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Our First Swing

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How we got started swinging two years ago might be interesting. We are both very sexual people, my wife is literally a tiger in bed. She loves everything about the male body and is very orgasmic. Until we began our adventures, I never realized how much she really loved men.

After being together for ten years, our love life was suffering. It had become boring and routine. Even then she was very orgasmic but she had always been on the inhibited side. Oral sex was out of the question and the position was always the same.

Then one day during conversation, she admitted to me that she had had a one-night stand with a stranger that she met at a bar just before she and I started to date. She had never told me about it because she thought I might get upset. Why she thought that I?d never understand. I have never in my life been jealous of anyone or anything. It's a useless emotion. What I was feeling; however, was turned on! In seconds we were naked and doing things we hadn't done in years.

For some time afterward, I couldn't stop thinking about watching my wife giving pleasure to someone new. Then I got an idea and found a young college guy on an Internet dating site that was willing to have sex with my wife while I watched. He is straight and I am straight and the knowledge that we both are makes us comfortable with being naked in front of each other. Now I just had to put it to my wife. I even had pictures of this young man. Normal face shots and full nudes. She gave an immediate "NO!" Her tone suggested that she was somewhat disgusted with me for even suggesting it. So I let the matter drop.

Two days later she came to me and said she'd couldn't stop thinking about what I had purposed and had changed her mind. Actually, the pictures of his nude body had literally caused her to drip with anticipation! So I contacted our friend and made all of the arrangements.

We arranged to meet him at the hotel and arrived early so we could be in the room first. She partially undressed and a quick glance at her panties showed me that she was soaking wet with excitement. Pulling her panties to the side I was shocked to see her more wet than I had seen her in years! That was to be my first shock of that evening.

A small tap on the door and we knew her new lover had arrived. I opened the door and let him in. He was only slightly taller than her but considerably younger. He was blond and muscular. He politely said hello and then took her hands gently in his while inquiring of her if she was nervous. She told him she was and he put her at ease by kindly telling her it was going to be fine. He looked her up and down admiringly and then they started to kiss passionately. She was all smiles.

After a minute he asked her if he could remove her blouse and she said yes. Then he asked her about her bra and again found she could not resist. Expertly he unclasped and removed her bra. Her small perky breasts were standing at full attention, her nipples hard with excitement. He caressed and then sucked each of them gently while running his hands down inside the backs of her panties. Soon she was tugging his shirt over his head and then they kissed again, her soft skinned naked chest pressed hard against his hairy muscular one.

When the kiss broke, very politely he asked her if he could remove her panties. "Oh yeah," she answered him as if that were a silly question. Quickly he slid the white cotton panties down her legs and then she flung them off of her feet. He stepped back for a second and looked at her body. "Oooo... wow...," he said as he looked from her firm perky breasts, down her smooth and flat belly to the little triangle of brown curly pubes centered above those long, shapely and sexy legs.

I noticed his gaze remained locked on her pussy for a long time while he was "Oooing" and "Wowing." I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting. For the first time in ten years, another man was looking at my wife?s naked pussy and the more she realized how turned on he was getting, the more hot and wet she was becoming. How hot and wet she was getting I was about to find out when she would give me my next shock of the night.

"You are absolutely beautiful," he said to her when he finally lifted his gaze from her pubic hair back to her eyes. "Thank you," she said as she blushed. Then she reached out and grabbed his pants to unbutton, unzip and pull down. The poor guy barely got his jeans off of his feet and she was hooking her fingers in his underwear and yanking them down. Her anticipation had absolutely whipped her into a crazed frenzy over having a new cock and soon it sprang free of its elastic confinements and poked straight out against her belly. Her eyes turned huge and round as she looked upon it for the first time. ?Wow? that?s nice,? she said. She wasted no time and took it in her hand to lightly stroke it as she again began to kiss him.

The two were now completely self-absorbed forgetting all about me being present which I was happy to see. They kissed and pressed their naked bodies against each other hard. His long and stiff cock was now pointed upward and pressed into her belly as his balls were being scratched by her pubes. When this kiss broke, she quickly kissed her way down his neck, chest and stomach. Then it was time for my next shock.

She was on her knees when she reached his cock and her face was only inches from it's head as it pointed straight out on it's own, directly at her mouth. Staring at it, she grabbed it in her hand once again and began to stroke it vigorously. I could see that she was completely transfixed with this knew fleshy toy. A bullet could have been fired through the room only inches from her head and she would have never known. She was grinning ear to ear, her eyes still wide never wavered from his rigid pole, locked in an obsessive stare as her hand stroked him up and down and his head dripped and glistened with his precum. Suddenly, she opened her mouth, inserted the first few inches of his cock and wrapped her lips around it. His head flew back and he moaned loudly with delight. I watched in utter amazement. To my knowledge, she had never given me oral sex or even played with my cock the way she was playing with this guy! I was so turned on!

She sucked and stoked and took him deeper and deeper in her mouth. Then he pulled her away and lay back on the bed. In another shocking move, she threw a thigh over his head and climbed onto him in the 69 position. As she grabbed and reinserted his penis into her mouth, he spread open her pussy lips with his fingers and then plunged his tongue deep into her waiting gash. Another inhibition lowered. She always hated oral sex. Now the room was filled with the sounds and smells of them sucking, slurping and moaning together.

Another minute or two and the time I'd been dreaming about finally arrived. She climbed off of him, got onto her back on the bed with her ass near the edge and her legs spread wide. For a second she looked over at me with eyes filled with a lust I had never seen in her before. Then those lusty eyes locked again with frenzy upon the cock that was now approaching those wide spread silky smooth thighs.

The young man with the muscular body, the blond hair and rock hard cock was now standing directly between her open thighs. From my vantage point, I could see her pussy petals were open to him and the fluids of her excitement were literally running out of her. Lying on her back, legs spread; she held up her head to remain fixed on his cock as I could tell she was ready to burst from excitement. Her facial expression was a mixture of wanton lust and giddiness as she smiled her lust crazed smile and stared unceasingly at his cock that was now in his hand and taking aim at her pussy.

But he wasn't finished yet with the teasing and anticipation. He took the underside of his cock and rubbed it and it's head in her thick pubic hair. Soon I could see that her wiry brown hairs were glistening from the precum he rubbed into them. Then, as she watched, he took the head of his cock and slowly began to rub it up and down on her pussy lips. Her breathing became short and labored and I could tell it was taking all of her will power not to tell him to just cram it all the way in and fuck her. As her breathing became heavier, she continued to watch that magnificent cock rub her slit until finally he dipped the head of his cock between her pussy lips. I thought she was going to cum on the spot as she moaned in ecstasy. But he immediately pulled it back out and rubbed her with it a time or two before plunging just the tip in once again.

He repeated this teasing process about three times before he finally left the tip of his dick position between her outer lips. Then I saw his dick head completely disappear into my wife's body. Inch-by-inch the rest of his rigid shaft followed his tip as my wife's hungry pussy swallowed it. She was verging on screaming with unbridled lust at this point. Her moaning was louder than I had ever heard it as this young man, whom only minutes before was a complete stranger to her, was entering her body.

Soon he was all the way in. His testicles rested on her firm buttocks and his blond pubes were entwined with her brown ones. Her head was still tilted up and his was bent down next to it as they both gazed down at their joined bodies. He was enjoying the sensation of her moist and snug tunnel squeezing on his shaft and she was enjoying the sensation of being filled with a super rigid hard-on all the way up to her cervix.

And there it was. My wife of several years. The one who swore to forsake all others until death do us part, the one who had remain monogamous for ten years was lying there naked, spread eagle, with another man she had just met on top of her and his cock buried deep inside her body. All in plain sight of me, her husband. The one to whom she was now breaking all of her vows. Could it get any better? Then as he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her I realized that it was about to get much better! She was about to use her married body and pussy to make this young man cum.

To my wife, making love to a man until he cums is not just a physical act, it's an art. I can tell you that when it comes to her art craft, she is the Michael Angelo of lovemaking. This young man was about to experience all of the pleasures that for years had been mine alone. It was like sharing a deep secret. She has the ability to contract her vaginal muscles and clamp down on a man's penis as it moves in and out of her. The contraction increases the friction and the sensations of pleasure a hundred fold. She is a voyeur and she loves to watch a guy as he penetrates and pumps her body. The contracting of her internal muscles not only increases the pleasure for the guy but for her as well. Often, this pleasure will cause her to orgasm multiple times before the guy ever gets it his first time. Lastly, she likes to caress and fondle a guy as he is making love to her. All of this I knew but I was still surprised when she reached around his buttocks and lightly began to stroke the back of his balls as he began slamming his cock in and out of her with a steady rhythm.

The room was filled with the sounds and sights of their lovemaking. Their thighs were making a rhythmic slapping sound that went in time with his constant thrusting. The muscles in his shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs rippled as he worked his body in and out of hers. His breathing and sighs were heavy. Her pussy was now making loud slurping and gulping sounds as her climax approached and her discharge became heavier. His cock was slimed with her juices, as was the front of his balls, which were swinging in rhythm to their slapping thighs. With each inward thrust she moaned at the top of her lungs. Each thrust she became louder and her stomach muscles contracted harder. I knew she was close.

When she reached around and stroked his balls, he yelled out loud with unexpected pleasure. Between the contractions of her internal muscles, the gyrating of her hips in motion with his, the wetness of her pussy, the pleasurable moaning and the stroking of her fingers on his scrotum, he could no longer last. Suddenly his cock popped free and a huge arc of white goo flew over her body and her right shoulder. That shot of cum was followed by another and then several more. Her chest, abdomen and bush were covered in his white spunk. Her belly button was filled with it. But she had still not cum! Nothing to fear. The young man immediately guided his still rock hard erection right back inside of her. It only took a few more pumps and soon I saw her legs wrap around his thighs as she drew him as deep inside of her body as was physically possible. At this time, I did not yet know that her biggest turn-on is feeling a guy's cock cum inside of her. And now I know that it is an even bigger turn-on for her to know that it is a strange cock cumming inside of her. It's something about the feeling of it combined with the knowledge that her pussy made it cum. Anyway; his earlier ejaculation did not deprive her of this experience as I thought it might. Ah, youth! As she drew him deep and locked him in with her legs, he lay on top of her, his sticky sperm load covering her body had been allowing their bodies to slide over each other easily, she clamped her pussy muscles down on his cock as hard as she could and began to scream. Then she began to feel his cock throb and pulsate once again and as she felt herself filling up, she knew his young sperm and her fluids were mixing deep within her. This accelerated her screaming to a new level and I'm sure other hotel patrons, people in the hallway, people in the parking lot and employees at the front desk could hear her. Her orgasm lasted longer than I had ever seen one last.

After she was spent, he pulled out and they cleaned up. They caressed for a while then he politely said goodnight and left. They remained friends for a while but never met again. Our own sex life roared to new heights and the lifestyle began. We even had the pleasure of meeting another couple near us, who we'd never met before, and within minutes we were all naked and swapping partners. It was awesome as the two beautiful women sat naked on the sofa side by side while we swapped and made love. Watching our spouses please someone new turned us all on.

I know I've been long winded here but I hope those who are intrigued by swinging but uncertain and apprehensive read this and are put at ease. You have to be careful and screen your prospects but a great deal of fun can be had out there and we are certainly hoping to have more!

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