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Our first foursome in Natal midlands

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It all started when Sandy (my wife) and I were on our way to the Drakensburg for a little mini vacation away from the kids. Now don't get me wrong we love our kids, we just needed some time to get away and relax for a few days.

It had been a couple of weeks since the last time we had made love due to all the running around with work which entailed great deal of travelling around South Africa , kids activities and so on. Needless to say we were both looking forward to some quiet relaxing time in the mountains. Friday came ( I took the afternoon of) and as I drove up the driveway to pick up Sandy for the two hour drive to the Berg Sandy was in a thin strappy summer dress and she looked yummy for her 42 years of age. Our first hour on the road was pretty uneventful, just chatting about the week in general. We stopped just outside Maritzburg for a bite to eat. We had a couple of glasses of sauvignon Blanc with our meal and were relaxed and happy.

After 10 minutes on the road our talk became sex oriented and I put my hand on her thigh and gently caressed her leg while talking and telling her what a sexy mom she was. I touched her pussy through the dress and she opened her thighs slightly. I lifted her dress and stroked her pussy through her cotton panties. Sandy sat back and opened her legs to give he access. I slipped my fingers inside her panties and softly rubbed her sensitive clit. There was a deep intake of breath and a soft moan as I continued to softly touch her. I dipped my finger inside her and rubbed her juices on the clit. Rubbing harder and faster as her sensations increased. It was not easy to drive a merc on the freeway while rubbing a pussy, the speed slowed considerably as Sand came to a shattering cum come twenty minutes outside Maritzburg. Phew really needed that Sandy said and reach for my very hard cock ..... I. said hold on my darling. I cannot drive and let you do that. You owe me one I said. You can pay me when we get to the Drackenburg Sun.

Sandy has always been the conservative type, very prim and proper in public, a good catholic girl yet can be real sexy in bed, in the bedroom .We had experimented in some sexy games and she has stripped for me while masturbating while she touched and made herself cum. That was a wild as things had been between us. Except for the odd game of spin the bottle where we ended up nude with another couple. This had just ended when we danced with our respective partners but there had been no swopping and touching.

After checking and having a quick shower we went down to the veranda for a quiet sundowner before supper and to watch the sun set on a warm March summer evening Another couple were sitting at the next table and we exchanged and enjoy a few polite.?oh what a lovely view? and other pleasantries. After a filling roast leg of lamb dinner Sandy and I went to the bar before going to the room . The other couple Barbra and Nev (short for Neville) joined us and although they were some 10 years older than us we had a good chat and found that we had a lot in common in that they were also taking some time out after a hectic work schedule. The subtle innuendo was that they were there to put happiness to the body.

Sandy was relaxed and while having an Irish coffee said the weekend had started well for her and she could not wait to have another session in the room shortly. Nev picked up quickly and asked ??what was the good start?? Sandy immediately got shy and said nothing. Being quite chuffed at giving my darling an orgasm at 100km per hour on the freeway I explained to our new friends in gentle language what had happened. Barbra?s eyes sparkled as I spoke and Nev held her close while gently stroking her breast which was out of site from the rest of the pub. We however could see it clearly. It was sexy to watch and I also reached out and stroked Sandy?s thigh under the table. I reached up and touched her pussy. Sandy bit her lip and although no one could see. It was obvious to Barb and Nev what I was going. It was so sexy to watch and feel the sexual tension rise. After too short a moment Sandy and I said goodnight and off we went to bed. As we stepped into the bedroom door Sandy wrapped her arms around me and gave me the most full on French kiss any man could want. She was so sexed up it was unreal.

Cloths fell to the floor and in a moment she was in the good old missionary position with my very average size cock pounding into her with great urgency. I came with quite a loud moan and it was one of those ??good ones?? Sandy very very seldom has penetrative cum?s so after 21 years of experience I knew just how to make her reach a climax. Rubbing the mixture of her juice and my cum on her clit I again began with soft slow circular movements. Sandy is not normally noisy but that night she was very expressive. I said , just imagine what Nev is doing to Barbra right now. I said, just picture her sucking his hard cock. Just picture her lying back and him sliding into her juicy pussy. The talk ,the mind visualisation and my stroking her clit was enough to bring her off with a shudder and whole body shake. We both lay in each other?s arms enjoying the sex small and the complete satisfaction of a really great cum.

I am a morning person and after a quick dip in the pool and cup of coffee at 7 I returned to the room about an hour later to find Sandy stepping out of the shower. Sandy is sexy and her 38b?s were swaying gently as she dried her hair. I walked up to her and touched her breasts while kissing her neck. Dropping the towel she reached for my cock and pulled the foreskin back while I felt her hardening nipples. Just imagine I said between our tongue swopping. Barbra is possibly stroking Nev right now. I wonder if she will suck him before he puts his cock inside her. Imagine how shiny his cock head will be after she has sucked him Sandy fell to her knees and just gobbled my cock as her hard found her clit.Looking down it was just so sexy seeing my wife suck me as she masturbated. Being a voyeur (it so seems) I stood back and wanked and said to Sandy make yourself cum my darling.. We were obviously charged and Sandy had hard sharp quick cum a few seconds after I shot my stick sperm over her breasts.

What a start to the day. Back to the shower and down to breakfast before going off for a bit of horse riding. I think we were both a little disappointed not to see Barbra and Nev.

We returned to the hotel in the heat of the day and putting costumes on took books and went to the pool. It was that warm sticky Natal heat (slightly less than Durban) but the mountain air, on that day made it such that you had to spend a lot of time in the water. At around 3 Barb and Neville arrived having had a drive to one of the other resort. Both were In reasonable shape, a little chubby but comfortable with themselves. The nice thing it was not a case of mutton dressed as lamb. Barbs had on a sensible one piece costume. Appropriate for her age Still she looked good.

Our conversation turned to our sexy evening and Nev said quite openly ......just look at her smile .... she is a happy lady and I am not far behind. Sandy and I both said that we were also well satisfied after last evening and we had rushed back to the room after we left the pub last night to get started. They smiled and said we beat you, Barbra had obviously taken of her panties in the lift to the 4rd floor and had received a quick two finger massage in the lift. !! Phew I got hard at the thought and had to spend a while in the pool for the picture to subside. At around 5 they invited us up to have a drink on their veranda, they had a nice mountain facing view. After a shower and change we joined then 30 minutes later. We had a little cuddle just before leaving but nothing more than a squeeze of the nipples and a stroke of my cock. Later we agreed.

At around 7 p.m. it was dusk and a few lights twinkled in the valley. We had had several glasses of a really great Sauvignon Blank from a estate called Tokara just outside Stellenbosch in the Cape and we were very relaxed. Nev said while standing behind his wife and gently rubbing her shoulders that they got very turned on by us watching him stroke her breasts in the bar the previous evening and it had helped them have a really good time. I said ditto it was exciting to watch and it had sexed us up as well. While talking her gently pulled the straps of her sundress off her shoulders exposing a white lacy bra. Reaching down he gently caressed her nipples while we stared , not saying a word. Nev stepped to the side and Barbs put her hand back and stroked his obvious tent pole that had appeared in his shorts.

This was very new to us and although excited just did not know what to do. Are you game I asked Sandy, with a nervous nod of her head she looked at me a smiled before returning her eyes to the now erect nipples that could be seen through the bra opposite us. I stood up and went behind Sandy and pulled her blouse over her head. I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her boobs (nipples already quite hard) looked stunning in the soft light. Barbra quickly removed her bra and said, let?s go inside. Neville switched the bedroom light off and the only light was from the bathroom. It gave us enough to see. I slipped of my shirt and shorts and my hard cock stood out in front of me. Sandy kicked off her sandals before I pulled down her white slax. I felt her shiver as my hand touched her thigh and softly stroked her slit. Barbra nod Neil disrobed watching us intently. I pushed Sandy onto the bed and opened her knees. I bent forward and licked her slit. She gasped and held my head as I softly opened the folds of her pussy to find her hard clit. The smell was musky and oh so sexy.

I fell the other couple join us on the bed and in a moment heard a sucking sound. Looking up I saw Barbra sucking Nev who was kneeling over her face. Nev was staring at me as I continued to eat Sandy?s pussy. It was just so very sexy feeling, hearing and smelling the occasion. I got up and stood at the foot of the bed and asked Sandy to kneel on the edge of the bed. I slowly inched into her wet sopping wet pussy while watching. It was slow fucking just sliding gently in and out. I reached around and felt Sandy?s rock hard nipples while she also stared at the couple next to us. Quick Barbra I need to be inside you now said Neville and Barbs lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide. Nev knelt between her thighs and she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her. I think Sandy had the best view because her head was just above Barb?s waist and she could see him plunging in and out from close up. It was just so very sexy and for one of the few times Sandy had a cum while I was fucking her. Boy oh boy did I cum, The position of us doing it doggy style was such that my cum started from deep inside me and I felt it building and I fucked faster and faster till the bomb burst. (That is the best way I can explain it) It was earth shattering.!

Sandy and I lay on the bed watching intently as Barb and Nev continued. It seemed only natural for me to reach forward and gently (at first) squeeze Barbra?s nipple. There was a sharp intake of breath as she became aware that there was another person touching her. I began squeezs harder and harder while Sandy reached forward and stroked Nev?s thigh as he was fucking Barbs. I think us touching them added to the stimulus and it was just a couple of minute before there was gasping and moaning as he emptied his load of sperm into her. Wow.....

We lay back on the bed next to them. What now ? We were all buggered and possibly a little embarrassed. What do we do now. It was virgin territory for all of us it seemed.

? What about another glass of wine ?I said. ?I need to replenish some fluids: I said as a joke. Both Sandy and Barbra said ? yes please a BIG glass for me?. I brought the bottle and the glasses to the bed and we sipped the wine while still naked. The smell of sex was everywhere and we were now relaxing and not quite so nervous. Barbra said that this was the first time they had ever done anything like this. They had heard of swinging and had fantasised but had never done anything yet. Nev added that we had not yet done ??the swing thing?? as we had been with our own wives........

The silence was immense, he had stated the obvious. The soft light made the view of the four of us look so natural. I took a deep breath and said to Sandy. ?I know how to make you cum, do you mind if I try and see if I can do Barbra? ?Why not? said Sandy ?as long as I get my share as well?. Nev and I swopped places and I softly stroked a strange pussy. I parted the lips of her pussy and slowly fingered her. It felt just normal to push my finger through his cum. First one then two fingers went inside her......... I looked and saw that Nev was kneeling between Sandy?s legs with a semi erect cock. (I was still very soft).... He pushed his hips forward and I guess because of him being half hard and Sandy?s juice and my cum, it made it easy for him to slip inside her. Fuck what a sight. My darling, her legs open wide. holding Nev?s hips and pulling them toward her as he fucked her. It had only been ( perhaps) twenty minutes since I had cum in Sandy but the sight was enough to get me quite hard. Barbra reached forward and squeezed me till I was hard enough. Now she said ?put it inside me? !! How could I say no !! There we were on the double bed the two girls side by side as both Nev and I fucked the living daylights out of them !!

It was a really great experience. One that Sandy and I would never forget. It also gave us a taste of something new a spicy to add to our sex lives. We have and still do swing. When we can find the right couple. It may be several sometimes many months between ??occasions?? but when we are comfortable with people we go for it. We are now in our 50?s the kids have left home so it makes things a little easier. It is still exciting, perhaps because we do not overdo it and with the odd exception we have had a great deal of fun and enjoyment.

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