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Our First Three Sum (The Complete Story- Prelude Plus Parts 2 & 3 -Finale)

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Our First Threesome

This is an absolutely true story. It has not been exaggerated or embellished in any way. The events accounted for here took place in early November 2008. We hope you enjoy.

Our First Threesome - Introduction:

For over 10 years, ever since I have allowed myself to freely explore my own particular sexual preferences (at least in my mind and imagination) I have had the growing (no pun intended) awareness, interest and (yes) obsession with seeing my wife (at the time), mistress or girlfriend being sexual with another guy. It always takes on slightly different nuances or situations, but the theme is the same. "She" dresses and acts provocatively/ seductively with another guy in my presence and engages in some light to medium sexual "play" with him while I am there.

In times past, (since I was not able to realize this "dream" in real life) my masturbatory fantasy would climax as things got heated up and the "third party" (another man that "she" was attracted to and "seduced") succumbed to the overwhelming eroticism of the situation. Playing out dozens, if not hundreds, of these types of scenarios in my mind over the years, I became very familiar with my penchant toward this flavor of "bizarre". I slowing accepted, without judgment, my fantasy as just something that "turned me on" and something I really wanted to do if I ever had an opportunity.

Unfortunately, although I had this persistent and growing interest, my then spouse was very pensive. In general, she saw sex in a very limited framework, to be carefully dispensed with a high degree of regulation. My sexual diversions (when spoken) were viewed with suspicion or even scorn. Nonetheless, in the limitless expanse of my mind, I cultivated various versions of a MFM threesome or gang-bang (multiple male partners with my chosen female). I probably spent gallons of cum over the years, in prayerful yearning for the fulfillment of my private fantasies.

As fate would have it, I met a wonderful woman who became first a very good friend, then a mistress, then my soul-mate with whom I was finally able to realize my wish. She was sexy, smart and open-minded. She fucked like a weasel. Early on she told me she could never have enough of my words, my kisses or my cock. She, like me, wanted to live a full, expansive and shame-free life. Together, we embarked upon wonderful erotic adventures together. We had sex everywhere, in many ways and in great measure.

Although she wasn't initially "into" many of the sexual flavors that I was; threesomes, public sex, dressing provocatively and oral sex... soon she acquired a "strong" taste for new exotic and erotic tastes. To her credit, many times she was able to enter into these new experiences with a childlike openness and wonder; without judgment or inhibition. Although, in the area of threesomes, having sex -in any form- with another man, she was very concerned that she wouldn't violate her own sense of integrity or self-hood.

We had many, many discussions about every possible sexual scenario that would involve another man. Literally dozens of particular behaviors and situations were discussed. In the meantime, we became comfortable with having sex in public, with her being naked or partially naked in front of other people, giving and getting oral sex, dressing provocatively, doing any number of exciting sexual, sensual or erotic acts together or witnessed by strangers. However, doing a three-some was still a sensitive area, we needed to "probe".

We started our "threesome" adventuring with friends we already knew; Her "X" boyfriend who still idolized her and my buddy of 30+ years who was married to a "dried up" woman who distained having sex with him. For both these guys, any playful activities that we could come up with were a welcome delight to their rather unimaginative bland sexual diet. In fact the mere description of some of our sexual exploits sent them into a glazed froth.

Thus we began to cultivate and develop opportunities to include these male playmates into our sex life. Our excursions were not all taken in one big "gulp" but rather taken in bite-sized pieces. On one occasion, we took my buddy to a local "swingers" club where people danced and had sex with each other in public. My lady wore a translucent skirt, black thong and high heels. During the night she took turns dancing and teasing us in turn. Once inspired I tried to gently "nudge" her toward more provocative behavior. I slid my hand under her silky shirt and slipped her thong down and off her body while he delightfully watched. We sat on a large section amidst several other couples having sex with each other. My lady sat between us. I urged her to fondle my buddy' cock. Although she shyly refrained, it was a "turn-on" to ask her.

Later that night, very tipsy from the wine and saturated with erotic energy, we all three lie naked upon my bed watching a home made erotic video of her and I having sex with each other. He and I rubbed hot oil all over her naked body, front and back. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as our four hungry hands caressed her supple, firm body. The sight of my buddy feeling my girlfriend all over; tits, ass, pussy, legs, thighs... was too much for me. So, while he continued to caress her, I mounted her slippery body, easily thrusting my aching cock deep into her very moist pussy. I pumped harder and deeper into her as they kissed and my buddy felt her oily body. She did pause, however, to ask him if it were "o.k. if he (me) fucked her" while he (my buddy) watched?" Of course he instantly agreed.

Then some weeks after, with her "X" boyfriend, we repeated the same basic scenario. We three met at my apartment for wine, romantic music, candlelight and provocative conversation. She wore a short see-through black skirt and black thong along with a matching see through black top. Things soon got heated up as we took turns dancing with her to the sexy music. I would "show off" in front of him, fondling her body as we danced. He would do likewise. Then the three of us danced together. She took turns "ass dancing" us; grinding her all but naked ass against our growing erections. Eventually we were all three dancing in our underwear (or thong in her case), grinding, fondling, touching, and kissing as she sexily rubbed against one then the other very horny male.

As in the earlier case with my buddy, we three ultimately ended up naked on my king-sized bed (with silky red satin sheets) watching her and my home made porn videos while rubbing hot oil on her naked body. Again, I fucked her hard while her "X" boyfriend fondled and kissed her. At one point I remember him lying on his back, with his erect cock in his hand, gazing dreamily at the ceiling, locked in a blissful revelry completely saturated by the sexual opulence of the situation. He was a (grateful) pig in hog heaven.

Several months later though, I was to receive my fate de complete... the fulfillment of a 10 year fantasy. In fact, an episode that turned out to be far beyond my best imagination.

Our First Threesome - Part 1

Several months passed between the prelude and what was to become our first threesome.

I was careful to check in with both my buddy and especially my Lady to verify that everyone had been o.k. with the events of our last encounter. Subsequently, I had had several conversations with my lady to see what future activities she would be comfortable with. One thing I have learned about her, if she feels pressured in any way, she builds up an instant resistance. It has been liberating to identify and express my desires as honestly and boldly as possible. But also I have learned to offer my wants with an open hand, allowing her to the freedom to "try them on" as she will (or not). Actually, this is much more exciting. So many times she "trumps" whatever I have in mind with a variation or addition that enhances the experience beyond my wildest dreams. However, expectations are sure to kill the spirit of our erotic adventure.

Preceding the several days before my buddy was scheduled to come into town to "play", she faced one of the most challenging weeks since I had known her. Work pressures, financial pressures, getting her house ready for sale and several other situations seems to converge into a "perfect storm" of adversaries that sapped her usual sanguine, adventurous and sexy spirit. Even though, I had "OKed" it with her prior to his visit, once he was here, the situations and her mood, only seemed to worsen. I assured her, that although I would be disappointed if we didn't get together to play, her emotional state and our relationship was the most important thing. We exchanged many comforting and supportive text messages. She confirmed that it was her intention to continue, business as usual, for the next night.

My friend and I engaged in hours of conversation late the night before discussing our various fantasies and possibilities for the upcoming evening. I think we both got rather worked up in the process. I found it hard to go to sleep (no pun). As I forced slumber upon my psyche, I clarified, in my own mind, the ONE thing that, if given the choice, I would want to happen the following night. During the afternoon of the next day, I left work early, to prepare for the night. My friend and I went out for drinks at the local pub to further discuss our forthcoming evening of frolic. I challenged him to clarify for himself, as well, the ONE thing he would want to see happen. In deference to my girlfriend, I decided that we should best stay close to home, not go clubbing, in order to conserve energy and time. Further, I bought "finger food" versus preparing some elaborate but satiating dinner.

Around 7ish, my sweet lady arrives at the door wrapped in a winter jacket, carting a large black overnight bag. After warm greetings all around, we escorted her into the living room where she quickly discarded her jacket to reveal her chosen attire. Wow. First of all, she is a knock-out to look at; cuter than the day is long... her hair, eyes and make-up accentuating her natural beauty and sparkling personality. She wore a colorful Mexican scarf loosely arrayed around her neck. Over her torso, she wore a black semi-transparent lace shirt, her lovely tits providing a provocative form underneath.

She wore a tiny see-through black skirt, with a brief black lace thong, barely covering her naked ass and pussy. Quite the lady, yet quite the slut. A perfect combination. It was hard to not become completely and instantly obsessed, but we endured (for a while). I did pay particular attention to how she was sitting in the love seat, when she moved, when I could see her panties, what my buddy could see at any particular time. It was a very sexually charged atmosphere.

We put on some sexy, hip-hop music. We brought out two bottles of fine wine, one he had brought, and one I had selected. We challenged her to chose her favorite. She slowly gauged her preferences between the two wines, as she first drank from one bottle, then the other. She coyly said she preferred his wine and seemed to give herself to indulging his bottle predominately. We flirted and teased for well over an hour. We told her we had both gotten "randy" discussing all the possible sexual scenarios that might possibly transpire. At one point, I asked her to get up and "show off" a bit... turning slowing around so that we could admire her body and sexy attire.

Being a good host, I was habitually changing the music, fetching food, getting this or that. They would always continue their flirtatious banter when I busied myself with this or that. Upon one occasion though, after excusing myself to go to the bathroom, I returned to find that she had left her position on the loveseat where she had been, and was sprawled out on my buddy, apparently making out. They were semi-horizontal on the couch where he lay/sit. Her lovely thighs and thong were clearly visible from the position she had taken. I was instantly aroused. So much so that I immediately turned around, returned to my bedroom, took off my pants and went back into the living room just wearing my thong and shirt. They had not moved from their position. Or rather they were moving a lot, in their position, laying on the couch.

I took up residence, on the other side of her, looking for a place to "break in" to the affair. It was so provocative to see my scantly clad girlfriend in my buddy' arms. I challenged her to give him a dose of her "award winning" French kiss. She had mentioned, early in our courtship, of her penchant to kiss like she was "fucking you with her tongue". It had so intrigued me that I soon found myself unable to resist the temptation to sample it. I've been addicted ever since. She was more than happy to comply, and dove into his mouth like a hungry vixen. After several minutes, my buddy fell back in an exhausted daze, looking like he had just emerged from an orgy in a sex drunk stupor. I cheered them on, captivated by the sight. I fought to find an opening between her thighs to finger fuck her while she was doing him with her tongue. After I couldn't take it any longer, I demanded my turn at her luscious mouth. I was extremely hot and wet from her previous expedition. Of course it then became my friends turn to fondle her while she fucked me with her tongue. My cock got so hard. It strained against my thong. We traded back and forth for a while; petting and kissing. We all seemed to be getting pretty hot.

I don't remember how we made the transition back to our original seating positions; my friend on the futon couch, me in the rocking chair and my lovely girlfriend between us lounging on the loveseat. All of us somehow staggered back to regain occupancy of our respective perches and continued our provocative verbal exchanges, propping our feet up upon the end table- along with our array of 2 sets of three large candles, 2 bottles of wine and incense.

Before too long, I excused myself to run some necessary errand. Again, I returned after several minutes, to encounter a similar scene... only this time, my buddy was laying on top of my girlfriend, hungrily between her legs, making out with her in the loveseat. They seemed to ignore my presence. So I just watched for a while. They were making out and touching each other with some vigor. As I stared at them, I got harder and harder. Finally, I went and stood by them, took my girlfriends hand and placed in on my aching cock. It had broken free from the thong and pointed in the direction of her head. She rubbed it while continuing to make out with my friend. I had to do something! Get her to suck me, or eat her pussy, or something!

Our First Threesome - Part 2

When I could stand it no longer, I suggested that we move the party into the bedroom. I had fitted my king sized bed with red satin sheets and oversized pillows to match. Earlier, during one of my brief exits, I had also dimmed the bedroom lights, arranged and lit candles and set aside an ample supply of olive oil (placing it beside the bed). As we left the living room, I turned up the volume on my CD player so that we could hear the music in the other room. Ahhh, she looked sooo sexy, she took my breath away.

My friend sat on the bed as I proceeded to dance with my girlfriend in front of him. We started grinding on each other, rubbing our thong clad hot zones together in rhythm. I intentionally turned her so that her all but naked ass swayed in front of his hungry eyes. I stroked her ass, probed between her thighs and explored her body as we synchronously moved to the music... performing vertical foreplay. After a while, we invited him to join along. He took position behind her. As she was fucking me with her tongue and stroking my cock, she was simultaneously "ass dancing" against his growing cock. She pressed harder and harder against him, moving up and down, then all around, back and forth to the hypnotic beat.

I turned her around to reverse the process, blessing me her ass "ass dancing" prowess. At this point I must say that when she "ass dances" it has got to be one of the most sexy things I have ever, ever seen in my entire life. She has a sexy way of moving her body while she sways her gorgeous ass that makes you want to scream! I'd say with confidence that my girlfriend gives the greatest "ass job" in the world. So my buddy is now getting fucked with her tongue, while feeling her tits through her lacy black top and rubbing his hands all over her gyrating body. In like manner, we traded her back and forth several times.

Soon, to be gentlemanly, he stripped off his pants and got down to his underwear, thus amplifying the "ass" effect. Back and forth she went, taking turns fucking us with her tongue while rubbing our cocks with her ass. On one of my tongue fucking turns, I began to finger fuck her vigorously while my friend was "cock humping" her from behind. Her pussy was so very wet and creamy. At one point she successfully tore my swollen cock out of my thong altogether by the shear force of her ass grinding.

Well, when this episode became too unbearable, I commanded her to take off all her shear clothing and lie face down on my bed. She hesitated briefly before stripping completely naked and falling onto the middle of the satin sheets. He and I both took our places on either side of her voluptuous form. Her naked ass, back, legs and body provided such a romantic, sensual, beautiful sight in the warm glow of the candlelight. I then proceeded to squirt generous portions of warm oil all over her. My friend and I anxiously lavished her with attention as we rubbed the oil deep into her warm glistening skin. Four male hands indistinguishable by personage to her, stroked, rubbed and probed her yielding body.

My friend ultimately focused upon the upper portion of her body, fucking her with his tongue while he stroked her back, the side of her breasts and lower back. I, on the other hand, gave my full attention to my lovers lower extremities. I positioned myself behind her, messaging her feet, legs, thighs, ass and pussy with long, firm oily strokes. As I pulled down along her lower body, my hands would slowly descend from her oily ass, into the creaminess of her pussy, caressing her thighs, calves, feet to the end of her toes. Proceeding up, I would reverse the process, lingering between her thighs as I pressed my oily fingers deep into her pussy. She became more and creamy as I gently finger fucked her as well as making slow rounded motions on her clit and stroking all along the inner and outer lips of her swelling pussy. As I messaged her, I gradually nudged her legs further and further apart, creating a very provocative image for my friend and I. She was spread out wide before us, providing a sumptuous erotic feast!

While my friend continued to kiss and fondle her, I striped off my thong and climbed on her oily back thrusting my aching cock deep into her from behind. She arched forward as I stretched deeper and deeper. Quiet moans dripped from her lips. I fucked her for several minutes, releasing the necessary urgencies from my loins while moving her into the "fuck zone", wherein her body reciprocally began to develop it's own growing urgencies. After this brief "appetizer", I urged her to "flip over" so we could message the front of her body. Without any hesitation this time, she instantly complied. She was now relaxed, very much turned on and drunken with the attentions of two very horny men.

After again lavishing her body with an excess of oil, My friend and I took to fondling, feeling, tongue fucking, finger fucking, rubbing, caressing, squeezing my gorgeous, sexy girlfriend with lusty gusto. My friend, now addicted to her tongue fucking, pressed her hard against him. Since she was angled toward him, I simply nudged her body a bit more in his direction, so she was lying on her side facing him and proceeded to fuck her hard from behind (again). Our oily bodies sliding against each other, my hard cock plunging deep inside her... she arched back, keeping time with my regular thrusts, squeezing every bit of pleasure from my unrestrained lust.

Just as he and i did when we both danced with her, we took turns turning her from side to side, first facing me, then facing him. We each had our way with her; this side then that side... first front, then back as our oil soaked bodies developed their own particular synchronous rhythm. He had long since abandoned all his clothing and was happily grinding his oily cock against her slick ass, while I finger fucked, fondled and tongue fucked her from the front.

As time went on, our play and movements seem to effortlessly fuse into a particular style and grove. My favorite scene, which epitomized this "sexual dance" was one in which she gracefully flowed between us, tongue fucking first him then me, while stroking his hard cock and mine simultaneously, with me fucking her while he rubbed her clit, while I squeezed her hard nipple, while he sucked her other breast, while the smells of sex lingered heavy over us, while her body moved under it's growing pressures of her own passions and desires. She moaned and moved with graceful, sexual abandon. Her hands, ass, body, lips, pussy, eyes... all fire ablaze.

This bombardment of senses finally conquered me as I gasped and screamed with release as my cum filled her. We continued our dance for a while thereafter, lying together talking, in turn, of our many previous sexual adventures. As we lie peacefully embracing, I gently rubbed my cum around her pussy and thighs. It was very sexy. The three of us laying naked, oily and unashamed lightly touching and talking intimately. We basked in various tones of this wonderful afterglow.

Excusing myself (this seems to be the cue for my friend and her), I went to get something from the kitchen and change the music. When I returned, I saw that my friend had "mounted her". She lie on her back with her arms gently caressing his back and shoulders. Although I kept a respectful distance I could hear them whispering, negotiating their secret sexual intentions and plans. For some reason, I hesitated to join them while he was astride her, even though this particular scene was a predominant fantasy for years. I desperately had wanted to see a man fuck my girlfriend! However, I came in and out of the room several times, every couple minutes. I saw her constant loving, gentle strokes along his back as he performed syncopated thrusts between her legs. I heard his groans and her whispers becoming louder and more intense.

I think, I held back not only because I had already cum and was well spent, but because I knew that he wouldn't be able to complete the culminating act with an audience. Plus, I enjoyed the mystery of wondering if he was really fucking her or if they were just performing a "pseudo fuck", like we had discussed. A pseudo fuck, was where he would simulate fucking her by thrusting his oily cock in and out, between her clenched thighs until he came. Or, she would reach down between her legs, and masturbate him while he rubbed across the lips of her pussy. Although I had imagined this happening type of pretend fucking from behind, during the period where we were swapping her, turning her from side to side, I hadn't thought of it happening from the "missionary position." As I looked on, I considered that there was a good 80% chance that they had abandoned any boundaries or consideration of "pseudo" anything and just decided to fuck each other. In fact, I thought he most likely slipped his cock into her pussy during our side swapping episode. Yes, this indeed had been the dark, erotic fascination that possessed me these many years... I was finally and happily being able to have fulfilled!

When the noise died down, I came in and laid beside them. My girlfriend coyly reported; "everyone is happy now". My friend looked spent and satisfied. I knew I was. I continued to wonder if my buddy had really fucked my girlfriend or not. When I had nonchalantly felt between her legs and gently stroked her pussy, I had noticed that it was overflowing with a huge amount of cum, far more than could be had from simply my orgasm alone. It really turned me on to feel another man's cum inside the pussy of my girlfriend! I continued reveled in the thought as I felt her spent moist, soft, warm pussy.

Again, we laid there and talked a while, till the provocative nature of our conversation rekindled our sexual urges... and we both started getting hard again (although it had only been a half hour or so). However, my girlfriend, smiling with a gleam in her eys, jumped up and scolded, "you guys have had enough for one night!"

Soon we drifted off to sleep. The next morning, my girlfriend suggested we all go out to Cracker Barrel for a hearty breakfast. I checked out the nights frolic with my buddy and girlfriend, who both indicated that they were "all good" (and more than good!) with everything that happened. I was worried that my buddy would develop an insatiable "itch" that he just couldn't scratch enough and just go crazy. I needed to confirm that my girlfriend was good with everything emotionally, with the nights' specific activities, with our relationship and most importantly, with herself. I am very happy to report that she was, and is and that we are!

As for me... I am grateful to God and to my girlfriend that my ongoing fantasy of over 10 years... has been pleasantly satisfied (at least for now). I love her and respect her more than ever! In fact I adore her completely. She is the perfect combination of lady and slut. She is my soul mate in everyway. She is one who is perfectly suited to me and I to her. I am a very happy man. Life is Good!

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