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Our First Time - True Story

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Although this true story happened almost fifteen years ago, it still never fails to get me hard thinking about it! Before I start, let me tell you about us. My lovely wife Kay and I met while she was a junior in high school, I was four years older and in the military at the time. She?s still got the figure she had in high school, about 5?8?, 130# with a great ass and a rack that just begs you to grab them! She was truly hot, and ripe for the picking. I had my hand in her pants on the second date, and she was giving me blowjobs and fucking me silly soon thereafter. We waited until she was a week out of high school to marry, and then left home to see the world on Uncle Sam?s tab and have never looked back. After being hitched for a few years, the sex was still great, but somehow adding an extra person or couple into the mix seemed to creep into our conversations as time passed. I think it was a combination of the fact that we were both virgins when we met and we were both curious what it would be like with others. After discussing it frequently and having hot sex while talking about another couple joining us, she finally agreed to give it a try if we could meet a nice couple. Now it was up to me to find a way to meet others with similar interests!

In those days, there was no Internet, but there were BBS?s (remember them?). I found one in the local area and started putting out feelers, reading posts and sending messages to likely couples. After a few weeks of no success, we got a message from a nice sounding couple named Les and Gina that peaked our interest. After consulting Kay to ensure she was still agreeable, we agreed to meet them at a local nightclub for a drink and conversation that coming Saturday night. The rest of the week was filled with great sex for us, as we discussed the possibilities.

Once Saturday night finally arrived and we had a table at the nightclub, we saw Les and Gina arrive and were more than pleasantly surprised, as they were both very attractive. Les was a normal guy like me, and Gina was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde, about 5?6? and athletic, with a great body. Both were dressed casually but sexy. Within the first five minutes we found out that we had a lot in common, no experience in this kind of thing, and were looking for our first time. Les and Gina had tried recently with another couple, playing strip poker until Gina lost her bra and bared her tits, at which point the other couple chickened out and quickly left. I thought to myself ?If I get a chance to see those tits, you won?t be able to pry me off them!? as I wondered what kind of fool would leave with that kind of scenery available?.lol

As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed, the ladies excused themselves to use the rest room. At this point, Les asked me if we were willing to head back to their place and continue the party. I informed him that I was very willing to take the ladies back and try to get them naked! After the girls returned, Les asked them the question, received two immediate ?hell yeas?, and we left for their place.

As we arrived at their place, Les refreshed everyone?s drinks and asked if anyone was up for a game. We all quickly agreed when he brought out an adult board game. Looking it over, it involved Truth/Dare cards, drinking, clothing removal, and acts of courage that must be performed under a sheet. Perfect! We all sat down in anticipation and began the game. After a few turns where we all seemed to land on the drink squares, Les finally landed on one of the ?under the covers? spaces. The card he drew was to make out with a member of the opposite sex for two minutes. He chose Kay, who looked at me questioningly, and receiving a nod of approval, disappeared under the sheet with Les. For two minutes Gina and I were treated to the sounds of sensual kissing and moaning. About halfway through, Kay?s bra appeared from under the sheet. As time expired, they emerged. Kay?s lipstick was smeared, her hair a mess, and her nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through her shirt that was un-tucked and hanging loose. She was clearly turned on in a big way!

Next turn, Gina drew a Dare Card, and Kay was chosen to pick the Dare. She must have read my mind, as she told Gina that she had to make out with me for two minutes. The two minutes were the shortest of my life, as I greedily kissed those soft lips and allowed my hands to roam over her supple body. Her tits were incredible and felt perfectly sized. After we were stopped, Kay looked at me and smiled, and I knew that this evening would end up with her getting fucked by another man. Of course, I would be sampling the fine wares of Gina, and I couldn?t wait!

As I moved back to Kay on the couch, she leaned over and started kissing my neck and slipped her hand down my pants to my rock hard cock. ?Did she make you hot?? she whispered in my ear. ?Oh, yeah?..? I moaned as Kay was stroking my cock through my underwear. Kay slipped off the couch and placed herself between my legs, unsnapping my slacks and removing them, freeing my cock. As I let her work, I vaguely realized that I was sitting next to Les now, and Gina had removed his slacks as well, and was hungrily sucking his dick. Kay looked up at me, winked, and swallowed my cock to the back of her throat. I felt like pinching myself as I laid back and had my cock sucked, while watching a live sex show not two feet to my left as Gina did the same to Les.

After a few minutes of the best blowjob of my life, Kay popped my dick out of her mouth, and tapped Gina on the shoulder. Not a word was exchanged as they switched places, and our fantasies were realized as Kay started sucking Les?s cock while Gina quickly put mine in her mouth. Almost on cue, both women stopped for a moment, leaned back and informed us guys that everyone had on too much clothing. Being the conscientious guys that we are, we were more than willing to help the luscious women out of their clothes. Seeing those two hot women standing there naked, obviously turned on by the hard nipples, ready to get fucked is a sight that will last forever in my mind.

Les and I decided it was time to return the favor, and set the women down on the couch and proceeded to lick, suck, and tongue those beauties into two orgasms. Kay even surprised me by kissing Gina and playing with her tits as Les ate her out. We had never discussed her with another woman before, but it sure made sense now, as it was very erotic to see. Gina was eagerly returning her kisses, and holding her own in the tit-licking department.

After calming down from their orgasms, they both spread their legs and invited us to fuck them. I couldn?t get the condom out of the package quick enough, sliding it over my cock, and burying my cock to the hilt in one smooth stroke as Gina was wet and ready. I heard Kay moan as Les?s dick entered her, although I was pre-occupied by the beauty lying under me. The next few minutes were heaven, as this blonde haired beauty fucked me well, grinding her hips in a circular pattern while grabbing my ass and pulling me deep into her. Finally I could take no more as I felt myself tense and unloaded a huge load into the rubber. As we lay there sweating, I whispered in Gina?s ear ?you?re sure a great fuck, lady?. Her reply was a smile and a passionate kiss, ending with her whispering ?you?re not bad yourself?. As we both came to our senses, we realized that Les and Kay had moved to the floor, and Les had her on her hands and knees, fucking her in her favorite doggy style position. He gripped her hips and repeatedly slammed into her, as she buried her head into a pillow and moaned for him to fuck her harder and faster. He was giving her quite a ride, and after a few minutes, announced to us all that he was going to cum. Kay quickly pushed him out, spun around and ripped off the rubber, taking him again in her mouth. Urging him on with muffled moans, she had him on the brink. I saw her finger sneak between his legs and tickle his ass, a favorite trick of hers. That brought Les over the top and he pulled out and deposited squirt after squirt of hot cum all over her face and tits. Kay moaned in appreciation, loving every minute of it.

As we all came down from the high, we sat back and enjoyed a cup of coffee and discussed the happenings of the evening. Everyone agreed that this was fun, and we should definitely do it again! After exchanging kisses and saying out goodbyes, Kay and I traveled home, discussing what a great time we had. We agreed that might have been our first time, but not our last. God I love that woman!

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