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As I was sitting on the deck I saw him once again walking down the beach. It was a nice day and I was getting some sun. It has been cold these last few weeks due to winter was ending. As I sat there soaking up the sun I saw a shadow and when I looked up I saw Derek and a beautiful dark hair women. As I sat there wondering what they wanted she started to whisper to him a very large grin spread across his face. ?Can I help you with anything?? I said. ?Well I saw you a couple of days ago and if you don?t mind me saying you are very beautiful and we are new in town and wanted to know if you would like to join us for lunch. My wife Sandy is very shy but she told me that she really would like to get to know you on a personal level.? I informed them that I had lunch already but they could stay and have a drink. I would even make them some lunch before they went home. As they agreed I went into the kitchen as they followed and was talking among themselves. As I turned around I saw that she was taking off her clothes as she moved toward me. Confused I asked what was going on. Derek stated ?I told you that she wanted to get to know you on a personal level. Is this ok?? I quickly turned to the clock and saw that it was already two o?clock and my husband would be home in about thirty minutes. I informed him that it was a fantasy of my husband and mine to be with another couple but he won?t be home for about thirty minutes. They agreed to wait until I talked to my husband.

As I sat on the deck waiting for Mark to get home I started to wonder what it would be like. We have never done this type of thing before but always wanted to. As he walked up on the deck I could see that he was not having the best of days. ?Honey, are you alright? I asked. ?It has been a long day and all I want to do is relax with you? he stated. As I took him into the bathroom to run him a nice hot bath I started to get undressed myself. I started to tease just a little to get him in the mood for what I was about to ask him. As I started to undress him he asked me why I was being so frisky. ?Well I love you and you need to be pampered every once in a while?. He looked at me with those big blue eyes and informed me that I was up to something. I looked at him and started to get in the bath and that is when he knew I was up to something. As we sat there we started to talk about his day and then he asked me what I did today. ?Well I was out on the deck sun bathing most of the day. Remember that guy I told you about that is new around here?? He stated ?yes, Derek right?? ?Yea, Well his wife?s name is Sandy and they came by today and asked me to have lunch and then asked if we were interested in some extra curricular activities.? As Mark sat there I tried to read his expression on his face. Next thing I knew he grabbed me and laid the biggest kiss on me and then we started making love. It was so passionate and incredible.

As I was getting dressed Mark asked me to call them and invite them for drinks. As I picked up the phone to call Derek and Sandy I remembered the activities that went on that afternoon. I spoke to Sandy for a few minutes and then I informed Mark that they would be around nine o?clock. As we ate dinner and cleaned up there was a knock on the door. My excitement rushed through me like the day I was proposed to. Mark let them in while I was dressing for the evening. I saw that Sandy was wearing a tight black strapless top that enhanced her round perfect breast and a blue jean skirt that was so short you could see everything if she sat wrong. As I was walking to greet my guest I heard them talking about the night ahead. I heard Mark state that we just bought a new camera that takes video and if they would mind if he recorded tonight?s activities? As I sat there wondering what they were going to say I realized that I holding my breath hoping they would say yes. Then I heard Derek say ?well we brought ours hoping you would agree to the same thing?. As I let out my breath I started to walk into the living room and everyone stared. ?You look great Christine, Mark stated and I say the Sandy and Derek were both agreeing. As the night went on we had a few drinks and then went out to the deck to get into the hot tub. Sandy informed me that she didn?t have a bathing suite. I informed her that I wasn?t wearing one as I took off my top. As I pulled my top off I noticed that they were all looking at me then Sandy took hers off and next I knew we were kissing as we fell into the hot tub. As everyone was laughing I started to fill Sandy?s fingers penetrate my hot wet pussy. As both guys pulled out there camcorders to video tape the moment I whispered to Sandy ?let?s give them something to record that will blow there socks off.? She agreed. So I put her up on the side of the hot tub and started to kiss her from her feet all the way up to her pussy. Then I started to move toward her inner thigh and she grabbed me and flipped me over and sat ever so gently on my face. I took my fingers and went to spread her nicely shaven pussy apart so I could get a better taste of her pussy juice. It was warm and sweet. As I played with her clit she started to swell. I didn?t want her to cum just yet so I pulled back just a little and started to kiss on her nice pink nipples while I had my fingers deep inside of her. I could hear the low groans and moans from the guys behind us and I motioned them to come and join us. Well they agreed for Mark to record first and then trade off when he was finished. As Derek stepped into the hot tub I could fill the excitement build inside of me as he took my hard breast into his mouth. As I moved back down on Sandy I could fill she was ready so I started to play with her ass and as I slipped my fingers in and licked her clit I could fill the warmth of fluid come poring out of her. As she relaxed I turned to Derek and started to suck on his large cock as he started to kiss his wife who had a large grin on her face. As I was sucking on his cock, Sandy started to put her fingers in my pussy and started to lick my clit. Then as Derek moved around Sandy he started to fuck Sandy like it was going out of style. As I was laying there getting my pussy licked by Sandy I looked over and saw Mark recording every inch of the experience. He looked like he just won the lottery. As Derek pulled out of Sandy and came all over her ass he pulled me closer to him as he was getting hard all over again and put his hard cock into my wet hot pussy and held me tight as he moved me up and down on his lap. At first I felt a little guilty until I saw the look on my husbands face and then I knew he was enjoying himself as he watched Derek fuck me until I came all over him and then Derek motioned Mark to come over and finish what he started. In the mean time Sandy was playing with my breast and was kissing me all over. When Mark got in the hot tub I could tell he had been holding it for so long because his cock was throbbing to the point that it was hot to the touch. I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck on it. Then Sandy joined me and we got him off together just to give him some relief. As he came all over Sandy and I we started to kiss. Then I started to play with Mark until he became hard again and bent Sandy over and placed Mark?s hard cock into her as I was playing with her clit. As I watched them fuck slowly and he was going so deep that I could see it on her face that she was enjoying my husband?s cock. Then he started to fuck her faster and faster it was making me crazy, he was also playing with me all at the same time. As he turned over and was having her ride him he put his dick into her ass and I sat on his face while I was kissing her. Next thing I knew we all were enjoying ourselves to the point we forgot the camera was going. As he was eating my pussy I pulled out the dildo and he then placed it into my ass and was fucking me with it while he was fucking Sandy in the ass. Next thing I knew I was cumming all over his face as he licked it off my thighs. Then I heard a loud scream and realized that Sandy was cumming along with Mark. As we dressed and made plans to do this again I could feel the love from Mark and that?s when I knew he would do anything for me??..

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