. Lisa again closed her eyes and relished the feeling of such complete fullness. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, her hips began to undulate beneath the man.

Lisa had become the talk of the local swing club they frequented. Her love of life and lust for a good hard fucking had become well know among the regular attendees of the parties held there. The fact that her husband approved, and even participated, made things all the better. It was therefore little surprise to anyone that words of her exploits had reached people in the local amateur video business.

Lisa had been hesitant at first. Fucking in front of several people in a room full of nude bodies was one thing, but fucking in front of a camera - for a movie that was to be released to the public - was quite another. Eventually the fantasy of thousands of men watching her on the screen got the better of her, and she agreed to try it.

This first tape would be just a test, just to see if she could relax enough to enjoy herself. The Producer/Director, Frank, was friendly enough, and he assured her that they could stop filming at anytime if she was uncomfortable. His gentle nature and agreeable attitude convinced her that she could trust his word.

Lisa had been given the option of suggesting a few people to "act" with her in her test. She had thought about that for quite a while, finally deciding that since this was to be a new experience, she wanted everything to be new to her. Frank was prepared for this as well, and had provided her with two binders full of photos - including nudes - of "actors" he could secure.

Lisa had enjoyed thumbing through the photos, to say the least, and had selected several candidates for her "coming out." She found one gentleman with the biggest cock she had ever seen. She definitely wanted him, but there were several others that intrigued her as well. Her inability to decide which of the gentlemen would be "the one" had caused Matthew to laughingly suggest that Frank should get all of them. Lisa hesitated only for a split second before telling Frank to get all eight men.

The "studio" was basically an older warehouse in the forgotten side of town. Rents were obviously low here, and there weren't many neighbors to worry about. Inside, the building surprised Matthew & Lisa. Rather than reflecting the shabby exterior, it was surprisingly well lit and very clean. The interior was divided into a dozen or so sets. The sets were in actuality oversized bedrooms, each completely furnished as any home would be, and each in a different style of decor.

Frank met them inside, and gave them a tour of the studio. They chatted amiably as he guided them through the sets, then into the editing/post-production area. After some light snacks in a small meeting room, where they discussed what would occur, they adjourned to the studio proper to begin the day's filming.

The huge organ pressed slightly deeper inside her, then began to slip slowly backward. Lisa gasped as she felt each and every vein in the massive organ slide along her entrance. The huge rubbery head pulsed along her inner walls as the rock hard cock retreated. Her hips arched toward the man in an attempt to keep him seated fully inside her. The agonizingly slow backstroke drew her lubricating moisture along with it. The brunette looked down to see nearly half of the penis outside of her body, shining with her fluids.

She moaned as the man stopped his retreat. The swollen head of his cock remained inside her. She looked up into the eyes of the man, her own eyes glazed over with lust. The brunette bit her lower lip in concentration as he began to firmly press into her once more. Her hips rose to meet his as he buried himself inside her aching vagina to the hilt once more. He repeated the slow, smooth backstroke until, once more, only the crown of his penis remained inside her.

Looking deeply into his eyes, she throatily whispered, "Quit teasing me and fuck me good."

The man looked down at the woman and smiled. His hips suddenly drove forward into her, drawing a groan from the woman. He thrust repeatedly into her soaked pussy, causing her to wail out loud as his massive organ pummeled her sex.

Filming began with a short interview. Lisa sat on the bed of a set she had fancied and answered Frank's rather general questions. Frank manned the camera himself, which made it a bit easier for Lisa to relax. She was introduced to the men she would be "working" with, then was asked if she was ready to begin.

Lisa blushed slightly as she began to remove her clothes. She realized the silliness of her embarrassment only after she was fully nude, and striking a few poses for Frank's camera. To be honest, she was beginning to enjoy prancing around the set nude in front of the assembled crowd. She could see her body was beginning to have an effect on some of the still as yet clothed men.

Lisa took no small amount of satisfaction in the fact that just her presence was exciting them. Her excitement rose as the group of men approached her.

Arms suddenly encircled the brunette as the group gathered around her. Lisa threw any hesitation out of her mind as a set of lips closed around her left nipple. He tugged gently at the erect bud as a hand slipped down her tummy to cup her pubic mound. She reveled in the feel of a blue jean clad erection pressing between her firm ass cheeks. A mouth soon explored the base of her neck as another trapped her other nipple between its lips.

A quiet moan escaped her as the organ behind her was removed, only to return, this time no longer encased in the pants that trapped it. She loved the feeling of the warm member sliding between her cheeks as the man pulled her against him. The cool, rough metal of his zipper rubbing against her skin sent a chill up her spine. A finger darted between her labia as the hand explored her mound. The tip flashed past her dampening entrance as it continued to manipulate her sex. Her taut nipples ached as the men suckled at her bosom. She felt hands and tongues explore every inch of her body as the crowd of men guided her to the bed.

Sensing what was about to happen, she decided to slow things a bit. Reaching behind her she grasped the erect cock and stroked it. Slowly, she turned and crouched to take a closer look. Hands and mouths hesitantly released her as she maneuvered herself to her knees before the actor. His fly was open, and his rather substantial penis bobbed freely before her. Leaning forward, she slid her tongue along the underside of the shaft. Grasping the shaft with one hand, she lapped at the rubbery tip, tasting the pre cum that began to leak from it.

Forming her lips into an oval, she placed the crown between them. As her hot mouth began to slide down the erect organ, she reached around with both hands to grasp his cloth-covered hips. She pulled him toward her, swallowing as the erection slid deeper into her hungry mouth.

Lisa started a bit when a hand began to caress the smooth globe of her ass cheek. So focused on the organ sliding into her throat was she, that she had momentarily forgotten the other men. She moaned as a finger parted her exposed labia and darted inside her. Other hands soon followed the first in gently caressing the brunette who kneeled before them. The fingertip danced at the very entrance of her moistening pussy as a tongue slid along her thigh. The hot breath sent a shiver through her as it approached her steamy sex from behind.

The organ in her mouth touched the back of her throat, briefly, then was withdrawn to more comfortable depth. Her tongue swirled at the bottom of the shaft as the man slipped his erection back and forth between her lips. She held her grasp of his pants-covered hips, more to keep her balance that to guide him. The musky smell of him filled her head as she lapped at the fluid that leaked from his rock hard cock.

The fingertip withdrew from her entrance, much to her disappointment, only to be quickly replaced by a warm, wet tongue. The very tip teased at her opening, only to slide upward in search of her throbbing clitoris. She groaned around the erection between her lips, sending a vibration through the shaft. Drops of pre cum drooled from the very tip as the man's excitement increased. Suddenly, he pulled his organ free from her hungry mouth. Lisa gasped as she released his hips, holding herself up on her forearms. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the assembled crowd of men collectively stroking their hard ons. One look at a rather huge specimen caused her to shudder.

The photos of the man's cock hadn't done it justice. The swollen shaft was at least 10 inches long. While that was impressive enough, it didn't stop there. The penis had to have been at least six inches around, probably closer to seven. Lisa stared at the huge cock as the tongue rapidly slithered in and out of her. Shivers ran through her as she thought of the massive erection sliding inside her.

The man silently walked over to the bed and sat on its edge. Smiling at the pretty brunette, he beckoned her toward him. Lisa looked at his smiling face, and grinned herself. Reaching behind her, she gently disengaged the mouth from her now soaked pussy. The man behind her smiled as he rose to his knees, his face awash with her juices. Still on her hands and knees, Lisa crawled over to the bed.

Lisa stared at the thick organ that bobbed before her. Slowly, she reached out to touch it. The shaft was rigid, yet velvety smooth. She watched in wonder as she tried to grasp it in her hand. Try as she might, she couldn't get her fist around it. The wide head seemed to expand as she inspected the organ. She knelt closer as she slowly stroked the shaft. She felt it pulsate as she hesitantly brushed her tongue along the underside. The man's hips lifted as he slid his pants and underwear down to mid-knee. Lisa helped him to remove his clothes, giggling as she watched the erection bounce before her. Lisa suddenly swooped downward, trapping the purple head between her lips as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. Her tongue swirled over the crown as the man relaxed to enjoy the brunette's ministrations.

Her sudden movement seemed to spur the rest of the crowd into action. The man who had been enjoying Lisa's oral talents earlier knelt behind her and began caressing her upturned ass. Running his fingers into the cleft between her cheeks, the explored her soaking wet sex. Lisa groaned as hands cupped her breasts and tongues once again explored her body. The cock head between her lips surrendered its lubrication to the firm stroking her hand was giving the thick shaft. A finger gently entered her, then quickly retreated. Lisa inhaled sharply through flaring nostrils as she felt the man behind her shift his position and slip the tip of his cock between her labia.

The man slowly entered the brunette. His rigid cock slid silently into the woman to the hilt. Lisa groaned around the fat organ in her mouth as the man pulled her hips back to meet his. The tip of the cock inside her pulsed as it contacted her cervix. The man held his position for a few seconds, savoring her warm tightness, before beginning gentle thrusts. Lisa groaned and closed her eyes as the sensations filled her. The man behind her began a firm tempo, thrusting into her as deeply as possible.

Her breasts swayed beneath her as the man began to pound himself into her. Although no where near the size of the huge cock in her mouth, it was substantial enough to fill her hungry pussy. This it did repeatedly as several other men caressed her. A pair of hands trapped one breast, and then a mouth engulfed the taut nipple, the tongue swirling around the tip. The sensation spurred the brunette on as she began to suck on the fat cock even harder. She slammed her hips back into the man behind her, sending shivers through her as his balls contacted her clitoris.

Lisa stroked the cock before her steadily. Her breath came in short gasps as the first three inches of the massive organ delved between her lips. His pre cum leaked from the tip in a steady stream, the musky flavor adding to the sensations coursing through her. The man behind her slowed his pace, then suddenly stopped and withdrew. Lisa's disappointment was short lived, however, as it was quickly replaced with another of at least equal size.

This man held nothing back. He held the woman's hips in his hands and rammed into her steadily. She wailed around the twitching cock in her mouth as a hand reached below her to strum at her clitoris. The big man held both sides of her head to guide her tongue to his most sensitive spots. Lisa followed the guidance eagerly. She then felt the huge shaft begin to tremble in her hands. The man shuddered as she redoubled her efforts, eager to have him fill her mouth with his cream. His lower body seemed to freeze and tremble at the same time as he strained to hold back. His efforts were in vain, however. With a mighty thrust upward into the brunette's mouth, he exploded.

The first gush surprised Lisa. The cock ramming her from behind pushed her forward onto the huge organ in her mouth. The sudden upward thrust of the hips in front of her made her pull back so that just the very tip remained between her lips. Lisa's eyes flew open as her mouth was suddenly filled with salty cream. She marveled at the rigidity of the organ even as she swallowed, struggling to keep up with the flood. The cock continued to spew as she stroked the shaft faster, milking the seed from the huge member. As the flood of cum poured forth, trails of it escaped her lips and drooled down the shaft, lubricating her stroking hand.

The man in front of Lisa groaned as he unloaded himself into the brunette. He watched the man behind her plunge himself into her pussy repeatedly. As his orgasm began to subside, he felt her tongue return to the underside of his cock, coaxing the last vestiges of his load from him. He collapsed backward over the bed as the woman before him slowed her pace. She swallowed greedily at his shrinking organ, milking the last of his seed into her sucking mouth.

The man behind her slowed his frantic pace as his partner collapsed. Although he had stamina, he couldn't keep such a frenetic pace for long. As Lisa finally released the now flaccid, yet still large, penis from between her lips, the man withdrew his still rock hard cock from the woman and stood up.

Lisa felt arms encircle her once again as the group lifted her to her feet. Nudging the exhausted man out of the way, they lay her on her back in the center of the bed. The now spent man took his leave, and slowly made his way off camera to rest. He sat on a stool next to Matthew just as another of the group climbed between Lisa's legs and entered her. Lisa moaned as the man entered her soaked pussy.

With a bit of surprise, the other men noticed the man fucking her was the only one who had undressed. This fact spurred them to remove their clothing as well.

Frank moved in for a close up as the man atop Lisa drove his cock steadily into her. The firm erection plunged into the writhing woman repeatedly. She reveled in the sensation of the rigid organ filling her wanton sex. The penis had a slight curve to the left. The rubbery head stretched her inner walls as it bounced along inside her. Biting her lower lip in concentration, she reached up and clutched at his thrusting buttocks. His muscles rippled as he steadily stroked in and out of her.

The bed shook slightly as another of the group climbed aboard. The brunette opened one eye to see another erection bouncing before her in rhythm with the delicious fucking she was receiving. She opened her mouth to hungrily accept the stranger's offering. The man did not hesitate. The firm organ filled her mouth as the other filled her aching vagina. The men adjusted their individual tempos to match the other. Lisa groaned as the two erect organs alternately filled her hungry mouth and soaked pussy.

Two other men knelt over her, stroking their cocks as their colleagues continued to plunge themselves into the woman. The stranger between her outstretched legs strained to hold back his orgasm. Lisa groaned around the organ in her mouth as she felt the shaft begin to swell. She suddenly released the cock between her lips to urge on the man inside her.

"Give it to me," she hissed. "Fill my pussy."

The man looked deeply into her eyes and groaned as he erupted inside her. The brunette's hips undulated beneath the man as his erection spasmed inside her. Her inner muscles gripped the firm shaft as it danced inside her, unleashing its load of hot semen. Each spurt felt fire hot as it coated her inner walls. She closed her eyes momentarily, relishing the sudden flood of warmth deep inside her body.

With a load groan, the man suddenly withdrew himself from her soaked vagina and rolled to her side. His sudden withdrawal left Lisa feeling hollow inside. The feeling was short lived, however, as another man took his place and plunged himself into her with one firm stroke.

The now spent man got up from the bed and watched from the sidelines as the rest of the "actors" crowded around the woman. She soon had an erect member in each hand as two others filled her orifices. The rest knelt over her, stroking themselves, each man waiting his turn to fuck the hot brunette.

Lisa suddenly felt the organ in her mouth withdraw as the man plunging himself into her laid down on top of her. Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled the two of them over so that she lay atop him. His firm cock stayed embedded inside her hungry vagina as she felt movement behind her. She shuddered as she felt a finger slip its way through the fluids leaking out of her, and slide upward to coat the tight rim of her anus.

She held her breath when she felt the pliant head of a slender erection nudge its way between her buttocks and come to rest against her tightest entrance. A penis brushed her lips as the cock behind her began to enter her ass. As she opened her mouth to groan, the organ slid between her lips. The man cradled her head in his hands as the rubbery knob slid over her tongue. The man behind her bore down on her ass, slowly and steadily filling her tight passage until his pubic hair met her velvety cheeks. She wailed around the cock in her mouth as all of her orifices were suddenly filled at the same time.

Three pairs of hands held her body still to allow her to become accustomed to the sudden intrusion. When Lisa had finally caught her breath, the man beneath her began to undulate his hips. His rigid member slowly slipped back and forth inside her, rubbing along the other erection through the thin tissues that separated them. The woman hissed as the man behind her began to slowly move his hips back and forth. The tight muscles gripped the length of his shaft as it began to delve in and out of her.

Lisa's fevered mind was ablaze with sensations. The stone hard cock in her rear passage was by far the largest she'd ever taken there. While it was slender, its length touched places that never before been touched. She sucked hungrily at the cock between her lips as the two organs inside her began to alternately move back and forth inside her.

Numerous hands played over her tortured body as her body began to rise and fall, supported by the organs filling her. The man beneath her wrestled a nipple free of a cupping hand with his lips. As he took the rigid nipple in his mouth, the man behind her suddenly increased his tempo.

The brunette dropped the organ in her mouth and wailed in ecstasy as the hard cock pummeled her. The man before her plunged himself back between her lips and smiled down at her. Her face was a mask of concentration as the men used her body for their own pleasure. The man below her held her hips still as the cock in her rear passage plunged rapidly into her. Lisa felt things she'd never felt before in places she'd never felt them. The thick head of the penis in her mouth touched the back of her throat as the cock slamming its way in and out of her ass stiffened even more. A sudden rush of sensation filled her. She suddenly exploded in orgasm.

Convulsions ripped through her as the organ filling her ass erupted. The brunette felt the shaft pulsate as it spewed forth its hot, creamy offering. Lightning flashed through her mind as the deep orgasm crashed through her. Her inner muscles spasmed around both organs filling her as she breathed through flaring nostrils. Her tongue froze under the tip of the cock in her mouth as it began to lurch, telling her that the man was also going to cum.

Frank focused in on her lower body as the groaning man filled Lisa's quivering ass with his load. Trickles of cum leaked out of her anus and drooled onto the shaft of the organ still buried in her spasming pussy. The man before her tensed up and unloaded himself into her hungrily sucking mouth. Lisa screamed to herself as she felt her body being filled with scalding hot semen from both ends simultaneously.

The man behind her slowed his pace to a stop and rested, his still hard cock buried deep in her now flooded orifice. He watched as she gulped greedily at the still exploding organ in her hungry mouth. With a final slow plunge into her, he withdrew from her and moved off of the bed.

Lisa was oblivious to the others as she felt the man leave her. Never before had she focused so heavily on the sensations created in her rear passage before. As her orgasm subsided, she felt movement behind her. Another rock hard cock slowly slid its way into her ass as the man before her withdrew his now flaccid member from her mouth. She knew the group had just begun to use her body.

The next two hours were a blur of sexual activity. Lisa amazed herself as well as her husband with her stamina, not to mention the number of orgasms she'd had. The man beneath her held her tightly to his chest as the group around her took turns fucking her mouth and ass. She'd cum twice as the group decided to trade the use of her ass back and forth between the remaining men. Back and forth they went, each entering her and fucking her wildly, stopping just shy of their own orgasms, only to stop and let the next man in line take over the delicious torture. The man beneath her showed surprising stamina as well. Lisa was certain that he was close to cumming at least twice. It was only after the last man had filled her ass with his load that the man had rolled Lisa over onto her back and fucked her furiously until he came deep inside her pussy himself.

The men withdrew to rest, leaving Lisa gasping in the center of the bed. The now rested man with the huge erection then walked to the bed and looked at the semiconscious brunette. Semen drooled from her lower orifices, pooling on the bedcovers beneath her. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed deeply, relishing the afterglow of the thorough fucking she had received. He smiled to himself as he joined her on the bed. The woman barely moved as he positioned himself between her legs. As the very tip of his massive cock touched her wide spread labia, he thought to himself it was almost a shame to disturb her...

Lisa had never felt so filled in her life. The man's huge organ blasted its way in and out of her abused vagina repeatedly. His rapid thrusts drove the very air from her lungs. She screamed out in ecstasy as the rigid organ pummeled her inner walls, drenching her inner thighs as the thick organ forced the accumulated liquids from her abused pussy. Her labia gripped the velvety shaft as it slid between them. Her eyes flew open once more as his pubic hair met hers. The base of his rock hard member expanded suddenly and the rubbery head plunged past her cervix as he buried himself to the hilt and erupted. The brunette inhaled sharply and came.

No other orgasm had ever devastated her like this one did. Lisa lost complete control of her body as the massive cock belched its thick load deeper inside her than anyone had ever been. Her muscles convulsed around the huge invader as her breathing stopped. She bore down hard on her inner muscles, clamping around his cock and trapping him deep inside her. Her chest turned deep crimson as she strained against him, wanting to pull him deeper inside her. His cock danced around inside her climaxing pussy, spewing its hot load. The woman felt every pulsation of his spasming organ as the semen coated her insides. Cum poured out of her as he suddenly collapsed on top of her. Her limbs trembled as she felt the last of her climax wash through her.

Suddenly there was stone silence around her. She managed to open one eye just enough to see Frank zooming in on her flooded crotch. Her head lolled as she closed her eye and reveled in the feeling of the warm stranger gasping for breath above her. His cock twitched inside her as the last of his load dribbled out of him. Her inner muscles relaxed around him, allowing his seed to drool out of her tortured sex. She focused her attention on his heartbeat as she drifted off to sleep...

"Ok, I'm ready." Lisa said as she climbed into bed with Matthew.

Matthew pushed the arrow-shaped button on the remote control, starting the tape. His wife settled in beside him as her image filled the T V screen.

"Oh, a new tape," she remarked.

"Yeah," he replied as he slid a hand over her flat tummy. "I know a lady in the business."

Lisa smiled as she felt her husband's hand toy with her pubic hair. "He sure was huge," she commented as the man with the massive organ appeared on the screen.

Her labia spread easily under her husband's touch. Her sex was already slick with lubrication. Her hips undulated as his finger slipped inside her.

"Just wait until you see it in action," he replied.

"Oh have you seen this one already?" She teased.

Her hips swayed a little. His finger was feeling very good inside her.

"In a manner of speaking," he smiled.

"Me too." Lisa groaned as his thumb found her clitoris...

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