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I find marriages intriguing. After being married for 15 years, it seems as though you begin relying on the "best friends" mode than the sexual part. Oh, we have great sex, but it isn't like it was during the early years. I remember when we couldn't even get dressed for work in the morning without ripping the clothes back off for the last minute quicky. However, as the children enter in, priorities change and life and the relationship itself takes on a new meaning.

I had reverted to the sex magazines and videos, while by myself. While at work, I spent time looking at the female employees in a different light. Instead of the general good morning, it was thinking of what the hell she had on underneath that cute dress. It isn't that my wife (Shelly) isn't attractive. She is about 5'5" with long blonde hair, 34A breasts and a very sexy butt. I guess it was just curiosity setting in due to the decrease in sexual activity.

It was a good thing that the mens room was just a private one. I spent a considerable amount of time in there relieving the embarrassing hard-ons.

It was one evening after arriving at home, that I recieved the suprise of my life. Shelly had informed me that Becky was coming to town to interview over the next week and asked if she could stay with us. Becky, was a high school friend of Shelly, and she married Tom, one of my closest friends. They moved away to Kansas for career positions. The company they worked for was aquired by a company in our town. They had to re-interview the top manangement employees to offer them new postions and salary. I told Shelly to advise Becky to make herself at home.Tom had his interview scheduled for the following week. This way, they could have someone staying with their teenagers.

Becky arrived on Sunday evening, just as planned. She is a cute gal, about 5'2" with brown hair, green eyes. I would estimate the breasts to be 36D's with a medium build frame that presents a cute ass.

After the first night, Shelly and I were talking about the old days while in bed. We both recalled all of the parties and cookouts we used to have. She was so excited to see Becky that the emotions transferred to us fucking for the first time in 2 weeks. Shelly had not been that wet in quite some time. It was like a new experience. I must admit, I had often wondered what Becky would be like in bed, but only left it to the thoughts. In the morning, it got hectic. Having 2 women wanting the same bathroom to get ready, left me using the one downstairs. This went on till the adjustments were made. The only time I got to use our bathroom was at night after the ladies were done getting from thier day.

It was the third evening, just after they finished, that I went to take a shower. When I walked in, I noticed a pair of panties lying on the floor. I knew they weren't Shelly's due to the color and size. With all of the imaginations of Becky, that had been running through my mind, It made me even more arroused. I shut the door and locked it. I removed my clothes and walked over to the panties and picked them up. As did, i could feel the warm wetness still left in the crotch of them. This told me they were just freshly removed. I placed the crotch under my nostrils and smelled Becky's scent for the first time. I about buckled at the knees. I then placed them against my hard cock rubbing them on the tip. I returned them as they were, got in the shower, and masterbated to relieve the tension.

That evening in bed, my wife told me of a high school sleep-over with Becky once. She talked about the curiosity of a woman. Even though they flirted with it, nothing ever happened. She also told me they talked about us guys. Becky thought I was attractive, and even though she was marrying Tom, she would have loved to see me naked one time. Shelly had the same feelings about Tom. We again fucked that night like rabbits. When Shelly cums, She can be noisy. I wondered if Becky could hear us, with her room next to ours. The next morning, i got up early, and got to use my bathroom. When I noticed a different pair of panties on the floor. They were a different color and when I picked them up, they were soaking wet. I could feel the wetness go onto my fingers. Needless to say, I again locked the door, and jacked off. This time though, I thought I had crossed the line. I shot my cum into the crotch of them. I left them lay on the floor and went on to work. That evening, we were sitting at the dinner table and i felt a foot touch mine. As i looked across to Becky, She just stared at my eyes and slowly licked her lips with her tongue. I excused myself and went to our bathroom. The panties were no longer there. I looked in her room and they were lying on the bed. As i returned to the dinning room, she sat there with a little grin as if to confirm my thoughts. She must have went to the bathroom in the morning after I left it and took the panites back to her room to taste them. Damn, I was hot.

Once again that night, Shelly and I talked about things. I asked her if she ever heard of swinging. She said Tom and Becky were involved in it and wondered how long it would take me to figure it out. With a smile on her face, she told me that I should visit Becky in her room. I gave her a kiss, and went to the room next to ours. It was late, and Becky looked to be asleep. Shelly told me that Becky had no idea that I recieved permission. That they were discussing it in general conversation. I walked quietly over to the bed and just stared at her. I wanted to make sure she wasn't awake. I saw the breast under the sheet rise and fall with her slow breathing. She was lying on her left side.. Wondering what she was wearing, I walked to the other side of the bed. I pulled the cover back and saw the baby blue nightshirt, and the matching panites covering her ass. She suddenly change postions. It startled me and I stepped back to the corner of the room. When she finished, she was now laying on her back and had one leg straight and the other out away from it like in a semi-spread position. She didn't pulled the cover back to her breast line. I walked backe over and slowly pulled it back and saw the spread thighs and the panties covering her pussy. I had my boxers on and my cock had now escaped the opening and was standing straigh out. I began rubbing the tip of it while viewing and contemplating my next move. I leaned down to get a closer look and to see if I could smell her pussy through the panties. As I got closer, Becky whispered, "do you want to smell them and jack off in them again, or do you want to pull them down with your teeth and fuck what is underneath?" With that said, I used my teeth and slowly pulled them down, reveaing a trimmed mound and swollen lips. My nose went down the crack of her pussy while removing her panties. She gasped as if in torture. She reached out and grabbed my cock. She pulled it close to her lips and began licking the head of it. I was leaking pre-cum on her lips and tongue as she slowly began to suck me. I reached down and circled her nipples with my finger and then on down to her drenched pussy. She said she had been playing with it earlier and wanting me there. My fingers were so wet, I easlily slid one in her ass. I went to the end of the bed and crawled between her thighs. I began licking the outer lips and just brushing the clit on occasion to tease her more. When she began to climax, moans escaped from her lips so loud that I knew Shelly had to hear them. Becky's heated scent started to fill the room with a sweet fragrance. Then,Becky said "Fuck Me". I have waited long enough. I put her on her knees and spread her ass cheeks. I slowly slipped my cock inside her warmth. I let it run deeply and then slowly in and out. I gradually picked up my pace to the point of ramming her hard and deep. The bed began to start sqeaking wtih the rythym of our fucking. I looked to the right and saw the bedroom door was ajar but no one there. I continued pounding Becky's pussy till I shot my load of hot cum deep inside that treasure of hers. When we finished, i looked back at the door and it was closed. Shelly had been standing in the hallway listening. When i looked out the door, her panties were lying on floor. I picked them up, and they were simply drenched. I returned to the room and Shelly got up and went over to Becky. I followed to see what was up. She got on the bed, and went down between Becky's legs and began sucking the cum that I had left inside. What a night that turned out to be. Everyone's fantasy coming true. Well, with the exception of one. Tom will be here next week to fullfill Shelly's fantasy of fucking him. I share that experience when it happens.....

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