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Our First Experience....

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We finally had our first experience with another couple....

As friends do, we come together to help each other out when the need arises, and this usually becomes an excuse for beer or some other social lubricant, and usually in large quantities. When we asked, they were ready and willing to assist us in bringing home a new washer and dryer in their truck. We promised we would buy the beer since they were helping out.

The details of how we went from moving appliances to the events here are not unusual. We drank heavily, flirting and joking with each other, just two couples having a good time. Later on that evening, when I was returning from a jaunt to the bathroom, I walked into the kitchen to find my wife?s friend, who I?ll call Lila, sitting on the kitchen counter with her top pulled up. My wife was doing an "inspection" on Lila?s nipples, presumably, judging from the conversation I?d been hearing, to give an opinion of whether or not she should get her them pierced.

I have always found Lila to be appealing. She?s a mother of twins, and has some ?mom? qualities, but she has a pretty face, a really sexy attitude, and a fantastic ass. I?ve wanted to try and get her and my wife together for some time for a threesome, but never could figure out a way to bring it up. The wife and I had fantasized together about it verbally, though, and I knew that if an opportunity ever presented itself, she would jump at it. My wife is bi-sexual, and loves pussy as much as a guy. Obviously, this is a huge benefit for me, because I have a lesbian fetish. We?d also talked about having Lila and her husband (we?ll call him Joe) watch us have sex, but again, how do you bring a suggestion like that up in polite conversation?

So, cut back to the kitchen. As I walk in, I see Lila?s small, sexy tits, which she quickly covers up, grinning sheepishly. I grumble a bit and ham it up in an effort to encourage her to do it again. Around this time, Joe walks in from smoking a cigarette and senses that something is up. I repeat what I?ve just seen, and he suggests that they continue as if we were not there. After thinking a moment, Lila whips off her shirt, and they go back to discussing her nipples. I admire her chest, taking in the fact that she has that perfect bikini-top triangle of white skin surrounding each breast. My wife takes her time inspecting Lila, making quite a show of touching her just enough to tantalize the two men watching this scenario unfold. I suggest that my wife get topless so that she can show off her wonderful breasts and very pretty nipples. She complies bashfully, but then gets an devious look on her face and walks to Lila and rubs their tits together.

?I think this is what they want to see,? she says, looking into Lila?s eyes as she pulls her close. She cups her hand under Lila's jaw and tilts her head up, and their lips meet in a slow, sensual kiss.

Joe and I stand there watching hungrily, waiting to see where this will lead. Lila turns and says, ?What about you guys? What do we get to see?? She?s looking at me when she says it, so I take off my shirt and flex a little, while sucking in my gut. The girls watch as Joe does the same.

I say to them, ?What DO you want to see?? It has always been a source of frustration that women aren?t much turned on by visual stimulation. No revelations were forthcoming as neither of them answered. There was an awkward moment before I say to Joe and Lila, ?OK, we have fantasized about having you guys watch us. I?m going to fuck my wife and if you want to stay and watch, fine. Feel free to join in if you?d like.? I pulled my wife in close, loving the sharp, indrawn breath she takes as I caress her bare nipples. She doesn?t resist me at all as I slide her shorts and panties off and sit her on the countertop. I kneel before her and taste her delicious pussy and feel how wet she?s gotten from the previous activities.

Meanwhile, Joe and Lila have stripped down, too, and before long, Joe has Lila bent over the countertop fucking her from behind while he stares at my wife?s tits and pussy. I spread her open with my fingers, totally feeling like to porno stud, and insert my throbbing cock. After as much beer and rum as I?d had by this point, I knew that my stamina would be legendary and I was glad for it. This was no time for a ?Quick-Draw McGraw? performance! I realize that I'm doing my own fair bit of staring as I watch Joe and Lila together, savoring the fact that I'd fantasized about this moment for so long.

After a few minutes of sucking and fucking, my wife jumped off the counter and pulled Lila away from Joe, pushed her up against the cabinet, and dove between her legs. You could see her intensity and desire. Joe and I just stepped back to watch the splendor of a woman licking pussy. It?s every man?s dream to watch this, and I am living that dream, seeing her tongue flicking Lila?s clit and watching her fingers plunge deep inside Lila?s well-groomed snatch. Lila writhes against the cabinets, moaning encouragement. My wife offers up a finger to me to taste?my cock nearly explodes as I deeply inhale the aroma of another woman. I know right then that I have to taste her myself, but I wasn?t quite sure that was on the menu at this point.

If memory serves, I think my wife and Lila ended up on the floor for quite some time before I got a turn to kiss Lila?s juices from her face, and rudely shove my cock into her dripping cunt. The intensity was turned way up at this point. Picture two couples, fucking crazily, hungrily, and mere inches away from one another. I don?t recall who touched whom at what point, but before I knew it, we were having a grope-fest as we fucked. My fingers explored Lila?s clit and nipples, occasionally traveling down past her sparse pubic hair and brushing up against the shaft of Joe?s thrusting dick as he pounded her on the kitchen floor. We fooled around in this fashion for some time. During a position change, I indicated to my wife silently that I wanted to lick Lila. Her eyes lit with anticipation.

I recall that the transition was a bit awkward, but I finally had Lila spread before me. I could feel that she was tense, but then gradually she became more receptive to my probing tongue and fingers. I reached up and found her tiny, hard nipples and soft, small breasts thrust outward to receive the fondling and attention of three eager pairs of hands. I was only able to savor the taste of her for a brief time before she suggested that Joe reciprocate. I wanted nothing more than to watch this thin, attractive young man go down on my wife, so I eagerly moved back to watch the show.

Joe gave it to her good. My wife loves to have her pussy licked, and she reached down to encourage Joe to do it hard. I don?t know if she came, but watching those two go at it was almost as sexy as what came next.

To this point, I know that there had been a lot of groping and fondling and sucking, but I don?t think Lila had been down on my wife for any length of time. I later found out that this was the first time Lila had been down on a woman, but remembering how she got down on my wife?s clit, she looked like a pro to me. There was a point where we were arranged so that I was on the floor getting my dick sucked by my wife. Lila was getting drilled from behind on all fours. She moved towards my wife?s ass, and before anyone could predict where this was going, she was delicately stroking my wife?s little pink asshole with her tongue. Judging by the squeals that this elicited from my wife as she deep-throated me, Lila was no slouch at eating ass, either.

The rest of the evening (morning?) was spent trying to drain the dicks of two very inebriated but VERY excited men. We were both experiencing events that would normally make us drop our respective loads within seconds, but the alcohol was giving us too much staying power. I was finally able to live out the fantasy of spackling my wife?s beautiful face with a gigantic load of spunk while being watched by other people, and Joe (who?d had more to drink that the rest of us) conceded that he?d likely strip the skin off of himself and Lila before he was able to finish. We retired to the front porch so they could smoke and we could all discuss the evening.

I was expecting some awkwardness to be evident as we sat on the porch unabashedly naked and sweaty from our exertions, but the overwhelming consensus was that we all had had a fantastic time. The only thing I could sense out of anyone was regret over the fact that we had not been able to retire to a setting more conducive to sexual activity because of other ?houseguests? (kids). We all knew that instead of being a one-off instance, this was a repeatable occurrence.

Lila set the expectation and drew smiles from everyone when she said with a coquettish smile, ?Next time, we are getting hotel room.?

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