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Secret Society

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Secret Society by author Javon64

Mindy and I had been good friends for a little over four years when she hinted that she wouldn’t mind if I slept with her husband Glenn. Of course my initial thought was that she was prodding to see if I secretly wanted to sleep with her husband behind her back. However upon discussing the idea further—in a roundabout way—I realized that she couldn’t be more serious. While she never came right out and said, “Yvette, would you fuck my husband,” the implication was about as visible as a purple baboon.

The fact that my husband Darrin and Glenn were so tight made Mindy’s and my conversation feel somewhat awkward to say the least. Well to me it did. Because again, I still wasn’t certain that she wasn’t simply testing my loyalty as a friend, especially since I knew how insanely jealous and territorial she was about Glenn. Therefore I couldn’t begin to fathom her being alright with another woman sleeping with him, regardless who that woman was.

As the conversation progressed, little by little my perception of Mindy and her husband was slowly changing. For starters, although Glenn and she had never done anything like that which she was insinuating, from what I was getting they were seriously entertaining the possibility of trying out the swinger lifestyle.

To most people, swingers are a part of a secret society and looked at as being wild, self-indulgent couples who find pleasure in swapping and sharing partners with other swinging couples. To most folks this kind of pleasure-seeking freedom in a committed relationship is considered an abomination—which is why I didn’t tell Mindy, straight away, that Darrin and I were indeed swingers. I had to be sure about her first.

Mindy confided to me that after several years of being together, her sex life with her husband was in desperate need of a major overhaul. She said that they had tried everything short of cheating to get their sexual mojo going again in the bedroom, but even those ideas had become routine. But one night after a hot, mind-blowing role-playing scenario where they both pretended to be other people, they had an epiphany. What if we really slept with different people after all these years of being monogamous? After discussing the option of partner swapping they came to the conclusion that if the situation was right they could do it. And by right situation they meant if they found a couple whom they both felt comfortable with and trusted.

At the time of Mindy’s and my conversation, Darrin and I had been swinging for nearly two years and loving every minute of it. Like Mindy and Glenn, we too had been together a number of years and had been sidelined by a ditch in our bedroom. But unlike the average couple, who would have either cheated or slowly drifted apart, we were realistic enough to know that our bedroom boredom was likely the result of years of the same intimacy routines. Once we were able to admit that, we began to understand how most marriages and relationships eventually failed, and why those that did survive most likely did so through the help of affairs by either one or both partners. Darrin and I knew we loved one another dearly, and could never foresee a life without each other, but understood that sometimes love just isn’t enough. Sex is a major part of any relationship between two people and to think otherwise is just living in a fairytale with an unhappy ending. It wasn’t until our paths crossed with another couple, who happened to be seasoned swingers, that we realized what our relationship needed to get the spice back.

Some people might think that committed people in relationships who sleep with other people damage their bond with each other, but that wasn’t the case with Darrin and me. Contrary to popular belief swinging has brought us closer, because now there truly isn’t anything that we can’t tell one another. Plus, we have an agreement to never sleep with anyone before first introducing that person or persons to one another and hanging out a couple of times. While all of this may sound crazy and disgusting to some, it’s the sole reason Darrin’s and my sex life and relationship has surpassed the point where statistics predict most marriages will come to an end.

After listening to Mindy to get a valid reading on her hidden motives, I concluded that her intentions were sincere, and thus opted to tell her about my husband and me.

“Mindy, can you keep a secret?” I asked bringing my voice to a low whisper, although she and I were the only two people at my house.

“Girl, you know you can tell me anything,” she replied with this energized look in her eyes, as if she somehow knew what I was going to reveal would rectify her and Glenn’s problem.

“Darrin and I are swingers.”

“Girl, quit playing!” she screamed in wide-eyed shock and disbelief. “You and Darrin! When…where, how? I mean…how is it…what is it like? Do you guys enjoy it? Who do you sleep with?” she rambled, spewing question upon question full of exuberance and curiosity.

“Hehehe,” I laughed, “Damn girl, slow down and breathe. We’ve been swinging almost two years now. We first entertained the thought a few years ago when we realized that the sexual energy between us wasn’t as strong as it once was. After trying a number of things to get our love life back on track, without much success, we happened across a swinging couple who convinced us to give the lifestyle a try. They were the first two people that Darrin and I had ever slept with since being together and let me just say the experience was simply amazing. As for your question of who do we sleep with…other swinger couples who we’re comfortable with after getting to know each other.”

Speechless for a few moments, enthralled and hanging on to my every word, Mindy hesitated before asking, “So hypothetically, if I wanted to sleep with Darrin, you wouldn’t be opposed to the idea?”

“Why…do you want to sleep with my husband?” I asked knowing all too well that that was the case and she couldn’t come right out and say it. “It’s okay…you can tell me. If you and Glenn are seriously considering this lifestyle you have to totally relinquish the notion that you’re each other’s private property. That way of thinking has been molded into your mind since birth and is the biggest reason some can’t hack this lifestyle. So to answer your question, it would not bother me one bit if you slept with Darrin. In fact I’m sure Darrin would jump at the opportunity being that he already thinks that you have a nice ass.”

Surprised by my brazen bluntness her only response was, “Oh..umm, wow…I don’t know what to say. I guess the cat got my tongue,” she said with a bashful red tint to her complexion while giggling in retreat.

Sensing her sudden trepidation I moved to relieve some of her pressure. “Look, I understand all of this is new for you, which is why I think you and Glenn should talk some more before making a decision. I won’t pressure you, but I will say that this lifestyle is not for everyone. Some women and men become nauseous at the sheer thought of sharing their significant other with another person and thus could never appreciate the benefits of such an arrangement. While others, such as Darrin and myself, take pleasure in knowing that it’s just about sexual enjoyment and at the end of it all we know where each other’s hearts lie.”

After leaving Mindy with some food for thought I told her that if at any time she had any questions that my door was always open.

The following Friday, I received a phone call from Mindy, letting me know that after discussing things with Glenn, they had reached a decision. They were down to give the swinging lifestyle a try, but only if it was with a couple such as Darrin and me, a couple that they knew and trusted.

I had already briefed Darrin ahead of time about my first little revealing chat with Mindy, so as not to keep him out the loop. Therefore when I told him that she and Glenn were down as long as their first time was with us, he was thrilled. The whole shindig was to take place at their home later that evening. Darrin and I were to come over to hang out like any other typical weekend and let things take their course from there.

The way it typically works is the couple hosting the party is usually responsible for the prophylactics and any other toys or videos they may want to use. But being that this was their first time, Darrin and I supplied the condoms and an x-rated video to help get everyone in the mood.

That night when we arrived at their place it was obvious they were both a little nervous, which was understandable being that this was their first time doing anything like this. Both of them were dressed comfortably, Mindy clad in blue jeans and a Michigan sweatshirt, and Glenn in a pair of khakis and an Ohio State t-shirt.

For most newbies to this lifestyle the typical fear is that the other person in the room is going to outperform them sexually and make them look bad. But once they get over that and realize that it’s not about whose dick is the biggest or who has the better dick-riding technique, they soon relax and just enjoy the sexual experience as a whole.

Seated across from the lovely couple, Darrin and I were seated on the loveseat. Earlier that day he and I had agreed that we would probably have to be the ones to initiate things being that we were the veterans. So to give things a nudge in the right direction, we broke the ice by popping in the DVD we brought and eye-flirting across the room with our partners to try and loosen them up. Once the movie was playing my husband took things a step further by suggesting that we all swap seating positions so that everyone would be near their sex partner for the night.

Once everyone was seated comfortably with their eyes glued to the television Darrin gave me a sly head nod to signal me to kick things off. At gatherings such as these it’s customary for the women to make the first move. Darrin already knew that my pussy was wet for Glenn—the moment we found out they were thinking about swinging—and said he couldn’t wait to see me ride his friend’s dick.

Reaching over and taking Glenn by the hand, I slid it underneath my shirt and placed it on my breast while kissing up and down the side of his neck. The scent of his masculine cologne wafting past my nostrils had my pussy juices flowing. And judging by the bulge in his khakis his hormones were evidently off their leash as well.

Meanwhile across the room on the sofa, Darrin and Mindy were quickly in another pleasure zone of their own. In truth if we were racing to see which couple reached third base first, Glenn and I would have been in last place, because when I glanced over to their side Darrin’s dick was already out and her head was buried in his lap performing oral sex. She obviously wasn’t as shy as I took her for.

Eager to catch up I kissed a seductive path to Glenn’s moist lips while he continued to massage my erect nipples underneath my shirt with his hand. Fervent was the passion between my thighs as I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his erect penis. Guided solely by his soft moans, our tongues danced to the rhythm of our fluttering heartbeats as I caressed his shaft.

Although I was not new to the game of swinging, holding a new cock in my hand was an experience that never ceased to fill me with ardor. I could hardly contain myself while peeling away my garments of clothing and slinging them on the floor.

Restless with excitement, Glenn squirmed in his seat; his eyes locked on his wife and Darrin as I fondled his manhood while pulling his pants down around his ankles. No doubt he was taken aback by his dick’s reaction, pulsating and swelling as he watched his wife mount my husband’s cock and ride it for the first time. Most new couples are surprised by what they discover about their own kink while partaking in their first swing party. Many could never imagine receiving such an extreme rush from watching the love of their life get fucked by someone else—but more times than not that’s exactly what happens.

Likewise, Glenn’s amorous internal stir yielded a similar reaction in my own loins. I felt as though I was possessed by some almighty freak goddess with an unprecedented craving for the rigid dick that stood before me. My mouth salivated for his dick as I pushed him back, upright against the loveseat. We then assumed the sixty-nine position, me upside down in his lap sucking his dick, while he gripped my ass cheeks and planted his face in between my watery thighs.

Goodness, I kept thinking, this man’s tongue shole knows its way around a pussy. While I didn’t want to suffocate the poor guy, he didn’t leave me much of a choice, as he was squeezing my thighs against his face so tight, as if trying to milk me for all the pussy juices he could get.

“Mmmmm…” I cooed in between licks of his firm shaft. “Damn, you gone make me cum in your mouth if you keep doing that.”

Ignoring my warning and applying even more tongue, pressing my thighs even tighter against his face, Glenn ate me until my warning came into fruition and I came in his mouth.

Afterwards my clit was oversensitive causing my legs to quiver at the slightest touch from his chin. So to spare me a few moments to contain myself, I stood and got him a condom so as to fulfill my husband’s request…and ride his friend’s dick.

Once the condom was rolled down all snug and tight over his cock I couldn’t wait to climb on top and feel it inside me.

Turning my back so that I could face my husband and Glenn’s wife, I eased down on top of him, exhaling in ecstasy as his dick parted my lips to enter me. Then taking hold of his hands, I laid back on his chest, placing them on my breasts so that he could play with my sensitive nipples while we slow-grinded together.

Across the way, Darrin had positioned Mindy in the same direction as us so that the couple could feed off one another’s energy. Our plan was to teach them that contrary to popular belief, just because they were sexing different partners didn’t mean they couldn’t share that experience with one another.

Right away it was clear that our idea was working perfectly. Mindy’s grinding motion seemed in wonderful rhythm with her husband’s as their eyes connected across the room. Darrin’s whole dick was buried deep inside my friend’s pussy, as her husband’s dick was buried deep in mine; therefore I knew it wouldn’t be long before both men squirted.

Hoping to cum once more before my stiff friend, I slid one of his hands down between my legs to rub my clit, heightening the sensation between us both. My pussy was getting wetter with each passing second as I moaned, “Oooh that’s it…like that,” while grinding down faster and harder on top of him.

Mindy, eyeing the whole thing from atop my own personal throne did the same with my husband’s hand and before long all four of us were squealing in unison while giving birth to one big orgasm after another.

Dumbfounded by the physical and spiritual connection that had just been achieved the satisfied couple invited us to stay the night.

Accepting their invitation we soon learned their real reason for the overnighter.

They wanted to go another round.


Baptizing virgin swingers into this society is always a pleasure for experienced couples like Darrin and me, because of the overwhelming amount of zeal they possess. For Glenn and his wife, being in the presence of one another while they got off with different partners was a surreal experience in itself. Never did either of them imagine that when they got married there would come a day when they would take delight in seeing each other sexually satisfied by someone else.

However as Darrin and I came to learn, and as you reading this will one day come to learn, that without good sex the love you and your partner share just isn’t enough. In the beginning when the sex begins to dwindle you will tell yourself lies such as, “Sex isn’t that important,” or “We love each other, that’s what matters most,” while the love you believe in so much simply withers away.

We who belong to the secret society believe that true love is unconditional. We don’t place restrictions on our love because to do that it would cease to be love, wouldn’t it? To allow your partner the sexual gratification of someone besides yourself, we believe is the ultimate form of love a person could ever show.

Anything else is just an illusion…

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