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Sweet Taste of Virginity

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Being a senior in college was fun.

Being a full fledge lesbian made for more fun.

Every friday nite I would go to the club to see who was there. It was easy by this time to spot the girls who were inquisitive to see what went on at lesbo hangouts & those that wanted to be taken home & laid.

I had a funny feeling there was a girl on the campus somewhere that was still a virgin. Did not know about the club. Was afraid of guys after what she had been told time & time again by her parents what would happen if she gave into a guys wishes & her craving to have sex.

Yes, it would take me time to find her, if I did, but if the picture I had in my mind what she was like, it was going to be worth it.

As the days, then weeks passed, I knew in my heart I was missing the one place I would find her.

I had walked all the paths. The corridors. Taken the inner campus busses. Looked in the lecture halls. The cafeteria. The book store.

Then it dawned on me. If she was a bookworm, the library. So I started hanging around it.

It did not take long before I spotted her.

I guess if a woman that follows another woman a lot is a stalker, then I guess I was a stalker.

Women that were still virgins to love making with other women, drove me crazy.

In the three years I had been at college, I had, had the pleasure of seducing women from my age up into their thirties.

Those in their late twenties to the mid thirties, were the horniest I had ever had.

They were all different. Some wanted their pussy penetrated with a womens "COCK" right now. Forget about the foreplay.

Others wanted the foreplay, which consited of kissing, touching, caressing. Warm showers or bubble baths. Candles. Soft music. A glass or two of wine. More kissing. Caressing. Exciting. Once in bed, tweeking of the nipples. Licking of them. Sucking. Gentle massage of the clit. The labia. The feel of the lips & tongue on the clit & labia. Gotten to the point they were dripping wet with desire. Heart beating like it had never beaten before. At that point they were yours.

Your wish, was their command. Any position.

The fatter your "COCK", the more orgasms they had. The more orgasms they had, the more they were willing to give into your wishes. Double penetration was not out of the question.

The moans. The groans. The wiggling. The squiggling, said it all. They were yours for the nite. Day or both.

One day I spotted her sitting in the library. I approached her & introduced myself.

"Hi" I said. "My name is Samantha."

She smiled & said hers was Gabriele.

We talked for about an hour. I found out she was a freshman. Lived in the dorms by herself. Didn't have any friends yet at the college. Was afraid of the guys from what her parents had told her, so I was right in my thoughts about her so far.

Had grown-up in a very restrictive home enviroment. Never been kissed, except by her parents when she was younger. Had boys try to kiss her, but screamed when they did. Screamed & told her teacher & parents if they grabbed her in any way.

Gabriele was beautiful. About 5'8". Slim build. Long auburn hair, that reached down to her waist. Green eyes. Breasts that looked to be about a 34C. Not too small. To guys, small. To me just right.

As the weeks passed, we became friends.

I invited her to stay over at my place a few weekends. I had my own apartment. She asked why I had such a big bed. A queen size. I lied to her. I told her my boyfriend came to visit me when he could. Had a picture of a guy that use to go to the college, in a frame, on my dresser. She said he was nice looking & asked if we were going to get married. I said yes.

I lied again. I had no boyfriend. Was not interested in guys.

I asked her if she was ever going to get married. "I don't know" was her reply. Adding that men scared her. She was afraid of getting pregnant. The thought of having to go through pregnancy scaured her.

"So you have never had sex," I asked?

"No" she said, blushing.

"Do you ever want to have sex," I asked.

"Hell yes," she replied, smiling. But added, "I don't know who would want me."

Little did she know I did.

She would snuggle up to me on the couch while we were watching TV. Allow me to kiss her. To touch her breast.

After a few weekends, I got her to wear some sheer nighties I bought her.

Would snuggle up to me in bed. Kiss me. Allow me to slip my tongue in her mouth. Would do the same with hers. Let me caress her breast. Play with her nipples. Which got bigger & firmer the more I played with them. Would moan softly as I did. Her nipples were perfect. The same with her aerolas.

The one problem was, she still had lots of pubic hair.

I saw her looking at my breast & clean shaven pussy. I wondered what was going through her mind when she did.

So one day I told her I wantd to shave her pussy. She said okay.

One Friday nite before going to bed, we took out first shower together. I took my water proof electric shaver into the shower with us.

She leaned back against the shower wall with legs apart. I shaved most of the hair off with the razor. Then I got the shaving lather for women. Spread it on her now very swollen pussy. Took a ladies schick razor & slowly shave the remainder of the hair off, so her pussy was silky smooth.

I kept looking up at her eyes. They were closed. Her facial expressions said to me, she was enjoying this. Soft moans came out of her.

I took a face cloth & wiped the remainder of the soap off. She moved slightly as I did.

Her clean shaven, swollen pussy looked to good not to kiss, lick & suck on.

I did. She let out a loud moan.

"Does that feel good," I asked?

"Yes," she moaned loudly.

"Want some more," I asked?

"Fuck yes," she replied. The first swear words I had heard from her.

I sucked her clit between my lips. Teased the hood with my tongue. Let it go. Then did it again.

Then slowly ran my tongue back & forth over her pussy lips.

Spread the lips apart. Kissed. Licked. Sucked that soft velvety, wet, pink inner flesh.

I felt her hands on the back of my head.

Her moans getting louder & longer. Then she climaxed. Her cum was yummy.

I got her to do the same to me. She did so with no hesitation.

She was unblievable for her first time.

We must of spent at least two hours in the shower, but who cared.

I had found the virgin I knew was looking to be taken.

We dried off.

Jumped into bed.

I introduced her to the '69' position.

She lapped up my wetness & cum with glee.

I got out of bed. Went into my closet. Slipped into the strap-on I had bought for this nite.

Walked back out into the bedroom.

Her eyes widdened & mouth fell open when she saw what I was wearing.

"What do you think I'm going to do with this," I asked?

"Stick it in here," she said, pointing to her pussy?

"Yes honey," I answered.

"Now be a good little girl & put your ass on a pillow. Pull your legs up under your arm. Hold your head up, so you can see as my "COCK" head slips into that virgin pussy of yours," I added.

"Yes my love," my love she answered.

She did as asked.

I got up at the end of the bed.

Walked on my knees towards her. Shaking my one & three quarter inch thick, nine inch long "COCK" as I did.

When I got close to her, I slid the head of the "COCK" up against the swollen hood of her clit. Then up & down the slit of the pussy.

She moaned as I did this. Her eyes got bigger.

I took the head. Slipped part of it in. Then removed it. Over & over again.

Her moans got louder & louder.

"You want my "COCK" don't you honey," I asked?

"Please," she begged.

"How bad do you want it," I teased.

"Bad. Real bad," she answered.

"Bad enough to call yourself my little slut," I asked?

"Yes, yes," she said.

"Well wiggle that ass towards me," I said.

She did & as she did, I slipped the head into her soaking wet, swollen, wanting pussy till it disappeared.

"Does that feel good," I asked?

"Yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes," she moaned loudly.

"Do you want my whole big, thick "COCK" in you all at once," I asked?

"Please, oh please," she begged.

"Slowly or fast," I asked.

"Fast," she begged madly.

"Why fast," I asked?

"Cause I want to see what it will feel like to have a cock in me."

"Well this isn't a real cock," I said.

"I know. I know," she said.

"Would you rather have a real cock rather then my "COCK," I asked?

Your "COCK," she answered.

"You have teased her enough" I said to myself.

I slipped it into her fast. But not too fast.

As it slipped into her, she threw her head back. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her mouth opened wide.

Throaty moans & groans came out of her mouth.

Not to many strokes later she had her 1st climax from penetration. She screamed from pleasure.

"Want to have more of them," I asked?

"Yes, yes, yes," she begged.

Gabriele got her wish.

I got my 1st virgin of the year.

I thought of searching for others, but decided Gabriele was all I needed. She was willing to submit to all my wishes.

When I had the need to have my pussy serviced, she was willing.

She took care of all my shaving needs.

When I needed to see her masdturbate, she did.

When I needed to add photos of (MY) women to my alblum, she was willing.

In less then 6 months, she had changed from a scared virgin girl, into a willing slut.

I had thought of letting her go, when I graduated, but decided to keep her.

Gabriele would fit right into my lesbian life style.

Thank you Gabriele.

Thanks to all those other *Gabriele's* out there that have chosen the lesbian life style.

Thanks to those other women that have had & still have the need of women to fill their sexual needs.

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