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The Chronicles of Being Randy Couple anal first time

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This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innosluts. My name is Randy and I'm 32 yrs old. I have a lovely wife Brittany who is 24 and a daughter who is 15 months. This particular week I had been out of town on a business trip and due to the meeting ending earlier than expected Friday afternoon I decided to take a late night flight cross-country rather than the first flight Sat AM. I thought to myself what a surprise it would be to show up a day early. How little I knew how big a surprise it would turn out to be. I finally home arrived at about 11 PM. Coming through the kitchen entrance I went up stairs to see the baby. She was sound asleep and as I came down the stairs I noticed the TV in the living room was left on. I went over and turn it off. That's when I thought I heard an unmistakable grunting. I stood quietly in the dark straining to hear. There it was another grunt, no a moan, which soon turned it to a wail. I couldn't believe my ears but that was Brittany's voice and those sound couldn't be misinterpreted. She was having sex. Then I heard some more male grunts. Someone was fucking my wife and it wasn't me. I approached our bedroom door filled with apprehension.

The door was partial closed and I made sure that I didn't make a sound as I peered past it. The first thing I saw was that the flat screen on the other side of the room was on and showing some of our personal home videos. We had shot a video with a couple we met on vacation in Jamaica while soft swinging early in our marriage. The women would fuck each other until the hubbies couldn't stand watching any more and the we would jump in and fuck our respective wife. Also there was also several bedroom sessions that my wife and I had taped. I thought Brittany you sweet little perv. She was on the bed with one hand under her shirt feeling up her breast and the other between her thighs playing with her pussy. Her shorts and white panties were pulled down around her ankles. WAIT a minute, my wife doesn't wear panties. She told me once that not wearing panties made her feel so sexy. My eyes tried to focus in on this blonde in the middle of our bed. Brittany is blonde also but this wasn't Brittany. It was GAIL the babysitter. Gail was a high school senior who lived in our neighborhood. She was a cheerleader and received a car on her 18th birthday about two months ago. I know this because we used her occasionally for babysitting. It seems she had found our personal videos and was getting off watching them. In the current scene it showed my wife cumming just after I had pulled my 8 inch cock out of her. I wanted to get a clip of her spraying her cum all over the bed. You see my Brittany's a gusher. She can literally squirt the length of the bed and multiple times. She was very popular in Hedo on our vacation. As soon as she finished gushing, Gail rewound the tape back to watch it again. Apparently she was turned on watching my wife cum. My 8 inch cock started to bulge against my pants. This was one hot looking tart. I decided I would like to see this up close and personal. I adjusted my big boy and opened the door.

"Honey, I'm / Whoa What the hell is going on?" I feinted. Gail nearly leaped straight up in the air. "What are are you doing home," she stammered. "Are you watching our personal home movies?" I stated in a stern voice. Gail's jaw was hanging down and her wide open eyes were darting around the room in a state of panic. She was frozen and dumbfounded sitting in the middle of the bed. She still had her hand on her breast and the other one was still embedded in her pussy. As I glanced down at her pelvic regions she also looked down there and although she didn't remove her hand she quickly withdrew her middle finger from inside her cunt. The video was still playing and just then my wife screeched "I'm cumming" and began to hose down the bed once more. The whole scene was almost comical but I'm sure that's not the way Gail saw it.

Gail blurted out, "I'm sorry." As I turned off the video."You're sorry," I exclaimed. "Where's Brittany?" She then proceeded to tell me how Brittany was at a bachelorette party and wouldn't be home until after 2:00. That's right, I forgot, she told me about the party earlier in the week. Gail went on to say that she had come into our room looking for some movies to past the time and stumbled on this tape marked personal and that curiosity had gotten the better of her. I told her this was a serious breech of our privacy. She asked me if I could just forgive her and forget all about it. "What would your parents say about this." I replied. "Noo, please don't tell my parents. I'll do anything you want. Just don't tell them." she pleaded. My eyes took in all her half-naked body sitting on the bed. "Anything?" I asked. She looked down at her self and then back into my eyes and said firmly, "Yes, anything." We both knew what anything meant.

I set down on the edge of the bed and asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said not at this current time. I switched the video back on and asked her if she thought my wife was sexy. "She is so hot, Uh I mean beautiful." she replied. "Does watching her turn you on." I asked. She nodded yes. "Well, continue with what you were doing." I said as I pulled her shorts off from around her ankles. "What do you mean?" she quipped. "I want you to continue what you were doing before I came in. I want to watch you." I said. I lifted her top off supposedly to make her more comfortable. As I took her shirt off she had to remove her hand from covering her pussy. Finally she was completely naked and my cock started throbbing. This girl was a knockout. She must have been about 5 ft 2 in tall.Her breast were firm, definitely a over flowing hand full but not yet affected by the laws of gravity. They stuck straight out and had small pink aureoles and perky nipples. She at a tight tummy and her mons was covered with sparse pubes. They weren't kinky at all but almost feathery like. And she was definitely a blonde. Her little pearl like clit stood out at the top of her wet glistening slit. I could not see her inner vaginal lips as they were tucked under her outer folds. One of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. I took her hand and placed it between her thighs. She started playing with herself again. I told her to keep watching the video. My wife was in the throes of orgasm as she spray a gush out to at least 3 ft. "How does she cum and pee at the same time." Gail asked. I chuckle and said, "She's not peeing, she gushing." I proceeded to explain about some women being able to gush. I told her how I could enlighten her about sexual things if she would let me be her sex teacher. Her pace increased as she stroked her clit. She eagerly agreed.

I asked her if she had ever had intercourse. She told me she was still a virgin. She had masturbated herself to orgasm but none of her boyfriends has ever made her climax. It seemed her sexual experience was limited to sucking teenage boys off. I thought that probably never lasted more than a minute before those horny little fuckers were pouring their seed all over and down the throat of this virgin princess. The only things she ever had in her cunt were her fingers and a hairbrush that she used occasionally. I was happy to hear about the hairbrush which meant I wouldn't have to worry about her hymen and she might be able to accommodate my 8 inch cock a little easier. I grabbed some oil that I brought back from Jamaica and applied some to her clit. It was a lotion that increased blood flow to her clitoris and caused a hot and tingling sensation. I told her to let it stay there for a bit. "OH, it's starting to feel warming." she said after awhile. "Now start rubbing your clit slowly." I urged. As she gently rub her pearl she reached up with her other hand and started touching her nipples. "Allow me." I said. I took her nipples between my fingers and gently twirl them around. Her little pearl started growing as her nipples harden. I put my mouth on her nearest breast and started licking those little eraser tips. As I sucked on them they puckered right up. "Hmmm, this feels so good." she cooed. Her hand started speeding up. Her breathing quicken and she was well on her way. I reached down and pulled her hand away. She looked at me quizzically and said, "Why did you stop me? It was feeling so good." "If you think that felt good, wait until you get a load of this." I responded. I moved down between her legs and noticed she squeezed them together ever so slightly. I started lighting kissing her thighs close to her pussy. This seemed to relax her a bit. Her inner lips were slightly engorged and I put my tongue between them and her outer ones and licked up and down both sides. Her legs started to spread wider giving me more access. I looked up and saw that her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. I then put tip of my tongue at the bottom of her slit and licked the entire length of her cunt. "Ahhhh." she moaned. Her scent filled my nostrils and her nectar was heavenly. Pussy never tasted so sweet. I started swirling my tongue around her clitoris and sucking harder and harder as that little button grew larger and larger. "Ohh, ohh, please don't stop this time." she pleaded. "Will you do Anything I want?" I asked. "Yes, ANYTHING just don't stop eating my pussy!" she cried. She reached down and grabbed my hair with both hands and forced my mouth into her cunt. She started raising her ass off of the bed and pounding my face. This hot little nymph was fucking me. "Yes, yes, yesss!" she screamed as she experienced her first assisted orgasm. She released my hair and I stood up to see a naked goddess spread legged, exhausted but satisfied laying in front of me. Her nether regions were wet and sopping. It was time. I started to take my pants off and she said, "Can we do that again, it was incred--" She stopped mid sentence and even jumped back as my 8 inch cock came out of the dark. "It's, it's so big." she stammered. "Didn't you notice that when you saw me on the video." I asked. "Yes but it looks so much bigger up close."she replied. I told her that I wasn't doing this for my pleasure but I was just teaching her. I don't know if she believed that one. I inquired if she was on any birth control and dammit she wasn't. I talked to her about condoms, withdrawing and such and she said she would get on the pill. I told her I had more self-control than her former teenage boyfriends and a rubber wouldn't be necessary.As I climbed on top of her, her eyes got wide as saucers and she asked me, "Will it fit?" I told her as wet as her pussy was it would provide all the lubrication we would need. I let her hold my cock at the base of the shaft and instructed her to rub the head up and down her slit until she was ready to put it in. She rubbed up and down her slit for what seemed like an eternity not knowing if she wanted to put my thick cock in her tight virgin pussy. "I won't hurt you and I will be gentle. Trust me." I assured her. She finally pulled me inside her. "Ugghh." she cried out. Damn she was tight. I got about 3 inches into her. "We'll just let your pussy have some time to adjust." I reassured her. As wet as she was I was thinking I still might have to use some lube. "Are you ready now." I asked. She nodded yes. I started pumping her very slowly and at first she grimaced every time I pushed forward. After awhile her tight cunt started to loosen up. I started stroking in and then all the way back out, then in and completely back out. Big mistake, she started grimacing again and I asked her if she was feeling uncomfortable. She told me,"Yes, I feel so full and..." Suddenly she ripped off a loud fart. She adjust herself and let a smaller one loose. She exclaimed embarrassingly, "My pussy farted." I laughed and told her that it was pussy flatulence and it was cause by air getting trapped in her vagina. It was my fault for pulling all the way out. I reinserted my cock and sunk it in a little deeper and started a nice even rhythm. After a bit she started quietly moaning, "Your big dick feels so good inside of me." I increase the depth and speed of my strokes, "Now while I have enough self-control when I cum, your typical teenage male is apt to get off pretty quickly so you need to be aware of the situation." I explained. "Yess, just don't stop making love to me." she responded. I was amused at how she wouldn't say just keep fucking me. Soon she was moaning louder and louder and taking nearly all of my 8 inches in her incredibly tight cunt. Yeah I was in control all right. I was doing everything I could not to get my nutt off, hopefully she was almost there.She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her, As she climaxed she was whimpering and kissing and licking my face and neck. "Yesss!" she screamed. I slammed all 8 inches of my cock into her as she shoved her tongue down my throat. It felt like her tight cunt was gripping my thick cock even harder. Her moans got quieter and quieter and she finally fell back on the bed. Gail was in a state of bliss and we lay together for awhile.

"Not bad for your first time." I told her. "That was wonderful." she replied. As I pulled my cock out of her I swear I thought I heard a sucking sound coming from her cunt. Whether I did or not there would soon be more sucking noises. "Now I suppose you know how to give head?" I asked."Yes all my boyfriends told me I was very good at it." she quipped. I dropped a pillow on the hard wood floor and she jumped down on her knees almost immediately. She engulfed my cock faster than white on rice. She was doing such a good job I felt no instructions was needed at this time. "How does my cock taste?" I asked. "Ihht assth wettth." she muffled. " Don't talk with your mouth full, I couldn't understand a word you said." I chuckled. "It was sweet." she said. I proclaimed,"I guess you like the taste of a woman's cum covering my dick." She nodded yes. I told her to looked up at me as she serviced my rod. I looked down to see this teenaged cocksucking goddess gazing up at me taking 6 inches of my thick cock into her sweet innocent mouth. My lions were starting to heat up and I didn't want to cum just yet. As I pulled my cock out of her mouth she asked, "Why did you do that? Wasn't I sucking you good enough?" "Yes, you were doing great but we have one more hole and one more lesson to learn." I grinned. After a bit she finally realized to what I was referring to. Her eyes darted around the room again presumably looking for a way out. She dove back down on my cock again stroking the base of my shaft and sucking for all that she was worth. I reached down and pulled her off my cock and started deep kissing her mouth. She started to melt in my arms. I then looked her straight in the eye and said,"It's time for your tightest hole." "Nooo," she exclaimed as I bent her over the edge of the bed. "Please don't put it in back there." I dropped down and started licking her cunt. She started to relax a bit and then I licked her microscopic brown button. She actually squealed when tongue met ass. After rimming her out for a while a tried to stick my tongue into her ass. Another loud squeal but no penetration. Damn her asshole was tight. I got some lube from the night stand and poured some down the crack of her ass. I reassured her that I would be extremely gentle and that it wouldn't hurt {MUCH}. I finally pressed my pinky finger past her tight little sphincter. "Aarrgggh." she screamed. I had to get her to relax or I'd never get my big boy in there. "Just relax, you promised you would do anything I wanted." I said. "I didn't know anything meant putting your dick in my ass." she exclaimed. "It will hurt me, it's just too big." I stood up and positioned my cock right behind her. She begged, "Please, no!" I slammed it all the way to the hilt. "Aarrggghh--aaahhh." she cried. I had only slammed it in her cunt and all her tension pour out as I stroked it in her well juiced pussy. "Now you just enjoy this for awhile as I lubricated your ass some more." I assured her. She laid her head down on the bed and sighed. I continued to pour lube on her ass and work it in her butt. Soon I had my thumb stroking in and out off her butthole in rhythm with my cock. I told her, "If some teenage boy is pounding your cunt like this. It's going to be difficult for him to pull out before he cums. You need to stay in control." "Oh, but Mr. Smith it feels so good in my pussy." she cooed. Her ass was getting well oiled and I told her, "Yes but you don't want to get pregnant so you have to give him other options." "What options?" she asked. It was hard to concentrate with her tight cunt impaled on my thick cock. I told her, "Like begging him to pull out of your pussy and drop his load in your mouth or ass." "You mean like Oh baby I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth." she purred. I thought this hot little fucking bitch really learns quickly. "That's very good but now I want you to spread your ass and beg me to fuck you there." I groaned. "But your dick is too big and its going to hurt." she complained. I reminded her of our deal and told her to do it now. "Mr. Smith will you please make love to my butt." she feinted. "It's Randy or baby, and it's FUCK my ASS. And say it like you mean it." I commanded. Gail reached back and spread her ass cheeks and shouted, " Oh baby, take your huge cock out of my cunt and stick it in my tight virgin ass.I want you to pour your big hot load in my sweet backside you dirty mother fucker!" I ripped my mansnake from her cunt and pressed it again her small brown hole. "Uuuggghhh!" she screamed. The head of my cock disappeared inside her tight O ring. "SShhh,shhh, That was the hard part now I'm be slow and gentle." I reassured her. I pour some more lube on her crack and feed her another inch. Her butt was incredibly tight. "We're half way there." I lied. "Oh good, I feel so stuffed." she groaned. I kept pressing forward. "Please I can't take anymore." she pleaded. I told her to remove her hands from her ass and to start frigging her cunt to take her mind off of her asshole being assaulted by my thick 8 inch pole. I reached down and spread her ass wide and start sliding my rod in and out. I felt her fingers brush against my cock as she finger fucked herself. Then the hot little bitch started moaning, here she was having her ass stretched to the limit and she was headed to the Big O by frigging herself. This nympho was going to make a lot of cocks very happy. The sight of her sphincter wrapped around my shaft clinging to it on every outward stroke cause me to speed up my pounding. "Oh baby, I'm taking it all aren't I and I getting close to cumming again. Fuck my ass hard and don't stop until you fill my ass with your hot seed." she begged. I grunted affirmatively and started giving her all 8 inches. She repeated over and over, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me. AAAHHHH!" As she came I felt an intense burning at the base of my cock. Her sphincter spasm sent my sperm into overdrive and I squirted a huge load into the depth of her ass. Again and again I pumped more and more cum into her virgin ass. "I can feel your hot seed." she screeched. I came for what seemed like a full minute. I was giving her a sperm enema. When I finally finished I staggered back and my cock cause a suction within her ass and goo started pouring out of her ravaged backside. It dribbled out of her ass and ran down over virginal lips and her fingers which were still embedded in her cunt. It continued to run out until she collapsed on the bed which closed up her asshole. I fell down beside her, both of us were panting and exhausted. "You're a great teacher." she said. "You're a great student." I replied. Then she smiled and asked, "When can I have another lesson, Randy?" I mused to myself what was I going to teach her next time..

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