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Our First Time

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Our first time together

Steph is a tiny girl. She looks like a teenybopper the way she dresses. One would never suspect the amount of sexual energy that is pent up in that tiny little body of hers. Under 5 feet in height and 105 pounds, you look at her and wonder if your fingers would fit in her pussy.

My curiosity got the better of me. We were close friends for a while and a lot of our conversation would always take the turn for sexual intonations. She would always talk about her boyfriend, I guess to douse any intentions of trying to get it on with her but she was very open in answering sexual questions.

Her boyfriend of 10 years has always been immature and a bit of bastard but Steph doesn’t realize this since he has been the only one that she has been in a relationship with. She has decided to stick it out with him a long time ago just to make sure that she does not end up with no one.

In one of our discussions, I asked her how her sex life was, she said that it was satisfactory and that she gets it whenever she wants. She always said that 5 minutes of humping was good enough for her to get off and that she can get it almost everyday if she wanted to.

It was time for their annual vacation together and Steph was leaving the following day. I told her that I was going to miss her and she responds with “I’m going to miss you too with a light peck on my cheek. I have a surprise for you though and I will tell you later.”

Two weeks later, I get a call at 10 PM. It was Steph. “Hi! It’s me!!” I was stunned for a while, my heart jumped and asked, “Are you back??” She says no and my heart sank again. “But, remember my surprise? I told him that there were things I had to get done at work and so we cut our trip short. He’s going home to visit his folks, I’m coming home though, can you pick me up at the airport?” I said “sure”

The following day, she came in at 7 AM, I met her at the carousel and she casually gave me a peck on the cheeks and thanked me for picking her up. We drove back to their place. As we walked in with her luggage, she apologized about the messy apartment and joked that she barely has time to pick up things since if she wasn’t working, she and her boyfriend were fucking. We laughed. She motioned me to the sofa. I sat down and she excused herself saying that she had to freshen up after that 8-hour flight. I turned on the TV and started watching the morning news. She came out of the bathroom naked. I was shocked! She casually strolled to her bedroom and came out again. I joked and said that I guess she was feeling bold after not being able to have sex for 24 hours. She responded by saying that it felt nice to be able to walk around naked after getting stuck on the plane with all those people. I asked her “So what was it that you had to work on that you cut your vacation like that.” She looked at me quite seductively and just said “You…”. She started kissing me, my thoughts were “Oh my God!” She kissed so sweetly. I had an instant hard on. I kissed her all over her naked body. Her pussy was the best smelling and best tasting pussy I’ve ever had. She had 5 orgasms just from me going down on her occasionally. She confessed that she’s always known that she was multi-orgasmic but her boyfriend, her only boyfriend ever, could not quite make it happen for her. “Probably because no man has ever come in my pussy” she answered when I mentioned it. She slowly started helping me get out of my clothes. She went right for my dick. She started sucking and pumping it with her hands. She stopped and looked at me. “You know, your dick is just a little bigger than my boyfriend’s” Mind you, I know my dick is average. Normally 6 inches but it grows about another half inch whenever I’m almost cumming. She sucked me tenderly for about 5 minutes and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I warned her of my impending ejaculation but she didn’t skip a beat. I came in her mouth, She was a bit taken aback by the amount of cum that came out, gagged a little, but swallowed as much as she could and cleaned my dick with her tongue. She just gave me the best blowjob of my life! She kept me in her mouth, gently sucking and swirling her tongue until my dick softened up.

We sprawled naked on the couch and started talking again. I told her that I assume her boyfriend Gerry was the only man she had ever been with. She confessed about cheating on him a couple of times. Her curiosity got the better of her twice. Once with a guy she worked with who was six feet tall. He kissed her unexpectedly and she said the shock just drenched her pussy that she accepted his invitation over to his place after work. She told me about how he had the biggest dick she ever saw, 7 inches and as big as a soda can around. I asked her how that went, being a tiny girl with a tiny pussy. She confessed that it was painful and difficult at first, fortunately he was gentle and didn’t rip her apart. She told me about the time that she sucked his dick and being so big that it got stuck in her mouth as he was coming. She didn’t intend for him to come in her mouth but it happened that way. I asked her if she really liked swallowing, she said no and that she didn’t like the taste of semen. She swallowed Gerry’s cum once and was turned off by the taste. She said she saw the other guy about 5 times. Often because of the height difference she would offer to get on top of him and fuck him that way just to have control over the penetration. She said that, that was the time she developed an infatuation for big dicks. She said, “Bigger is better! I’m not going to lie!” I thought to myself, “okay, she’s a size queen.” and thought that my average dick would probably never get to experience that tiny pussy of hers. It was tiny! My thumb covered the opening completely whenever I grazed over it earlier. The conversation was turning me on and it was evident by the soft but protruding hard-on I was getting. She told me that the big dick gave her the biggest orgasm that she has ever had but the guy it was attached to it was too much of an asshole to bear that she quickly lost interest. “The sex was great though”. The image of her story stuck in my mind. Here’s a girl, barely 5 feet in height who fucked a 6-foot guy with a 7-inch dick the girth of a soda can! Talk about rising to the challenge! She sure did! She said that it took a while but the last time she fucked him, she was curious if she could get all of it in, so she got on her back and told him to fuck her anyway he wanted. He stuck it in all the way! She confessed to having an instant orgasm as it went the deepest but started to hurt right after. After her orgasm, she got up and had to suck him off to finish him up, that was the time he got stuck in her mouth! She said that my cum tasted different, that why she swallowed. She actually liked the taste of my cum. I was flattered of course.

We were turned on and started kissing again, she slipped lower and started sucking my wasted dick back to life. She was great! I got really hard. I’d have to say that she was able to give me the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had! We switched positions and I managed to get a taste of that sweet pussy again. She managed to come 2 more times and I started to kiss my way up her belly, to her small but nice tits where I lingered for a while. She loved having them sucked hard. Then I kissed higher, shoulders neck and made it to her mouth. Passionately kissing for a while. I positioned myself between her legs to see if she would resist. I slid my cock up and down her clit, which was engorged and sticking out by now and she moaned with approval. My head started to rush. I thought, “It’s actually going to happen!” I was going to get my dick in that tiny pussy and get a taste of heaven. Her pussy was still tight, inspite of having fucked a soda can before, she felt like a virgin! She came as soon as I managed to get the head of my dick past her opening, I inched it in slowly, deeper with each stroke until I had it in all the way. I must have been pumping for 2 minutes when she announced the onset of another orgasm. I was hooked! This was the first time ever for me to have sex with a woman who was multi-orgasmic, It was great for the ego! We fucked for about 25 minutes and she managed to have about 8 orgasms if I recall correctly. When I was ready to cum, I was pulling out. She knew I was cumming but she pulled me back in, deep. She said “Go ahead baby, cum inside me, cum inside me please!” That was all the beckoning I could deal with (hahaha!) I came inside her, She had a big orgasm and was screaming! The neighbors must have thought I was murdering her. My semen was spilling out of that tiny pussy. With my dick inside her I, I slumped like a rag doll on top of her, she caressed my back and we layed quietly lingering on the experience we just had. I spoke up and said “Steph, aren’t you afraid that I might get you pregnant?” She laughed and said that she’s thought about this for a while. That was why before leaving for her vacation, she went on the pill. I was relieved! (wooh!). After a few minutes, she got up. My cum started crawling down her legs and she looked at me. “What the hell…” She was a bit shocked. I guess she didn’t know that when a guy cums inside her pussy, it’s going to come back out! I grabbed some tissue and wiped it. I lightly kissed her pussy as I wiped. I looked at her, she started laughing saying that it has never happened before. No one has ever been allowed to come in her pussy, not even her boyfriend of 10 years. I just laughed along with her. It was after all, a lot! We scrounged in the refrigerator and found some 2-week-old food to snack on. We snuggled on the couch after eating and covered ourselves with a blanket that she grabbed from the bedroom. I must have dozed off for about 2 hours and was awakened when she got up to pee. I heard her laughing in the bathroom. I came over and she was sitting on the toilet saying that it was funny how my cum was still dripping out of her. She invited me into their bedroom and resumed cuddling. She told me that she just had the biggest orgasm of her life earlier. I was flattered again. I asked her if she was just saying that, she looked into my eyes and said “I’m serious! If I had known it would be this great I would have fucked you the day I met you!”

We spent the whole day making love. She had some toys that we included in our play. At the end of the day, when we were saying goodbye. We talked about going on a vacation together. Hawaii perhaps. I’ll tell you about that some other time!

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