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Tessas Gym Toy

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This event took place about a week ago with my girlfriend; so after she told me about it, I figured I would allow everyone else to enjoy too. Tessa is a sexy as hell 41 year old woman with green eyes, dirty blonde hair, 5'8", 120lbs beauty that loves to stay in shape and please me.

She goes to the gym everyday in this small town in CT, where essentially you get to know the faces and they yours. Tessa gets looks every time she goes into the place, but rarely pays attention because of the focus she has toward working out. But the one person who never escapes her attention is a girl named Lizzy, a 20 yr old babe with a rock hard body who just loves to stare at Tessa. She will be working out and Tess will just feel the eyes of Lizzy burning a hole through her body. They had spoken before, Lizzy had broken up with her boyfriend and confided in Tess to get through the pain. But there was little pain when Lizzy spoke with Tess about her feelings and was apprehensive about pushing the envelope when it came to getting closer sexually to Tess.

Tess told me about the situation and let me know how her interest was gaining steam in our relationship with wanting to try out women again. It had been years since she had tried this taboo and wanted to know what it was like again. I was away on military business and let her know that she had my assurances that it was ok to explore this side of her. She thought it would be difficult to broach with someone that much younger, but I chided her and said that that pussy must be sweet and very tight. This just drew a moan over the phone and encouraged her more to confronting Lizzy about her lust for her. I suggested she take her to a public place and then she said what about a movie. Perfect, you can do a lot of petting in a movie theater to find out what she wants to look forward to. But first she said, the conversation would have to be done before the movie just to know how serious Lizzy was in going forward with this enjoyment. I wished her goodluck and we said our good-byes and I love you's over the phone.

The next week, Tess was in the gym again and there was Lizzy staring once again hard at Tess while she worked out. Tess smiled back and never let her eyes wander far from the glance of Lizzy. As the workout progressed they passed each other and exchanged smiles and Tess finally made the move to speak with Lizzy after her workout. Lizzy agreed to meet with Tess after she got off work to talk more. Lizzy joined Tess at the TGIF restaurant for some conversation about what would gladly be welcome advances. When Lizzy arrived, Tess made the first move and gave Lizzy a hug when she arrived, drawing a complete smile from her. She was dressed in her workout gear and that body was just so hot and Tess noticed and wanted it right then and there, but first things first, establish the proof and then proceed to enjoy. Lizzy said that she was very timid in admitting her attraction to Tess, but that she didn't think she was hiding it very well anymore. Tess told her it was mutual and that it would be nice to put her hands all over that young flesh to see how exciting she could get her. The conversation grew in excitement for both and they agreed to a place for this new exploration for Lizzy to enjoy and a reinvigorating an old lust for Tess.

The following weekend came and Tess met Lizzy at the gym late Friday night. Tess finished her workout and planned it so that she would be there when Lizzy was getting ready to close. After they locked up, Tess asked if she would like to come over to her place for some conversation and whatever else, Lizzy smiled and said sure. On the way home, Tess was soaking wet she said thinking about seducing this young piece of ass and devouring her with the passion she had bottled up for women. I new about the whole plan and wished the best and specific instructions that pertained only to my enjoying every detail after she completed her little rendevous with this young beauty. Tess said that after she tried her out that she would invite Lizzy to join us both for a threesome, Tess told me it would be a really good time.

Lizzy arrived at the house and walked to the door with Tess. Tess opened the door and Lizzy put her hand on the small of Tess's back sending a vibration that electrified Tess' loins. The lights were dim when then walked into the house with the kitchen light on them both. Tess put her stuff down and walked over to Lizzy and got really close to her face. Tess leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips and Lizzy shook from anxiousness and nervous delite. The pace quickened and the clothes were beginning to be removed and shed all over the floor as they made their way to the living room leather couch. Tess laid Lizzy out on the couch and spread her legs and dove into those young thighs and a glistened wet slit. She could smell the juice from Lizzy?s pussy and savoring the taste with one sweep of her tongue from the bottom to the top of her clit. Lizzy shook with excitement and moaned how good this felt and Tess assured her that it would only get better. Tess inserted a finger into her snatch licking and suckling that little bud, stimulating with her expert tongue that swollen clit. Lizzy was quaking with lustful pleasure on very close to her first orgasm of the night. Tess?s hands were busy on her own clit and she continued her assault on the clit and was rewarded with her young hottie?s cumming all over her face. Tess came while licking all over Lizzy?s pussy and clit until the feeling subsided a little. Tess stood and grasped Lizzy to come forward and lick her pussy. Lizzy did so with wanting to feel the wet slit between her lips for the first time, sucking on Tess?s pussy lips and enjoying the feast between her legs. Tess moaned and threw her head back as the surprising cunt licking skills were throwing her into another orgasm so quickly. Lizzy surprised Tess and turned her around and began kissing her ass and playing with her soaked twat, fingering her while she explored her ass. Tess obliged and bent over at the waist and grabbed her ankles inviting the young lady to enjoy her anus. Lizzy fucked Tess?s ass with her long tongue and had two very busy fingers inside her snatch working fast. It wasn?t long once again before this young lady had Tess working herself into the third orgasm of the night.

After relaxing a bit, collapsing into the couch, kissing her softly and commending the talent this hot little lady had with a woman, Tess made her way to the bedroom for some toys. Tess came back with a box full of toys to show her new girl toy. Tess grabbed the vibrator and said for Lizzy to lean back and discover a whole new world of pleasure. She started licking her pussy again and pressed the vibrator to Lizzy?s clit and made her squirm with the first electric pleasure she had ever experienced. Tess fucked her with her tongue and then traded her tongue for the vibrator and inserted it into her quim and let it buzz full speed sending Lizzy into an orgasm. Tess quickly went to her clit and sucked while continuing the vibrating action on her pussy. Lizzy came again, almost shivering from all the stimulation she was receiving all at once with the tongue and vibrator going very fast and hard. She came again and Tess let up, letting Lizzy catch her breath and recover. Lizzy leaned over to the box and pulled the next toy she wanted to try, the double-ended dildo. It was new for this very occasion, a bright lime green contoured like a thickly veined cock on both ends. They needed no lube for they were both soaked in their slits and inserted each end into their pussies and began fucking slowly. They moaned and developed a good rhythmic movement to the thrusts and quicken the pace after a bit, moaning loudly as they fucked each other. After about 10 minutes of action they both came, eyes locked on each other as they shook holding hands and enjoying the quivering blast of electricity breaking through the skin, rushing more blood to their engorged clits. Tess broke the bind and starting rubbing her clit and opened her mouth when the stimulation became to much and squirted for the first time of the night, opening the eyes of Lizzy as she never witnessed a cumming pussy before. Tess shook and continued to press her fingers to her clit, reaching out to Lizzy to taste her pussy now. Lizzy leaned forward without hesitation and licking like a thirsting pup on her mothers? tit, tasted the juice and finding it sweet as she cleaned Tess?s pussy up.

Lizzy thanked Tess for her first time as she gathered her clothes up. They shared a kiss at the door as it had been about 2 hours since their little rendevous had begun and now was concluded. Tess told her to drive home safe and acknowledged that familiar stare again as Lizzy left into the night. With that look, Tess knew she would be back to enjoy more later on.

When Tess called me to give the details as soon she had said good-bye, I had my hand on my cock stroking as she gave me all the details of what had transpired and how excited it made her feel. I blew my load listening to the action that had taken place and wanted so bad to jump through the phone and fuck her hard. Tess played with herself too coming along with me and moaning for my return. She is coming down next week and I am going to fuck her raw. Tess wants us both to take on Lizzy when I come back and please her in another exciting way, with my cock.

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