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Spring Time Suprise IV Continued

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After Carol walked into the house, I was wondering if I went too far. I stayed outside and listened to the speakers. I did see Carol though a window visiting with our host. I was still horney, and I liked playing this game.

With the last speach, people were just hanging out, enjoying food and drink. My wife and I mingled with people for a while, chatting together, chatting individually. It was a nice evening. Although I was wondering if my game with Carol was done because I felt her ass, I still was thinking of our ride here.

Time came to freshen my drink. I went into the house (the host had nicer quality drinks indoors that he was sharing). I got a refill and went to the kitchen to see what apps were left over. In the kitchen Carol was visiting with the host's wife. Carol introduced us and told the wife what I did for a living. The wife then started to tell me about this floor in their wine room and the trouble it was causing. I did not want to talk shop, but did not want to be rude. I guess I did not look or act like I showed enough interest that the wife next was taking me down to show me the problem. Reluctently, I followed. It was a nice wine room, dark, over decorated, and yes, there was a little craking in the floor, but I had a hard time showing interest. When she was done explaining to me the problem, I gave her what must have been a soloution to try on Monday and we went back to the kitchen. There we ran into Carol again. I asked Carol if she had seen the room. SHe replied she had not. I told her she should, it was nice and full. We laughed. Then the host's wife told me to take Carol down there to show here. Wow...what good luck I though.I jumped at it, though trying not too look too enthuiastic. Carol agreed, but gave me a "You better behave" look.

As we walked down the stairs I could not help to tell her that I was still waiting to hear her view. She played dumb and like she did not know what I was talking about. I told here I would like to hear her views on panties, sinse she heard mine. As we entered the wine room, she replied "I already told you."

"You said you could agree with me, you did not tell me what you think." I replied.

"Same thing." she said lookng at the wines.

"I don't think so" was the only response I could come up with.

Corol then walked toward me and when she was close enough she could wisper she said "When you touched my ass did you feel anything?" The knot returned to my throut.

"No" I replied looking right at her, swallowing hard "but I did not get a very good touch." As I said that I placed my hand around her to the top of her ass. I was still, waiting to see if there would be a reaction. No reaction, so my hand slid back down her ass, more deliberatly this time, purposly feeling her ass, her crack, down to the top of her thighs. Then when my hand came back up, it came up the other cheek, then back down. I basically was feeling up and down her ass. It felt so nice. I was breathing hard, she was breathing hard. "Do you keep it shaved?" I wispered to her. She knew what I was asking about. She just barely got out "No, but it is trimed very close." I let out a sigh. This was a hot moment. I was still rubbing her ass. The only reply I could get out was "Me too......we think alike." She just gave out a little smile.

"I would love to see it" I said in a very quiet wisper.

"We better not...." was her answer, but as my hand felt down her ass and between her thighs, she followed up with a heavy sigh. I could feel her ass push against my hand.

I put my glass down and placed my other hand on her sweater feeling her breast and hard nipples press againt the fabrics. I gently kissed her. We were both breathing hard. She responded to my every touch. She pushed her ass agianst my one hand and her breast against my other hand. I was hard in my shorts, I had to adjust them to allow for the grwoing erection. It was quiet between us in that room, just our breathing. My hand on her ass started to pull up her dress, one grab at a time until I felt her naked skin underneath, then my hand was against her ass. She was right, she did not have panties on. except for the dress, sweater, and shoes, she was naked. I was so turned on. So was she, as I felt between her legs again, I felt a very wet pussy. My hand found her wet slit and as I started to rub it she bent forward a little for me to better feel.

I wanted her dress off, it was getting in the way of me touching her pussy. I know this is bad, my wife and her husband somewhere upstairs and outside, but we were hot and this situation was hot. The only thing I wanted besides not to get caught was to fuck Carol.

As I tried to slid my hand to the fron of he pussy, she suddenly pulle dmy hands away telling me that was enough and as she straighted her dress, she told me we needed to go back up stairs. As we walked out to the hallway, there was a door just a step further. I opened it and looked in to see a laundry room. WIth out a word I grabbed Carol and lead her in. She protested in a wisper, telling me that we needed to go upstairs. But I replied that I wanted to see her pussy first. She looked at me in disbelief at first and when she said "OK, one look, but then we need to go back."

She started to lift her dress , when I stoped her, lifted her up on the washer, leaned against her, looking right at her crotch area "OK, now show me",and she did, she rolled her dress up and showed me first her smooth thighs, then up to her crotch area and I could see she was telling the truth, she trimed her hairs very close, even shaving the edges a little. Very neat and tidy. I ran my hands up her thighs, feeling her soft touch. She protestd in a wisper, but I told her I wanted to see it with her legs spread. So with her legs apart, she lifted her dress again. She was wet. I leaned down and kissed her thighs, each one. She grabed my head and protested again.

"I just want a little taste" I said, kissing my way up her thighs. She let me kiss my way up to her pussy, even holding the dress up for me. I lifted one of her knees to spread them further apart. She was wide open, and I licked like a hungry kitten at milk. She just leaned back and slid her thighs apart, moving her pussy against my mouth. I could hear her wisper "Yes" "ohhh" "Ummm". My cock was hard. I looked up to her eyes as i fingered her clit, "Show me your breast" I asked. She said nothing, she unbuttoned the top half of her sweater and then the top buttons of her dress, spread them open and sspweezed her nipple together so I could see them. As long as I licked her, she played with her nipples to show them to me as I looked up. We stayed in that laundry room, with me licking her pussy and she fingering her nipples until I made her cum from eating her pussy....

conclusion next.

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