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Sister in laws first time. Couple, first time.

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Brittany was young. A little too young for the body that God had given her. And definatly too young for the thoughts I was thinking. Plus she was my wife's little sister. We had often flirted innocently, mostly her, and she hinted at experience and knowledge I new she didn't have. And damn she was sexy.

On the day my wife's father was hospitalized with a minor heart problem, Brittany looked sexier than usual. Her low cut blouse revealed a chest of a woman a few years older than this girl. And her tight black pants made my crotch grow a few sizes. She also seemed to flirt more than usual.

When it becam apparant that their dad would have to spend the night, my wife decided to stay at the hospital with him. So they asked if i minded driving Brittany and her little brother home. I reluctantly agreed, saying i wanted to stay with my wife, but that was not the source of my reluctance. My thought process of spending time with Brittany excited me, and i was scared.

In the car she turned up the flirting another notch, giving me the sultry looks a girl her age should be able to give. And she continuasly placed her hand on my leg when talking. When we stopped to eat, she sat close and leaned even closer when talking, as if she had some great secret to keep from her brother.

"Are you going to buy me a drink?" she asked teasingly.

"I am not." I told her. You know you are too young for that. You are really showing me your bad side today."

"I would show you a lot more if you ask nicely." She said in a voice that made my knees week.

I did not persue the conversation, though her little brother asked to see what she wanted to show me.

Once we arrived she asked me to come in for a while, saying her mom wanted me to look after them. I did, against my better judgment. I need to get home and do something about my now three hour old erection. It had to be obvious.

Inside she quickly sent her brother to his room for a nap, then dissappeared. She soon came back wearing some impossibly tight, incredibly short shorts, and a tank top to match. My heart skipped a few beats at the site. She was not super skinney, but perfectly thick in the right places.

"I needed to get more comfortable." She said, sitting next to me.

"There is no way you are comfortable in that." I replied, inching away, though I didn't want to. I had felt the warm softness of her young body and I loved it.

"Then I guess you will just have to help me get comfortable then." She said, sliding towards me. "I could take it off." She teasingly pulled one strap of her tank top down a little.

"No' I said, grabbing her hand to stop her. Mistake.

At my touch, something seem to break in both of us. For her it stopped being a childish game and turned into a real life seduction. For me she stopped being a child and my wife's little sister. We locked eyes and both moved closer.

"You have helped me so many times." She said. "You always make me feel beter when I am down. Make me feel good now."

"I want to." I murmered. "But you are a little girl."

"I am not," she replied heatedly. "I have my drivers liscense. And you think I am sexy don't you?"

I did not answer. She leaned close enough that her hair brushed my neck. Her hand was on my leg, very high up. It felt incredible.

"Say that you think I am sexy."

"God Brittany, you are so sexy."

That was all it took. Suddenly my mouth found hers and we were kissing. Deeply and passionatly. It seemed to last forever and she tasted so sweet. Her tounge was soft and warm in my mouth.

After a while I stopped. and looked down at her sexy young body. I was hungry for her and wanted everything, no matter how wrong it was.

"Why did you stop?" She asked. "THat was the best kiss ever."

"I didn't stop." I told her. "Just looking at what I am about to have."

I pushed her back on the couch and began kissing her stomach. I knew now that she had been all talk and had little experience with boys. She gasped and moaned and bucked like crazy. I knew she was a little afraid, but she had asked for this. Soon, her big, sexy breasts were out of her tank top. They tasted so good and they were so soft in my hands. I massaged them for a long time, as she got more and more relaxed. Then i moved downward.

I slid off her short shorts, ans she was not wearing panties. I was suprised to find her pussy shaved. She said she had learned that from my wife. It looked so sexy and I could see how wet it already was. As I gently rubbed my fingers across it, she wentcrazy and became even hotter and wetter. Oh God it was so sexy the way she moaned and moved. Before long I inserted a finger into her wet pussy and found her clit. She like it more even than my wife did.

I was soon finger fucking her and he hands somehow undid my zipper and we pulled off my pants. She gasped again when she saw how hard I was, but she was unsure what to do. I pulled her hand down and placed her fingers around the hard shaft. She liked it and soon figured out what to do. As she stroked, I had to fight down the urge to cum right there. I soon had all I could take. I laid her all the way back, and slowly placed myself over her. I saw fear but also anticipation on her face. I slowly placed the head of my dick on her pussy and pushed gently into her. Her earlier reactions had been nothing to this. She screamed and began pulling me harder into her. I lost all my intentions of being gentle for her first time. I thrust continuasly, and neither of us even worried about waking her little brother. We were both making a lot of noise.

"Oh, god, oh god, oh god." she screamed. "I want this all the time."

"God Brittany, you feel good." I moaned. "So tight. so hot. Oh yeah."

Our fucking got hotter and harder until I could no longer hold back. I came deeep and hard inside her in an incredible climax, and I felt her body quiver and hard her screams saying she was cumming too.

Afterwards we lay there trying to get our breath. Finally, we looked at each other and smiled. I could not wait to teach Brittany, my wife's little sister all about oral sex.

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