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Room 101

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Room 101 by author Javon64 from 'The Chapters of Ecstasy'

It was the seventh straight day that the new guest in Room 101 had a Do Not Disturb sign on her door. Our hotel manager has strict rules about the cleanliness of our facilities; therefore, sign or no sign, we have the right to enter as housekeepers. If you’re a female like me this can be rather awkward, especially if you happen to walk in on a man or woman getting out of the shower or having sex. Nevertheless, the manager still wants every room that’s occupied by guests to be thoroughly cleaned every three days, no exceptions. For me, this is where my job gets difficult, when I have to bother paying guests that have made it blatantly clear that they want to be left alone. Rumor had it that the woman that occupied Room 101 was a real bitch. Her name was Mrs. Freeman, and apparently she was the president of some high-profile company in upstate New York. Four or five times a year she comes down for business meetings with her other branches, during which she stays at our hotel of course. A few of our cleaning staff have had run-ins with her which resulted in them losing their jobs. Horror stories let me tell ya. I knew perfectly well that by not cleaning Room 101 for the past seven days I was putting my job at serious risk. But hell, if I happened to get into it with this lady my job would still be in jeopardy. I was doing serious mental gymnastics, I swear. I couldn’t afford to get fired so there was only one thing left to do. I made up my mind that I would at least knock on the door and if no one was in, I would do my cleaning and leave. If by chance Mrs. Freeman was in the room, I’d just politely ask if I could get her anything such as towels or wash cloths.

It just so happened that I’d seen our unfriendly guest on two occasions while doing other rooms. She was a tall, attractive woman that looked completely the opposite of what you’d expect after hearing the horror stories and all. She was always polite to me when we passed one another in the hall. Judging from her high-profile position, I took her to be in her middle to late thirties. She had nicely toned legs, and an even nicer size and shape for a woman her age, indicating that she either worked out regularly or knew the whereabouts of the fountain of youth. Working as a housekeeper for eleven years taught me to read little subtle details about people—that and the things that you stumble upon in their rooms.

On this particular day, I decided to work backwards on my cleaning list so that Room 101 would be the last one I did. I figured that by making that room last, maybe with a little luck she’d be out. When I finally did make it to her room, as expected the Do Not Disturb sign was still hanging on the doorknob. I lightly knocked twice while announcing, “Housekeeping” before entering. Once inside I saw that I was in luck—she was out. Usually when guests keep us from coming in for such long periods, the room looks like a tornado hit it. But to my surprise, Mrs. Freeman’s room was in good standing. Everything was in perfect order except for the bed, but this was normal. I immediately started with the bed, being that’s the longest chore. I was hoping that I could get in and out before she came back. I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to confronting people, and she was definitely one woman I did not want to piss off.

When I threw the comforter on the floor to change the sheets, my mouth dropped in utter disbelief as a large vibrator was flung from underneath. I’d never seen a vibrator up close before but knew all about them from overhearing girl gossip in the break room. The other housekeepers would gossip often about the many vibrators they would find in guest’s rooms and how they were tempted to use them. I myself thought that was extremely nasty to even consider using someone else’s vibrator, especially when my fingers had always worked just fine. My initial thought was to pull the covers back over the bed like nothing happened and just leave—but I was curious. Hesitantly, I picked up the vibrator off the floor and was amazed at how soft it felt. The length was more than I’d ever experienced from any man, but then again I hadn’t been with that many. I didn’t have a ruler but it looked to be about seven or eight inches. I was kind of nervous, standing in this room, holding another woman’s dick in my hands, but I was aroused by it as well. All kinds of images of Mrs. Freeman using this rubber dick started flashing through my head. I couldn’t believe that a nice looking woman—sexy as she was—needed such a thing, especially since by her looks alone she could have easily had any man that she wanted. I, on the other hand, didn’t have a life, so it was more understandable why my lonely nights were spent clenching pillows in-between my legs.

The more that I thought about my own lonely nights at home, the hornier and more curious I got just holding the vibrator. All I’d ever masturbated with were my fingers and I hadn’t even done that recently. I was overdue for some personal attention. If this toy felt this real just by touching it with my hands, I was starting to wonder how good it must feel pushed up inside me. Naw, that’s nasty, I shunned the thought, while contemplating doing exactly what I’d thought to be nasty and disgusting. At closer inspection of the vibrator, I could still see traces of Mrs. Freeman’s cum ring around the base, indicating recent usage. She must have used it this morning, I thought to myself, aroused by the very notion. I can’t explain it but seeing her cum stuck to the vibrator was beginning to turn me on. I was extremely tempted at this point. Who would know? I was trying to convince myself. I nervously took another quick glance around the room, before heisting up my housekeeping dress to get a quick sample. I reached my hand under my uniform to slide my panties aside and they were already damp with excitement. My God, I’m horny! At that point, I desperately needed to satisfy this curious yearning I was having… so I went for it. Taking one last glance at the door for safe measure, I slowly inserted Mrs. Freeman’s long, brown love toy into my craving pussy. As it slid inside, I was trembling from the sensation that it sent through my body as my juices engulfed its plastic, inch by inch. “Damn, I’ve been missing out,” I moaned. The feeling was so insanely good that I unconsciously moaned out loud. That’s when I heard the door slowly creaking open… accompanied by a woman’s voice.

“Hello?” repeated the woman’s voice. As soon as I heard the door opening I froze out of the fear of being caught. Like a person in a vegetative state, I was unable to move as Mrs. Freeman had returned to find me with her vibrator stuck up my soaking wet pussy. At that moment I was too embarrassed to even think about losing my job. That didn’t even cross my mind because life as I knew it had just come to an end. Just when I thought she was about to storm back out and report me to the hotel manager, she did the complete opposite and hung the Do Not Disturb sign back out. Now I was confused… and surprised, as I watched her come inside the room and close the door behind her.

After the door was secured, she turned to me with a delighted look on her face and said, “I see you found Bob.” I attempted to explain but she put her finger on my lips. “It’s ok. Let me show you how to use him properly,” she told me while unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt.

“But… I’m not gay,” I stuttered timidly, almost afraid I might offend her.

“Don’t worry, dear, I’m not either,” she replied with a self-assured grin. “Just relax. You might enjoy it.” Nervously, I sat on the end of the bed, taking everything in while trying to calm myself. Why couldn’t I just get up and leave that instant? I wondered. Maybe, subconsciously, I wanted this to happen.

Mrs. Freeman then instructed me to continue satisfying myself as though she never interrupted. She said that she was extremely turned on by it. I didn’t know if I could though. She then removed her bra, letting her creamy white breasts jump out, all erect and firm. I watched enviously, wishing my breasts were as firm. “Lick ‘em,” she told me in a seductive but forceful tone that I was willing to bet the average horny guy would have paid to hear. She stepped out of her skirt, allowing it to fall down to the floor around her ankles. Gently pushing me back onto the bed, she crawled on top of my trembling body, brushing her breast against my lips. Instinctively, I grabbed her breast with my mouth, almost savagely, and began tracing my virgin tongue around her erect nipples. She moaned and groaned how good my mouth felt on her. Watching this woman freely enjoying my inexperienced foreplay seemed to fuel me with enough confidence to do the same.

She reached underneath my uniform, pushing my hand away from Bob, and took control while whispering, “Let me show you.” Taking Bob in one hand, she pulled my wet panties off with the other and guided him throughout corners of my pussy that were undiscovered even by me. I came again and again and then some more. Then, sliding down to the foot of the bed on her knees, she told me that she was about to, “do something for me that no man could.”

My nerves were one big jumbled mess but I knew I didn’t want her to stop. Before I could even begin to imagine what she had in store for me, my body jerked as her experienced tongue entered my creamy insides for the first time. I quivered and squirmed as she performed magic on my clit with her pink wand. She was so experienced and gentle that she seemed to almost make my pussy cum on command. No man had ever made me feel so alive and good.

Her tongue danced around my clit as though it was possessed, sucking and spiting my juices back on my pussy until without warning she stuck one of her fingers up my tight virgin ass. With that, cum came running out of me as though she had found a pleasure spot I knew nothing about. After that, I was more willing than ever to be her helpless love slave. She manoeuvred my legs every which way she saw fit while kissing and caressing my body in places that I’d gladly repeat in private, if only I was flexible enough. Thirty minutes later and there I was, still on my back, legs in the air, begging her not to stop. I was whipped and I didn’t give a damn!

When she was finally done, we both shared a long sensual kiss from which I tasted myself for the first time. She then got up and invited me to share in a hot shower, but unfortunately my shift was about to end so I had to decline. I could have never explained clocking out that late anyway. Before leaving though, there were a lot of unanswered questions eating away at me, and one question in particular that just had to be answered. I had to know if all those terrible rumors about her being such a bitch and getting people fired were true, because I couldn’t see how they were. When asked, she hesitated at first and I got the feeling I wasn’t prepared for the answer. She then admitted to me that even though she was happily married, every now and then she liked to indulge in forbidden desires with women. She went on to explain how the vibrator in the bed was only bait for nosy or unsuspecting housekeepers like myself. Catching a housekeeper with her vibrator in hand made it easier for her to make a pass, rather than taking a chance and embarrassing herself. She said that by being in such a powerful position at her company she couldn’t afford for the wrong image of her to get out and damage her career, hence the real reason that those housekeepers were fired.

Apparently a few nosy housekeepers had fallen into the same vibrator trap that I fell into, but they refused to play house, resulting in their termination for fear of them talking. After she told me that, I didn’t know whether to feel used or lucky. I will say this, after that steamy afternoon in Room 101, Mrs. Freeman never returned to stay with us again, and I was never quite the same after that—often finding myself craving the touch of a woman’s mouth on me.

I’ve been with just two men after my little experience with Mrs. Freeman, and neither of them came remotely close to pushing the same buttons that she pushed that day.

I could never imagine asking a woman to join me for a night of unrestrained fun, though I yearn for a woman’s touch with each passing day.

The only thing left to do now is get up the courage to go out, purchase me a Bob like Mrs. Freeman… and see if I can lay a trap.

What do you think?

'The Chapters of Ecstasy'©2008. Javon64. All rights reserved.


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