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Taught a lesson

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First Time Taught and Lesson Learned

Well as any young boy of 15 will know - sumthings just won't go away. That same thing (my cock) would always pops up at the most awful times. This happened one day and here is how the problem got handled.

We were visiting a family friend one Saturday afternoon and I was forced to go along by my Aunt Bonnie, as the family we were visiting knew me when I was much younger and wanted to see how I grew. As we entered the house Lynn was taken by how tall and "handsome" I had grew to be. My Aunt hugged me and those 36D's pressed into my arm and well things really started to grow. I uhmmm excused myself from the hug and starting to concentrate on getting my cock to go soft as fast as possible. We were taken into the den and I sat back into a comfortable chair as our host Lynn sat across from me on the sofa with my Aunt. Here is where the fun started.

As I was watching and listening to them chat I notice Lynn's skirt rise on her thigh. Slowly, higher, and then more?. I could not help but feel my cock getting harder as I watched this nylon clad women flashing me her thighs and as if by my will - her legs then spread open slightly and there was a glimpse of her pant-clad pussy. I was as hard as a rock and my sweat pants were tenting out pretty noticeable. I heard my Aunt?s voice change tone and looked at her as she was giving me the evil eye to my face and then looking at my dick poking out. I switched positions and slid my hand in my pocket to adjust my hard-on. I glanced at my Aunt once more and she just smirked at me and looked back at Lynn picking up the conversation once again.

My eyes wandered back to Lynn?s legs and OMG her white panties were clearly visible and damp! My Aunt interrupted me once again by asking if Lynn wanted more coffee as she was getting a refill. Leaving with the cups, Lynn then turned to me and asked how school going and etc?I was not even listening as my eyes were glued to her panty covered pussy. Lynn?s legs opened wider and her middle finger went directly to her clit and she tapped her clit twice! My eyes went to her face and she smiled and asked if she had my attention now!

?Well, I guess U did grow up a bit didn?t U??

?Uhmmm Yes ma?em?

?And if you are looking at what I think you are ? I am sorry if I made things awkward for you. Sometimes I really don?t pay attention to how I sit when I am at home.?

My cock was aching for relief! Lynn closed her legs and turned back to my Aunt as she walked back in with the coffee. I was all of a sudden pissed at the lost view. My Aunt looked at me with a stern face and my cock started to deflate. Oh well?

I did not go without for long as ?.YES! Lynn once again started her leg spreading view and this time start for the clit ? my eyes saw a definite wet spot this time. I looked quickly at Lynn and there she was smiling at me as she looked back at my Aunt. My dick wasted no time tenting out now and I needed to jerk off like a madman! I excused myself and said I needed to go to the restroom and Lynn said if was down the hall on the left. I tried to ease up out of my chair, sticking my hand in my pocket to hide my bulge. At 15, I had maybe 7? inches of hard cock ? I thought I had enough knowing that hey I?m gonna grow a little bit more. Anyways, as I got up my Aunt looked straight at my cock and then into my eye as if she was saying ?Get rid of it!?

Whew ? made it to the bathroom and down came my pants & shorts in one swipe ? seeing some lotion on the vanity I quickly greased up my cock and was on my fourth or fifth stroke when the door opened and my Aunt Bonnie walks in!

?Chad ? I can?t believe you! What the hell are you thinking? Peeking at Miss Lynn and then showing her you?re?.put the thing down or alone. Gawd! U are horrible!?

Well, my cock was feeling sooo fucking good and a drop of pre-cum was hanging already from its tip. ?Aunt Bonnie ? I could not help it?Miss Lynn was?.well her legs were slightly open and I could not help but look and well?? I glanced down at my cock and still dripping from my pee-hole was the drop of cum.

?Look at that ? R U that perverse? How long have u been like this? In my house, Gawd what have u been doing?? I saw her just staring at my cock like it was her first one so what the fuck? ?Aunt Bonnie ? this was uhmmm the first time this has happened and well I really don?t know how or what?.to do? I heard from some friends about playing with your self and stuff and well I uhmmm guess.?

?Oh my! Really this is the first hard-on u have ever had? I never thought or knew that U was ready for something like this. I guess maybe I was blind ? but Chad here in Lynn?s house??

?Aunt Bonnie ? its hurt and I really want it to go away?.?

?Chad? ? Ok, I am gonna help this one time so we can get back to Miss Lynn real quickly before she thinks we are both lost in her house! I see you have some lotion working for you, we will need to clean that off.? Running some water she started to soap and wash off my cock. I was soon close to cumming when she did that I was squeezing my ass cheeks so fucking hard stopping my cum from shooting all over her face! If anything my cock got harder and was twitching in front of Aunt Bonnie.

?Well that is certainly a man-size cock for a 15 year old. Ok, now let?s get this over with? and she took my cock in one hand and slowly at first started to pull my foreskin back and when the tip was exposed ? she licked the head of my cock! I twitched and then she swallowed my whole dick in her mouth?.I groaned and pumped my cock in her open mouth. ?Look ? I am the one helping you out mister?.I will get this monster to go away on my own!? Aunt Bonnie then swallowed my cock again and starting to bob up and down. ?Ughhh? I moaned and then she just started to jerk me off while sucking my rod like crazy. ?I forgot how a man?s cock tasted? then she spit along my dick and stroked me off ? looking straight at me. ?Are u ready to cum for me yet?? licking the tip of my cock, smiling ?Let?s get this over before Miss Lynn comes looking for us?

?Aunt Bonnie ? maybe if you lick my balls a little?? ?What! I thought you never had this problem before?

?I haven?t but some guys said that it feels good?? ?Maybe if you suck it some more I can cum like you want Aunt Bonnie?. With that she swallowed my balls one at a time jerking my rod up and down?.I was getting close!? ?How?s this?? Swallowing my cock once more and mouthing ?Young cock, sooo fucking hard in my throat, Aunt Bonnie wants to taste your cum?.Chad, cum for me!? ?Please fuck my mouth now?.let me have your cock spurting down my throat!?

?Aunt Bonnie ? damm that feels sooo fucking good! A little more?.Ughhh please make me cum?..Ughhh now I can feel something happening! Aunt Bonnie it feels sooo good please make me cum!? With that I felt my load flying out my cockhead?.

?Mmmmmfph, more baby more?let Aunt Bonnie have all your load, young fucking cock ? young fucking load! Swallowing more of my seed I was twitching all over from my legs and ass to my balls hanging on her chin. She pulled her whole throat against my dick and sucked my last few drops out.

?Now ? young man pull those pants up and keep your cock down until the next time I need to help you out!? ?Aunt Bonnie I thought that this was my one lesson? U will suck me off again?? Smiling at me she tap the tip of my dick with her tongue and ?Keep me away from this monster ? just try? then we heard a knocking on the door!

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