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Our weekend away

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First, a bit about us. I am John and my wife is Lisa and we are both in our mid thirties with two young kids. We are physically fit and like to stay active. Our favorite activity is mountain and rock climbing. We own a condo in the mountains so we can persue our adventures and we go up there often.

We are good friends with another couple, Eric and Dana. They are like us in many ways including being attractive but not what I call "the beautiful people" and physically fit, along with sharing many interests with us These interests include, as we now know, adventurous sex. We suspected something was up because they were rather flirtatious. Eric was always touching Lisa and making interesting suggestive remarks. I would flirt with Dana in a sort of retaliation, and never met resistance. We never acted on these actions, but Lisa and I discussed and fantasized about them after almost every time we got together with them. Lisa even tried to bring up the idea of swapping husbands with Dana, but it didn?t pan out to anything interesting other than small talk and jokes.

We decided to invite them up to the mountains for a weekend without the kids. Lisa and I discussed what might happen and wanted to see how far they were willing to go. Just the thought of the possibilities was really a turn on. After the kids were delivered to their weekend getaway on Friday evening (grandmom and grandpops house), we drove up to the mountains. This is normally a three to four hour ride so when we got there, we were hungry and tired. After eating and having a few beers, we went to sleep.

We were up early the next morning to gather our gear and to do some climbing on some relatively non-technical routes. It was sunny but cool (it was late fall), but the scenery, the climb and the friends made it a day to remember.

We got back to the condo at about 4 and were very dirty. Eric and I sat on the deck and had a beer while the women got showered (separately, as far as I know). Dana came out in sweat clothes that actually looked quite attractive. Lisa had on a t-shirt with a fleece vest over it and a pair of fleece pants that she usually lounges in. The women started dinner while Eric and I hit the showers (separately). We came out in our lounging outfits and helped finish making the dinner. I made the first batch of margaritas and we all had fun making dinner. The conversation while we ate was mostly about the hike that we did. We also reviewed some of the pictures taken on the digital cameras. As far as sexual adventures, the subject didn?t even come up.

We were all in the kitchen cleaning up while Lisa made another batch of margaritas, Eric approached her from behind and started to rub her sides. She seized the opportunity and responded by saying, ?are you prepared for what might happen if you turn me on?? When he laughed and said ?sure? she turned around, put her arms around him and locked lips with him. The kiss was very passionate and I could tell that she was using tongue. Eric did not resist. As Dana and I watched, I asked Dana, ?what do you think of that?? She said that she was hoping someone would initiate this. Then she said, ?are they the only ones who will get some action tonight?? I answered by wrapping my arms around her and kissing her.

It was a long passionate kiss, much like when you start making out with a date for the first time. Dana was very into it. She kept moving her waist into mine which made my cock hard and I am sure she felt it. I was caressing her sides and my hands made there way down to Dana?s sexy ass. This made her press harder onto my very hard cock. At this point, I lost track of what my wife was doing with my friend. All I knew was that I was enjoying the taste of Dana?s lips and tongue. I worked my hands up to her chest and felt her hard nipples. She moaned a little bit as if to signal that she enjoyed having her tits and nipples being played with. I worked my hands up the front of her shirt to discover what I already suspected; Dana had no bra on so I had easy access to her tits.

I did manage to suddenly remember my wife and when I looked over, I saw that she was very into making out with Eric. He was feeling her tits through her shirt, but her vest was on the floor. She was leaning back on the counter and had one leg wrapped around Eric and holding tight. I could only imagin that this position was so she could feel his hard on. It looked like she was pressing her crotch against him. The whole scene was really turning me on.

After what seemed like hours of making out and some petting with each others spouses, Lisa asked if everyone was sufficiently horny. When we all laughed and said yes, she said that she wanted some rules. So we made some rules. Whatever one couple did, the other had to do. Anyone can lead. We all stay in the living room and anything goes. Then Lisa said, ?last rule. Everyone needs to be naked now?. She wasted no time disrobing and Eric really enjoyed watching her strip. So did I. Lisa made sure that everyone got an eyeful. She has beautiful small breasts and, although she shaves her pussy, she hadn?t shaved for a few months. I was not only turned on by seeing my naked wife, but watching Eric staring at her and knowing that she would be having him was also turning me on. She then kissed Eric and helped him get naked while we watched. She gave me a smile and a wink, then grabbed Eric?s hand and led him into the living room.

Dana and I followed there lead by taking our clothes off. Once I was naked, Dana looked directly at my hard cock , gently stroked it once, and said ?nice. I am going to enjoy that.? Dana was very attractive. Her breasts were bigger than Lisa?s and, like Lisa, looked like she had not shaved for a while. She was also very fit. I had seen her in a bikini, but I was definitely more attracted to the naked version of Dana.

We grabbed the drinks and went into the living room. We were all sitting on the floor naked when Lisa moved over to Eric to continue what was started in the kitchen. Following the rules, Dana sat next to me and we started kissing. Dana then grabbed my hard cock and started giving me a hand job. I could see that Lisa noticed because she was now stroking Eric?s cock. I immediately went back to playing with Dana?s nipples while she stroked my cock. Because Dana had her back to Lisa and Eric, she broke from our kiss and asked Lisa what they were doing. Lisa answered by saying that she had his cock in her hands and he was kissing her nipples. I immediately went to work sucking Dana?s nipples, but also moved my hand down to her pussy and started working my fingers over her lips and clit. Dana answered by saying, ?your husband is sucking my nipples and playing with my pussy?.

When I looked over again, Lisa was now on her back with Eric licking her tits and fingering her. As he worked his way down, I laid Dana back and did the same. Within minutes my face was buried in her pussy and she was moaning as I licked her clit and fingered her. I was also able to hear Lisa?s moans as Eric worked on her pussy. I knew that Lisa loved having a tongue in her pussy and I knew that she would be having an orgasm soon. Once her moans became moans of ecstasy, Dana started to move as if she was on the brink. About a minute later, Dana was having a big O.

Lisa and Eric had sat up and were watching. After Dana settled down, Lisa asked, ?so what now? Do we suck them or fuck them?. Dana said, ?we should suck, then fuck. But I want to watch you blow my husband.? Lisa was very willing to be watched. She layed Eric back, then got between his legs and grabbed his cock. She then started licking his shaft and then took it all into her mouth. While she worked his cock in and out, she also stroked his balls. As Dana and I sat naked and watching them, I can say that I was extremely horny and my dick was throbbing. Dana was aroused again and she positioned me so that she could do the same thing. Lisa looked up and, when she saw us, gave me another smile that said both ?I approve? and ?I love you?.

As I was on my back, Dana got between my legs and started stroking my dick again. Soon my cock was in her warm mouth. She was good at using her tongue and lips to give me an incredible blow job. I was so into this that I totally forgot of the other people in the room. I know that I was moaning every time Dana took me deep. After a few minutes, I was ready to explode. As I got closer to cumming, Dana continued to worked her magic. Just when I was ready, she took my cock deep and waited there as I unloaded in her mouth. When I finished, she worked her way up and kissed me. It was a passionate tongue kiss as if she wanted me to know that she took every drop, but wanted me to share.

When she stopped, I noticed that Lisa and Eric were already finished and were watching us. They were both smiling. Eric asked me if Dana did a good job. I responded that she was incredible. He said that Lisa was incredible also. I also said to him that we have shared a lot of stuff, but I never imagined that we would share wives. He laughed and said that as long as I send her back, I can borrow her for as long as I want.

We finished our drinks, made another batch of margaritas, then continued the chat. Meanwhile, we all remained naked, but no one seemed to be uncomfortable. Dana finally got the subject back onto sex when she looked at me and said, ?Ok John, are you ready to fuck.? Without delay, my cock was standing at attention. Dana had me lay on my back on the floor and she got on top of my and started kissing me on the lips. After about a minute, she reached down and grabbed my cock to slide it into her very wet pussy. Lisa and Eric were sitting next to each other watching us. Dana started working herself up and down over my cock. She felt great and looked great. I was turned on by the feel of my cock in a woman other than Lisa who happens to be a very attractive and good friend. I was also turned on by watching her and the fact that we were being watched. As we fucked, I saw that Eric was laying Lisa on her back and they were about to start fucking. Dana and I stopped long enough to watch them get started. We watched Eric start humping Lisa for a little bit, then Dana started again with our session. As we fucked, I head Lisa say, ?Oh Eric, your dick feels so good in me.? Dana said that we should reposition ourselves next to them.

We moved so that the two women were next to each other on there backs and the men were on top. As we fucked, the women got very vocal. Not trying to compete with each other, but almost like they were complimenting and helping each other. Dana kept shouting, ?oh John, oh John? while Lisa kept shouting Eric?s name. I finally said that I couldn?t hold on and started unloading into Dana?s pussy. As I came, she started to cum as well. Soon Lisa and Eric were having orgasms of their own.

After a few deep breaths, we were all smiling, smiling, laughing and overall, really enjoying ourselves. It all seemed very natural as we sat on the floor drinking and chatting, meanwhile, no one had bothered getting dressed.

Sex between Lisa and me has been incredible ever since. We also remain very close to Dana and Eric. Occasionally, we talk about another weekend in the mountains, and we have been trying to plan it. I am sure it will be an interesting weekend.

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