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Newlywed with husbands best friend

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This happened about 20 years ago when my husband John and I were 19 and had been married a few months. We lived in a nice little duplex apartment with John's best friend and co-worker,Jeff living in the duplex next to us.

Being married so young can present its own set of problems and John and I would get into some heated arguments. Alot of the problems stemed from money problems, but the worst problem was my meddling mother-in-law. John would almost always side with her on an issue and wouldn't stick up for me when she critized me. This really pissed me off and drove me crazy.

John and Jeff both worked together at Safeway and were best friends. In fact Jeff helped us find this apartment. Even though John and Jeff worked together, alot of times they didn't work the same shifts. One would be at work and the other at home.

One day John and I got into another big argument. John had to go to work and when he left I was steaming mad. About 30 minutes after John left for work, Jeff came to the door. He was quite upset and I invited him in to talk. Now mind you Jeff was quite handsome, tall and had dark wavey hair. He was quite the ladies man but never seemed to stay with one girl for too long. I thought this was quite normal for a young single guy in his 20's.

When I asked Jeff what was wrong he told me he had just broken up with his latest girlfriend. I asked him what happened. He told me he thought it was because he had a deformed penis and couldn't satisfy a woman. I asked Jeff to show me his penis and I would give him my opinion. He pulled his pants off and it looked normal to me. I told him it looked fine. He said it was only deformed when it got hard. I then touched it and started to stoke it. It got harder and bigger, but it hooked downward. It was much bigger and thicker than my husbands little 5 incher. I decided then and their I was going to pay my husband back for being an asshole by fucking his best friend. I took Jeff's cock in my mouth and started to suck it. Jeff's cock got even harder. It was a bit difficult to suck because of the bend. I stopped sucking it and looked Jeff right in the eye and told him that I would fuck him and give him an honest opinion on how his cock felt and his love making abilities. I took him by and hand and led him into the bedroom. We embraced and started to kiss wildly. He eagerly undid by blouse and unhooked by bra. He then started to suck on my breasts (38D) as he pulled down my skirt. He had me lay on the bed and then started to go down on me. I was already wet, but he worked my pussy until I had my first orgasim. He then put the head of his cock up to my pussy lips. He was about 8" and thick. With that downward bend it feld awkward. He raised my ass up and put a pillow under me so as to make entry easier for me. He slowly inched it in. The bend making it feel thicker than it actually was. I was loving it as he inched it in further and further until he was fully in me. He then started to work it in and out, faster and faster. I'm normally not very vocal but I started to let out a scream which seemed to frighten him, causing him to stop. I told him not to stop, I was screaming because he felt so good. He then fucked me like I hadn't been fucked before, giving me multiple orgasisms. As he finally was ready to shoot his load he said he was ready and would pull out so I wouldn't get pregnant. I told him I wanted him to cum in me. I grabbed his ass and held him tightly as I felt him tense up. I then felt him shoot wave after wave of his seed into me. It felt like he came a full quart. After he came he said he was worried that me might knock me up. I told him not to worry. If I had a child my husband would be none the wiser as to who the daddy was. As it turned out I didn't get pregnant from Jeff.

I told Jeff that I thought he was a wonderfull lover and any girl would he lucky to have him. The unique shape of his cock was a distinct advantage, at least in the way he used it. Of course Jeff and I would get together while my husband was at work and fuck our brains out. This went on for a couple of years until we moved. My husband wasn't the wiser and a few years later Jeff even invited us to his wedding. Him and I exchanged knowing glances, with my husband being oblivous to the fact that Jeff and I had been lovers a few years ago.

Of course I did tell my husband about this 20 years after the fact when I was mad at him for cheating on me. To my surpise it didn't have the desired effect. Instead of making him angry it turned him on. I told him I had been unfaithfull with many more men than he would ever know. He wanted to know who I had been with, but he will find out in good time. Until then I continue to take lovers and will tell you more about my past adventues in the future.

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