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My wife and her co-worker

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My wife, Dawn, and I have been married for over 15 years and through the years I have told her that if she ever gets the opportunity to have an affair, she should take it. My wife, Dawn is a looker, she is about 5" 6", hot body, curly black hair that goes down to her shoulder and nice, natural C cups. About 7 years ago, her job was transferring us to Portland, Maine and we only had one more month in Florida. Well one friday she came home from work and after dinner proceed to tell me that she has been flirting with a coworker name Jerry. Jerry is 6' 2" cuban with latin skin and black cut short hair. I have met him whenever I have gone to meet Dawn for lunch. He is normal built and with his wife living in Cuba, he probably gets pretty lonely sometimes. Well, Dawn asked me that if it was ok with me that she has made plans to go to his house on monday was going to see how far it was going to go. I gave her my blessings and we proceeded to fuck all weekend long in anticipation of what was going to transpire on monday.

Monday came and when I got off of work, I ate dinner by myself and just imagining what my wife was doing now. Dawn didn't get home till around 10 pm and soon as she walked in I was all over her and wanted details about her evening.

She said that when she got off of work she went straight over to Jerry's house, She was nervous when she walked in and they sat on the couch and chatted for a few minutes. Jerry told her that he didn't have any condoms and was wondering if that would be a problem. Dawn just replied that it would not be and then Jerry then leaned over and started to kiss her on the lips and proceeded to insert his tongue inside her mouth. Jerry reached over with his left hand and went underneath her black shirt and carressed her tits over her bra and she reached over and started to rub his back and his cock over his shorts. After a few minutes of this, he grabbed her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Once there, he started to unbutton her shirt and pulled down her skirt until she was in her matching black laced bra and panties that she had bought at victoria's secret just for this occasion. she unbutton his shirt and unbutton and unzipped his shorts until he was in his boxers. Then Jerry took off Dawn's Bra and Panties and Dawn took off his boxers until they were both naked. Like I said earlier, Dawn has nice set of C cups and with no droopyness to them and she keeps her bush nice and trim. Jerry admired her body and commented on how fantasic her body looked. Jerry grabbed her and drew her close and started to kiss her passionately. She reached down and started to stroke his 7 inch cock. Jerry then laid her down onto the bed on top of the covers. Since it was still light outside, she could look and admire what was about to enter her. Jerry then got on top of her and proceeded to enter deep inside her, inch by inch. After he was all inside her, he pulled out and then pump back inside her all the while french kissing her with his tongue deep inside her mouth. He started to pick up his speed and was now slamming deep inside her and she could feel his balls slapping against her ass. She was in heaven and then she wrapped her legs and her arms around him and pulled him closer to her, she could feel her orgasm building up deep inside of her after a few minutes she reach the top and felt her orgasm explode from deep inside and her juices flowing out, she yelled out that she was cuming and told him to cum inside her and she wanted to feel his cock cuming in her. After a few minutes she could feel him tensing up and his cock pulsing from deep inside and then she felt him shoot his load deep inside her. she continued to hold him tight and told him how fantasic he was. He asked her if it was okay for him to cum inside her and she responded that it was okay and that he will be cumming inside her all night. He just smiled and stayed on top and deep inside her until after about 10 minutes he grew limp and rolled off and laid on his side next to her. They laid there, naked and in each other's arms and just talk and kissed and after about 15 minutes he began to finger her vagina and insert his fingers inside her, Dawn was getting aroused and then started to stroke his cock, after Dawn felt his cock growing nice and hard, she rolled on top of him and started to ride him, first going slow and then pick up the speed. Jerry then wrapped his hands around her hips and grabbed her ass and she leaned down and he took her tits in his mouth and began to suck on her nipples. she commented that she loved having his cock inside her and wanted to feel him shoot his load again. She picked up the pace and as she felt her second orgasm coming on, Jerry said that he was coming and then his body grew stiff and they both came at the same time. After their orgasm subsided, She laid on top of him until she could muster the energy to roll off. Afterwards they laid next to each other, naked and kissing like two lovers. He commented that he wanted to continue to fuck her until she moved and that she was one the best he ever had. Dawn replied that she definitely wanted to get together again and at that point he got hard again and they fuck once again but this time it was longer and slower and once again, he came deep inside her. After the third time, Dawn got dress and came home.

After she told me this, I proceeded to rip off her close and made love to her all nite long with her reciting the story knowing how hard it makes me knowing that another man shot his load inside her. A few weeks after that we moved to Maine and Dawn never got her second chance with Jerry. A couple of years after moving to Portland, Maine, we moved back down to Florida and Dawn went to work back at her old location, but now she is Jerry's boss. They haven't gotten together since that first time but I still hold out hope that they will renew their fling but she has stated that it doesn't feel right since she is his boss now. But I still hold out hope though.

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