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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "She Agreed To Let Me Watch Her Sex With Another Man".


She agreed to let me watch her sex with another man.

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We have been married for 28 years and they have been good years. It has taken some doing for her to let me do the things I like in sex, but she has been a good trooper and has agreed throught out the years to forfill my fantasies. We have had three experince in ten years, and the first two have not been so great as to list and talk about them.

This last one I think can be written about because to me it was the best time of our sex life.

My wife Connie, is the idea women. She does everything for me that a man would want a women to do. When I come home from work the food is alsways done and withen 15 minutes after coming home I am eating. Her dress ware is always beautiful and sexy.

I have been trying for years to convince her to let another man make love to her while I watch. She has consistantly said no, that is to dangeous and she cant do that. Connie has the most beautiful legs and ass that you would ever want to see. Her breast are small 32A but her hips are to die for. Anyway I have been the only boyfreind she has ever had and I was the one that broke her cherry.

While making love to her I never gave up asking about the love making with another man. Well she agreed to let us try and I could not believe that she actually gave permission to let me watch while she is being made love to. the condition was that he must perform a messarge. Well I went on the SLS system and search for a messsuer. I find one and made contact. I filled him in on the do's and don't of encounter. I went back and told Connie that I found some one and that he was a nice looking guy.

Well the big day came, and I rented a hotel room and she put on a tight fitting dress with high heels with the proper perfume and make up on..she looked beautiful.

We waited at the hotel room, for Bill to arrive and it felt like an internaty. The agreement was that she would get a messarge and at some point he would gently start feeling her in her body parts and then as he see's the opportunity he would start eating out her pussy.

Well it happen, he came with his table and we were nervous as hell. he set up and she went to the bathroom to change. When she came out, I think Bill was surpise at her body how good she looked. Well he had bought candles with him we shut the lights off and he light the room with with them.

She got on top of the table and was covered with towel. He started the messarge while she was on laying on her stomack. He was professional and he rub her nice and firm getting her body parts complete..She was relaxing more and just laying there while he worked her back over. I looked at his underwear and notice that he was starting to get a hard on. After a while he turned her over and on her back and he started to work her breast which she let expose after droping her towel. He put oil on her body and did her legs and body. At certain times he would rub near her pussy and she was starting to react to his touch I could in her facial expression. I myself had a hard on allready and Bill had one already.

Well finally he stop touching her, and put his mouth in her pussy and starting eating her out...to my surprise she lifted her legs wide apart and so he could have real good access to her pussy. Bill was a professional eater because he really was doing a job on her...I was holding one legs up for her as she was laying on the table and the other legs was being supported by the wall she was leaning her legs on. This went on for about 5 minutes..

Finally I asked them, to go to the bed. and Connie got up from the table and went to bed. Now this is new to me. because when she went to bed she put her beautifull as up at the edge of the bed and made a beutiful apple immage of it for easy penetration. I was surpise since she has never made a target like that for me. Well anyway Bill now took off her underwear and to my surpise his coak was just like he said. 8.5 and very thick. Mine is 5.5 and regular.

Well when I saw that and Connie eyes were close. He softly penetrated her at the edge of the bed and she started to moan immediately. I was getting a real good thrill watching him pump her. He did this for a while and Connie change position again. She went to the center of the bed and lifted her legs wide open and he got her that way. I could see his big dick intering her, and watch as she pump her good..I had always told her that she could take a big coak. She was enjoying every minute of it. Again she stoped and put a pillow and she layed on top of it with her stomack on it as he entered her from the rear..I heard her moan again loader this time. this went on for quite sometime..When Bill got tired I filled in with my own fucking at every different positions. I just did not want to come yet, until Bill came first. well anyway we went like this for about 3 hours with out stop, just to wipe our self from all sweat.

He told her at the edge of the bed with her legs up and he really let her have it with his 8.5 coak. she was moaning all the time..

Finally after what I thought we could not go on like this forever, I said to Bill to end it because we would like to go..he said alright.

He asked her to turn around and lay on her stomack and put a pillow again for lifting her beautiful ass up high since she as beautifully one. He hit her so hard like that, and she was almost screaming with every stroke of his...this went on for some time...I touch my self and I came, I could not take it anymore...Well at the rate he was going he was not coming and the sweat was coming down like rain water and she was taking a pounding. She ask to turn turn around and that she wanted get on top of him. He clean dryed himself up, and layed on his back..She mounted him and I could see him coak was straigt up and she liked that animal. Well she got on top of him...something that she does not do for me much. I expected a soft horsey ride from her since our experience dictates that.

Well she put that penis deep in side her while she rode him and this is where I got a new experiece from her..She rode him super hard and fast..something new for me to see her at..I was almost jealous with envie...she really was enjoying his coak all the way inside her...she did this for a long time, and I could see that Bill legs were taking that cuming position...she never let up on her ryedom and hard ridig him...finaly it happen he came and I was glad.

We clean up and close down....I really enjoyed the whole thing and ask Connie to do it again...she said maybe twice a year and that would be it...I am now working on getting her to swing with another comparable partner..she has agreed for the future.

I did not mention that Bill in the begining of the ate her out and she came with him, taking a load satisfying love call.

Take care...true story...I am blessed to have a women that lets me enjoy this...Jonnie.

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