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Our 1st encounter with P, (MMF)

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Our first encounter with P. (MMF)

My name is Chris, Im a 38year old male living in southern Cali. I have been with M for going on 6 years now, and to say we have a great sex life would be a blasphemy. I think it is safe to say that most people just get to dream about the kind of sex we have, most people never get to experience the kind of physical and emotional connection that we experience daily. So, I figured I would give you readers a glimpse into our lives, (actual), as well as, tell you about a fantasy we both share and have yet to make it happen. Perhaps this story may make it happen.

We started having great sex probably the 2nd or 3rd time we fucked, at the time we did not live together, yet we worked together. That dynamic essentially aloud for 8 hours a day of verbal and sometimes physical foreplay. So much so, that by the time we were ending our work day it would take every ounce of energy to not just r*pe her on the car ride home. We would get to her place, walk in the door, and the clothing would be quickly torn off as the passion would overcome me and I felt as if we were alone in the world, are sole purpose to explore each other?s bodies inside and out. These after work ?sessions? would sometime last for hours.

Me being a male and a scorpio, I feel as if sex is almost an out of body experience. (all you scorpios should get that) It seems my level of passion for sex is rather high, but with M it became uncontrollable, and I was loving it. After several conversations about having a 3rd come into our sex lives, generally a topic discussed daily, she mentioned to me that she would like to have sex with a friend of ours named P. Although P was unsure, we were not, and invited him over one night and while him and I were watching some porn in the living room, M had taken a hot bath, making sure to shave her pussy completely for P and I to enjoy. Pushing the bill, M sat on our couch spreading her legs giving me full access to her perfectly shaved pussy, and I started to devour her with my tongue as P sat across from us. The site must have been to much as he asked if he could taste her pussy?

M gladly invited him over, as I made room for him to slide between her legs, and in the blink of an eye our lives changed forever. I was finally witnessing M be pleasured by another man. I had dreamed about that moment forever, and let me tell you, it was 100 times more erotic, more stimulating, more sexual than even I could have imagined. I watched as P slowly ran his tongue up one side of her freshly shaved pussy, and down the other side. Considering the sexual electricity in the room, he expertly took his time making sure not to allow his tongue to get too close to her clit. As he was lathering up all over her pussy, M began to writhe around, when we made eye contact, I silently ask if she was ok? The moan that escaped from her lips as her eyes rolled back into her head was my answer. Just then P finally gave in and ran his tongue up and over her clit??????Oh My God? was all she said as she began to grind her sweet pussy all over P?s face.

I do believe that was the first time in my life that I almost came without even touching my cock. The desire that I was seeing play out in front of me was mesmerizing, there is no way I can truly explain verbally what I felt physically at that moment.

As P started to suck softly on her clit, M lunged toward me swallowing my dick. I?m no porn star, but I?m working with a little over 7? and have a bit of girth. She usually gets a little more than half in her mouth, P must be doing something right, because she has me on the brink of filling her mouth in no time at all. As I pull my dick out of her mouth to avoid cumming right away, she screams out, :OHH P, Oh my God, hes going to make me cum!? She grabs the back of his head with both hands as she grinds her pussy all over his face. With one final convulsion she begins to push his head away from her pussy, she cant handle anymore?????..

WOW!! That?s all I can really say to even come close to explaining what had just transpired. It was the most exciting event that I have ever been a part of. She slides off the couch and over on her knees in front of P, she coaxes him out of his shorts exposing his cock. My cock is now harder than steel, as I slide behind her and in one stroke I am balls deep in her pussy right as she swallows P?s cock. OH MY GOD, her pussy was filled with her own cum and started to run down her legs as I started to fuck her with hard and deep strokes. She just concentrated on pleasuring P?s cock from the tip she swallowed him time and again. Slowly then faster I watched her mouth go up and down, as she moaned around his dick due to my constant plunging deeper and deeper.

I could not believe how turned on we all were. M deep throating P as I continued to slam my cock in again and again. P tells me to keep doing whatever I was doing, because he could tell that she loved it. The more intense the fucking became the better she would suck his dick. Unfortunately that level of excitement cannot be sustained for long, and once again I had to pull away before I dumped my load deep in her pussy. I offer to swap places with P, and he gladly accepts. Moving behind her, and once again that night I had finally seen a fantasy come to a reality as he slid his hard dick in her, causing her to gasp for breath as she to had made her fantasy come true as P stroked in and out.

After P fucked her doggie style for a few, he rolled her on to her back and had to get gis tongue back ibto her freshly fucked pussy. It didnt take long before M was cumming again. "Oh my fucking God" she sreamed as her cum gushed in P's mouth.

One of the greatest things about our sex lives, is understanding that if we want to fuck all night long it is imperative to take some much needed breaks. Let it all sink in. In no time at all P and I start talking about what just happen, and how stoked he was for taking advantage of M's offer for this threesome, as this was his first as well.

As we are discussing how tiny her pussy is, and how hot it was for me to see her swallow his cock, i notice M seems to be enjoying hearing us discuss her body and what we had and planned to do to it. If you havent had the pleasure of a MMF, people you are missing out. It truly was the pinnacle of eroticism seeing her pleasured by another man that i know she had wanted to fuck.

The rest of the night was just the beginning as we fucked and sucked into the wee hours of morning. The session ended with P following my lead, and taking her pussy from behind as she laid flat on her stomach. He entered her with a powerful thrust which made her scream out. I was lying next to her and could feel the force of which he was slamming his cock into her pussy. We make eye contact as she starts to cum, I can clearly see the lust and satisfaction in her eyes as he slams a stroke deep and pulls his dick out and sends stream after stream of cum all over M's back. P cums much more than most men, and seeing him cover her back with his seed was the perfect climax to our first MMF with P!

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