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It?s Friday night and you?re on your way home for a fun few hours at a bar of flirting and playing with men flashing here and there. The whole time the hubby was sitting at the tall table in the corner watching and think about how much of a slut you were acting like, walking up to guys and flirting and rubbing their cock through there pants. But now you are both so hot and horny and going home to call a friend to come over and share you! But something is about to happen that you will never forget!

As you pull up to the house you notice a truck parked a few houses down and its not one you recognize. Well it?s a nice truck but hmmm oh well. Then as you pull into the drive way and shut the car off. As your hubby is getting out he heads straight for the front door with you slowly getting out since you have had a few drinks you?re moving a little slower than normal, but god you?re horny! And that is when it happens! A man jumps out of the dark and grabs you from behind by the neck and tells you not to move or he will hurt you. You look and see the moon shinning of the large shinny blade held at your neck. You look at your hubby as the man holding you tell him to stop and shut the hell up! He walks you and the hubby in the house and once there tells the hubby to get some rope. He goes quickly and gets some rope! The man holding you has a mask on and you can?t se his face just his eyes and they look so commanding! As he sits you down in a chair he grabs your hubby and ties the rope around his neck and then has him lay on the ground on his face! The man pulls the rope tight and takes your hubby?s hands and ties then behind his back and to his neck making him unable to move his head. Then he tells your hubby to lift his legs up! So that the man can tie them to his neck also! Now with your hubby tied up like a pig the man grabs you and head to the bedroom! Once there he grabs a pillow case and you head back in the room where your hubby is at! You are made to sit back down as the man takes more rope and starts to tie your hands behind your back. Now with your hands tied behind your back the man pulls then up tight to the back of your neck and wraps once, twice, three times around your neck and ties it off. Now that it is hard to breathe and move your arms. The man kneels down next to your hubby and tells him. I am taking your wife and will return her when I have had my fill of her! And with that the man puts the pillow case over your head and walks you out of the house leaving your hubby hog tied on the floor!

As he takes you to the truck that you noticed he lays you in the back seat face down and tells you if you move he will cut you with the knife! What seams like an hour goes by and you?re still driving, and thinking what of your hubby. How long will you be with this mad man? What does he want with you! Will he hurt you! And will your hubby be safe or will he spend eh next however long tied up on the floor. Will the police find him like that? Oh god what to do. Just then you feel the truck stop and the door opens you see nothing with eth pillow case over your head. You step out of the truck and the man starts to de cloth you with his large knife. You can see he has no intention of letting you stay dressed! He is cutting off the low cut top you were wearing to beginning with. The whole time telling you what a dirty slut you are all you are, is a cock whore and a cum slut you are. How you are just an empty fuck puppet. And that you have no purpose other that to get dicked by ever man on the face of the earth! That is all you are good for. He tells you that he should take you to a prison and just make you every guy?s slut and just let them have their way with you! But he doesn?t he is now cutting your short skirt off and find that your not only not wearing panties but your dripping wet like the slut you are! When he finds this he now has you standing there tied up with your arms bound and your neck tied you can barely speak as you whimper about the chain of events? all you wanted to night was to go home and have hours of sex with your hubby, that will probably be dead if you ever get out of this, and your boy friend that doesn?t have a clue about where you are!

And then he asked you. I will call one person to help your husband, you is it slut! Who will save him? With the rope so tight you and barely say a word. The man tells you, you have 3 seconds to tell him! One??. Two??. Three?.. , you can?t get the name out. The man comes over and back hands you through the pillow case, knocking you down to your knees. As soon as you hit your knees you feel the wet cold snow beneath you. You wonder where the hell you are and what he was going to do!!!! You?re naked and cold. And you just kneel there, what you don?t know is that the man went around the truck and called a pizza to be delivered to your house. He told them to just come in when they got there because he (your hubby) would be in the back of the house and couldn?t hear the door. The man figured that would at least take care of your hubby and since he had no idea what the man looked like? he wouldn?t have anywhere to start looking! Now that the man has taken care of the lose ends and not killed any one? he is free to keep you captive forever!

The man comes back around the truck to where you were and by now your knees are freezing! And you have to pee so badly from all the drinks you had at the bar! The man has you when he wants you now so he loosens the rope around your neck keeping your hands tied tight! And with that you feel a relaxation in your neck and with hat you gasp fro a full breath of fresh air! And you have to pee so bad that you ask, ?hey buddy I need to pee!? he replies? ok so pee!? you stand there waiting for him to take you to a toilet but he never steps over to you! So you wait for another second and you can?t hold it any more you start to dribble. Drip drip. It?s starting t run down your legs. You think for a second and to keep it out of your shoes you squat! You have no idea where you are or if there are people or anything because he has the hood on you still. As you start to pee you feel so much relief. When all of the sudden there is a hard object stuck at the opening to your ass! Your in the middle of peeing and cant stop and with the pain of holding the pee he pushes it in and pop it is 6 inches deep in your ass? as you finish peeing you feel a warming in your ass? he has inserted a tub and is filling your ass! He tells you since you peed might as well clean you out too! And with that he gives a big squeeze of the enema bag and you feel so full from it all! The as fast as he put it in he pulls it out and with a rush the fluid is pushed out of your ass! Now that you don?t have to pee or shit, he grabs you by the make shift leash tied to your arms, and tells you to come with him.

You walk onto a hard surface and can tell that you?re not in the snow anymore. Then you hear the crackle of a fire and feel the warmth on your large cold tits! And with a slam the door closes. He starts to remove your bindings and tells you that there is no point in trying to leave. It is too far and too cold and there isn?t any one even close to help you. You were on a logging road and in a cabin that is not known about and with that you start to look around?????


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