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Nicoles new Adventure

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She was laying in bed with her eyes shut. Her mind was recounting the chat conversation she had just had with him, and the words that he had used to seduce her mind. She smirked about how she felt about his charming and laid-back communication style, and how it had caused on her skin to tingle. She felt the sensation of his words sending small ripples across her abdomen, and now the light bamboo bed sheets left sensual feelings over her bare nipples just thinking about it. She felt the mild summer air caress her face ever so slightly. It was comfortable June night. She was naked. She was relaxed. She was excited about meeting him Wednesday afternoon.

They had been chatting for a little while now, and felt she had gotten to know him a little bit. They had talked about polite interesting things first, but the last couple of times their chat had become more personal and intimate. And fun. When they chatted earlier, she had had been wearing her summer PJs – a cute little girlie ensemble she had picked out one day while in a playful mood. It was light and soft, and provided easy access for curious hands, including her own. She had let her hands wander several times between typing on the keyboard - with the exciting notion that it would be his hands exploring her skin and sensual curves. And she couldn’t help herself from thinking about his hard cock. She wanted to see it. She wanted to touch it. She wanted to feel the hard erection between her fingers and bring it close to her lips. God, she wanted to suck cock right now.

She could feel her mouth salivating from the thought of cock. Nicole had always enjoyed that part of a man’s body, but lately she had realized that she was more wanton that she had previously allowed herself to think. Her catholic upbringing was finally being digested, and the new and more open-minded values had found their way into her mind. Into her mind - and to her lips, and to her sweet and desiring vagina.

She was looking forward to finally seeing him tomorrow night.

Thoughts of fun were mixed with a certain sense of calmness. Feeling this relaxed, both physically and spiritually was something she had wanted for a long time. Her career and busy schedule had taken too much out of her for the last few years, and she was happy to feel that she was finally starting to feel that she was waking up to life again.

She slid her leg over across the bed and snuck a quick feel up against her husband’s leg. A smile came across her mind as she reminded herself how much she loved him, and how happy she was that the could share their life openly and honestly. Her husband was quite different from herself, and had life experiences way beyond herself – but they loved eachother greatly, and were quite willing to work towards a greater understanding of life’s tribulations and rewards. They understood eachother. They did not always see eye to eye, but there was an ever-present understanding between the two of them. She had her career and professional network, and he had his. When they came home under the same roof after long business trips, they talked, shared the events of their days, and made sweet and meaningful love until she fell asleep between the soft bamboo sheets.

But she was also excited about her new potential lover. While stroking her foot up along her husbands firm leg, she let her hands reach over her breasts and feel the excitement of sensual skin and elongated nipples. Although laying there alone in the night, she felt a sense of utter excitement and connectivity to the universe. She loved her husband – he loved her, but right there and then her sexual hunger was focused towards him. Her new lover.

Nicole’s skin was eager with anticipation, and she wanted to celebrate her state of being. She picked up her cell phone and opened her text menu. She found his number. She let her thoughts gather a few seconds before she typed:

“I am here with him. I love feeling his skin. I am looking forward to feeling yours too. I want you inside me. I want you both inside me! ^ ^ “

She sent the message – and felt tingles from her own wanton words. She had no shame. She was enjoying her risky little late-night call-out. She laid back not knowing if she would get a response. Her hand were sneking a caress of her husbands lower back and athletic back-side. God, she loved feeling his butt! He was an athletic soccer player with masculine sexy bottox. She got wet just thinking about it. She loved this man! He was slightly older than her, and certainly quite more experienced in the ways of life, but he had an air of passion and non-judgemental understanding that she found reveering. Not that he didn’t scold her once in a while, but his words were rarely mean. His words were chosen so that she could learn, grow, and unshackle the laborious pressures of her past. Her husband wanted her to be a truly free woman. Free from her Catholic past. Free to blossom as she chose. Free to create a foundation based in a heathly sense of self. Emotional self-confidence. Sexual at-ease. An invitation to to enjoy the lightness of being.

It had taken her a while to recognize this new variation of support and understanding. She first thought it was something new and scary. She though this new liberty meant that she was not worthy of being cherished and treasured. An uneasiness had first settled over her when they had disussed the opening of sexual and emotional borders. She had not understood that it was possible.

Now she laid next to her husband – one hand firmly caressing his athletic buns, while her other hand was roamaing around her own skin and enjoying every spot. She felt so at ease with the universe. She was pawing her sleeping husband, while at the same time dreaming of this man’s erect cock. She wanted to feel the skin of her new lover’s cock. She wanted his hard penis to slide all over her feminine skin. She felt elated! The men in her life all of a sudden seemed to be in support of her many internal facets. She could only smirk as she slumbered into the night.

When she woke up the next morning, her husband had already left for the airport. He had started the coffee maker so she could wake up to the smell of a French Roast morning. He had left her a note on the kitchen counter letting her know that she was on his mind. Standing there naked enjoying the first sip of hot coffee, she read his words:

“Thanks for your wandering hands last night. Enjoyed them tremendously despite my deep sleep. Hope you are able to put your sweet energy to good use while I am away. XOXO”

Nicole smiled and took a long sip of the coffee he had made for her. She felt content. He really loved her and it made her feel secure and appreciated. She was still horny though. He had not fucked her last night, so her pulsating vagina was still aching to be enjoyed. She needed sexual attention. She needed cock. Oh God, how she longed for a hard cock. She had started to realize that she was now in her sexual prime. She loved to fuck her husband whenever she could, but had also noticed that she was eyeing younger athletic men – with whom she adored the thought of being taken advantage of. Her pussy was finally able to enjoy the wantoness of her erotic persona. It had taken her a while to arrive at this sense of realization, but was now embracing it like gospel. She loved to fuck!

Standing there naked at the counter sipping coffee, she was toying with the notion of texting her occasional lesbian playmate. Maybe she could come over for a quick play session. Or maybe she could sit out in the back yard and get noticed by the neighbor and female attorney, Pricilla. She would love to feel Pricilla’s playful lips on her protruding clit right now, but she was not sure if her neighbor was desiring her, or her husband, the most. Either way, it was a hot thought.

She decided to take her coffe cup to the computer, and sat down naked to see who may have left her an email the last couple of days. There were quite a few, but also an email from him. She opened his message and read through it. He was an athletic and handsome man in his early 40s. He wrote:

“Hi, Nicole. Looking forward to seeing you tonight. I wanted to let you know that I may be a little late. My son called to say that he is coming home for a visit from college. He wondered if I would take him canoeing at Darby Hollow. There is a great spot for skinny-dipping there. I told him about you, and he asked if you wanted to come along. He enjoys mature women. We would both enjoy being naked with you”.

Nicole let out a gasp, and could barely contain her girlish giggle as she thought about the possibilities of the afternoon. Her clit gave her a slight tingle as she thought about being naked among him and her college son. She felt excited as well as responsible for her possible new adventure. Her breasts were heaving in anticipation of these two youthful men – father and son – and what they may have in store for her. She could barely contain her eager anticipation. She was giggling.

In order to alleviate some of her potential guilt, she texted her husband to explain how the afternoon and evening may turn out. She was eagerly and nervously awating his response. The phone beeped twice letting her know that she had a text, and she opened it at read:

“You lucky wanton woman! Sounds like you may be in for an exciting afternoon. Wish I was there! Tell me all about it during our call tonight! Love you!”

Nicole’s breath was heavy but relieved. She was going to have the afternoon of her life. She was geeting into new and erotic endeavors. She felt excited and ready.

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