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Swing Set! First Time Full Swap!

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How It All Started! Full Swap

It was last year. My wife and I had been married for 8 wounderful years. We have a great sex life but we have always talked about how to spice things up. We talked about it alot until one day!

We had the house to ourselves. The kids where at the grandparents for a sleep over. So instead of going out to the bars and having to risk getting a DUI we decided to stay home and have friends over. We had our good friends come, Rick and Shannon, we have been good friends with them for years. Rick would always tell me how he would love to have a women like mine, His wife was ok but nothing to big to brag about. My wife Mandi is 24 years old. 5"7.nice dd's nice thick ass and has sweet come fuck me eyes! Shannon is 21 5'7 maybe d's. not much of an ass little extra baggage around the middle ..

So me and Rick went to get some beer and some other stuff the girls ask for. On the way back Rick made a joke about what it would be like to swing. I didn't think they where in the life style. So i ask if Shannon thought the same way and Rick said she has talked about it at times. I laughed a little and said that is funny since me and Mandi been talking about swinging with another couple. We both had a little laugh. We got back to the house I made the drinks for the lady's and grabbed couple beers for Rick and I and went in to the living room. We started talking about all kinds of things, weather sports music. Then the sex subject came up. We talked about what it would be like to play with another couple. Few drinks later the girls and us guys started to get horny after all the talk about sex.

Mandi was sitting in the chair and Shannon was in the bathroom and Rick was getting some more drinks, So i walked over to Mandi to grab a smoke and she grab me by the belt of my pants.She said she wanted to suck my dick and i was like they are in the other room, "she said she didn't care". She pulled my cock out and started to suck as Rick walked in. He got little shy and went to walk back out to the other room when Mandi said come here and she pulled his dick out and started to suck his cock. I stepped back and watched for a moment. Shannon was still in the bath room so i went and opened the door and she was standing there fixing her makeup and I said its play time. She turned and smiled and said "what do you want to play?" I with a big grin on my face said lets go in the living room and you will see!

She took my hand, I led her in to the living room. We got to the living room and she saw what Mandi and Rick where doing. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her if it was cool. She said "oh yea".So we walk over to the sofa wich is across from the chair where Rick and Mandi where. Shannon sat down looking up at my face as she started to unzip my pants and grabbed my cock. Slowly working it with her hand till i was hard. She licked her lips and took it all at once, "Ummm.", I'm about 7 inches (good size i think lol). She started to take the whole thing and as she was sucking it all the way down to the base i was in heaven , i looked over and Mandi was still going at it with Rick, Guessing he is about the same.(not sure, i really don't look at other men that way!). maybe a little thicker. From the sound that was coming from there direction he was enjoying him self.Mandi really knows how to suck, I call her the" Blow Job Queen"!! It went on for awhile. Then Shannon got up and striped first, walked over to Mandi and took her hand. Shannon then led her over to the couch. Shannon started to undress Mandi and as she was taking her clothes off she would kiss her just about every where( Rick and I sat and watched with our cocks in hand). Mandi laied down and Shannon started to kiss her on her stomach and working her way up to her breast, sucking on her perfect pink nipples then dragging her tounge all the way up to her mouth, then back down to her breast giving each one the same amount of attention before going down to her bald pussy. Shannon started at her wet and waiting clit where she attacked it like an animal. Not sure what she was doing but Mandi sure was loving it, she was breathing so hard and grabbing Shannon's head and pushing it down and pulling her up like she was directing her where to go, I was so turned on i walked over to Mandi. Stood up by her head watching what was going on. First time i seen two women playing. other then in porn. I had a great view to see Shannon licking that clit. Mandi looked up and she took my cock and started to stroke it with her free hand for a bit before taking it in her mouth.

Rick got up behind Shannon and started to rub her ass and smack it with a kiss or two, while she was still down eating.. Mandi kept sucking my cock working that toungue of hers all over my shaft and teasing the head. Rick came up to her and i backed up and let him step up and Mandi grabbed his cock and pulled him in and went to work on his, so i went behind Shannon and dropped to my knees and started to lick her ass a little then spreading her chicks so i could get to her pussy and started licking it like a lollipop. Licking her clit and working up to her ass teasing her brown eye>lol<and back down.I then got on my knees cock in hand and aimed my cock at the opening of her pussy. Slowly moving it up and down, just rubbing her with my cock.. When she felt it.. she started telling me to put my cock in her.So i did as i was told and we got in to a good rhythm as she was still eat Mandi's pussy. Shannon didn't want Mandi to cum yet so she told Mandi to switch places. So I got up and Mandi and Shannon switched places. Mandi went straight for her clit and i could see her toungue going in and out of her pussy and licking all the way up to her clit. I was getting so hot watching but i didn't want to shoot my load yet so i decided to suck on Shannon's tits and Rick had the same idea, after about what seemed like an hour Mandi got Shannon to cum, oh boy was she loud. Grunting and moaning as she was cumming, It was so hot.!! After a little rest for the girls. They where ready for us guys.!!..

So Mandi went to Rick and I went to Shannon. Right there on the living room floor, Rick had Mandi lay down so he could make her cum since Shannon couldn't. Shannon and i sat back and watched Rick eating away at Mandi's pussy and ass. Shannon was stroking my cock as we watched. Rick was really trying his best to get her to cum, he had what looked like 3 or 4 fingers in her while eating away, Mandi had him doing everything he could till she couldn't hold it any longer, her back arched legs tighten, breathing got heavy and then. Rick shoved his toungue in her pussy as she started to cum,,, watching them got me and Shannon so horny,. So Shannon laid back and i went down and started to enjoy her taste pussy. she was so wet i licked her clit for a bit then went back up to her tits then kissed her before returning to her pussy. as i was down eating her pussy i felt a hand on my thigh i looked down and Mandi was looking up at me and then she took my cock and put it in her mouth sucking away as i was eating Shannon's pussy and Rick was Mandi's thighs. After about 20 mins of playing around Shannon told me she wanted me to fuck her, so i got up on top of her and pushed my cock right into her waiting pussy. Started slow with her. taking my time not wanting to blow my load to soon. Rick did the same. mounting Mandi.

After awhile Shannon laid me on my back and lowered her self on to my cock, slowly bouceing on my cock as i played with her tits. Shannon would get off and go down and suck her juices of my cock then mount me again. I looked over to see what Mandi and Rick where doing, I saw that Mandi was on her hands and knees Rick giving it to her from behind, she looked so hot getting fucked. That's when I started to tense up and i could feel my cocking going to explode, oh fuck fuck i started yelling, Shannon then started to go faster and grinding down on my cock. I shot my load right in her as she kept moving trying to get it all out. She then fell to the side of me and we just laid there breathless. Rick and Mandi where still going. Rick taking Mandi from behind you could hear his belly smacking against her ass. Mandi had such a loud moan to her. I could tell she was going to cum by the way she was moaning and breathing. That's when it got really good, she started to moan more and more.( like the way they do in porn but this was real)_ she cam with in like minutes. as she started to scream "fuck yea. fuck yea. oh god I'm cumming." Rick took that as his cue and he pumped maybe a minute or two me before pulling out his cock and blowing his load all over her ass.

We all laid around for a bit. Till i got up for a smoke and a drink. I brought everyone a drink. I sat down on the sofa next to Mandi and Rick and Shannon where still laying on the floor. We talked for a bit, Mandi and Shannon went to the bathroom to go freshen. When the girls came back out they said that they wanted to go again after a little break...................

That will be in part 2 !!!!

This is a true story!! Names where changed. lets us know what you think!


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