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She loves it, but feels guilty -continued

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So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Kathy was on all fours and Todd was fucking her deep in the ass with his 9+ inch coke like cock. Since he had already cum 3x, he was able to fuck her tight little ass for about ½ hour before shooting a final load deep in Kathy?s ass. It was incredible. I had never seen her so aroused and turned on. After they finished, Kathy fell right to sleep and Todd got up and said his good-byes and left. Even though Kathy really liked him, we never heard or saw him again. To say the least, Kathy was very disappointed, BUT it did open her up sexually. From there we started frequenting swing clubs about once a month. She fucked a few guys and played a little with a couple of girls. However, it wasn?t our scene. While I liked even the watching part (love being a voyeur) the club scene turned Kathy completely off. It was just too pushy and she felt obligated. I guess a lot of it was my fault. Remember, the club scene was new to me also and there were times where I was too pushy. I felt like if the visit to the club didn?t result in sex, it was a waste of good $$$. I should have let her go at her own speed and realized there would be nights where nothing happened. We did continue to meet single guys off swing sites and while most of them were ?very weird,? Kathy did bring a guy home on several occasions and the sex was always good for her. Many times I thought she might be faking it, but realized it was real when she always wanted more. However, we did make a dramatic realization- single guys ?cum? and go. While they promise to keep in touch, that never happens. We even had a few guys that eventually called back after a few years. This made her feel ?slutty? (which she is definitely not!). In addition, it was always the same scenario, Kathy wouldn?t want to meet anybody, eventually would say yes, meet and have great sex, feel guilty afterwards?.etc?

After about a year of playing like this we hit our bottom in the swing scene. It all started when we met this married couple. Oh yeah, we later found out married but not to each other. They were very friendly and attractive. Their names were Sue and John. It went slowly at first and than they started coming over to our house. The sex was mainly myself fucking Kathy and John fucking Sue. Once in a while Kathy would play and suck John (he had a really small cock) and touchy/feely with Sue. There was something missing. Maybe it was that they were both about 6 feet tall and I am only 5?6? and Kathy 5?2?. The unusual part about it was that Kathy and Sue became really friendly outside the bedroom?talking on the phone, lunch dates but nothing sexual (I am positive about that for those wondering). Than one night the bottom feel out. John and Sue came over and Kathy said ? I am not in the mood for anything sexual, how about we all just go out for dinner and a movie? John and Sue looked at each other, turned around and left. We never even heard from them again. This was devastating to Kathy. She felt used, abused and slutty and swore no more playing around ever. I honored her wishes and while I did make suggestions once in a while, I never pushed it (honestly, I didn?t. No really, honestly I didn?t. Okay, don?t believe me, but it is the truth).

So, up to about 2 years ago nothing happened at all. Than, one day we were shopping at the Mall and Kathy saw this very beautiful, but expensive blouse that she wanted. She asked me if I could buy for her and I usually get want she desires (if I can). However, this particular blouse was very expensive and I told her that money was a little tight this month. She agreed and said ok no problem. I thought it was forgotten about, when she turned to me and said, ?If you buy me the blouse I will fuck whoever you want. I will even go to a club and play with couples. Within a matter of moments the blouse was purchased and paid for!! When we got home, I asked her when she wanted to do this and she replied next Friday night. Well, when that night came around she said she was sick and asked if we could make it another Friday night. This went on for about another month when finally one Friday, Kathy angrily said to me that she had no intentions to keep her promise. While this annoyed me that she was breaking a promise (it truly had nothing to do with the swinging) I said Ok and moved along. However, what continued caused a MAJOR argument that lasted a long time. She than said that I was crazy and sick to still want this. My reply was that if you don?t want to keep your promise fine, but do not attack me on this issue.

So, again nothing happened or was even spoken about until about a year ago. One Friday night we went out for a movie and than went to an outdoors bar to have a few drinks. While sitting there, this guy named Scott sat down next to her and struck up a conversation. Scott is the spitting image of the guy from the television series LOST (forget his name.) They talked for hours and got along fabulously. When Scott excused himself to go to the restroom, Kathy turned to me and said that I had ?set up? this meeting. I told her that I had absolutely nothing to do with it and that was the truth (it was and is, never spoke or met Scott before.) The evening continued and we went barhopping and had a few drinks. Kathy kept saying to me, whenever we had a few moments alone, that she was not going to invite Scott home. I told her, ?fine, whatever you want. It is your decision totally.? However, at the end of the night while we were saying our goodbyes, Kathy turned to Scott and invited him to our home for a drink. I was shocked.

When we got home, they had a drink and I went out on the patio for a few minutes to unwind. When I came back in, Kathy was sucking on Scott?s long, long cock (not too thick). They went into the bedroom and sucked and fucked for a few hours. It was never discussed between Kathy and I about why she changed her mind. I just let it flow. Of course we never heard or saw Scott again. However, this time Kathy didn?t seem bothered by that.

After realizing what happened, a few months later I was chatting with a guy online and from his pictures he looked ?hot?. So, I arranged for him to meet Kathy. However, this time it was to be different. It was to be a complete ?surprise? and Kathy was to know nothing about it ever. Sure, enough they met had great sex and until this day, Kathy has no idea that it was pre-arranged.

I have come to realize that Kathy loves the sex with other people, it just the ?set up? and stigma that she dislikes intensely. So, I have closed the swing scene conversation with her and try to make everything a surprise meeting. So, that is where it is at. I am looking for her to meet couples and select single guys for a surprise meeting without her knowledge. I tell everybody that friendship first is a must and never a guarantee of anything sexual happening. However, is it possible to meet people in this scene and be friends over a period of time outside the bedroom?

I would love replies and suggestions. No, we are not nuts..Well maybe a little.


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