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Teacher Fantasy Comes True

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I recently had a letter to penthouse type experience and decided to share it with everyone on this site. I am a high school English teacher who teaches AP classes to juniors and seniors at Penn High (fictitious name), a public high school of about 1,200 students. I?ve only been at Penn High for about two years, but I?ve been dating a female guidance counselor there, Kim (or Miss Jackson to the students), for about a year and half.

Before coming to Penn High, I taught English at a small community college in another part of the country. When I came to Penn High, the faculty and staff held an informal gathering at a local bar to introduce me and another new teacher to others at the school. At my urging, a colleague introduced me to Kim and I was delighted to learn that she was single. Sparks flew and we quickly became an item. As with most high school items, we were the subject of much gossip, by students and faculty alike, most of it untrue of course. I suspect that recently though, we?ve been the topic of gossip so scandalous we?ll never actually hear it uttered ourselves.

Kim and I have been intimate from the beginning of our relationship, but I?ve always been the aggressor and have always been much more adventurous than Kim when it comes to our sex life. Recently, we?ve landed in a bit of rut in the bedroom and I?ve been encouraging Kim to help us break out. At my urging, we?ve begun sharing some bedroom fantasies, with mine being much filthier than Kim?s. My fantasies usually involved public sex and multiple partners, which always makes Kim squirm with discomfort. Nevertheless, I viewed our burgeoning dialogue as a positive step. At the very least, I found that voicing my fantasies to the prudish Kim was getting me pretty aroused. It felt daring to offer such smutty thoughts to a pure beauty like Kim.

A month into our fantasy exchange, I found myself grading papers after class at my desk. I have an open door policy with my students and other faculty members, which to me means that if my door is actually open, then I am available to anyone. If my door is closed, however, I am not to be disturbed under any circumstances. After all, I like my privacy and sometimes I just need to have some uninterrupted quiet time to get things done.

My door was open that day when Kim walked in. She looked sexier than usual, but also nervous, and I wasn?t sure which to inquire about first. She had on a silken white button up that wasn?t buttoned all the way up, a khaki skirt which cut her mid thigh, and brown heeled leather boots that clung to her slim but firm calves. She looked stylish and alluring. Her crisp light blond hair shimmered in the fluorescent lights of my class room, and her 34 C breasts beckoned me. She towered over my desk at 5?10? and vibrated mildly as her clear blue eyes stared straight through me. I decided to ask why she looked so nervous as opposed to why she looked so sexy. I am, after all, a sensitive guy.

She confessed that she had been ruminating on some of my fantasies and had decided to throw caution to the wind. She wanted me now and she wanted me right there on my desk. I decided now was one of the closed door periods. I calmly got up from my desk, walked to the door and shut it with a flourish. When I turned back to face her, my pants betrayed a growing hard on. With reckless abandon Kim swiped the papers from desk and hoped atop it. She spread her legs to reveal a tightly trimmed pussy, and nothing else. At her direction, I dropped to my knees and gorged on her waiting twat. She was so odorous and wet it made my cock jump. She clutched the back of my head and pulled me close to her. Moving slowly up and down I finally found and matched her rhythm.

As I lapped away, I could hear faint sounds of students milling about in the hallway. Classes had been finished for about an hour, but some students were still socializing outside my door. The sound of their young voices and idle ramblings made this special event even more erotic.

Just as Kim was getting close to her first orgasm, I heard footsteps approach my door. I could hear many footsteps outside my room at that time, but these somehow seemed to have a purpose. Kim was enthralled and didn?t seem to notice, but I could tell those steps were deliberate and they were headed our way.

Just then the door handle spun, the latch disengaged and door swung open. Sarah, a student of mine and a senior at Penn High breezed in and closed the door behind her. Without having seen that I was not alone in the room and was not, at that time, actually grading papers, Sarah announced that she was sorry to violate the open door policy but she just needed a few moments of my time to discuss a Joyce poem she had read.

By this point in the year, I knew Sarah pretty well and I knew what she wanted. She came to my office at least once a week to discuss some poem, story, or novel she had just read. She always flirted with me, although subtly, and it was pretty clear what she was after. She was an adventurous soul and she longed for an adventure of her own. She often asked about Kim and our relationship. I always thought that was more of her flirting, but as I was about to learn, it was more because she was curious about women as well.

When Sarah saw my position between Kim?s legs and the mortified look on Kim?s face, she apologized profusely. She blushed and blathered and did everything you?d expect a high school student to do when she encounters a teacher giving oral sex to a guidance counselor, except leave. She didn?t leave. In fact, she only walked closer. She wanted to shake Kim?s hand and apologize some more. To my surprise, Kim actually giggled at this. I thought they would both bolt from the room. Instead, they stood there exchanging glances. Kim put her hand on Sarah?s shoulder and assured her everything was fine and that she wouldn?t mention anything to Sarah?s parents if Sarah promised not to speak of this intrusion. Kim then gave Sarah a hug to seal the pact. As they broke from the embrace, Sarah brazenly stole a kiss from my Kim and, to my great surprise and delight, Kim reciprocated. I was totally floored. As they dove deeper into the kiss my mind began to spin with the sheer ecstasy of it all. I walked to my door and locked it. Two was enough for me at this point. I pulled up a chair and watched as these two women explored each other?s bodies for the first time.

Neither had been with a woman before and both were visibly shaking with excitement. I decided to act as the director and coordinated their initial explorations. I encouraged each to undress the other. I then encouraged them to send testing tongues across each others naked bodies. Sarah lay on my desk first, completely naked and fetching. Kim began at Sarah?s toes and licked the length of her long slim legs. As she approached Sarah?s pussy, Kim?s tongue circled it then headed for her ample 18 year old breasts. Smooth and firm, Sarah?s breasts were succulent. Kim worked Sarah?s chest with her tongue until they were shimmering with her saliva. By this time, Sarah was begging for her pussy to be tended to and Kim obliged. She began slowly but intensified her licking as Sarah?s hips began to bob up and down. Sarah then requested my cock and I sprang into action. I sought Kim?s mouth first to lubricate my cock, then slid it slowly into Sarah. She squirmed a bit as my 8 inches entered her hole, but loosened considerably when I was fully engorged. I could feel the wetness in her tight young pussy as her lips clung to my member. After a few moments of slowly but firmly sliding my cock in and out of her, I announced I was ready to cum and retracted my cock from Sarah. Kim took my shaft in her hand and she pumped my dick I sent ropes of stark white cum onto Sarah?s stomach, which Kim dutifully lapped up.

It was now Kim?s turn. She took Sarah?s spot atop my desk and Sarah eagerly took her position between Kim?s legs. She hesitated slightly before actually going down on Kim, as if she was about to cross a line that she had actually crossed when she walked into the room. Sarah?s licking had Kim cumming in no time and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her body shutter atop my desk with Sarah between her legs.

My cock sprang back into action and I was ready to get back in. I wasn?t immediately sure how I wanted everyone to be situated, but I knew I wanted Sarah?s tight pussy around my cock again. I decided to have Kim sit in my chair and Sarah get on her hands in knees in front of Kim. I entered Sarah from behind and Sarah resumed her skilled head job on Kim. As I pounded away at the young flesh in front of me, I caught Kim?s glance. She looked so slutty and turned-on at the point. I never want to forget that lustful glare. Her hair was wild and her legs were wide. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were focused on mine. This sharp look brought me to climax again. This time I spun Sarah around and shoved my cock in her face. Sarah knew just what I wanted. She took my meat in her mouth and milked the cum from throbbing rod. What she couldn?t swallow graced her lips and chin. That remainder was quickly cleaned up by Kim who gently licked it from Sarah?s chin and kissed her deeply.

After little more light petting between the girls we decided that lesson was complete. After dressing, Sarah left the room and Kim and I stared at each other with a sly grin for more than few moments. Neither could believe what had just happened. Kim learned that it was exciting to step outside her normal controlled environment and let thing unfold. Since that day, Sarah has been a dinner guest at our place a few times. She?s at college now, but never misses the opportunity to partake of a meal at our table whenever she?s home on break.

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