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Naughty at Work

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I had just started working in housekeeping at the local hospital. i had been there for about 3 weeks, before i ran into him. Jason was a Medic student working in the emergency room part time. He was a glorious specimen of a male. At our first meeting I was aggravated and very upset. i had been called to clean a room as soon as possible, and within ten minutes of my arrival, Jason was standing in the hall with a patient to go into the room. the room was destroyed, equipment and linens everywhere. I was going as fast as I could, while feeling his eyes watch me. i turned to prove that i was imagining things, only to find he was staring at me, and smiling as if I were standing there naked.

"Can I help you?", suddenly feeling every bead of sweat, and butterfly in my stomach take flight. "maybe, later. Right now is there anything i can do to help you?" lifting my eyes to his to protest his offer, i lost my breath. Dark ,intense, blue eyes were inches above mine, searching my soul. i shook my head no, "I.......I got it." i stepped back and took a deep breath. almost finished with the first bed, i turned back to work, just as my cheeks blossomed from the thoughts running through my mind.

A few weeks later, i was waiting for the elevator only half paying attention as the doors opened. as i stepped in i looked up to realize i was face to face with Jason. Smiling, "where ya headed?" he reached around to push a button for me. "Uh, two..... second floor." i felt like i was going to hit the floor, i couldn't catch my breath. "Yeah, just a little cramped in here..... ya know, with the stretcher.... ."

"are you clausterphobic?" leaning down, he began getting closer to me. Raising his hands to both sides of my face, he lightly placed the gentlest, most searing kiss i had ever experienced, on my lips.

just before the elevaor opened he stepped back and smiled. "See, its all a state of mind. You just have to distract yourself. Have a good dinner."

Swish, the doors shut. I couldn't seem to feel my legs. although his lips, were all that touched me, i felt his hands and mouth everywhere. i walked to the cafeteria in a haze, walking on air.

As i sat down to eat, my phone rang.. "This is angel." "where are you, right now?" alarms, sounded somewhere in my brain but the voice drew my attention. Jason was on the other end. "you just saw me, I'm in the cafeteria. Why?"

"can you meet me downstairs by the supply dock? you are on dinner break and I'm off. so, why not?" i sat there nodding my head, then realized he couldnt see me.... "yea, i can be there in a couple of minutes.."

As i stepped off the elevator, i saw Jason standing near a set of double doors. "come over here..... no cameras."

Smiling with as much courage as i could possibly muster, i walked over. Hoping beyond hope that he didn't notice how much i was shaking. He gently, reached for my hands and drew me closer to him. "Shhh.." he bent down to kiss my throat. before i realized what my hands were doing he was standing bare chested in front of me, my top was liftd above my head and removed. Ever so genly, he began to lick and chew through my bra, toying with my nipples, causing them to become painfully erect. kissing his way down to my waist, he untied my scrub bottoms, letting them pool around my feet. burying his face into my honey, he stayed thr for what seemed like eternity.

he spun me around, facing the wall, he began kissing my back, while holding my hands behind my back. he turned my face to his, kissing me deeply, he reached around gentlly caressing my breasts.

Slowly, Jason enters me from behind. our rhythm is slow, deep, and gentle. i gasp for breath with every thrust, as he slowly torments me. leaning in to my right ear, "Shhhh.... remember, only for me. this place is only for us. no attention drawing. Cum for me baby." chills racked my body, as his voice deepened with every thrust.

I no longer controlled my body, it took over and joined his. We rode in perfect harmony..... faster and faster.... Suddenly, he turns me around to face him... "I want you to watch me make you cum. i want to watch your face as you cum all over me." grabbing me under my ass to draw him deeper, i yell out in pleasure... "Ahhhhhoooooohhhhhummmmm...lost in his kiss. both of us grab onto each other and silently ride the storm together..... shaking, gyrating, breathing, enjoying....... dinner at the hospital will never be the same........mmmmmmmmmmm

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