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Summer in the Suburbs

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Ian and Mandy are like any other thirty something couple. Both have college degrees and a house in the suburbs. They have some friends from college named Adam and Jen who live close by. As Ian and Mandy were on their way to their friends for an impromptu grill out and try out their new pool, Ian thought back at the bizarre dream he had about Jen the night before. In a fairly dark bedroom on a bed with just enough light to make out a silhouette of a very beautiful woman dressed in a very seductive tiger print bikini. Then Jen made his way to him and pounced on his manly frame and started kissing him all over from head to toe and made sure she ground her body to his any time she had the chance to. Legs and hips were flailing with his in a kind of body rock and Ian was growing harder and harder!

?Ian watch the road we almost wrecked?, Mandy said. ?Sorry honey I must have had my mind on something else?, Ian said. As Mandy went and reached for her sunglasses in the console she noticed Ian?s bulge. ?What were you thinking about honey? What ever it was it looks like it was entertaining?, then Mandy giggled. Ian just didn?t say much and diffused the conversation.

When they arrived at Adam and Jen?s they were greeted at the door by Jen who was wearing this similar bikini that she had worn in his dream. Ian was dazed by her beauty.

Jen filled out the bikini better than he had dreamed. He tried to steer clear of her as soon as possible or repeat what happened in the car. Then he seen Adam and started to talk sports and the fire below began to subside. Ian was confused because he never had thoughts of other women like that and he had known Jen and Adam forever.

After dinner was done they all inspected the new pool. Then Adam said ?It?s a virgin, we never used it yet.? Ian then said,? We will have to do something about that.? It was a beautiful starry night and the atmosphere was quite giddy with all the wine they all had at dinner. Mandy said, ?Go get your suit on Ian.? Then he asked ?Where?s yours?? I have it on already. ?Ok, is it in the bedroom in that bag you brought?? Ian asked. ?Of course silly, now go!? He scurried up to the bedroom found his suit in the bag and began to get undressed and then Jen showed up in the doorway. Ian looked up while he had his pants down. Jen looked over and said to Ian ?Don?t try to hide that thing it looks fine to me.?

Ian was baffled and he said ?Is this not weird for you?? ?No not at all I always wanted to fuck you since college but Mandy got you first.? Speechless Ian then said, ?Ohm really this is kind of strange isn?t it I was attracted to you also but I fell in love with Mandy.?

?That is alright I want to put your cock in my mouth and stroke and suck and lick your balls until you come all over my face? Jen said. Again speechless and turned on by Jen?s naughty speech and said, ?We can?t Mandy is your best friend and Adam?s a close friend of mine; I can?t have sex with you.? ?What if I told you that Mandy and I have an agreement?, Jen said. ?What agreement would that be? Ian asked?

Jen told Ian about this one time swap with their husbands. ?Really, that does not sound like Mandy?, Ian said. ?Maybe not but she does things that you would never dream of? Jen said with sexiness in her voice. Jen said ?Look out toward the pool.?

Ian went to the window facing the pool and seen his wife giving a very seductive blow job to his best friend on the ledge of the pool. ?Wait a minute am I in some alternative universe? Ian said despondently. ?Mandy told me that you would be sort of stuffy about this" Jen said. ?STUFFY ? my wife is giving a BLOW JOB to one of my best friends.?

Jen backed him in the corner and started to kiss him frantically all over. Ian was being seduced by Jen?s lustful kisses as she worked her way down to his throbbing crotch. Jen took his head of his penis in her mouth and she just sucked on that for what seemed like a lifetime for Ian. Then she slid his eight inch penis all the way down her throat. Then slowly worked it up and down and Ian was really getting hot. Jen then started licking his balls in short and sensitive motions as she felt Ian start to quiver. ?Are you about to cum baby?, Jen started to stroke his cock even harder. Ian struggled for the words to say yes I am about to explode Jen. ?Jen told him she wanted him to cum all over her face.?

Within seconds Ian exploded ropes of cum all over her very beautiful olive complexion.

With the both of them recovering along came Mandy and Adam.

Then Mandy said ?Oh you were able to get Ian to loosen up.? ?You could say that? Jen said. Mandy then blurted out, ?Let?s Fuck.? Well Ian didn?t need an engraved invitation to fuck Jen. They all climbed into their King size bed. Mandy immediately mounted Adam on his already very rock hard cock. Jen just laid down and motioned Ian to come play. Ian was still reeling from all of this.

His wife was obviously enjoying a ride on his best friend. So what would be the big deal with a missionary romp through Jen?s secret treasures? Ian was still hard as a rock and as he approached Jen as she reached for his cock and guided him into her pussy. Starting slow and working up streams of strokes they were going at it very hard. Mandy would look Ian?s way and just get more turned on.

?Oh ,Oh, Ian your cock feels so good fuck me harder, harder!? Jen said. Ian obliged.

Ian was about to cum also and with another thrust and a few slaps of skin to skin they both cum hard. Then Ian looked over to his wife and was curiously turned on by her going at it doggie style and they were both about to cum. ?Mandy was screaming with desire fuck me fuck me fuck me harder Adam?, She came so hard and the orgasm that seemed to never quit. Mandy had this big smile on her face. She then told Ian and Adam if they wanted to watch Jen and her make out? ?By the way honey you talk in your sleep?, Mandy said. ?Why do you think Jen had on a tiger print bikini??

They both blurted out,? What is going on here!!? Mandy spoke up again and said, ?We have been playing together since our College days!? Ian and Adam looked at each other in amazement. Never being aware of that at all then Adam jokingly said to Ian ?Should I go make the popcorn for the show??

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