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Perfect Strangers

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After checking into her hotel room, she went for a walk on the boardwalk. Newly divorced, she wanted a little "me time" and took off for a night or two by herself. It was winter and the ocean still looked as beautiful as it did in the summer. It was a chilly night, but not frigid, and she enjoyed the brisk evening air. Her stomach began to grumble and she realized that she was starving b/c she hadn't yet had dinner so she headed inside. She was a people watcher and she loved the hustle and bustle of the people as they made their way from casino to casino. She walked until she stumbled upon a little deli. She went in, sat down, placed her order and waited. As she was glancing around, she noticed a very attractive man sitting alone, he must have come in around the same time as her, as he had not begun eating yet either. What the Hell, she had nothing to lose. She stood up, leaving her coat hanging on her chair on the chance this didn't go according to her plan. She walked over to his table, "Are you dining alone, or are you expecting someone?" she asked. "I'm here for two nights on business and I'm alone. Would you like to join me?" HELLLL YEESSS!! She thought to herself. She composed herself before she spoke, "That sounds nice. I'll go get my things from my table and tell the waiter". And she did. He watched her ass as she walked away, hugged nicely in her black pants, her black leather boots made a dull clicking sound on the tile. Her eyes were a dark brown and they pierced right into his. Her face was flushed from her recent walk, and her cheeks had a nice, natural, crimson glow. She wore very little makeup, but she didn't need it. They seemed to hit it off quite well and there was never an awkward pause in their conversation. When they were done eating, he insisted on paying even though she resisted at first. Then she said that she would like to buy him a drink as a thank you. He happily accepted. While at the bar, she flirted shamelessly with him, touching his arms and chest every chance she could, even rubbing his upper, inner thigh once or twice, then as she moved her hand away, she'd let it lightly brush over the bulge in his pants. As she moved, her blouse would gap open and he tried to steal a peek inside, but all he could see was the black lace of her bra. How he wished she wasn't wearing one.... He was certain that if she only had on the blouse that he'd be able to catch a glimpse of some nip, the way the fabric in between the buttons opened. The bar was getting a little crowded, so they shared the same bar chair. With his back against the chair, he sat w/open legs and she sat on the edge of the chair, her ass snug against his crotch. She made sure to wiggle it against him every now and then. Clearly, she could tell that she was turning him on, as she felt him stiffen against her -- and she was getting moist herself... His left arm reached around to hold her so she wouldn't slide off. Every now and then, they'd kiss, and his hands would rub the sides of her legs and thighs. Once, after making sure no one was looking, he reached around front and playfully squeezed both her tits.... a little liquid bravery... After a few drinks and some more conversation at the bar, it was getting late, and much too crowded. So they got up to leave.Once they exited the bar, she initiated, "Would you like to come up to my room?" and after glancing around to make sure no one was watching, she boldly reached down to grab the bulge in his pants, letting her fingers wrap around him as best they could through the pants and she let them firmly slide up the length of him. He was hard and she said, "You like that, dontcha? There's more where that came from if you want to come to my room." He replied that he'd love to join her in her room. Once inside, she reached for his pants, undoing them and pulling them down as quickly as she could. She fell to her knees and took him into her warm, wet mouth. Her hands rubbed his balls, thighs and ass as her mouth wrapped around his cock. "Your mouth is fucking incredible", he said to her. "I know", she replied. She told him to undress and she did the same. She was not in the mood for polite lovemaking. She wanted him badly and being the bad girl that she was, she intended to show him just how much. He could hardly catch his breath trying to keep up with her. She pushed him onto the bed so that he was on his back and she climbed over him, straddling his lap, her hands on the mattress above his shoulders and her pussy hovering inches over his stiffened cock that jumped every time she lightly brushed her pussy over it. She kissed him fully and deeply on the mouth and let her tits drag over his chest. His hairs stood up and tickled her nipples and she sat back and played with them herself as he watched. He couldn't wait to touch her. He pulled her close so that they were chest to chest. "I want to fuck you" he said to her. "OH I know you do, I can feel it, but I'm going to make you wait until you're begging me for it. It will be worth the wait, I promise." She shamelessly wiggled her pussy over him, but wouldn't let him inside. She dangled her tits over his mouth so that he could suck them and she told him to finger her, which he did before rubbing his hands over her entire body. She told him that she wanted his hands everywhere, and that he had to earn his right to fuck her b/c tonight she was going to be the best fuck of his life. His hands did as they were told and roamed over every inch of her body. Her moans filled the room as his hands worked their magic over her body and she sat on him, rocking so that her swollen clit rubbed against his hard cock, her juices spilling over onto him, making them both slippery and wet. Sometimes her fingers would reach down to touch herself, sometimes his fingers would... When she arched up, he'd insert a finger or two inside of her and she'd stroke his cock with her hand.. She couldn't wait to ride his cock, but she wanted to make him beg for it....... so far he had only asked. "Please baby, let me feel what its like to be in your pussy. I want to fuck right now" he said. "Oh no, not yet" she replied. She rubbed her hands over his chest and stomach, her fingers catching in his hair as they made their way down to that hard column between his legs. She wrapped both hands around him, pulling and tugging at him, lowering her mouth over him, taking him deep into her mouth until he poked against the back of her throat. She massaged his balls and his eyes rolled back in his head and he gasped to catch his breath. Her mouth was fucking incredible, unlike any other he had ever felt. She lowered her mouth as far as she could until he was poking the back of her throat, making her cough and gag a little. Then she firmly slid her mouth up the length of him, then paused when she got to the head...... sucking at it, her mouth hot..... her tongue licking him......... licking every drop that leaked out of him so none of it was wasted...... His hands reached up to rub her tits, her skin was so soft and he told her so. She sat on him and squeezed her upper thighs together, enveloping his cock between them, and he thought he'd explode. He was aching and throbbing, his cock about ready to burst. He told her that he was ready to cum......... "Oh no, not yet you don't" she scolded, as she wickedly smiled at him, teasingly making a "no" motion with her finger. She saw him leaking, dripping down the sides of his shaft. She wiped some away with her fingertips and licked it off before bending to suck the head. "Please Baby, its time, you've teased me long enough, I need to fuck that pussy of yours. My cock is throbbing, aching to be inside you, please, please baby, please." Ah yes. He was begging... Time to give them what they both were here for. She told him, "I'm ready to fuck now". She raised up and then lowered onto him, wiggling until he was buried deep inside her. She raised and lowered her body over him, sliding up and down over his engorged cock..... sometimes she leaned forward so that her nips dragged over his chest, sometimes she dangled them over his mouth, letting them sway from side to side, teasing him, sometimes letting him catch one in his mouth and sometimes moving away before he was able. She leaned back now, arching, her hands holding onto his legs which were outstretched behind her. He had full view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as he watched her tits bounce around. Sometimes she'd reach up to fondle herself, tugging at her nips, sometimes he did it for her. Up and down she moved, over and over. His fingers were massaging her clit, which she was knew was going to burst at any given moment. "That's it....mmmm...... yessssss...... rub it just like that for me....." she purred, "Oooooh yesss...... keep doing it just like that...... mmmmm..... yessssss..... oh yeah, right there, right there, oh yes, that is perfect, just like that. Keep doing that.... oooh yes..... that's it........ tickle my clit ..... JUST. LIKE. THAT." She was bucking her hips wildly over him now, as his fingers continued their heated assault on her clit. He spoke to her, "Come on Baby, give it to me... let me feel you cum all over my cock..... come on baby... give it to me now......" And with that, her body began its convulsions as he continued to finger her clit and she rode his cock with wild abandon... their moans filling the air, both gasping for air, trying to catch their breath, as her body had spasm after spasm, clenching his cock inside of her.... over and over the waves coursed through her body at lightning speed, sending heated chills through her entire body, but intensified in her most sensitive area.... When she was done, she was the one to speak.... "Now its your turn". She braced her hands on the mattress so that her weight was not on his body and she moved her hips over him, drawing his cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy... his cock was poking her insides as she did, her creamy wetness spilling all around him as she moved over him. Once she let his cock slip out of her (on purpose, but she pretended it was an accident. "Ooops!" she teasingly said to him, "It fell out!" He thought he'd go mad, "BABY PLEEEASSE PUT IT BACK IN!!" He pleaded in desperation ....... "BABY, PLEASE" She smiled slyly at him and teasingly nodded her head "no". He reached down to jerk off, but she playfully slapped his hand away, replacing it with her mouth momentarily. "BABY PLEASE. I need to be in that wet pussy of yours. I'm so close to cumming, baby please, please don't do this to me, it feels so good that it almost hurts, PLEASE BABY PLEASE". Oh yes. Now she had him right where she wanted him. He was begging her. She straddled him, hovering inches above his throbbing cock, she held her pussy lips open with her fingers and asked, "Is this where you want to be?" ....... "OH YES" he gasped, his chest heaving rapidly.... and with that, she rose and lowered herself onto him once again, getting him in as deeply as humanly possible, frantically moving her body around, over and over she let him slide in and out of her, their bodies moved together in perfect unison, each matching the other in intensity and lust.... They fucked and fucked, and fucked and fucked........ his cock buried deep inside her hot, wet pussy..... and then finally he came and when he came he came HARD...... the intensity of it send heated chills throughout his entire body and his body shook on the bed....... he was gasping for air and she didn't let up until every drop had escaped him..... an explosive ending to an explosive session, a volcano erupting deep inside her. She continued to move him inside of her, until his every last spasm subsided............ and then she leaned forward, her exhausted body collapsing over his.... chest to chest........ her pussy still holding his cock in sweet victory.

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